Memorial Benches

The inscriptions below are from public benches with memorial texts, the aim being to record as many of the inscriptions as could be found in Seaford. The majority are Memorial Inscriptions and complement those found in more traditional sites such as the Cemetery. Some are also commemorated elsewhere in Seaford. The bulk were collected in the summer of 2014, with an additional group at South Barn in late 2016 and a few added as found.
They are presented by location in approximate surname order, starting at The Buckle (Seaford Yacht Club) at the western end of the seafront and working south-eastward along the promenade and up and over Seaford Head, before returning inland. The layout attempts to render the sense rather than mimic the originals.
("The Shoal" and Martello Tower precinct are not included)

Marine Parade 1
The Buckle to Bönningstedt Promenade

John L. Arno
18. 10. 30   -   25. 7. 03.
Keith Richard Beard   1933 - 2002
Love is in the air.
In Loving Memory of Christine Best
"A long life lived to the full."   13 . 8. 05 - 2. 1. 03
and Tony Williamson   1947 - 2008
A much missed husband and father.

In Loving Memory of Christine Brooks
from her family and all her friends at Barwells.
James Robert Caselton
22. 05. 63 to 12. 11. 03
Our hearts are with you.
Remembering Frank Edward (1908 - 1982)
and Frances Edward (1910 - 1997)

Lovingly remembered by his family and friends
Ernie Hudson     31 – 12 – 91
Also his wife Vi     24 – 1 – 97
Peter H. Jenkins   1939 – 2005
No longer in our lives to share
but in our hearts you'll always be.
Eric John Owen
1927 - 2001
Sleep after toil.

For Karl Palin born Seaford 10. 2 .1965
Died Abu Dhabi 13. 1 . 1996
Pat Parker
So many memories.
Pop's Spot Willie Roots June 1997
With Mum Golly Roots August 2010

In Loving Memory of Arthur, Bessie and
Percy Thompson who lived at Tidemills.
John N. Wheeler   1927 - 1999
Free with the wind and sea.
In Memory of John and Bengy
who loved the sea.

  Judith and Lottie   1937 - 2002
Happy Walkies.

Bönningstedt Promenade

Geoff Allaway   1923 - 2006.
Loving Husband, Father and Granddad.
Glenys Allaway   1928 - 2008.
Much loved Wife, Mum and Nanna.
Lt. Col. Larry Axelton USAF (RET).
25 Jul 1934 - 19 Jul 2009
Now joined at sea with beloved Sally (Sarah).
A new tour of duty to begin.
We love & miss you always.
Sarah Axelton
2 Apr 1926 - 15 Sep 2003
50° 38N 0.03.SE
Loving wife, mum, sister, aunt, cousin and friend.
Always loved, close in our hearts and never forgotten.

Malcolm Bird   5-3-31 - 11-12-98
So missed, together with his ever Loving
Barbara (Babs)   16.02.1932 - 22.08.2007
In Memory of Peter Cameron.
Much loved Brother, Friend and Uncle.
1920 - 2004
Leonard Chivers   1926-2003.
Always Remembered

Donated by Seahaven Lioness Club
In Loving Memory of
Brian Richard Knight Cobby   1950-1998.
James Owen Knight Cobby   1917 – 2003
To Norman & Neena Cooper.
Celebrating Norman's 80th year 26th May 2007

In Loving Memory of Thomas Victor Davis
9-12-1941 - 25-7-2001.
Much loved and Loving Dad and Granddad.
Mary Vivien Dawson In Memory of Nell and Frank Day
who loved Seaford

In fond Memory of
Ron Dingley   1923 – 2004
& Betty Dingley   1924 – 2009
In Loving Memory of
Patricia Ewen   1931 – 2005
Treasured memories of my wife
Susie Gilbert

John and Joan Harker
John Charles Henry Hattley,
who died September 22nd 1992.
With love and fondest memories of my dear husband John,
We both loved and enjoyed Seaford.
Yours always Pat
Harold and Ruby Hendon.
1905 - 1993     –     1905 - 2005
Loved – missed – never forgotten by the family.

