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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
DavidKearns14 Sep 190429 Jan 1983Cemetery C1126
MargaretKearns10 Oct 19129 Jun 1990Wife of David KearnsCemetery C1126
Barbara CurleKeating8 May 186218 Dec 1937Cemetery A22332
GeorgeKeating9 Jan 185930 Dec 1935Cemetery A22332
WilliamKeen 15 Dec 1908  Cemetery C3329
Hilda VirginiaKeer18961971  Cemetery C3300
John ArchibaldKeer18981969  Cemetery C3300
Kenneth John AlanKeer23 Jul 192920 Mar 2015  Cemetery C3301
Alice HarrietKeighly10 Mar 193860Cemetery E33426
Sheila IreneKeith  23 Oct 2007  Cemetery G74270
William JKelliher27 Jul 1917Canadian EngineersCemetery C6737
JackKelly4 Jun 192010 Sep 2012St Thomas More 
Kathleen JeanKelly27 Mar 19258 Dec 2011Known as BabsSt Thomas More 
LawrenceKelly 12 Apr 1966  Cemetery G21026
Mary ClareKelly 24 Nov 1979 Wife of Lawrence KellyCemetery G21026
PeterKelly19222009St Thomas More 
Bertha Annie TheresaKelsey13 Nov 194177Wife of CE KelseyCemetery E33551
CEKelsey18691960Cemetery E33551
EllisKelsey13 Oct 1939Cemetery E33548
Ethel GraceKelsey29 Mar 194375Sister of Violet KelseyCemetery E43750
VioletKelsey89Sister of Ethel KelseyCemetery E43750
Alice LilianKelway  8 Sep 196566 Cemetery G74310
James HenryKelway 10 Apr 199192 Cemetery G74310
David Horace AbercrombyKembleWWIIMC, Major, Scots GuardsKing's Mead 
David RonaldKemp36Seaford Cemetery 
Elizabeth GertrudeKemp14 Dec 196385Cemetery A12047
Henry Charles EdwardKemp18 May 194575Cemetery A12047
Laura GertrudeKemp7 Aug 189214 Dec 1972Cemetery E44433
Mertie HenriettaKemp1 Jan 1976Cemetery E54421
NormanKemp1 Jan 18881 Mar 1971Cemetery E44433
Walter ThomasKemp28 Dec 192969Cemetery B43109
Walter WKemp23 Jun 1965Cemetery B22117
Weston AlfredKemp4 Dec 1972Cemetery E54421
Charlotte EmilyKennard18 Apr 191950Cemetery B32319
Frances LouiseKennard19051993Cemetery B12006
GeorgeKennard29 Jun 196786Cemetery B12006
HarriettKennard24 Dec 191674Wife of Jas KennardCemetery B32303
JKennardWWIISeaford War Memorial 
JamesKennard27 Apr 191165Cemetery B32303
Joan MaryKennard2 Mar 1948Cemetery B12006
John RupertKennard9 Jul 1943Killed in SicilyCemetery B12006
Sheila EileenKennedy née Green24 Apr 19332 Jan 2009Cemetery A22391a
Frederick JohnKennett28 Mar 193756A. Mus. LCM.Cemetery E23403
Mabel Margaret SahgunKennettWife of Ed Kennett; died S. AustraliaCemetery E33433
Albert EdwardKent2 Feb 190119 Jun 1976St Leonard's H 
Amy DoraKent1 Jan 196880Cemetery A22444
Edith MaryKent12 Oct 189827 Apr 1987Wife of Albert Kent. Died Stanmore, MddxSt Leonard's H 
EllenKent28 Feb 191076Wife of Geo KentSt Leonard's E 
Ethel PaskeyKent13 Sep 18791 Jan 1961  Cemetery G64169
George AlfredKent9 Jan 188956St Leonard's E 
Harry JDFKent 13 Apr 195167 Cemetery F23920
HarriettKent1 Apr 192059Cemetery A22444
JCKentWWIISt Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
JosephKent17 Jan 1919Cemetery A32496
Keith RobertKent14 Oct 1931Cemetery A32496
Leonard MooreKent 20 Sep 1946  Cemetery C4452
Primrose BeatriceKent7 Mar 199382Wife of Bill KentCemetery H24552
Susan FannyKent 15 Aug 1950  Cemetery C4452
WilliamKent18 Sep 193576Cemetery A22444
William GeorgeKent12 Oct 190721Cemetery A22422
John BoscoKerin19162004Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6776
MiriamKershaw4 Feb 193875Cemetery E13277
Edith EmilyKessell 12 Jun 197484Wife of Edwin F KesselCemetery F24356
Edwin FKessell 17 Feb 197072 Cemetery F24356
