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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
MelvilleTamlin 24 Oct 1918216th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5605
James HenryTanner 15 Jun 191824Can Machine Gun CorpsCemetery B42988
MaryTanner 17 Jan 1940 Wife of Stephen TannerCemetery A32593
Raymond StuartTanner 30 Aug 1916 Son of Stephen & Mary TannerCemetery A32593
RSTanner WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
RSTanner WWI  WWI Memorial 
StephenTanner 17 Feb 191281 Cemetery A32593
John CleaveTappere 29 Feb 1929  Cemetery A52757
MercyTappere 30 Dec 193171Wife of John TappereCemetery A52757
Francis JTarouilly 10 Oct 193852 Cemetery E33468
Mary MTarouilly 30 Mar 197579Wife of Francis TarouillyCemetery E33468
GeorgeTarr19151978 Husband of Jean TarrCemetery H34685
Mary Louisa WhiteTarran 27 Jul 1949  Cemetery C4441
DerekTarrant 6 Feb 197568 Cemetery G2940
MollyTarrant 26 Nov 197661Wife of Derek TarrantCemetery G2940
GeorgeTatarenko 7 Jun 197752(Hryoru)Cemetery H24598
LouiseTatarenko19631984 Dtr of Geo & Mary TatarenkoCemetery H24598
MaryTatarenko19312018 Wife of Geo TatarenkoCemetery H24598
JohnTavener 13 May 191954 Cemetery B32269
AliceTaylor 1 Jan 193688 Cemetery D3213
AmosTaylor 22 Dec 191273 Cemetery A32520
AnnieTaylor 8 Nov 195384Sister of Julia TaylorCemetery F23972
BessieTaylor 13 May 195369Dtr of Eliz Phoebe TaylorCemetery C2242
Elizabeth PhoebeTaylor 7 Mar 1933 Wife of Sam TaylorCemetery C2242
Eva DorothyTaylor18971979 Wife of Henry TaylorCemetery E43752
GladysTaylor 26 Dec 194738Wife of RA TaylorCemetery C4410
Helen ElizabethTaylor 17 Nov 19830Dtr of Brenda & Stephen TaylorCemetery D3208a
Henrietta StainesTaylor28 Jan 18794 Nov 1956 Wife of Herbert TaylorCemetery F13673
Henry JamesTaylor18891944  Cemetery E43752
Herbert GreeyTaylor18 Dec 18742 Jan 1970  Cemetery F13673
John WilfordTaylor 11 Dec 193081 Cemetery D3213
Julia EllenTaylor 15 Mar 195377Sister of Annie TaylorCemetery F23972
Lucy EllenTaylor 18 Oct 195285 Cemetery E13268
MartinTaylor    Seaford Head 
Mary AnnTaylor18531939  Cemetery C2224
Mary JaneTaylor 1 Mar 192381Wife of Amos TaylorCemetery A32520
Maude LucyTaylor 29 Dec 196086 Cemetery G64228
MurielTaylor19261995  Marine Parade II 
Peter JohnTaylor19332005  Seaford Head 
Sarah SusannaTaylor 6 Mar 191153Wife of Wm TaylorCemetery B22123
WilliamTaylor 28 Oct 193059 Cemetery E13268
WilliamTaylor 9 Sep 192984 Cemetery B22123
Lea BTedeschi 14 Apr 1919408th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6722
ErnestTempleman 15 Nov 194964 Cemetery E53886
Fanny MarjorieTempleman 25 Sep 195772Wife of Geo TemplemanCemetery F23943
GeorgeTempleman 20 Feb 195273 Cemetery F23943
HannahTempleman Jul 187377Wife of Joseph TemplemanSt Leonard's D 
JosephTempleman Jul 187277 St Leonard's D 
LucyTempleman 26 Feb 195571Wife of Ernest TemplemanCemetery E53886
MaryTempleman 1953 Wife of Willie TemplemanCemetery E33478
