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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
JohnCaine 6 Feb 191547Manchester RegimentCemetery C6692
FACains 3 Jan 1916 British West Indies RegtCemetery B43022
LouisaCairns18811937  Cemetery E33442
JCale WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Ella Dora AlmaCaley 19 Feb 197478 Cemetery F24380
Frank Pearson SomersetCaley 2 Jul 197278 Cemetery F24380
Emily LydiaCalff 18 Dec 189841Wife of Geo Henry CalffCemetery C4528
George HenryCallf 27 Feb 194179 Cemetery C4528
Leslie StuartCallf19151994  Cemetery C4528
Phyllis EllaCallf19112009 Wife of Leslie CallfCemetery C4528
Georgina GwendolineCalwell 29 Aug 1977 ka Gwen. Wife of John W CalwellCemetery F23990
John AnthonyCalwell29 Dec 19222 Jul 1944 Son of John & Gwen Calwell. KIA, ItalyCemetery F23990
John WalterCalwell 12 Oct 195263 Cemetery F23990
RASCCalthorpe WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Alice GertrudeCameron 22 Dec 194364Wife of Lauchlan CameronCemetery B22065
George ECameron 21 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5624
James ScottCameron 8 Nov 19183527th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5551
LauchlanCameron 28 Jun 194473 Cemetery B22065
PeterCameron19202004  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Annie MarieCampbell 19 Jun 196867Wife of FWG CampbellCemetery G1904
Frank HACampbell19161965  St Leonard's H 
Frank HACampbell 19 Jan 196548(Two memorials)St Leonard's H 
Frederick Thomas PatrickCampbell13 May 192723 Nov 1988  Cemetery C2183
Frederick William GeorgeCampbell 28 Jan 197374 Cemetery G1904
George RCampbell19041975  Cemetery G2951
IanCampbell19312006  Seaford Head 
Joyce LMCampbell19182002  St Leonard's H 
Harold EdwardCandy 8 Dec 193538 Cemetery E23395
Ann ElizaCanfield22 Feb 18503 Mar 1927 Wife of Rbt CanfieldCemetery A42726
Robert HenryCanfield4 Sep 18566 Jul 1936  Cemetery A42726
Thomas MartynCann 190666MRCSSt Thomas More 
Thomas PonsonbyCann 190632MDSt Thomas More 
JimCannell    Seaford Head 
NellieCannell    Seaford Head 
JeanneCannivet 17 Oct 191886Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6748
Paul GérardCapisano8 Feb 196111 Mar 198120 Cemetery G2989
Roger Marie JosephCapisano5 Jan 19262 Mar 1998  Cemetery G2989
JoyceCard 25 Sep 2001 Wife of Rbt CardCemetery H34728
WSCard WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Florence GwendolenCardell28 Jun 188217 Aug 1963  Cemetery C7805
Albert VCarder 7 Jan 195873 Cemetery G44051
FrankCarder 24-Sep-8873 Cemetery G1915
Ida ValentineCarder 19-Nov-7154Wife of Frank CarderCemetery G1915
Jessie MaudCardozo 16 Jul 196583Sister of Winifred CardozoCemetery F13677
Winifred KateCardozo 14 Jun 196277Sister of Jessie CardozoCemetery F13677
AlbertCarey 29 Jan 196669 Cemetery G54122
DonaldCarey 18 Oct 200284 Cemetery H34769
EdmundCarey 9 Apr 196574 St Leonard's H 
HarrietCarey 25-Apr-3553 Cemetery E23324
Jessie AnnieCarey 13 Jan 196884 St Leonard's H 
MCarey WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
MCarey WWI  WWI Memorial 
Maud ElizabethCarey4 Jan 190331 Jul 1963 Wife of Albert CareyCemetery G54122
SusanCarey 27 Dec 197967 Cemetery H34769
DavidCarle 31 Oct 19183511th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5556
Rev MotherCarpenter18691939 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6749
Albert JamesCarr 15 Jun 195570 Cemetery F13655
JackCarr 16 Oct 191820Can. Forestry CorpsCemetery C5604
JaneCarr 1 Mar 191952Wife of Thos CarrCemetery A32500
NellieCarr 10 Jul 197092Wife of Albert CarrCemetery F13655
Thomas HewstonCarr 3 Jun 191549 Cemetery A32500
William HenryCarrick 23 Jan 19174618th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5614