In Memory of
Doreen Mary Honeychurch
1901 – 1987
In Memory of
Rowland Hurst   (1914-1982)   &   Lorna Hurst   (1916-2003)
who moved to Seaford in 1947
John James Knight
1920 – 1999,
Happy Memories

In Loving Memory of Perc Lambert   1932-2004.
Kath Lambert   22.2.33
Reunited with Perc   3.4.12
In Memory of Marguerite Langridge
1922 – 2005
In Memory of Ken Mant
1921 – 1994

In Loving Memory of our Mom
Dorothy Mayhew
1933 – 2007
"In Memory of Robert and Maureen McNeilly" For Dennis H. Morgan 11.7.1925 – 10.11.2006.
From his Loving family.
May your last voyage be the best adventure of all.

In Loving Memory of
Francis and Ivy Rayner
In Loving Memory of my Mum and Dad,
Win and Ron Rowe
Always remembered Kenneth A. Short   1912-1995.
In sunshine with his dear Margaret   1916-2004

Edgar Simcox 1924-2005, who loved the sea,
now with his beloved Margaret.
In Loving Memory of Tim Willett
25.05.1925 – 07.10.2005
Dear Albert suddenly taken from the
seafront he loved November 1995

Kay & Alan   2006.
Much loved parents, grandparents & great-grandparents.
Together again enjoying the sunsets.
My Dearest Stan.
Always smiling no matter what.
Love you always. Margaret
To Childhood Memories for Dearest
Mum and Bob

Marine Parade 2
The Salts to the Martello
Click for image
Benches on Marine Parade

Presented in Loving Memory of
Lionel Allibone (1909 – 1986)
and his wife Rose Allibone (1910 – 2001 )
Presented by Jim & Maisie Beck 2003 Happy memories of Dick & Ida Billings

In Loving Memory of my parents
Roy & Dorothy Bleach.
In Loving Memory of
Kathleen Anne Bouck-Standen   1918 – 1992.
Also in Loving Memory of
Ian Patrick Bouck-Standen   10.2.1946 to 2.12.1999.
1927 – John R. Bowsher – 1997
Let the bells ring to a husband, father and
friend to all,
He left too soon.

Stuart & Sylvia Brenchley – Golden Wedding
Anniversary 2003 Love from your Family.
In Loving Memory of Isabel 1921 – 1992
& Joseph Brooks 1912 – 2001
Elsie Butlin 1923 – 2006
Much loved wife, mother and grandmother.

In Memory of Walter Clapham
7.10.1916 – 24.2.2005
Writer and Bomber Command Veteran.
Helen Courtney   1965 – 2001
Ever remembered and sorely missed by her family and friends.
In Loving Memory of
Moya Cozens D F A ( Slade )
of Denton and Bromley 1920 – 1990

Kenneth George Davies 1921 – 2003
& Joan Davies 1921 – 1993
"iechyd da"
In Loving Memory of
Barbara Day   1934- 2006
Goodnight, God bless from all the family.
In Memory of Brenda Day 1933 – 1999

In Memory of Gladys & Bill De Fries Margaret (1934 – 2002) and
Brinky (1931 – 1998) Evans
Much loved and missed by many.
Gerald (Dini) Evans October 1971 – March 2007.
In Loving Memory of
a wonderful Daughter, Sister & Auntie.

Blanche Foster
Founder of Seaford Womens Guild of Friendship.
Jim Fotheringham   25/10/55 – 11/1/04.
A gentleman with a love of life.
In Loving Memory of Douglas Freeston 1918 – 1991 and
Gordon Malthouse 1920 -1991
This seat was placed by T O C H Seaford Branch.

In Memory of Rosie and John French
Much loved parents and grandparents.
In Loving Memory of
Len and Gloria Fuller
Andy Funnell professional windsurfer (K24)
25/11/82 – 15/06/04
This bench was placed here by his many dear friends, in Memory of a talented and much loved young man, who died close by in the sea he loved so much, we will never forget him.