WillieTempleman 1939  Cemetery E33478
MarionTenant Jul 18?? Wife of THB TenantSt Leonard's I 
THBTenant 1870  St Leonard's I 
GeorgeTernent 27 Feb 194125Steward, SS StanwoldCemetery E5W12
HullTerrell1 Jun 180713 Feb 1891  St Peter's 
Mary AnnTerrell 18 Mar 189682Wife of Hull Terrell (died Brighton)St Peter's 
RoyTerry 10 Mar 199563 Cemetery I24867
Elizabeth FrancesTessier 5 May 1980 Wife of Lothian G TessierCemetery F23924
Lothian GordonTessier 16 Nov 1951  Cemetery F23924
EstherTester 8 Jul 193795Wife of Wm TesterCemetery B32184
WilliamTester 13 Jul 191269 Cemetery B32184
Thomas MTew WWII  King's Mead 
Derek RansleyThacker 27 Jan 1978  Cemetery H34656
Olive FrancesThacker 31 Aug 194851Wife of Ransley ThackerCemetery C4426
CliffordThiede 4 Jul 194233Buried Mersa Matruh, N Africa. S of Edwin & Mary ThiedeCemetery B22139
Edwin AdolfThiede26 Jul 18645 Jan 1932  Cemetery B22139
Mary AllenThiede11 Jan 18654 Jan 1927 Wife of Edwin Adolf ThiedeCemetery B22139
EACThiele WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Dorothy MayThomas19 May 190119 Dec 2008 "Dot". Wife of Tommy ThomasSt Peter's 
Ellen CeciliaThomas 20 Feb 196185 Cemetery G64250
ElsieThomas 30 Jul 197786Wife of Sydney ThomasCemetery E33454
George William EricThomasJan 19205 Dec 2004 "Tommy". Husband of Dot ThomasSt Peter's 
GuyThomas 7 Mar 1960  Cemetery G64211
Maud MaryThomas 8 Jan 196996 St Leonard's H 
SKThomas WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
SydneyThomas 2 Nov 193746 Cemetery E33454
Violet MaryThomas 1 Nov 191031Wife of RA ThomasCemetery D3210
Albert DuncanThompson 16 May 1978  Cemetery H24655
Albert EdwardThompson 17 May 191535 Cemetery A42659
Alice MayThompson 20 Dec 1982 Wife of Albert ThompsonCemetery H24655
ArthurThompson    Marine Parade I 
BessieThompson    Marine Parade I 
ElizabethThompson 18 May 195568 Cemetery F13664
George WilliamThompson 24 Aug 196967MBECemetery E44442
GladysThompson19001981  Cemetery H34698
Hartley ErwinThompson 12 Dec 191826Canadian EngineersCemetery C5632
KlaskeThompson 2 Feb 197568 Cemetery G2939
MichaelThompson19341993 Vicar 1978-1993St Leonard's H 
PercyThompson    Marine Parade I 
PRThompson WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Sydney WThompson19031993  Cemetery H34698
W & NThompson    Marine Parade II 
WilliamThompson17 Dec 18659 Jan 1866  St Leonard's G 
WilliamThompson 2 Apr 197779 Cemetery G2939
WinifredThompson 13 Jul 199892Wife of Geo ThompsonCemetery E44442
Allan WatesThomson 11 Oct 191820Princess Patricia's Can Light InfCemetery B43008
Hugh WilliamThomson19071980Cemetery C8841
Ronald ArthurThomson30 Oct 191111 Feb 1995  Cemetery I24854
Cyril KenwynThorn18931963 Rector 1949-1958St Peter's 
EdithThornbery25 Feb 195586Wife of Henry ThornberyCemetery C8824
Harold ToddThornbery3 Dec 194557Son of John Russell ThornberyCemetery C8883-885
Henry LaneThornbery13 Jun 194178Cemetery C8824
