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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
CWDace WWI  Seaford War Memorial
Delia Mary MichaelaDadley 16 Mar 194645Dtr of Emmeline MurphyCemetery C6664
AdeleDafesh (? Dafash)18961979  Cemetery H34687
GordonDaggett 27 Oct 19182921st Bn. Canadian InfantryCemetery C5650
ArthurDagley  7 Jul 194153 Cemetery C3358
Rosa ChristinaDadley 21 Dec 197269 Cemetery G1907
ElizabethDaines 1 Feb 195290 Cemetery C3278/79
JohnDakers-Black19372009  St Thomas More
JohnDakers-Black19081984  Cemetery C2239
SarahDakers-Black190917 Jun 1905  Cemetery C2239
Doris EmilyDale 11 Jun 1975  St Peter's
Fanny JaneDale 2 Sep 192477 Cemetery A42735
JWDale WWI  WWI Memorial
PeterDale 1 Nov 1979 PriestSt Peter's
FrederickDalton 11 May 190878 Cemetery B42957
SarahDalton 18 Dec 193583 Cemetery B42957
Margery DorisDaly30 May 19106 Nov 1995  Cemetery H34663
Richard GeorgeDaly29 Nov 190829 Sep 1979 aka DickieCemetery H34663
DenisDanbridge18561927  Cemetery B22057
Elizabeth MaryDanby13 Jul 185120 Jun 1914 Wife of Thos Wm DanbyCemetery B22162-63
Gertrude Elizabeth DanbyDanby 6 Dec 1960  Cemetery B22162-63
Gertrude Elizabeth MaryDanby    St Peter's
Thomas WilliamDanby    St Peter's
Thomas WilliamDanby10 Mar 184021 Mar 1924  Cemetery B22162-63
WDanby 9 Dec 1917 British Columbia RegimentCemetery B42990
ElizabethDance 17 Jul 196269 Cemetery G44040
HerbertDance 25 Sep 195775 Cemetery G44040
Mary AnnDance 1 Sep 196778Wife of Wm J DanceCemetery C4507
William JohnDance 30 Sep 194878 Cemetery C4507
FEDane WWII  Seaford War Memorial
EvanDaniel 1 Aug 194382 Cemetery E43723
Wilson ErasmusDaniel 18 Jan 191621British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5568
Marguerite MayDaniell 9 Apr 1932 Wife of WR DaniellCemetery B22115
Alice MaudDaniels 23 Dec 199090Wife of Chas DanielsCemetery C2137
CharlesDaniels 11 Nov 196876 Cemetery C2137
OliveDarby14 Jun 200790Wife of Wm John DarbyCemetery C8865
Simon EdwardDarby19641989  St Thomas More
William JohnDarby11 May 198468aka Bill. Father of Miriam & WilliamCemetery C8865
JohnDarling    Marine Parade III
Doris MaryDarnell 31 Mar 1974  Cemetery H24559
IvyDartnell 1 Apr 196362 Cemetery G54116
RSWDarvell WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials
PatriciaDarvill19292002  St Thomas More
EdwardDavey 21 Oct 197366 Cemetery G64175
FlorenceDavey 2 Jun 196462Wife of Ed DaveyCemetery G64175
Harriett LouisaDavey 19 Apr 195175Wife of Rbt DaveyCemetery F23918
Martin Alan RayDavey30 Oct 19532 Sep 1981  Cemetery TreeTrees
RobertDavey 15 Aug 195376 Cemetery F23918
EdwardDavid WWII Viscount FincastleKing's Mead
Hugh FredericDavid9 Oct 18672 Aug 1936 Sea CaptainCemetery B22110
Edward FitzwilliamDavidson 27 Jul 195385 Cemetery F23993
EstherDavidson 24 Mar 195780Wife of Ed F DavidsonCemetery F23993
JoanDavies19211993  Marine Parade II
John RichardDavies 24 Mar 194686 Cemetery B12011
GladysDavies12 Apr 189819 Oct 1957  Cemetery G44042
Kenneth GeorgeDavies19212003  Marine Parade II
Mary ElizabethDavies 6 Sep 1978  Cemetery G64229
MinnieDavies 8 Nov 1946712nd wife of John R DaviesCemetery B12011
MarjorieDavies-Colley3 May 190216 Jul 1970  Cemetery E44438
PNDavies-Colley WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials
WalterDavies 3 Jan 1961  Cemetery G64229
Christabel LilianDavis 23 Sep 199995 Cemetery G1901
Christopher JohnDavis29 Dec 194211 Jan 1983Cemetery C8868
Patrick WilliamDavis 8 Nov 196666 Cemetery G1901
Thomas VictorDavis9 Dec 194125 Jul 2001  Bönningstedt Promenade
JimmyDavy    Seaford Head