In Loving Memory of Mrs Olive Gibbs
1911 – 2006
In Loving Memory of Stan and Monica Glover
who spent many happy years on this seafront.
Walter Robert Goodwin   1929 – 2007
Fondly remembered by June, Marcus, Simon
& Roger.

In Loving Memory of
Ray Harding 1921 – 1982 and
Shirley Harding 1921 – 2005
Reg Hopkins 1900 – 1968 and
Grace Hopkins 1899 – 1965
In Loving Memory of
Winsome Rose Alice (Pat) Hart 1920 – 2007
and Donald Hart 1923 – 2011
Together Again.
Loving thoughts and treasured memories of
Arthur Hawkley 1921 – 1992
Joy Hawkley 1922 – 2006
Douglas Hawkley 1899 – 1965
Hilda Hopkins 1895 – 1958
Arthur Hawkley 1898 – 1984
Margaret Hawkley 1899 – 1981

In Loving Memory of
Dorothy Holland 1926 -1997
In Memory of Eve and Bertie Ireson.
Residents of Seaford 1969 – 2002
"Presented by Les and May Jacobs,
who spent many happy times here."

In Memory of Roisin Joyce 1935 – 2004
She so loved Seaford Bay.
1924   Mick Langridge   2005.
Remembered with love.
Loving Memory of
Elisabeth and Werner Leverenz
Hamburg, Germany.

In Loving Memory of
Tom Lumley   1933 – 2003
George Thomas MacDiarmid
Died on 12th May 2003 aged 67.
Loving Husband and Dad and Grandad
Forever in our hearts.
Roger Marsden   1946 – 2006
A special man, loved and missed by
all who knew him.

Fondest memories of
Norman and Vicky Marsh.
In Loving Memory of Ron Maskell
1942 / 2006
Dorothy Lydia May
(formerly Manning née Cowley)
Dear mother, grandmother & great- grandmother, sadly missed.
1905 – 2007

In Loving Memory of
David Milne   07.02.37 – 09.09.93
"Finished with engines."
In Memory of Bert Moore
23.12.1930 – 4.11.2007
In Memory of Reggie Neal
9 April 1987

In Loving Memory of Dilys Neville
and Charles Neville
A lovely couple.
In Loving Memory of my wife
Diana Mary Nicks   1943- 2004.
Reg Pickerill   1923-2001.
Rest a while and think of me.

In Loving Memory of
William Robert Reid   1919 – 2006
Peter Reynolds   28.2.1938 – 14.7.2003
Missed by family and friends.
Peter John Richardson   1925 – 2005
Much loved and missed by all his family.

In Memory of Walter Samuel.
A dear husband and father who loved the sea.
Happy memories with the Sanders family
1900 – 1995 and Loving Memory of
Mary Patricia Robb 1929 – 2008.
In Loving Memory of Albert Scott
3/8/1938 – 18/1/2001

In celebration of the 90th birthday of
Rosa Scragg 22.12.97
from her family.
S. D. C. C. In Memory of General Alois Shek D.S.O.
1903 – 1993

20 – 12 - 28   Eric Smith   29 – 11 - 02 Marjorie Spear   1921 – 2003
Forever loved and cherished.
In Loving Memory of James Stedman
Loving Husband and Father. 1917 – 1992

In Loving Memory of Jim and Mary Stowell
who spent many happy hours here.
Wonderful parents of Julie & grandparents of Mark, Lisa, Kirsty, Stefan & Isobel, brother of Becky, Iris, Pat & Fred.
Beryl Stroud
13/8/35 - 28/1/15
I woke this morning and paused before entering the day;
I had so much to accomplish that I had to make time to pray.
In Loving Memory of
Muriel Taylor   1926-1995

In Memory of Wg. Cdr. W and Mrs N. Thompson
who loved this place, rest and be thankful.
For Gertrude, Dorothy and Peggy Townsend,
that others may enjoy this view as they did
Summer 2000.
1933 – 1986
In Loving Memory of Alan Turpie.