John RussellThornbery19 Nov 193580Husband of Phoebe ThornberyCemetery C8883-885
Leslie OsbornThornbery25 Jul 193344Son of John Russell ThornberyCemetery C8883-885
MargaretThornberyOct-7180Wife of Leslie Thornbery; ashes at Bisley, SurreyCemetery C8883-885
Phoebe BlythThornbery28 Aug 193172Wife of John Russell ThornberyCemetery C8883-885
Stanley RussellThornbery26 Feb 195268Son of John Russell ThornberyCemetery C8883-885
DorisThorne    Pelham Road 
JohnThorne    Pelham Road 
MarcThorne19732001  St Peter's 
WalterThorne 23 Mar 197267 Cemetery E54389
Winifred MaryThorne 28 Apr 199388 Cemetery E54389
HarryThornton 19 Dec 193182 Cemetery C6729
James RobertThornton 23 Oct 1918226th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6696
MadgeThornton 18 May 1929  Cemetery C6729
Alice EThorp 3 Nov 1944  Cemetery B43121
FlorenceThorp 29 Oct 1934  Cemetery B43121
Lucy CarolineThorp 19 Aug 1933  Cemetery B43121
N NonaThorp 22 Jun 1949  Cemetery B43121
AlfridaThorpe19021984  Cemetery C2155
HarryThorpe 5 Apr 194949 Cemetery C2155
RoseThorpe Jun 1942  Cemetery A32465
TheresaThow16 Oct 190615 Oct 1986  Cemetery G1931
William GeorgeThow24 Sep 190522 Sep 1983  Cemetery G1931
Annie IreneThurston 4 Jan 200184 St Leonard's H 
Audrey MillicentThurston née Elliott19212017 Dtr of Wm ElliottCemetery A52761
George WilliamThurston 10 Jul 197070 St Leonard's H 
Mary AnnTickner 25 Jan 195578 Cemetery F13622
Anthony HTidy19292004 Son of Wm & Joan TidyHigh and Over 
JoanTidy19011997 Wife of Wm TidyHigh and Over 
Terence WilliamTidy19331995  Cemetery E54386
William JTidy18951986  High and Over 
Denis WilliamTighe18891975Cemetery C8869
Mary EllenTighe18??1978Wife of Denis Wm TigheCemetery C8869
WalterTillcock18971979  Cemetery H34767
NormanTilsley 11 Jun 197452Husband of Barbara TilsleyCemetery H24639
SarahTiltman 16 Feb 190187Wife of Thos TiltmanSt Leonard's A 
ThomasTiltman 3 Aug 188572 St Leonard's A 
John ATinne WWII  King's Mead 
George HenryTipper 20 Jul 1918271st Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5580
ElizaTodd 15 Jun 187959Wife of Richard ToddSt Leonard's G 
Ellen MaryTodd 29 Aug 195068Wife of Ed Jas ToddCemetery C4482
Edward JamesTodd  10 Oct 195882 Cemetery C4482
FETodd WWII (Mrs)Seaford War Memorial 
Jane Tolhurst19132005 Wife of Reg TolhurstCemetery I14812
RegTolhurst19161989  Cemetery I14812
ThomasTombs19261998  Southdown Road 
MJTomley WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
MJTomley WWII Baptist ChurchOther War Memorials 
SPTomley WWII Baptist ChurchOther War Memorials 
SRTomley WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
WPTomley WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
WPTomley WWII Baptist Church, DeaconOther War Memorials 
CarolineTompsett 6 May 193283Wife of Jas TompsettCemetery A22411
CicelyTompsett3 Apr 186929 Dec 1924  Cemetery B32249
JamesTompsett 3 Dec 189952 Cemetery A22411