EmelienCarriere 14 Oct 1918236th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6716
CharlesCarroll 10 Apr 199284 Cemetery I14801
KathleenCarroll 5 Nov 198878Wife of Chas CarrollCemetery I14801
David MontagueCarron 29 Sep 196437 Cemetery G54088
Joyce LillianCarson25 May 19234 May 1983  Cemetery C2235
Beatrice CCarter Jul 1961  Cemetery G64243
Brenda AmyCarter6 Nov 187117 Dec 1946  Cemetery D3205
Denis Addenbrooke HuntonCarter24 Feb 19107 Jun 1923  Cemetery D3205
Edith AnneCarter 26 Dec 2006  St Leonard's H 
EdwardCarter 13 May 193781 Cemetery A32577
Elizabeth AnnCarter 27 Mar 191751 Cemetery A32577
Ellen MargaretCarter 18 Jun 198492Wife of Harry Miles HarveyCemetery G21025
EmilyCarter 2 Apr 1922 Wife of Thos FisherCemetery D3207
Ena Lilian EmilyCarter19091985  Cemetery E54420
FloraCarter 5 Nov 1930 Wife of Jas CarterCemetery B42931
FrankCarter 6 Jun 192723Son of Wm J & Janet CarterCemetery B42934
GCarter WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
GCarter WWI  WWI Memorial 
Harry MilesCarter 28 Feb 196676 Cemetery G21025
HarveyCarter 31 Mar 194379 Cemetery B32174
Jake DanielCarter18 Jul 199919 Jul 19990 Cemetery D3222a
JamesCarter 12 Feb 187560 St Peter's 
JamesCarter 27 Feb 192945 Cemetery B42931
JanetCarter 8 Jun 195478Wife of Wm J CarterCemetery B42934
JeanCarter19312017  Cemetery I14817
John PhilipCarter 1 Jun 1973 Son of Leslie Geo CarterSt Leonard's H 
JosephCarter 24 Jan 197366 Cemetery E54420
Olive MayCarter 12 Jan 192724 Cemetery B32174
Percival ReginaldCarter 12 May 192826 Cemetery B42927
PercyCarter19282000  Cemetery B42927
RHCarter WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
SophiaCarter Sep 187-2- St Peter's 
UnknownCarter 6 Jan 1966 aka LesCemetery B42927
William JohnCarter 14 Mar 192954 Cemetery B42934
Florence EmilyCartmale 5 Sep 196979 St Leonard's H 
Eleanor Lilian LornaCarver27 Jan 190831 Dec 1998 aka DollySt Leonard's H 
George AlbertCarver10 Apr 190026 Mar 1972 aka PeterSt Leonard's H 
JWCase 9 Mar 190347 Cemetery B43085
James RobertCaselton22 May 196312 Nov 2003  Marine Parade I 
JCasey WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
JCasey WWI  WWI Memorial 
Thomas EdwardCaskey21 Oct 18709 Sep 1917 29th (Vancouver) Bn. Can. Inf. Husband of RebeccaCemetery C5572
Clara MaudCassell 27 Dec 194769Sister of Lena CassellCemetery C4454
Lena FlorenceCassell 2 Dec 195576Sister of Clara CassellCemetery C4454
Eleanor NeilCasey28 Dec 197067Wife of Sidney Rbt CaseyCemetery C8837
Sidney RobertCasey30 Jun 195458Cemetery C8837
Mary EthelCasson 28 Sep 195180Niece of Julia SpoonerCemetery E33444
Wilfrid WilliamCasson 17 May 192925 Cemetery B42964
Grace AmyCatchpole 19 May 196564Wife of Herbert S Catchpole, sister of Edith HustedCemetery G74337
Herbert SamuelCatchpole 28 Dec 197377 Cemetery G74337
John AlexanderCathie 24 Feb 1918 British Columbia RegimentCemetery C5576
Winston WCatt19061969  St Leonard’s KCD
Edward JamesCattell13 Jul 190615 Aug 1977  Cemetery H14520
MargaretCattell31 Jul 19104 Aug 2000 Wife of Ed CattellCemetery H14520
EthelCauldwell18731955 Wife of Leonard CauldwellSt Peter's 
Leonard VernonCauldwell18781967  St Peter's 
Elizabeth MaryCave16 Feb 18706 Feb 1951  St Peter's 
KateChadwick19091966  St Leonard’s KCD
Dorothy MaudChallis 20 Jan 198589Sister of Martha HillCemetery G74302
Alice MargaretChamberlain 31 Aug 197484 Cemetery G1924
Martha JaneChamberlain15 Mar 18542 Mar 1924  Cemetery A22381
RobertChamberlain11 Jan 186115 Nov 1936  Cemetery A22381
Robert AlfredChamberlain 16 Dec 197785 Cemetery G1924
AmyChambers 27 May 1939  Cemetery B32206
CatherineChambers 5 May 190343Dtr of Jas & Ruth ChambersCemetery B32189
EdithChambers 1 Mar 18708Dtr of Jas & Ruth ChambersSt Leonard's F 