VeraDavy    Seaford Head
Ethel ClaraDawes 17 Dec 1954 Wife of Wm DawesCemetery A42748
Frances MaudDawes 26 Oct 1974 Wife of Herbert DawesCemetery F13667
Herbert WentworthDawes 27 Mar 195585 Cemetery F13667
SCDawes WWI  Seaford War Memorial
SCDawes WWI  WWI Memorial
William HDawes 23 Jan 1954  Cemetery A42748
EmilyDawkins 15 Sep 1948  Cemetery E53867
ADawson WWII  Seaford War Memorial
Mary VivienDawson    Bönningstedt Promenade
BarbaraDay19342006  Marine Parade II
BrendaDay19331999  Marine Parade II
FrankDay    Bönningstedt Promenade
George RichardDay 27 Oct 1957  Cemetery G44047
Henry RobertDay 10 Nov 191519Gloucestershire RegimentCemetery A42679
NellDay    Bönningstedt Promenade
Robert Wilfred VisartDe Bury 11 Feb 191933Canadian EngineersCemetery C6720
Ethel ADe Creux Hutchinson 4 Apr 1958  Cemetery G44065
Walter HDe Creux Hutchinson 4 May 1952 Interred SouthendCemetery G44065
BillDe Fries    Marine Parade II
GladysDe Fries    Marine Parade II
Josephine AnnDe Garis19342012  Cemetery C1120
Peter JohnDe Garis19331999  Cemetery C1120
Amy CatherineDe St Croix 11 Aug 192775 Cemetery B43074
Emma MarthaDe St Croix11 Jun 185310 Jan 1934 Sisters. Dtrs of Wm & Ethel De St CroixCemetery B22131
Ethel AugustaDe St Croix7 Oct 18643 Nov 1940 Cemetery B22131
MarthaDe St Croix 13 Apr 189268Wife of Wm De St Croix, Vicar of GlyndeSt Leonard's D
BettyDe Viell Dec 2008  Crouch Gardens
Aletta FeliciaDeane 16 Jan 194357Wife of Rbt DeaneCemetery E43693
JaneDeans24 Apr 185127 Jul 1872  St Leonard's G
Catherine LouisaDearden18631953 Dtr of Chas & Mary Dearden of LeedsCemetery F23968
JohnDearden WWII  King's Mead
FDechon 1 Oct 1918 Canadian Machine Gun CorpsCemetery C6741
BridgetDeere19132005 Sister of Margaret MooreCemetery G2986
AndrewDelaloye19592002  St Thomas More
Emily GertrudeDeluce18921969  Cemetery E44430
James WilliamDeluce18921992  Cemetery E44430
Harry HamiltonDempsey20 Nov 189526 Jan 1973 BrigadierCemetery G1918
Stella MurielDempsey28 Apr 18993 Mar 1982 Wife of Harry H DempseyCemetery G1918
Elsie MayDenholm 12 May 196967Wife of Jas DenholmCemetery G44024
JamesDenholm 2 Jan 195758 Cemetery G44024
James WilliamDenham10 Feb 197226 Apr 1980  Cemetery F24376
Margaret GardnerDenham,6 Jul 191024 Jul 1971  Cemetery F24375
SarahDenham 16 Apr 188880 St Leonard's D
William MauriceDenham23 Dec 190924 Jul 2002 ActorCemetery F24375
JDenholm WWII  Seaford War Memorial
Elizabeth EllenDenney 13 Jul 196892 Cemetery G74342
GwendolenDenney18991985 Sister of Violet ReynoldsCemetery H34758
Alfred MalletDennis7 Jul 18711 Apr 1945  Cemetery A32466
AnneDennis   Widow of Nathaniel DennisSt Peter's
ElizabethDennis 12 Feb 190898Dtr of John King (d Paignton)St Peter's
ElizabethDennis 25 May 192186 Cemetery A22351
Ellen MeyerDennis 14 Jun 196392Wife of Alfred DennisCemetery A32466
Emma EDennis 27 Apr 194985Wife of Oliver DennisCemetery E43691
Gladys GreggDennis8 Nov 1907Sep 1994 Died Zermatt. Wife of Leslie DennisCemetery A32466
Henry RobertDennis 19 Apr 196574 St Leonard's H
Leslie AlanDennis7 Aug 19101 Dec 2007 Son of Alfred & Ellen DennisCemetery A32466
LionelDennis   St Peter'sOther War Memorials
Nathaniel RobertDennis 8 Sep 185975Reverend, former RectorSt Peter's
OCDennis WWI  Seaford War Memorial
OCDennis WWI  WWI Memorial
OCDennis WWI Foresters - RFAOther War Memorials
Oliver CDennis 3 Jan 194381 Cemetery E43691
Oliver CuthbertDennis 4 Oct 191821Son of Oliver & Emma DennisCemetery E43691
PhyllisDennis 17 Aug 196574 St Leonard's H
Robert NathanielDennis 17 Feb 1892 Reverend, former RectorSt Peter's