PTomsett WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
JosephTopley 18 Aug 191522 Cemetery A42663
CharlesTopple 19 Feb 194059 Cemetery A42638
EricTopple   Son of Chas ToppleCemetery A42638
Charlotte MayTothill 11 Oct 187240 St Leonard's D 
Anthony MichaelToubkin21 Mar 19195 Aug 2001  Cemetery E43795
Joanne LouiseToubkin23 Sep 196410 Feb 2000 Dtr of Anthony & Sandy ToubkinCemetery E43795
Violet RoseToubkin née Way25 May 192518 May 2000 aka Sandy. Wife of Anthony ToubkinCemetery E43795
AntheaTourell27 Aug 193829 Sep 2010  St Thomas More 
Florence MTourell 12 Feb 197880 Cemetery E33445
ThomasTourell 5 Mar 193963 Cemetery E33446
Thomas ETourell 20 Jan 193835 Cemetery E33445
Albert DennisTowler 9 Dec 195958Son of Frank & Mary TowlerCemetery B32296
CJTowler WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Cyril JohnTowler 4 Sep 191822Son of Frank & Mary TowlerCemetery B32296
FrankTowler 25 Mar 193680 Cemetery B32296
FrankTowler 19 Oct 197177Son of Frank & Mary TowlerCemetery B32296
Mary JTowler 25 Sep 193371Wife of Frank TowlerCemetery B32296
AnnTowner 26 Dec 185467Wife of Thos TownerSt Leonard's B 
CharlesTowner 6 Mar 185627 St Leonard's F 
Dunstone SamuelTowner May 185321 St Leonard's F 
ElizabethTowner 6 Jan 185663Wife of Thos TownerSt Peter's 
Elizabeth AnnTowner 18 May 186476Wife of Wm TownerSt Leonard's F 
James DunstoneTowner Dec 185025 St Leonard's F 
SarahTowner 19 Dec 186656 St Leonard's F 
SarahTowner 28 Apr 183473Wife of Wm TownerSt Leonard's F 
ThomasTowner 29 Jan 187882 St Peter's 
ThomasTowner 16 Jul 185866 St Leonard's B 
WilliamTowner 11 Feb 18291Son of Eliz A TownerSt Leonard's F 
WilliamTowner 28 Nov 184991 St Leonard's F 
WilliamTowner 4 Nov 184253 St Leonard's F 
AmosTownsend 6 Nov 193563 Cemetery C5557
DorothyTownsend    Marine Parade II 
GertrudeTownsend    Marine Parade II 
PeggyTownsend    Marine Parade II 
PhoebeTreleaven 26 Feb 190064Sister of Eliza GeakeCemetery C7788
HughTrenchard WWII  King's Mead 
Henry AlonzoTrent 6 Oct 191826Canadian EngineersCemetery C5581
Gertrude ElizabethTrevellick 10 May 194064Wife of Wm H Trevellick; buried HertsCemetery F23934
William HenryTrevellick 13 Jan 195279 Cemetery F23934
Catherine EleanorTrigwell 21 Aug 199584Wife of Geo Jas TrigwellCemetery C7813
Charles AdeTrigwell 19 Jan 190077 Cemetery A22429
DTrigwell WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Evelyn AdaTrigwell 30 Jan 18981Dtr of Geo & Ada TrigwellSt Leonard's B 
George JamesTrigwell 12 Feb 198774 Cemetery C7813
George WilliamTrigwell 14 Dec 197180 Cemetery C3350
Lillian IdaTrigwell 11 Aug 193642Wife of Geo Wm TrigwellCemetery C3350
RCTruax 30 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5550
AnnieTruman 7 Jan 191357 Cemetery A32597
Elizabeth MaryTruman 21 Feb 192741 Cemetery A32597
HarriettTrumble née Richardson 16 Mar 197278Sister of Chas R RichardsonCemetery F24378
Amy DaisyTubb 24 Feb 195479Wife of Wm TubbCemetery E43711