ElizabethChambers 30 Mar 179477Dtr of Sarah ChambersSt Leonard's D 
Elizabeth SwainChambers 17 Jan 181561Wife of Thos ChambersSt Leonard's F 
HarryChambers16 Oct 18467 Dec 1863 Son of Thos Wm & Eliza ChambersSt Leonard's F 
JamesChambers 8 Nov 187046 St Leonard's F 
LouisaChambers 9 Mar 186117 St Leonard's J 
MaryChambers 13 May 183139Wife of Thos Wm ChambersSt Leonard's F 
Mary ElizabethChambers Feb 18591Dtr of Jas & Ruth ChambersSt Leonard's F 
MontagueChambers 24 Sep 190739 Cemetery B32189
RoseChambers 11 Jul 1934  Cemetery B32206
Ruth ElizabethChambers May 191077 St Leonard's F 
SarahChambers 22 Aug 174466Widow of Jas ChambersSt Leonard's D 
SarahChambers11 Nov 18373 Oct 1863 Dtr of Thos Wm & Eliza ChambersSt Leonard's F 
Sarah MariaChambers 19 Jun 1881 k/a Maria. Wife of Thos ChambersSt Leonard's J 
ThomasChambers 13 Mar 185433 St Leonard's J 
ThomasChambers 12 Aug 183175 St Leonard's F 
Thomas WilliamChambers 18 Mar 18??84 St Leonard's F 
Thomas WilliamChambers 27 Dec 185560 St Leonard's F 
WilliamChambers 7 May 180857 St Peter's 
WilliamChambers26 May 185031 May 18500Son of Thos Wm & Eliza ChambersSt Leonard's F 
Cyril KChamer May 1915 Bowden House - Lt, Yorks & Lancs RegtOther War Memorials 
Lance JulianChamp 11 Dec 194935Son of Melville & Diana ChampCemetery E33481
LilaChamp 25 Nov 199085 Aka Lily. Dtr of Melville & Diana ChampCemetery E33481
Melville LeslieChamp 1 Apr 200476Husband of Diana ChampCemetery E33481
AnnChampion 24 Jan 18281Dtr of Wm & Eliz ChampionSt Leonard's C 
ElizaChampion 1 Mar 183718Dtr of Wm & Eliz ChampionSt Leonard's C 
ElizabethChampion 17 May 182838Wife of Wm ChampionSt Leonard's C 
WilliamChampion 30 Sep 185965 St Leonard's C 
Arthur StratfordChandler 2 Aug 1928  Cemetery B12021-22
BettyChandler19182000  Cemetery H34716
Edmund JChandler 20 May 193542 Cemetery E23418
Florence SusannahChandler 26 Apr 1943  Cemetery B12021-22
W ArthurChandler19081979  Cemetery H34716
Ada MaryChapman 6 Mar 197587 Cemetery H24562
AnnieChapman 3 Mar 190469Wife of Wm ChapmanSt Leonard's F 
Arthur McDonoghChapman8 Feb 187414 Jul 1933Cemetery C8870
Arthur McDonoughChapman8 Feb 187414 Jul 1933  King's Mead 
CChapman WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Daisy BeatriceChapman19 Dec 188129 Sep 1969  Cemetery E44434
Eric ArthurChapmanFeb 19145 Sep 1971  Cemetery E54417
HelenChapman19082000  St Thomas More 
Henry RogersChapman 27 Mar 18694 St Leonard's F 
Katherine FChapman 12 Dec 18735 St Leonard's F 
Mary JaneChapman14 Feb 18751 Jan 1942Cemetery C8870
WilliamChapman 5 Apr 189461 St Leonard's F 
William DChapman 20 Jul 188510 St Leonard's F 
JohnChapple    Crouch Bowls Club 
LilianChapple    Crouch Bowls Club 
GeorgeChatfield 16 Oct 192672 Cemetery A42723
Harriet EmmaChatfield 23 Jan 192669Wife of Geo ChatfieldCemetery A42723
Lilian RChatfield19061977  Cemetery E43712
AliceCheal18691949 Wife of Frank ChealCemetery E23335
AliceCheal 13 May 194255Wife of Walter ChealCemetery A52913
CecilCheal 14 Jul 1941  Cemetery E33534
ClaraCheal 1 Apr 1993 Wife of Cecil ChealCemetery E33534
FrankCheal18571933  Cemetery E23335
Walter JosephCheal 17 Jul 1944  Cemetery A52913
Catherine Mary LouiseCheesman 23 Aug 197853 Cemetery G2962
Lucy MaryCheffers 23 Aug 197356Wife of Stanley CheffersCemetery H24533
Stanley JohnCheffers 22 Jun 199065 Cemetery H24533
David LeopoldCheney 24 Jun 194421RAFVR. Son of Leo & Margaret CheneyCemetery B12001
Leopold ACheney25 Sep 188329 Mar 1928 aka Leo Cheney. ArtistCemetery B12001
Charles WilliamChester13 Mar 18547 May 1891 Son of Granado Chester HEICSSt Peter's 
HephzibahChick 22 Jun 193878Wife of Wm ChickCemetery A32501
WilliamChick 18 Mar 191850 Cemetery A32501
JeanneChicot18761938 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6750