Glad and Ron Wellden
Now dancing together, always in the hearts
of those who love you.
George and Win
"Such wonderful memories for so many people."
A Loving Memory of Joan Woolford   1915 – 2006.
In the place she loved, with the sea and the sun.

Happy and Loving memories Bert
of our years in Seaford 1970 – 1998.
In Loving Memory of
Clare   1939 – 2003

Fond and happy memories David
of our 50 years together.
Now reunited with wife Betty
Together forever.
To Fred
Love Mary and Janice.
Marie   1905 – 2000

Mausi's special grand stand seaside seat,
rest a while to view her much loved
sunset and moonrise.
For Pat and Eddie who loved the sea. In celebration of Dora's 90th birthday
20th June 2004   From her family.

Martello Tower
In the Martello Tower Moat (excluding recent bench-plaques above)
Martello Tower 74

Pat Berry   1926 – 2007 John Odham   1923 – 2005

Marine Parade 3
The Martello to Splash Point

In Loving Memory of
Doris Barkus
5.4.28 – 18.4.03
In Loving Memory of Ron "Lofty" Bass
1924 – 2002
Joined by his Loving wife Gwen.
1922 – 2013   Together again.
In Loving Memory of
Albert Edward Victor Bishop
1919 – 1999

In Loving Memory of Chris (Josh) Coomber
1945 – 2006 who loved this place.
In Memory of John Darling who had a happy time fishing here. In Loving Memory of
Betty Durrand   1924 – 2003

Joseph and Elizabeth Eccles
In Loving Memory.
In Loving Memory of
Don and Maisie Fricker.
Given by Friends of Seaford.

In Memory of Bob Gibbs   1911 – 1996 In Memory of Winifred Gibbs   1910 – 1992 In Memory of Ken Holway
who loved the sea.

"Rest a while"
John Hooper   1931 – 2004
Joyce and John Lammin
Treasured Memories.
In Loving Memory of
Renée Rée   1915 – 2005

1904 – 1993
In Memory of H.S. and G. R. Robinson
1904 – 1993
Peggy Veale.
Remembered with love.
Fred and Majorie Watson
"Happy Memories."

In Loving Memory of
Phyl & Ronnie Webb
In fondest Memory of Gordon Woods
( 1922 – 2004 )
who loved this place.
Nina rest with your angels.

  For Michael to enjoy the sunset.  

Splash Point
Above the Point and in the remains of the old residence (excluding "The Shoal").
Splash Point Benches Splash Point Benches Splash Point Benches

In Loving Memory of
Dorothy Burland
1903 – 1997.
Cherished memories of a brave and lovely lady
Chris Jones   1943 – 2000.
In Memory of Win and Stan Knights

In Memory of Stella and Ian Macdonald In Loving Memory of Len Old
1924 – 1987.
In Loving Memory of Mervyn Eric Wale
3.8.33 – 27.4.97   A free spirit.

Capt. James P. Morgan (Ret'd) M.N.
S.R. Paramedic, S.J.A. Officer
Jim rest with God. My love. Jx.
In Memory of Betty Weeks   1918 – 1997
Fondly remembered by fellow members of
Morley College Rambling Club.

Seaford Head
Including Seaford Head Golf Course, South Hill Barn, Hope Gap & Cuckmere Haven
(We have not attempted to map this area to provide locations)
Bench - Seaford Head Bench - Seaford Head Bench - Seaford Head

In loving memory of Martin Adamson
1961 – 2003 Sadly missed by his family
In loving memory of C. G. B.   1902 - 1971 In Loving Memory of Lily Baker
who died 25TH May 1971

George Henderson Beattie   1901 - 1988
Thanks pal
Joan Beattie   1910 - 2002
In loving memory of Kathleen Bell   1987 In loving memory of Ian Campbell   1931 – 2006
He led the way.