Anthony JamesKettle 17 Dec 194952 Cemetery C4456
EvaKettle 27 Dec 199393Or Curtis. Wife of Anthony KettleCemetery C4456
Geoffrey CTKeyesWWIIVC, MCKing's Mead 
Charles RKibbey 10 Apr 1956  Cemetery F13647
Robin NicholasKibble18 Aug 194910 Mar 1950Cemetery E43682a
Joyce WinifredKidman18 May 196910 Apr 1990Wife of John KidmanSt Leonard's H 
Gertrude BeatriceKilbey 15 Jun 195781 Cemetery F13574
Vera Blanche MorenKillick12 Sep 18924 Feb 1983Cemetery H34680
Margaret RoseKillner27 Dec 193514 Mar 1999The Salts 
Amanda AmeliaKing2 Jun 190882Cemetery B43067
AnnKing5 Jan 191860Wife of Geo KingCemetery A22442
Arabella Florence LauraKing née Knight 18 Nov 197057Dtr of Herbert & Florence KnightCemetery G44053
Charles HenryKing2 May 192774Cemetery B22092
Davis PorterKing28 Apr 188569St Peter's 
ElizabethKing12 Feb 190894Dtr of John King (d Paignton)St Peter's 
Emily SusanKing20 Mar 1947Cemetery B22092
GeorgeKing9 Jan 191169Cemetery A22442
HenryKing22 Nov 18183 monthsSon of John & Mary KingSt Peter's 
JohnKing30 Jul 18214Son of John & Mary KingSt Peter's 
JohnKing5 Jul 185378St Peter's 
Judith AnneKing2 Jun 193410 Feb 2007Cemetery H34786
Kenneth JPKing29 Aug 19025 Jun 1997Cemetery H34786
MaryKing29 Nov 194894Dtr of Jas & Amanda KingCemetery B43067
MaryKing née Rogers13 May 182235Wife of John KingSt Peter's 
PKingWWISeaford War Memorial 
PKingWWIWWI Memorial 
Robert CharlesKing6 May 190616Cemetery A22421
TJKingWWIISeaford War Memorial 
Winifred HKing25 Jan 18947 Mar 1955  Cemetery C6779-781
BessieKing-Hele23 May 190131 May 1996Wife of Sydney King-HeleCemetery H14516
Sydney GeorgeKing-Hele30 Apr 189622 Feb 1976Cemetery H14516
Dora Kings19081969  St Leonard’s KCD
Annie Hay PitcairnKirby13 May 1934Wife of Herbert KirbyCemetery A42628-9
Herbert CharlesKirby19 Jul 1934Cemetery A42628-9
Alice TesterKirkby8 Jun 192744Cemetery B22138
AmyKirkby28 Aug 197090Cemetery C2255
WarrenKirkham26 Feb 1916King's Royal Rifle CorpsCemetery C5590
Bernard MeredythKitson25 May 196881PriestSt Peter's 
Dorothy MaryKitson9 Oct 197383St Peter's 
LilianKitto19051980Cemetery H34720
Katherine StClairKnechtli27 Aug 192679Wife of John KnechtliCemetery A42630
Annie ElizabethKneller10 Feb 197380Wife of Wm KnellerCemetery E44464
IsabellaKneller19 Oct 194984Cemetery E13282
William HenryKneller1 Sep 192966Cemetery E13282
William HenryKneller18 Jan 197887aka BidgeCemetery E44464
AlbertKnight24 Apr 193545Cemetery E23352
AlfredKnight8 Mar 1979Cemetery A14500
AlomaKnight19282006St Thomas More 
C DavidKnight19091992Cemetery E33433
Florence ArabellaKnight 21 Jan 197691Wife of Herbert KnightCemetery G44053
Grace BlancheKnight23 Apr 1988Wife of Herbert KnightCemetery H14515
HerbertKnight 29 Jan 195880 Cemetery G44053
HerbertKnight18 Oct 197581Cemetery H14515
Hilda EmilyKnight18 Feb 1970Cemetery A14500
John JamesKnight19201999Bönningstedt Promenade 
HildaKnight née Chapman19082004Cemetery E33433
StanKnightsSplash Point 
WinKnightsSplash Point 
Alice CatherineKnoll27 Apr 189562Wife of Chas KnollSt Leonard's D 
Charles LouisKnoll27 Sep 189069St Leonard's D 
Ethel RoseKnott 24 Feb 196445 Cemetery G54106
EJKnowlesWWIISeaford War Memorial 
Albert GeorgeKolbert20 Mar 198683Cemetery H34738
Daisy EdithKolbert10 Aug 197875Wife of Albert KolbertCemetery H34738
David ChristianKronig19231993  Cemetery I24846
James LPKurth 30 May 197585 Cemetery G2942
Maud LilianKurth 4 May 198289Wife of Jas KurthCemetery G2942

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