WilliamTubb 4 Jul 194371 Cemetery E43710
Buckmaster JosephTuck 8 Nov 188649Last Bailiff of SeafordSt Leonard's C 
Elizabeth SarahTuck 17 Oct 192276Wife of Buckmaster TuckSt Leonard's C 
Leslie KnightTuck 20 Mar 191924Canadian EngineersCemetery B42925
ETucker 8 Feb 1919 Can Forestry CorpsCemetery B42966
Ada FlorenceTucknott 2 Jun 194771 Cemetery B43065
Arthur William VictorTucknott 5 Jul 197349ka SamCemetery G2937
CharlotteTucknott 29 Jan 189266Wife of Geo TucknottSt Peter's 
EdwardTucknott 19 Mar 192357 Cemetery A32479
ElizabethTucknott 13 Oct 185960Wife of Wm TucknottSt Leonard's I 
FrankTucknott 22 Aug 198062 Cemetery H34721
GeorgeTucknott 27 Jun 189470 St Peter's 
JaneTucknott 28 Aug 193979Wife of Ed TucknottCemetery A32479
Jeffrey DavidTucknott1 Mar 195013 Jan 1993  Cemetery I24870
VioletTucknott 4 Mar 201596 Cemetery H34721
WalterTucknott 2 Dec 196588 Cemetery B43065
WilliamTucknott 27 Oct 188082 St Leonard's I 
GeorgianaTuddenham 25 Jan 194287 Cemetery C3323
Julia AliceTuddenham 1 Apr 195172Dtr of Rbt & Julia TuddenhamCemetery C3323
Ricky LeeTudor 30 May 2000  Cemetery D3223a
Alfred GuyTufton18801968  St Leonard's H 
Barbara MarjorieTufton19202000  St Leonard's H 
Colin Charles GuyTufton19241994  St Leonard's H 
Marjorie NevilleTufton18911969  St Leonard's H 
SusanTullett 28 May 195487 Cemetery F13565
WinifredTullett 23 Jun 199285Dtr of Susan TullettCemetery F13565
Agnes ElizabethTuppen 4 Jan 18602Died at sea. Dtr of David & Caroline TuppenCemetery A52887
CarolineTuppen 16 Feb 190979Wife of David TuppenCemetery A52887
DavidTuppen 24 Jun 190474 Cemetery A52887
Leslie RaymondTuppen    Cemetery E13260a
Louisa AliceTuppen 1934 Sister of Rose TuppenCemetery B43095
Rose CarolineTuppen 1936 Sister of Louisa Tuppen. Died LondonCemetery B43095
BJTurner WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Gerald FrancisTurner10 Dec 187219 Dec 1920 Son of Anselm & Catharine TurnerCemetery B32323
James AlfredTurner3 Oct 183018 Sep 1871 SurgeonSt Leonard's C 
James CharlesTurner 22 Jan 197478 Cemetery H14507
James SingerTurner12 Dec 18017 Aug 1882  St Leonard's C 
John DigbyTurner 26 Jun 1910  Cemetery B32289
May ElsieTurner11 Nov 189521 Mar 1982  Cemetery H14507
RubyTurner 2 Mar 193227 Cemetery E13279
Sarah AnnTurner13 Mar 18006 Feb 1878 Wife of Jas TurnerSt Leonard's C 
Warwick HTurner WWI Bowden House - Flight Off, RAFOther War Memorials 
William WebbTurner 23 May 189352(? Son of Jas & Sarah Turner)St Leonard's C 
George WFTurney 16 Feb 196564 Cemetery G74329
AlanTurpie19331986  Marine Parade II 
 Tyler-Smith see Smith      
CharlotteTutt 5 Sep 1960 Wife of Harry F TuttCemetery F13568
Harry FarmerTutt 13 Sep 1954  Cemetery F13568
LottieTutt 24 Dec 1965 Dtr of Harry & Charlotte TuttCemetery F13568
DoraTyndale Sep 1932  Cemetery D3221
TFTyrrell WWII  Seaford War Memorial 

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