In Loving Memory of
James Richard Brook
1967 – 2014
Brother & Sister Together
Sharing The Rainbow
In Loving Memory of
Jacqueline Anne McNeill
1962 – 2006
Always Near
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Jim and Nellie Cannell In loving memory of
John A.C. Cocker
29th August 1932 to 1st November 2005
Valerie A. Cocker
5th April 1939 to 16th November 2009
Much loved parents & grandparents
Now you are together again, rest in peace forevermore.
In Loving Memory of
Gordon (Gordie) Courtney

In loving memory of Barbara Cuthill. In memory of Vera and Jimmy Davy
who found happiness here.
In loving memory of Jack Doult of Purley
1900 – 1964
And Eileen Margaret Doult   1913 – 2003
Who lived in her "beautiful oasis" of Seaford.

In loving memory of Cecil and Lucy Duke
who spent many happy times here with their family.
In memory of Lillian Dullam and her dog Fudgie,
and the walks they had together,
1931 - 2001.
In memory of Sheila Mary Dunphy née Balkam
21st May 1935 - 2nd July 2008
Loving mother, sister, nan and auntie.
A special friend to all who knew her, sorely missed but never forgotten.

Doreen is forever in our thoughts and greatly missed by
her family and friends.
Doreen Edwards   1936 - 2008
The Farrells like it here. In loving memory of Kathy Finnegan–White
"One of the Seven Sisters"

Seven Sisters - one mother
Henny Friend - 1918 - 2007
I will always remember walking here with her and
our various corgis, a place close to heaven.
In Loving Memory of
John and Penny Garrett
(1915-1986)     (1914-2000)
who loved the beauty of the Downs
and a view of the sea
John Gillam   11.1.44 – 24.12.15

The finest of men, the most precious of brothers
& a lifetime of love, laughter & sticky buns.

Garry Garrod
November 1923 – March 2006
Pamela Anne Reynolds
August 1931 - August 2015
"In Loving Memory of Pamela and Garry
Who loved this spot when not travelling the world"
In Memory of Margaret Petrie Gowlland

In Memory of Ann Green In Loving Memory of Ann Green 1931-2014
Who loved walking her dogs here

In loving memory of my dear wife
Margaret Hadley-Smith   1917 – 1989
Rest a while and enjoy the view she admired so very much.
In loving memory of
Thomas Edwin Gilbert Hand.
In loving memory of Enid and Bill Harrison
Billericay, Essex

In loving memory of my wife Stella Hayduck
1914 - 2003
In Loving Memory of
Colonel Peter Howard-Harwood MBE DL
1920 – 2006
Town, District and County Councillor
Mayor of Newhaven
A Sussex man at heart
In Loving Memory of Ben and Ursula Isted

In loving memory of Rendel and Gee Jones
1914 - 2005 and 1915 - 2010
You walked these hills together
and sat to share the view,
So now we come in solace
and the chance to be with you.
Rob Jones
13th April 1941 - 18th January 2002
You can enjoy this breathtaking view for always
With happy memories and love from all the family.
In Loving Memory of Garth D.F. Lawrence
1943 – 2013

In Loving Memory of Bill Livings
- Born to be Wild -
In Memory of Hedley George Belsham Lock
7/10/40 - 15/4/08
In Memory of
Stella & Ian

In loving memory of
Eric Thomas Mander   1915 - 2004
and Kathleen Olive Mander   1913 - 2007
Fondest Memories of
Norman and Vicky Marsh
Who loved it here
"Better by far you should forget and smile,
than that you should remember and be sad"
C Rossetti.

In loving memory of William Martin,
D. 25.12.2002 and
Betty Martin, D.12.10.2004,
walking on Seaford Head and along the South Downs.

Frank Martin   1906 - 1985
Gone for a cup of tea and
slide down the banisters.
Contribution made in memory of
"Sylvia Patricia Mitchell"
Loved this coastline and views
29th September 1937 - 11th May 2005
Diane Mary Nicks   1943 – 2003
Forever in our thoughts.

