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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
CGB19021971  Seaford Head 
GB 1871  St Leonard's E 
HCB18531935  St Peter's 
JB 1891 (?) Wife of G BSt Leonard's E 
MEB18-31935  St Peter's 
AHBack WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
ANBack WWI  WWI Memorial 
Arthur HenryBack 22 Mar 191821Died in FranceCemetery B32266
CBack WWI  WWI Memorial 
Charles HenryBack 27 Dec 191524 Cemetery B32266
DBackhouse WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Henry GeorgeBacon 12 Sep 194777ReverendCemetery C6754-756
Ellen BaileyBadcock 5 Apr 194965 Cemetery E53845
Joseph PBaguley 13 Aug 191741Served as JP Wild. 29th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43056
ElizabethBailey Sep 1952  Cemetery F23976
WilliamBailey 10 Oct 191433Loyal North Lancashire RegimentCemetery A42656
AnneBaily4 May 181823 Apr 1903  Cemetery A22439
MaryBaily29 Dec 18391 Jun 1920 Dtr of Anne BailyCemetery A22439
AbrahamBaker 4 Oct 189459 St Leonard's H 
AGBaker WWI  WWI Memorial 
AlbertBaker 22 Sep 194983 Cemetery C4440
Albert GodfreyBaker 8 Feb 196979 Cemetery G74325
Annie EBaker18721957  Cemetery G44029
Annie ElizaBaker18861971 Wife of Stanley BakerCemetery E23364
Arthur RobertsBaker 29 Dec 197070 Cemetery E44443
CBaker WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Catherine AliceBaker 5 Dec 196475Wife of Albert Godfrey BakerCemetery G74325
Charles GordonBaker 3 Feb 196167 Cemetery F23905
Charles SwaineBaker 25 Aug 178227Son of Wm & Mary BakerSt Leonard's F 
Cyril HBaker Jul 197377 St Leonard's H 
Cyril RobertBaker Jul 199265 Cemetery C2190
Dilys BlytheBaker 10 Mar 200990Mother of Keith Baker, wife of Eric BakerCemetery G74325
ECBaker WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Eliza MBaker 29 Oct 195698 Cemetery C4440
FredBaker 10 Dec 191619 Cemetery C4440
EstherBaker Apr 198287 St Leonard's H 
FABaker WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
FABaker WWI  WWI Memorial 
GeorgeBaker 31 Aug 190531Died Malta. Son of Abraham BakerSt Leonard's H 
GwenethBaker 11 Feb 1953  Cemetery E53818
Irvine JamesBaker 29 Jan 195552 Cemetery E53817
JamesBaker 18 May 1949  Cemetery E53818
JoanneBaker 5 Jan 19672 St Leonard's H 
KeithBaker  4 May 200765Son of Eric & Dilys Baker; grandson of Albert & CatherineCemetery G74325
Lilian MaryBaker 29 Sep 197084 Cemetery E44455
LouisaBaker 3 Feb 191075Wife of Abraham BakerSt Leonard's H 
Mabel RoseBaker 3 Jul 1970  Cemetery E44443
Marjorie Evelyn BessieBaker 1 Dec 197776Wife of Chas Gordon BakerCemetery F23905
MaryBaker 30 Sep 178461Wife of Wm BakerSt Leonard's F 
Mary JBaker Feb 192481 Cemetery C128
Michael RobertBaker Mar 19630Son of Cyril BakerCemetery C2190
StanleyBaker18931935  Cemetery E23364
ThomasBaker 17 Mar 177517Son of Wm & Mary BakerSt Leonard's F 
ThomasBaker17 Jul 195131 Aug 1975  Cemetery H14514
Violet HEBaker 13 May 1948 aka BillieCemetery E53818
WilliamBaker 10 Jan 177960 St Leonard's F 
WilliamBaker  5Son of Wm & Mary BakerSt Leonard's F 
Albert EdwardBalaam 8 Oct 1952  Cemetery F23988
Thomas FrederickBalance 14 Jul 189761 Cemetery B32195
EdwardBaldock19051986  Cemetery H34681
LouiseBaldock19102000 Wife of Ed BaldockCemetery H34681
ArthurBaldwin 25 Jul 19132 Cemetery B32254
Arthur EdwardBaldwin 26 Dec 198584 Cemetery E54385