MaryDenton 27 Jul 197588 St Peter's
SisterDeruy18741956 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6752
MariaDeschildre18771960 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6770
FlorenceDevese 20 Aug 1979  Cemetery H24530
SydneyDevese 9 Feb 1978  Cemetery H24530
JamesDevonshire 11 Aug 188842 St Peter's
Faith SpencerDew20 Apr 190226 May 2001 Died SomersetCemetery H34786
Jack TurnerDew30 Apr 19043 Jan 1988  Cemetery H34786
MegDew7 Jan 190127 Dec 1981  Cemetery H34786
Mary CourtneyDickens 23 Feb 197765 Cemetery C14
Verdun Thomas GeorgeDickens19163 Jul 201195 Cemetery C14
GBDickenson WWI  Seaford War Memorial
HCDickenson WWI  Seaford War Memorial
Anne MargaretDickinson 9 Sep 195673 St Peter's
GBDickinson WWI  WWI Memorial
HCDickinson WWI  WWI Memorial
Albert ArthurDicksee 3 Jan 192558aka BertCemetery D3189
James JohnDickson 24 Sep 191739Eastern Ontario RegimentCemetery C5594
BettyDingley19242009  Bönningstedt Promenade
Eliza AnneDingley 11 Apr 193672 Cemetery D3228
ErnestDingley 22 Dec 198183 Cemetery H34661
NancyDingley 6 Jul 197983 Cemetery H34661
RonDingley19232004  Bönningstedt Promenade
JohnDiplock 18 Nov 175368CaptainSt Leonard's A
MaryDiplock 16 Jun 177986Wife of John DiplockSt Leonard's A
Arthur SamuelDitch 28 Jan 194230Air Gunner, RAFCemetery E5W09
ASDitch WWII  Seaford War Memorial
May IsabellaDitch 29 Nov 19670 Cemetery G54165
NaomiDitch 7 May 17--78Wife of Wm DitchSt Peter's
Percy ArthurDitch 10 Jun 196375 Cemetery G54165
RRDitch WWII  Seaford War Memorial
WilliamDitch 17--  St Peter's
LukeDixon11 Dec 197612 Dec 1976  Cemetery A52829-30
RichardDixonJul 1982Dec 1982  Cemetery A52829-30
Florence MabelDixon-Jones 23 Feb 1955 Wife of Reginald Dixon-JonesCemetery B22135
ReginaldDixon-Jones 19 Mar 1935  Cemetery B22135
Harry CharlesDobson 16 Feb 194021Royal Sussex RegimentCemetery E5W02
HCDobson WWII  Seaford War Memorial
HCDobson WWII Foresters - Royal Sussex RegtOther War Memorials
HughDocherty1 Nov 192026 Jul 1979  Cemetery H24536
Doris GwendolineDocker18911975  St Leonard's G
PhillipDocker189310 Aug 196875 St Leonard's G
DaisyDodd 25 Jul 198670Wife of Jack DoddCemetery H34773
JackDodd 24 Nov 198171 Cemetery H34773
HarryDollin    Seaford Cemetery 
NoraDollin19161998  Seaford Cemetery
WDolphin Smith WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials
OlympeDonneger 4 Dec 191836Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6771
DanielDonovan19212006  St Thomas More
EllenDonovan19172008  St Thomas More
James ThomasDonovan 04 Mar 201377 St Thomas More
John AnthonyDonovan19491988  St Thomas More
JeanDoody 31 Oct 1947 Dtr of Joe & Phyllis DoodyCemetery B32310-11
Phyllis MaudDoody1 Jul 190815 May 1976 Wife of Joe Doody; cremated EastbourneCemetery B32310-11
FrancisDorling18501944  Cemetery B22149-50
Francis HollandDorling18771951 Son of Francis & Constance DorlingCemetery B22149-50
Isobel Anita LilianDorling18841976 Wife of Francis H DorlingCemetery B22149-50
Constance ElizabethDorling née Holland18521932 Wife of Francis DorlingCemetery B22149-50
Harry AlexanderDormer17 Apr 1948Cemetery C8878-879
Laure LeonieDormer26 Aug 1961Wife of Harry A DormerCemetery C8878-879
AlgieDorrien-Smith WWII  King's Mead
RichardDorrien-Smith WWII  King's Mead
Arthur RJDougall18881966  St Leonard’s KCD
Arthur Robert JohnDougall 16 May 196678 Cemetery G74251
Eileen MargaretDoult19132003  Seaford Head
Hilda BryceDougall 22 Jan 199291 Cemetery G74251
JackDoult19001964  Seaford Head
Mark SamuelDowd 26 Feb 1988  Cemetery D3201a
MarionDoyle 12 Jul 1980  Cemetery C1115