In Loving Memory of
Jim Millwood
Died Sept 1995
& Edna Millwood
Died July 1995

Stile on the path from
South Barn to Cuckmere Haven
Click for image
Millwood memorial stile
Mum's Seat

In remembrance of Emma Louise Novelle
1967 - 1997
Here alone will thought be found.
In loving memory of John Novis   1927- 1986
Your star will always shine bright.
In Loving Memory of
Keith Novis 1944 – 2015
"Always Look On The
Bright Side of Life"

Long ago and far away
Capt. E. S. Peat. R. C. A. A. 18. 4.1980.
In loving memory of Doug Perry.
Take a seat and rest a while,
The view from here will make you smile.
Dog Walkers Rest
In Memory of Carol Pierce
1952 - 2003 and Sam 1984 - 1996

Pamela Frances Pittet
29/03/1931 - 15/03/2009
Cherished wife and mother forever in our hearts.
Peter Alwyn Puddick
13-2-1927 - 27-11-2004
Your face is always there,
your voice we can still hear,
smiles we will always remember,
of a dad we loved so much.
Kay Ken Matthew Tammy & Layla.
A favourite place of Brian Walter Reed
8.8.1938 – 16.8.2015
"Take time to sit with me for a while
and enjoy the view"

In memory of David John Roberts
25-1-1946 to 30-3-2003 who loved it here.
Howard Robinson   1940 – 2000
We miss you.
Joyfully appreciating
Robin and Patricia Rowland
Wonderful parents and grandparents.

Happy Memories - B.M.S. Yvette Salmon
1918 – 2016
Loved walking and painting here
Fond memories of happy picnics
Loving Memories of Georgina Seymour
1931 – 2011
Ena … We Will Walk Together Again, Ted
Our Lovely Mum & Nanny
Paul Jane Tricia Ricky Helen Ruth xx

In memory of Richard and Nancy Stonard
who loved this view.
In loving memory of Peggy Stonham
1912 - 1988
Simple Gifts
Brenda Stringer
Who loved these walks

Peter John Taylor   1933 – 2005
In loving memory of a dearly loved husband,
dad and grandad
"A beautiful man"
Also son Martin aged 42 years
"Taken from us suddenly too soon"
Presented by The Old Codgers
S.H.G.C.   September 1995
Anne and Tim loved the view from here.

For my lovely daughter Liane
1963 - 1992
In loving memory of my dear Mum and Pop
who shared with us their love of this beautiful view.
Always our Pete loved the view,
We hope that you will enjoy it too
From the Ward family.

To celebrate the life of Elizabeth Susan Wood
3rd March 1947 - 27th June 2015
Eternally in all our hearts and minds
"How lucky I am to have something
that makes saying goodbye so hard."

From your loving family
In Loving memory of
Pam Hall and Don Partridge

From beloved family and friends
Forever in our hearts
For our lovely Mumma
Ruth Pamela Roberts
1953 - 2010
In memory of all the happy times we had here
With love from
Peachie, Barnz, Eddie, Georgie and Laloo Flaloo
In memory of
Winifred and Michael Powell
Good Night, God Bless
"I'm home"
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Bench commemorating those above, overlooking Hope Gap

Crouch Gardens, Bowling Club & Peace Garden
Within The Crouch
Click for image
Crouch Gardens
Click for image
Crouch Bowls Green
Click for image
The Crouch Peace Garden

In Memory of John and Lilian Chapple In Loving Memory of Ronald Hart
1911 – 1992
Peter Reed   1926 - 2000
You haven't forgotton to put the
kettle on have you?

Presented to the Crouch Bowls Club.
In Memory of W. Urry.
Nancy and Don.
In Loving Memory 1986.
In Memory of Betty De Viell Dec 2008.
Was always happiest living by the sea.

