Other Seaford Memorials

The inscriptions below are from sites in Seaford other than burial sites or war memorials.
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Clinton Hall ~ Fitzgerald Alms Houses ~ Fred Mace Plaque ~ Old Town Hall ~ Old Schoolhouse ~ Holocaust Memorial ~ Jubilee Memorial

Clinton Hall formerly Cross Way formerly Seaford Congregational Church
The ChurchCooperCrook
Foundation Stone
The stone laid by Sarah Crook, wife of prominent Seafordian Thomas Crook, to commemorate the building of the Congregational Church in Clinton Place.

This Stone
was laid by
Mrs T. Crook,
of Telsemaure House, Seaford.
Dec 7, 1877.
                Rev E Green, Minister.

[ Telsemaure was a prominent house at the end of
Dane Road on the Seaford seafront ]
James Ransom Cooper
Memorial to the Rev James Cooper in the former Seaford Congregational Church.

He being dead yet speaketh
This tablet records
the grateful and reverent affection
of the inhabitants and visitors of this town,
old and young, rich and poor,
for the late Pastor of this Church
who for seven years went in and out before them,
in the Ministry of a Divine Master,
and the example of a Holy life.
He suddenly exchanged time for eternity,
the service of his Maker below
for the presence of his Saviour above
August 17, 1867,
in the 75th year of his age, and the 50th of his ministry,
and was buried in Highgate Cemetery,
deeply lamented.
His parting words to his flock were:
"If it were God's Will that he should live, he would
welcome life, and thank its Giver; but if it were the
Will of God that he should die, he would welcome death
and praise its Conqueror."
His end was peace.
Sarah Crook
Memorial to Sarah Crook in the former Seaford Congregational Church.

In loving memory
of Telsemaure.

For many years a devoted and faithful
member of this church, the principal
supporter of all its institutions, and
a friend to all in time of need.

She entered into rest December 13th 1901,
in her 94th year.

"To live in hearts we leave behind
is not to die."
[ Clinton Hall (previously called Cross Way) is the current name of the former Congregational Church building at the corner of Broad Street North. The memorials above date from prior
to The Congregational Church itself becoming the United Reformed Church in 1972. The building is shared with the Seaford Methodist Church. ]

Fitzgerald Alms Houses
Fitzgerald Stone
The Fitzgerald Alms Houses in Croft Lane, Seaford, have a ceremonial foundation stone. Unfortunately, part of it was buried when patio slabs were laid round the front of the building!
To the Glory of God through
Jesus Christ
First stone of the
Fitzgerald Alms Houses

[ On the front wall and above the main
entrance, Croft Lane, Seaford. ]
Fitzgerald Arms
The Fitzgerald Alms Houses bear the Fitzgerald Coat of Arms - a red cross on a white shield, supported by one or more monkeys. The left hand top carving is a monkey; it is now uncertain what the top right carving was.

Fred Mace
Memorial to Fred Mace In memory of
who lost his life on 28th February 1939
whilst on duty fighting a fire at the Empire Cinema
which stood on this site.

Remembered by the people of Seaford
and East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

Seaford Museum and Heritage Society 2010

[ The plaque is on a wall on the East side of the car park in
Sutton Road, just off Broad Street, in the space created when
the cinema burned down. The memorial was erected at the
instigation of Kevin Gordon, local historian and member of
the Seaford Museum & Heritage Society ]

Seaford Town Hall
Old Town Hall inscription Old Town Hall
This building was the Town Hall of the
former Corporation of Seaford
and was the centre of local judicial and
administrative affairs between
1562 and 1886
Seaford Old Town Hall
Seaford Old Town Hall. The opening at pavement level used to be the cells window. Originally stairs led to the upper right window, which had been the main entrance, and from which the people were addressed by local dignitaries - and politicians at election time.

Gary GoacherOld School, Steyne Road
Gary Goacher
Memorial to Gary Goacher, Seaford Surgery, Dane Road
The Old Schoolhouse in Steyne Road faces south and is raised well above the road and any shelter from the prevailing south-westerly gales. As a consequence this stone (right) is all that remains of the original commemorative stone, set into the wall by the front door.

The wind, rain and salt have scoured away the lettering, and left a concave surface with only a hint that there ever was anything there.

Oddly, the old school house opposite St Leonard's church in Church Street, has no commemorative plaque or stones.
Steyne Road Old Schoolhouse

Holocaust Memorial, Crouch Gardens
Holocaust Tree This Strawbery Tree "Arbutus Unedo"
was planted by
Councillor Carolyn Lambert
Chair of Lewes District Council
to mark Holocaust Memorial Day
Thursday 27 January 2011.

"Remember, reflect upon, consider, discuss - never forget."
Holocaust Tree plaque

Jubilee Memorial & Garden, South Street
Erected by
Public Subscription
To Commemorate
The Completion of
Fifty Years of the Reign of
Her Most Gracious Majesty
Queen Victoria

A.D. 1887

[ The chosen memorial was a marble drinking fountain
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Jubilee Memorials
The 1887 Queen Victoria 50 years memorial (a drinking fountain), with 2002 QE II Jubilee memorial on top, in the South Street garden
    Victoria Jubilee Memorial
1887 Queen Victoria 50 years memorial - a drinking fountain
Jubilee Garden
was created in June 2002
to celebrate
the Golden Jubilee
Queen Elizabeth II
Seaford Town Council
by Lindsay Thomas BSc BA
Jeremy Tilley
Mike Shorer DJC FGC FIPG
A. G. Helyar.

[ A ball with ER Golden Jubilee was added to the fountain
and the rather scruffy area made into a formal garden ]

Clinton Hall ~ Fitzgerald Alms Houses ~ Fred Mace Plaque ~ Old Town Hall ~ Old Schoolhouse ~ Holocaust Memorial ~ Jubilee Memorial

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