CharlotteBaldwin 1 Mar 184937Wife of J BaldwinSt Leonard's G 
EthelBaldwin 21 Dec 196873 Cemetery E54385
LouiseBaldwin   Wife of Stephen Baldwin. D BristolCemetery B22101
MatildaBaldwin 8 Mar 18410Dtr of Joseph & Charlotte BaldwinSt Leonard's G 
StephenBaldwin    Cemetery B22101
Elvina MayBale 29 Oct 197172 Cemetery G21005
Paul EgertonBales 11 Mar 194415 Cemetery E43707
James WalterBalfour 13 Aug 19172 Cemetery C3382
Evelyn FrancesBalkham 3 Nov 2000  Cemetery G31139
Harriett MariaBalkham 7 Jul 191772 Cemetery A22420
Samuel GodfreyBalkham 25 Feb 190560 Cemetery A22420
CharlieBall 30 Oct 191450Manchester RegtCemetery A42658
KeithBamforth24 Apr 19504 Jan 2008  St Peter's 
AlbertBanks 1 Jan 193274 Cemetery B32209
Albert JohnBanks 31 May 195676 Cemetery C4477
AlfredBanks 13 May 189558 St Leonard's E 
AlfredBanks 20 Aug 187760 St Leonard's E 
AlfredBanks 23 Jan 190137 Cemetery A22449
AnnieBanks   Wife of John BanksCemetery C125
ArthurBanks 5 Nov 193762 Cemetery E33443
CABanks WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
CarolineBanks 13 Nov 189756 St Leonard's D 
CarolineBanks 9 Apr 189442Wife of Wm BanksSt Leonard's E 
CatherineBanks    St Leonard's E 
CharlesBanks 24 Feb 182686 St Leonard's D 
CharlesBanks 12 Jul 187545 St Leonard's E 
CharlesBanks 15 Mar 181940 St Leonard's E 
CharlesBanks 1 Jun 191178 Cemetery B32207
Charles WesleyBanks13 Aug 184428 Apr 190055 Cemetery C3402
CharlotteBanks 13 Jun 192769Wife of Albert BanksCemetery B32209
DavidBanks 26 Apr 186756 St Leonard's E 
ElizabethBanks 14 Jul 190878Wife of Wm BanksSt Leonard's E 
EllenBanks 16 Nov 193481Wife of John BanksCemetery B32197
FrederickBanks 15 May 195475 Cemetery E43785
GABanks WWI  WWI Memorial 
GABanks WWI Foresters - Bedfordshire RegtOther War Memorials 
GeorgeBanks 21 Apr 192977 Cemetery B32173
George AlbertBanks 27 Apr 191823 Cemetery C125
HannahBanks 23 Jan 184667Wife of Chas BanksSt Leonard's E 
HannahBanks Jul 187320 St Leonard's E 
HermanBanks 10 Feb 1919 Canadian EngineersCemetery C5643
Hilda VeraBanks 12 Apr 200191Wife of Rbt BanksCemetery E33443
JaneBanks 5 Apr 188469Wife of Joseph banksSt Leonard's E 
JaneBanks 21 Dec 195278Wife of Arthur BanksCemetery E33443
JohnBanks 29 Jan 190455 Cemetery B32197
JohnBanks 30 Nov 192759 Cemetery C125
John CharlesBanks 25 May 1917 1st Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43035
JosephBanks 12 Jan 186119 Son of Wm & Sarah BanksSt Leonard's E 
JosephBanks 5 Oct 188162 St Leonard's E 
LeslieBanks18991978  Cemetery G2981
MarianBanks 9 Feb 189761Wife of Alf BanksSt Leonard's E 
MaryBanks 31 Oct 186631Dtr of David & Mary BanksSt Leonard's E 
MaryBanks Dec 189774Wife of Alf BanksSt Leonard's E 
Mary AnnBanks 11 Jun 195272 Cemetery C4477
Mary AnnaBanks 8 Apr 193086Wife of Chas Wesley BanksCemetery C3402
Mary CatherineBanks 1 Sep 190190Wife of David BanksSt Leonard's E 
Mary ElizabethBanks 28 Apr 192877Wife of Geo BanksCemetery B32173
MelissaBanks 10 Jan 191681Wife of Chas BanksCemetery B32207
Robert CharlesBanks 31 Dec 198985 Cemetery E33443
Rose Mary JaneBanks 30 Jan 194569Wife of Fred BanksCemetery E43785
SarahBanks Feb 187567Wife of Wm BanksSt Leonard's E 
WilliamBanks 10 Sep 189748 St Leonard's E 
WilliamBanks 14 May 187465 St Leonard's E 
WilliamBanks 5 Sep 188457 St Leonard's E 