Martin ReginaldChilds13 Jul 193913 Mar 1984 Grandson of Marguerite BlythCemetery G2949
-Chimandada    Marine Parade II 
Alice MayChisholm 15 Jun 199894Wife of Angus ChisholmCemetery H24587
Agnes AnnChisholm 22 Feb 193656Wife of Ed John Chisholm; died WalesCemetery F13624
AngusChisholm 8 Jun 197468 Cemetery H24587
CRChisholm WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Edward JohnChisholm 9 Mar 195577 Cemetery F13624
Eliza CumminsChittenden 4 Mar 195293 Cemetery F23973
Gertrude LChisholm 13 Jun 196264 Cemetery G54159
HJRChittenden WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
LeonardChivers19262003  Bönningstedt Promenade 
For KiuChoi 15 Sep 197324 Cemetery C113
Douglas AlanChumbley22 Nov 194031 Oct 2003  St Thomas More 
Anne-MarieChurch19151996 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6751
Olive AnaChurch 12 Sep 197082Wife of Reginald ChurchSt Leonard's H 
Reginald WilliamChurch 27 Dec 197381 St Leonard's H 
Jessie HarriettChurcher 10 Feb 191326 Cemetery A42707
WalterClapham7 Oct 191624 Feb 2005  Marine Parade II 
Charlotte MarthaClapperton 5 Oct 1942 Sister of Martha ClappertonCemetery B22109
MarthaClapperton 22 Dec 1935 Sister of Charlotte M ClappertonCemetery B22109
GeraldClare19021957  Cemetery G44050
HeberClare 9 Aug 195658 Cemetery G31148
Lily VioletClare19101985 Wife of Gerald ClareCemetery G44050
Alfred CecilClark 26 Sep 189810Son of John & Rebecca ClarkCemetery A22455
Dorothy Grace BeatriceClark 22 Apr 1977  Cemetery G2973
Edyth AnnieClark 21 Jun 193771 Cemetery B12016
HarryClark 8 Feb 193059 Cemetery E13255
HenryClark Dec 192173 St Leonard's G 
MabelClark18961990  St Leonard's H 
WSJClark 29 Oct 1918 2nd Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43026
Ada MayClarke 11 Nov 199090 Cemetery E44440
AlbertClarke 1965  Cemetery G74327
BeatriceClarke1 Jul 18655 Jul 1915  Cemetery B32233
Caroline AliceClarke née French6 Aug 190828 Oct 1999  Cemetery C7790a
Doris MayClarke19082001  Cemetery H34677
DotClarke    The Salts 
EllenClarke 1983  Cemetery G74327
ElsieClarke19031990  St Leonard's H 
EricClarke19021973  St Leonard's H 
Harry JamesClarke 1 Nov 197080 Cemetery E44440
JohnClarke    The Salts 
JohnClarke19131981  Cemetery H34677
William Alfred BlakeClarke20 Aug 18643 Sep 1898  Cemetery B32233
William FredrickClarke6 Jun 189924 Jan 1988  Cemetery C7790a
Walter JosephClarkson 7 Nov 191829Can. Machine Gun CorpsCemetery C5536
LillyClayson 22 Apr 197083 St Leonard's H 
Gladys RoseClayton19011972  Cemetery E54424
RobertClayton 7 Nov 191823Can Army Medical CorpsCemetery B43050
Roland CliffordClayton19171973  Cemetery H24557
Ida WinifredClegg6 Sep 18849 Mar 1973  Cemetery H24553
Constance MayClitter Mar 1907 Wife of Stanley ClitterCemetery F24365
LilianClitter 195874Wife of Percy ClitterCemetery H34695
MargorieClitter 22 Oct 1983 Dtr of Percy & Lilian ClitterCemetery H34695
Percy WilliamClitter Mar 198196 Cemetery H34695
Stanley PClitter Jan 199278 Cemetery F24365
Mary AnneCloase 12 Nov 182930 St Peter's 
Ethel janeClothier11 Aug 188820 Dec 1979  Cemetery H34744
LionessClub    Bönningstedt Promenade 
Frank CCoan 16 Dec 191731Served as F McKenty. 7th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6736
HannahCoat 10 Apr 1953 First wife of Howard CoatCemetery F23984
Howard R MCoat 23 Oct 1957  Cemetery F23984
Brian Richard KnightCobby19501998  Bönningstedt Promenade 
James Owen KnightCobby19172003  Bönningstedt Promenade 
James Walter KnightCobby 11 Sep 195975 Cemetery G64201
Stella Teresa ElizabethCochrane8 Jul 192419 Dec 2010  St Thomas More 
Elaine BarbaraCochrane-Shanks29 May 190121 Apr 1976  Cemetery H24593
DSCockburn WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
DSCockburn WWI  WWI Memorial 