In Loving Memory of Brenda Joy Fraser
27th July 1928 to 8th April 2008.
Devoted wife of Keith, mother to Catherine
and grandmother to Edward
Remembering Daniel McRobert
Loving husband, father, grandfather
and brother-in law.
Happy landings Dan.
In Loving Memory Derek and
Gwen Seagrave

Pam Hughes
Poet & Quaker 1942-2008
In Memory of
Fred and Maisie Matthews
In Memory of Wendy Witchlow

The Salts Recreation Ground
Around the Grounds

In Loving Memory of
Eileen Ashenden
1929 - 2010.
In Loving Memory of
John Peter Bougon
Betty Brookman   Mum and Nan
1922 - 2009.

"For John and Dot Clarke with love
Margaret, Tony, Richard."
In Loving Memory of Owen   1905 – 2004
and Marjorie Griffin   1904 – 1991
At home in Seaford.
Margaret Rose Killner
27.12.1935   -   14.3.1999
You were the wind beneath our wings.

In Loving Memory of Bill and Annie Lowes. Ian Perkins
A spirit of steel with a heart of gold.
In Loving Memory of
Ron & Doris Perry.

In Loving Memory of
Audrey Showell
26 .6.1931 - 14.5.2008
In Loving Memory of Mum and Dad
Iris and Ken Smith.
In Loving Memory of
Jack and Violet Stredwick.

  Marion and Jack loved this place.  

Seaford Cemetery
Click for image
Part of Seaford Cemetery
In Memory of many friends in
Seaford Rambling Club.
In Loving Memory of
Priscilla Lewinna Jeanne Blaber
1928 - 1986
"In Memory of Nora Dollin ( 1916 - 1998 )
who loved Seaford."

In Loving Memory of Gary Fisher.
Our dear friend and colleague 1965 - 2005
In Memory of my friends Joy Goodwin
and Monty Goodwin.
In Loving Memory of our precious son
David Ronald Kemp aged 36.

In Loving Memory of Roland Lewis
1888 - 1970
In Loving Memory of
Ruby Winifred Lewis
1908 - 1973
In Memory of John William Parker
21st June 1934 - 28th November 2001
A loyal trusted friend from The Two I's.
In Loving Memory of a dear husband and father
Harry Bennett
1922 – 1994
In Loving Memory of
Harold Stanley Smith
1926 - 2001
In Memory of our dear parents
Bill and Sally Wallis of Leicester
who regularly visited Seaford.

Click for image
Memorial bench to Harry Bennett (above)
In Loving Memory of
K. R. and Pat Wood
Rest peacefully.
Click for image
Memorial bench to Bill & Sally Wallis (above)

SDHS Millenium Garden Seating Area, Cemetery Eastern Extension
Click for image
SDHS garden area, Eastern Extension
This Millenium Garden has
Been dedicated to the residents
Of Seaford by the Seaford and
District Horticultural Society
Click for image
SDHS Millenium dedication

S & D.H.S.
In Memory of
Harry Dollin
President 2001
S & D.H.S.
In Memory of
Fred Smith
Committee Member and
Vice President
S. & D.H.S.
In Memory of
W. (Bill) Webber
1989 – 2001

S & D.H.S.
In Memory of
Bill Steeds
Hon. Show Secretary
2001 – 2011
S & D.H.S.
In Memory of
Brian Budd
Chairman 1982 – 1998
S & D.H.S.
In Memory of
Paul Earl
Committee Member 1993 – 1996
And his Wife
Pat Earl
Committee Member 1993 – 2005

S & D.H.S.
In Memory of
George Mason
S & D.H.S.
In Memory of
Peter Earl
Danney Freelove
Committee Member
1981-1984 & 2003-2018

High and Over
Benches and tables near the Viewpoint
Click for image
View towards Cuckmere Haven
Click for image
Looking over the Cuckmere Valley from High & Over
Click for image
The Compass indicating directions to places nearby