Patricia EleanorDrabble 22 Jan 1980  Cemetery H34718
Elizabeth PhoebeDrake 21 Sep 195284 Cemetery F23961
Janie MurrayDrake6 Jan 18??22 Feb 1926 Widow of Chas DrakeCemetery B22063
ErnestDransfield 16 Feb 191833Canadian EngineersCemetery C5617
Herbert JohnsonDring17 May 18595 Oct 1897  St Leonard's H
Martha IsabellaDring 6 Oct 191963Wife of Herbert DringSt Leonard's H
Nora Lilian Driver 20 Nov 199992Wife of Wm John DriverCemetery G74335
William JohnDriver 2 Jan 198783 Cemetery G74335
Bernard FlemingDromgoole 16 Jun 192136Buried at seaCemetery B22151
Gerald MacneillDromgoole 4 Sep 192134 Cemetery B22151
Arthur JamesDrury8 Jun 182029 Jan 1880 Queen's MessengerSt Leonard's H
Anthony AlexanderDucharme 10 Dec 19182649th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5636
Emily RachelDuddington 11 Feb 197281 St Leonard's H
GraceDuff27 Aug 188624 Jun 1973 Wife of Edmund Crichton DuffCemetery H14506
JDuff WWII  Seaford War Memorial
William HenryDuff 8 Jan 188814 monthsSon of Chas Wm & Eliza Jane DuffSt Peter's
Charles EdwinDuff-Biffle 22 Sep 191729Eastern Ontario RegimentCemetery C5573
CecilDuke    Seaford Head
Doris EvelynDuke21 Jul 190928 Jan 1990  Cemetery C2203
Henry CecilDuke 28 Sep 19142 Cemetery C2194
LucyDuke    Seaford Head
MildredDuke 28 Jan 1977  Cemetery C2194
Annie LouisaDuley 22 Mar 194070 Cemetery E33488
Charles FrederickDuly25 Sep 188416 Feb 1950  Cemetery C4464
Frances JoanDuly28 May 19133 Dec 1969 Sister of Kathleen MorlingCemetery C4464
Alice MaudDuly née Westgate26 Nov 188520 Dec 1960 Wife of Chas DulyCemetery C4464
LillianDullam19312001  Seaford Head
DavidDulley 10 Dec 191535Son of David DulleyCemetery B22067
Anne-MarieDumont 15 May 192674Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6772
GeorgeDuncan 19 Dec 1915 British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5587
RDuncan WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials
Lawrence CharlesDundas 9 Jun 1908  Cemetery A32600
KeithDunn19272000  St Peter's
Janet CrawfordDunning1 Jul 195088Cemetery C8858
Sheila MaryDunphy née Balkham21 May 19352 Jul 2008  Seaford Head
Arthur StanleyDurant 6 Jun 191633Killed in France; son of Ed DurantCemetery B32317
EdwardDurant 3 Jan 191463 Cemetery B32317
HelenDurban née Reimers16 Oct 192210 Oct 1971  Cemetery E54403
Ella ElizabethDurbin13 Apr 190115 Feb 1997 Wife of Geo E DurbinCemetery H14523
George EdwardDurbin8 Aug 190328 Nov 1977  Cemetery H14523
Catherine MayDurham 2 Mar 1979 Sister of Grace DurhamCemetery G1919
Grace EthelDurham 10 Nov 1972 Sister of Catherine DurhamCemetery G1919
Mary AliceDurham 2 Nov 195983 St Leonard's I
BettyDurrad19242003  Marine Parade III
Emily LauraDurrant 4 Apr 192970Wife of Jas DurrantCemetery A52755
JamesDurrant 4 Sep 192881 Cemetery A52755
James TDurrant 26 Sep 194471 Cemetery E43726
Mildred LoisDuthy 16 Feb 1962  Cemetery A12044
FrancesDutton 9 Jan 1953  Cemetery G31177
HughDutton 23 Jan 1943  Cemetery C4511
IsabelDutton 2 Sep 1982  Cemetery C1117
MaryDutton 24 Sep 1980  Cemetery C1117
VioletDutton 20 Dec 1944  Cemetery C4487
RichardDwyer192523 Jun 1905  Cemetery G2946
Ada BeatriceDyer 31 Mar 196467Wife of Geo Wm DyerCemetery G54108
George WilliamDyer16 Jul 189524 Sep 1979  Cemetery G54108
John DouglasDyer19271995 Son of Geo & Ada DyerCemetery G54108
TerenceDyer2 Nov 187414 Jun 1951 aka TeckyCemetery C4531
JohnDymond May 1807 Sgt MajorSt Peter's
George HerbertDysart 4 Jan 19182013th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43034

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