John ACCocker29 Aug 19321 Nov 2005  Seaford Head 
Valerie ACocker5 Apr 193916 Nov 2009  Seaford Head 
Arthur JohnCockerell19091993  Cemetery H34724
DorisCockerell 5 Dec 198070 Cemetery H34724
Albert WilliamCoffen 20 Aug 195174 Cemetery A42700
Emily KateCoffen Jun 1970?5 Cemetery A42700
FreddieCoffen 19111 Cemetery A42700
Fred AlstonColbran 28 Mar 195548 Cemetery F13626
Carlotta MaryColdstream 3 Sep 1940 Wife of Francis M ColdstreamCemetery B12034
DColdstream WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
George PhillipsColdstream19072004  Cemetery B12033
Arthur ThomasCole 3 Mar 194563 Cemetery C4450
Barbara MayCole28 Jun 19151 Aug 2008  Cemetery C1130
Emma JaneCole née Roberts 26 Nov 1947 Wife of Henry G ColeCemetery C4427
Ethel MaryCole 21 Oct 194575 Cemetery E43763
FlorenceCole 21 Mar 194871 Cemetery C4450
Frank BalkwillCole2 Oct 19246 Jan 1982  Cemetery C1130
GeorgeCole 9 Dec 194879 Cemetery E43763
Gordon William AlfredCole 6 Sep 201697 Cemetery H34777
Henry GibbinsCole 5 Apr 1955  Cemetery C4427
Louisa ACole18851962  St Leonard’s KCD
Mabel ECole18941968  St Leonard’s KCD
NormaCole 25 Nov 198161Wife of Gordon ColeCemetery H34777
Richard TurnerCole30 Mar 189014 Apr 1977 PriestCemetery H24624
William GeorgeCole9 May 19113 Jan 1973  St Leonard's E 
AidaColeman 13 Nov 1966 Wife of Harold ColemanCemetery G74299
AnnieColeman19 Dec 188629 Feb 1948  Cemetery C3395
AnnieColeman18881983 Wife of Ernest ColemanCemetery E53868
BarbaraColeman19281944Dtr of Llewellyn & Cicely Coleman; buried BedfordCemetery C8843
Cecil SamuelColeman13 Aug 188618 Sep 1975  Cemetery C3395
Cecilia AnnieColeman 4 Dec 197889 Cemetery C3397
Cicely NColeman19041980Wife of Llewellyn ColemanCemetery C8843
Colin AlbertColeman 31 Jan 195521 Cemetery F13623
DerekColeman 195119Died MalayaCemetery G74299
ErnestColeman 28 Feb 195064 Cemetery E53868
GertrudeColeman   Wife of Sydney ColemanCemetery F24362
Harold ReginaldColeman Feb 1993  Cemetery G74299
James GerrardColeman19011975  Cemetery G2948
Llewellyn CColeman19061987Cemetery C8843
SydneyColeman    Cemetery F24362
Bernard JamesColl19252001  St Thomas More 
Edwin JohnColler 30 Sep 193874 Cemetery C3321
Dorothy AgnesCollihole13 Apr 188612 May 1986 Wife of Richard Thos ColliholeCemetery C2243
Dorothy JoanCollihole18 May 19153 Dec 2008 Dtr of Richard & Dorothy ColliholeCemetery C2243
Richard ThomasCollihole5 Dec 187015 Oct 1931  Cemetery C2243
RichardCollingham 15 Jun 190857 Cemetery B32227
Alice LewisCollins 18 Jul 197175 Cemetery E54416
Edith FrancesCollins8 Dec 196986Wife of Ernest CollinsCemetery C8877
EllenCollins 17 Feb 196774Wife of Gordon CollinsCemetery G54104
ErnestCollins20 Aug 196787Cemetery C8877
George StephenCollins 19 Jul 197683 Cemetery E54416
GordonCollins 26 Jan 196468 Cemetery G54104
Henry Gaston EdmondCollins13 Sep 187520 Apr 1939  Cemetery B32310-11
Hugh De PinquetCollins 12 Sep 195484 Cemetery F13618
Leslie Walter BattCollins7 Dec 190110 Aug 1910 Son of Henry & Maude CollinsCemetery B32310-11
Mabel MariaCollins 1 Sep 194375 Cemetery E43713
MaudeCollins22 May 187830 Aug 1970 Wife of Henry CollinsCemetery B32310-11
NancyCollins 17 Mar 2002  St Thomas More 
Percy WilliamCollins 26 Jun 196956Brother of Wilfred CollinsCemetery F13617
RachelCollins 11 Sep 196887Wife of Hugh CollinsCemetery F13618
RichardCollins Oct 1914 Bowden House - Private, London ScottishOther War Memorials 
Robert ECollins3 Oct 19014 Jun 1982  Cemetery H24594
ThomasCollins 15 Jul 192277 Cemetery B32312
WilfredCollins 9 Feb 198779Brother of Percy CollinsCemetery F13617
Winifred ACollins18 Jun 190211 Aug 1976 Wife of Rbt CollinsCemetery H24594
Frederick JohnCollison18891956  Cemetery F13659
MatildaCollison18861969  Cemetery F13659