Our Dearest Mum & Dad
Roy and Elaine Greening
1918 - 1989           1911 - 1987
With memories of Sunshine and Laughter
and Love forever after.
Sue, John, Gilly, Chrissy and Gall
In Loving Memory of Enid Josephine Harris
(1914 - 2003) who so much enjoyed
the view from this beautiful place.
This table placed here by her two sons:
Robert and Andrew
It was the wish of
William Rees Jeffreys
1872 - 1954
that others should
share his enjoyment
of this view
(Compass Monument)

In Loving Memory of
Kenneth and Marjorie London
(1917 - 1982)           (1913 - 2003)
who lived in Seaford and loved the Downs.
In Loving Memory of
W.J. (Bill) and Joan Tidy
1895 - 1986           1901 - 1997
who, for over 20 years, lived near
this beautiful place
and also of A.H. (Tony) Tidy 1929 - 2004
at rest in South Africa.
Placed, in happy remembrance of
the best of parents and a dear
brother, by Susan Jane Cope (née Tidy)
and John Tidy             October 2006
"Fresh air, good food and wine and
laughter in the company of friends"

- A Picnic
(Single memorial)

In Loving Memory of
Tony Naylor
who loved life nearly as much as
'Til we meet again
all our love
Click for image
Bench at High & Over with memorial plaques
In Loving Memory of
Tony Naylor
An inspiration to us all
In Loving Memory of
Alan Rushbrook Webb
our darling dad who enjoyed a most
"beautiful pint"

(One bench, five plaques)
In Loving Memory of
Margaret Mary Webb
our talented mum
with Him at last.
Peace be with you

  In Loving Memory of
Brian Miles
South Downs Ranger

Other Memorial Benches
Benches around Seaford, as indicated

In Loving Memory of David Vine (Viney), who lost his life in Iraq aged 28, much loved and dearly missed by us all.
Church Street
In Loving and lasting Memory
Patricia Myers   1935 - 1992.
Chyngton Road
In Memory of Ted South from friends and members
at Seaford Head Golf Club.
Chyngton Road

In Loving Memory of Iris Lawrence 1921 - 1984
& Eric Lawrence 1917 - 2009
Claremont Road
Jack and Barbara Everest.
Dancing in Heaven.
Pelham Road
Jean Lewry 1932-2007.
Sleep Well.
Pelham Road

In Loving Memory of John & Doris Thorne.
Sadly Missed.
Pelham Road
Donated by Community Transport (CTLA) with support from Mrs Rita Evans and Friends.
Dane Road
Dedicated to the Memory of
Derek Mant
February 1989
Dane Road

A Farewell Gift from Seaford Residents' Association
1960 - 2010
Dane Road
In Memory of Andy Wareing
High Street
In Memory of Bill Bleach
Club secretary for many years.
Seaford Constitutional Club

In Loving Memory of
Douglas Sample
1913 - 2003.
Seaford Head Golf Club
In Loving and affectionate Memory of many happy years, spent by Mr & Mrs J. W. Hatcher in the delightful town of Seaford.
Seaford War Memorial
In Memory of Joan Reddy   1905-1966
South Street

Presented by the Rotary Club of Seaford
to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
June 2002
South Street
Remember my husband Charlie Pulford
Dearly loved and missed. Bunch 2001.
Off Southdown Road
In Memory of our beloved
Thomas Tombs
1926 - 1998.
Off Southdown Road

In Loving Memory of
Rhoda Mary Hayes
Died October 1998.
St Leonard’s church
In Memory of
Cannon Rex Williams 1906 - 1994
St Peter’s church
"In Loving Memory of Tom and Betty Comben"
Old Brickfield

Keith Hylands
30-07-1945 - 21-02-2019
A true Seafordian
Much loved by his wife Val,
Family and friends
Dane Road
Steve Palmer   1953 – 83   Though a loved one be lost, love is not
Queens Park Gardens

Some 400 persons are commemorated on the benches found and recorded. No doubt more will be remembered.
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For information about memorial benches, contact Seaford Town Council.
High and Over belongs to the National Trust. Contact its South East Regional Office.

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