ElizabethColwell 5 Sep 1963  Cemetery G54123
FrankColwell May 18720 St Leonard's E 
GeorgeColwell 4 Jul 1968  Cemetery G54123
HarriettColwell Jun 187192Wife of Jas ColwellSt Leonard's D 
JamesColwell 1 Jun 184766 St Leonard's D 
JohnColwill 11 May 1984  Cemetery H34779
Boyce ACombe Nov 1914 Bowden House - Capt, Royal FusiliersOther War Memorials 
BettyComben    Old Brickfield 
CharlesComben18581935  Cemetery C129
Clara OComben11 Jul 190711 Apr 1994  Cemetery C2263
DavidComben19021979 Son of Chas & Ellen CombenCemetery C129
EllenComben18601927  Cemetery C129
Robert CharlesComben 10 Oct 193725Son of Rbt & Ruth CombenCemetery E33441
Robert StoneComben 4 May 195472 Cemetery E33441
RuthComben 5 Apr 194363 Cemetery E33441
TomComben    Old Brickfield 
HarryCombs 23 Aug 190363 St Leonard's B 
HarryCombs 19 Aug 189822Drowned at HoveCemetery A22452
Mary AnnCombs 29 Nov 189149Wife of Harry CombsSt Leonard's B 
PCombs WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
PCombs WWI  WWI Memorial 
SarahCombs 4 May 190477 St Leonard's B 
WilliamCombs 19 Nov 190481 St Leonard's B 
Hannah MaryComfort 18 Aug 1918  Cemetery B22083
Sarah AnnComfort 1 Jul 1943  Cemetery B22083
Florence EthelCompigné 25 Jul 195273 Cemetery F23989
PeggyCompigné 1914 Dtr of Florence Compigné, died MadridCemetery F23989
Leonard GreenwoodConnew 25 Dec 193777 Cemetery A12046
Ethel MayConnor 1 Oct 195377 Cemetery F23945
DConstant WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
AdaCook 1 Oct 197074Wife of Fred CookCemetery E44451
ALCook WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Charles EdwardCook 22 Nov 197089 Cemetery G74313
Frederick HenryCook 24 Mar 197279 Cemetery E44451
Grace Beatrice MayCook 18 Sep 196578 Cemetery G74313
Harold EdwardCook 12 Oct 191821Canadian EngineersCemetery C5603
Ida FMCook 5 Mar 197964 Cemetery H34739
JamesCook 1 May 180066Lt, RNSt Leonard's E 
Kenneth JCook 18 Dec 198467 Cemetery H34739
Mary Dorothy RebeccaCook 18 Oct 180156Wife of Jas CookSt Leonard's E 
Mildred EvaCook 4 Dec 196780 Cemetery G74276
NCCook WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
RBCCook WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
William JCook 8 Feb 1919 Canadian EngineersCemetery C5555
WinifredCook 25 May 1962  Cemetery G1893
Agnes HeleneCooke 2 Jun 198794 Cemetery E44473
FrederickCooke Jan 197380 Cemetery E44473
SarahCooke 24 Oct 1919  St Thomas More 
FrancisCookson 22 Jul 191056 Cemetery B32324
Annie ECooley 6 Nov 191835 Cemetery C2196
Chris (Josh)Coomber19452006  Marine Parade III 
Frances ZilpahCoomber18991984  Cemetery E23381
Alfred HenryCoomber18951936  Cemetery E23381
PatCoombs 14 Apr 199482 Cemetery I24868
A LynnCooper Sep 1916 Bowden House - 2nd Lt, London RgtOther War Memorials 
ChristineCooper23 Oct 19374 Apr 1972 Dghtr of Mary CooperCemetery E54404
FloraCooper 1 Dec 2006 Dtr of Jessie H CooperCemetery C2241
Francis AugustusCooper 19 Oct 196877 St Peter's 
Frank StanleyCooper 12 Jun 196878 St Leonard's H 
James RansomCooper 17 Aug 186775Congregational PastorOther Memorials 
Jessie LD Cooper 16 Nov 195870 Cemetery G31152
Jessie HebeCooper 12 Mar 198480Wife of Francis Augustus CooperCemetery C2241
MaryCooper4 Jan 19319 Apr 1973 aka May. Wife of Alastair CooperCemetery E54404
NeenaCooper    Bönningstedt Promenade 
NormanCooper    Bönningstedt Promenade 
RuthCooper5 Jul 188425 Feb 1974 Dtr of Ruth CooperCemetery C2257
RuthCooper16 Sep 190629 Apr 1999  Cemetery C2257
William FCooper Jul 1917 Bowden House - 2nd Lt, Royal FusiliersOther War Memorials 
Beatrice CarolineCoote 27 Sep 1959  Cemetery F13581
DianaCoote 9 Apr 1995  Cemetery F13581
JohnCoote 24 Jul 1974  Cemetery F13581
Anthony DCoplestone WWII  King's Mead 
BessieCopley  17Dtr of Geo & Edith CopleyCemetery B22070
George JamesCopley 23 Aug 194367 Cemetery B22070
Irene ConstanceCorbett19272003  St Thomas More 
Cecelia AliceCorcoranApr 1895Mar 1961  Cemetery B32291-92
ANCornfoot 12th Oct 1918 Can Army Service CorpsCemetery B42986
WilliamCornwell 10 Jan 191579British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5586
Alfred JamesCorrick12 Jul 188413 Jan 1918 47th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5549
AgnesCorrigan 19 Oct 197178 Cemetery G21004
Gertrude PhoebeCory 4 May 196790Wife of Gordon CoryCemetery F13665
GordonCory 23 Mar 1955?9 Cemetery F13665
Edith FlorenceCosham 28 Apr 197388Wife of John CoshamCemetery G44071
JohnCosham 18 Jul 195880 Cemetery G44071
JohnnieCosham 17 Jan 19175Son of John & Edith CoshamCemetery A32527
Lucy JaneCosham 19 Apr 191946Wife of Wm CoshamCemetery A32555
RACosham WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Reginald AlfredCosham 11 Apr 194323Son of John & Edith Cosham. Sunk with HMS BeverleyCemetery G44071
AnneCosstick 3 Nov 193678Wife of Walter F CosstickCemetery C3387
Frances RosecillaCosstick 4 Aug 197386 Cemetery B12017
Frederick WCosstick19192007  Cemetery B12017
GNCosstick WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
RHCosstick WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
RichardCosstick 20 Feb 194457 Cemetery B12017
Walter FrederickCosstick 13 Nov 193774 Cemetery C3387
CNCostick WWI  WWI Memorial 
FCostick WWI  WWI Memorial 
RHCostick WWI  WWI Memorial 
Ernest AlfredCotterell 21 Jul 1937  Cemetery B12032
GladysCotterell 2 Apr 196774Wife of Ernest CotterellCemetery B12032
Alice MatildaCottis 25 Aug 1974  Cemetery F13621
DollCottis    Cemetery TreeTrees
Frederick BenjaminCottis 15 Dec 1954  Cemetery F13621
RonCottis    Cemetery TreeTrees
Daisy Maud TempleCotton Apr 15 1947  Cemetery C4434
John WCoult30 Jun 18778 Jul 1956  Cemetery G44016
HelenCourtney19652001  Marine Parade II 
Alice RuskinCousins 22 Aug 1921 Wife of Walter CousinsCemetery B22105
Donald ThralkeldCousins   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
Donald ThrelkeldCousins 10 Apr 191728Son of Walter & Alice Cousins. Buried in FranceCemetery B22105
DTCousins WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
DTCousins WWI  WWI Memorial 
Frederick WilliamCousins 21 Nov 19183044th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43048
Walter JamesCousins 23 Feb 191047 St Peter's 
Walter JamesCousins 23 Feb 191047 Cemetery B22105
Walter ScottCoward11 May 183815 Nov 1910  Cemetery C6773
GladysCowles2 Feb 189527 Apr 1977 Wife of Harry CowlesCemetery F13666
HarryCowles14 Aug 188921 Jan 1955  Cemetery F13666
Hannah RuthCowney 17 Nov 1926  Cemetery B22074
JamesCowney 25 Feb 1923  Cemetery B22074
TomCowney 5 Oct 1925 Died in S AfricaCemetery B22074
Ellen SCox Jan 195185 Cemetery E53894
Johanna JuliaCox 20 Feb 196974Wife of Wm Thos CoxCemetery G2999
Josephine GeorginaCox 7 Oct 192676 Cemetery C6731
William ThomasCox 5 Jan 197574 Cemetery G2999
Henry TraceyCoxwell 5 Jun 190081AeronautSt Peter's 
Henry TraceyCoxwell 5 Jun 190081AeronautCemetery B32214
Lydia HannahCoxwell 4 Dec 191598Wife of Henry CoxwellCemetery B32214
Samuel JosephCoysh 25 Mar 194074 Cemetery B22134
MoyaCozens19201990  Marine Parade II 
Alfred JohnCrabb 21 May 191827108th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5599
EmmaCraddock 28 May 192888 Cemetery B42928
Grace PattisonCraddock 31 May 196764 St Leonard's H 
Richard JamesCraddock 27 May 196758 St Leonard's H 
Ada HelenCraig 1952 Sister of Lilian PhillipsCemetery A12052
JohnCramp 31 Oct 1918247th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5559
CarolineCrang 13 May 191170Wife of John CrangSt Peter's 
John HayCrang 19 Nov 188776Captain RNSt Peter's 
Margaret HenriettaCrang 30 Jan 189934Dtr of John Hay & Caroline CrangCemetery B32191
Jordan AnthonyCranmer3 Dec 19947 Dec 19940 Cemetery D3220a
CyrilCravos 22 Mar 200978 St Thomas More 
Alice MC Crawford 18 Feb 195582 Cemetery G31164
Elizabeth ECrawshaw 16 May 1913 aka PemCemetery B32322
EdithCrawte 5 Aug 195685 Cemetery G44018
CharlesCreasey 26 Feb 196691 Cemetery E33555
Kate SarahCreasey 25 Apr 194376Wife of Chas CreaseyCemetery E33555
AnnieCreedy18971975  Cemetery H24592
William EdwardCreedy19001976  Cemetery H24592
Alice OliveCrees 17 Feb 195269 Cemetery F23957
CharlesCrees 9 Jun 196686 Cemetery F23957
Edward TurtonCresswell 19 Nov 193477 Cemetery D3204
JuliaCresswell 25 Nov 193982Wife of Ed CresswellCemetery D3204
Marion DorcasCrichton8 Dec 196187Wife of Thos CrichtonCemetery C8846
ThomasCrichton30 Dec 195975Cemetery C8846
Arthur ErnestCrisp 19 Apr 196991 Cemetery C7789
BertCrisp Jun 1957  Cemetery G44030
Arthur ECritten  75 Cemetery F23978
GeorginaCritten  96 Cemetery F23978
Caroline ElizaCronyn 18 Mar 192589Widow of John CronynCemetery D3188
Caroline ElizaCronyn 18 Mar 192589Wife of John CronynCemetery D3188
Meriel AylwardCronyn 11 Aug 1931 Wife of AP CronynCemetery D3219a
Frances MaryCrook 17 Oct 197471Wife of Wm CrookCemetery H24614
Harry StewartCrook 21 Jul 196672 St Leonard's H 
NormanCrook 2 Oct. 195481 Cemetery F13580
SarahCrook 13 Dec 190194 Other Memorials 
William GeorgeCrook 7 Apr 197573 Cemetery H24614
LorenziaCropley 16 Sep 1962  Cemetery G21029
Charles GilisCrosby18911978Cemetery C8825
MabelCrosby née Massey18901979Wife of Chas CrosbyCemetery C8825
Constance ElizabethCrouch Feb 192673 Cemetery A42625
Elsie Sophia CatharinaCrowe 23 Jun 196564 St Peter's 
Thorp DouglasCrowell 17 Mar 19182213th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43054
Henry JohnCroymans 8 Feb 191924Canadian EngineersCemetery C5558
Isabel StantonCruickshank 10 Feb 1923  Cemetery B22073
Isabel StantonCruickshank 4 Sep 1954  Cemetery C3297
Margaret AllardyceCruickshank 18 Dec 1943  Cemetery B22093
Marion SnowCruickshank 12 Sep 1956  Cemetery C3297
Susan BentleyCruickshank 27 Nov 1963  Cemetery C3297
Agnes MariaCrundwell 21 Apr 195575Wife of Jas CrundwellCemetery A42737
JamesCrundwell 14 Mar 192447 Cemetery A42737
EdmundCruttenden 21 Apr 183983 St Leonard's D 
ElizabethCruttenden 21 Feb 184181Wife of Edmund CruttendenSt Leonard's D 
RonCruttenden 10 May 200375 Cemetery C3405
SylviaCruttenden 27 Oct 199773 Cemetery C3405
Charles NuttingCubitt28 Jun 188513 Feb 1951  Cemetery C7819
Kathleen MaryCubitt17 Jul 189418 Sep 1947 Wife of Chas CubittCemetery C7819
Arthur FrederickCuddon-Smith 9 May 196571Husband of Gladys Catherine Cuddon-SmithCemetery G74334
Gladys CatherineCuddon-Smith 30 May 196467Wife of Arthur F Cuddon-SmithCemetery G21034
AlfredCuddington 16 Apr 195983 Cemetery A12049
EdithCuddington 19 Jan 195578 Cemetery A12049
Cicely BlancheCulverwell 20 Aug 192847 Cemetery B22089
Lucia SweteCummins15 Nov 182524 Sep 1899  Cemetery B42959
FCurrah 31 Mar 191624Border RegimentCemetery B43017
JohnCurrie WWII  King's Mead 
ThomasCurrie 26 Mar 19175227th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43058
EvaCurtis 27 Dec 199393See Kettle and grave noteCemetery C4456
HamiltonCurtis 15 Dec 198188 Cemetery C3392
John HenryCurtis 8 Aug 19183038th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42987
MargaretCurtis16 May 1984Wife of Thos CurtisCemetery C8836
Mary ShillingCurtis 3 Dec 193876Wife of Hamilton CurtisCemetery C3392
ThomasCurtis10 Jan 1997aka CharlieCemetery C8836
Leonard LewarneCutchey 13 Nov 197164 St Leonard's H 
BarbaraCuthill    Seaford Head 
A WilliamCutler18871968  St Leonard’s KCD

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