VioletBanks19062000 Wife of Leslie BanksCemetery G2981
Courtney JamesBarber 6 Dec 194373 Cemetery C5658-659
Ethel HarriettBarber 28 Jan 190031Died in Switzerland; dtr of J & H BarberSt Leonard's B 
Frederick AmadeusBarber 20 Dec 18849Son of Joseph & Harriet BarberSt Leonard's B 
HarriettBarber 13 Nov 193981Wife of Joseph BarberCemetery C5658-659
Harriett EmmaBarber 21 Mar 194090Wife of Henry BarberCemetery E33432
Henry DeanBarber 5 Apr 194088 Cemetery E33432
JosephBarber 2 May 191771 Cemetery C5658-659
Joseph HenryBarber 15 Oct 193863Son of Joseph & Harriett BarberCemetery C5658-659
Thomas RichardBarber   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
HaroldBarcroft 26 Oct 1918286th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5563
Ada ElizabethBarford28 Nov 194277Wife of Wm BarfordCemetery C8849
LouisaBarford21 May 196377Cemetery C8848
Stanley EdwardBarford19051962  Cemetery C4451
WilliamBarford24 Oct 194179Cemetery C8849
Helen MaudBarker 17 Nov 196565 Cemetery G74317
MayBarker 6 Nov 198089 Cemetery H34723
HABarkley WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
DorisBarkus5 Apr 192818 Apr 2003  Marine Parade III 
Edith MayBarlow 4 May 193163Dtr of WH Barlow, ManchesterCemetery E13271
KayBarlow19262003  St Thomas More 
Alice ElizabethBarnes 13 Feb 198186Wife of Jas BarnesCemetery E54393
JamesBarnes 5 May 193667 Cemetery E23361
James RobertBarnes 29 Sep 197281 Cemetery E54393
KateBarnes 1 Apr 196087 Cemetery G64215
LucyBarnes 1 Aug 197085 Cemetery F24357
Mary AnnBarnes 13 Jun 193361 Cemetery E23361
WilliamBarnes 19 Feb 197083 Cemetery F24357
Annie ConstanceBarraclough 3 Jan 1954  St Leonard's H 
ArthurBarraclough1 Mar 18484 Jul 1928  Cemetery B22076
Emily Jane LongBarraclough14 Apr 184915 Jan 1925  Cemetery B22076
Clare SuzanneBarrett28 Apr 19697 Sep 1975  Cemetery A12043
HenryBarrett183527 Jan 192085 Cemetery A22345
MargaretBarratt 8 Oct 194478 Cemetery C6687
MaragetBarrett18871952  Cemetery F23977
MarjorieBarrett 24 Mar 1951 Wife of Roland BarrettCemetery F23907
Peter RolandBarrett7 Feb 194030 Oct 2010  Cemetery A12043
ABarrow WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
ABarrow WWI  WWI Memorial 
Lucy AnnBarrow 24 Feb 194995Wife of Thos BarrowCemetery E23321
ThomasBarrow 26 Jan 193382 Cemetery E23321
Gawyn WolfeBarry 2 Feb 193632Son of Gertrude W BarryCemetery A42745
Gertrude WolfeBarry 12 Sep 193862aka CleoCemetery A42745
Elizabeth ABarsby    Cemetery F23911
John WBarsby    Cemetery F23911
Arthur JohnBartington 9 Mar 195691 Cemetery C3275
Louisa AmeliaBartington 8 Nov 193663 Cemetery C3275
Alfred WBartholomew 22 Dec 18734 Mar 1945  Cemetery E43742
ElizaBartholomew 5 Jan 194395Wife of Rbt BartholomewCemetery A22416
Ellen KBartholomew 6 Jul 196879Wife of Wm M BartholomewCemetery F13650
EmmaBartholomew 23 Nov 192357Wife of Jesse BartholomewCemetery B43089
FrederickBartholomew 10 Mar 192866 Cemetery B42948
James HenryBartholomew 7 Feb 196394 Cemetery F13597
JesseBartholomew 28 May 193672 Cemetery B43089
John AlfredBartholomew19 Dec 19128 Sep 1964  Cemetery F23995
Mary AnnBartholomew 4 Apr 194684Wife of Fred BartholomewCemetery B42948
RobertBartholomew 27 Mar 190354 Cemetery A22416
Robert AlfredBartholomew 12 Jun 198482 Cemetery H34734
RosaBartholomew 21 May 18766 Jan 1954  Cemetery E43742
SarahBartholomew 9 Feb 195483Wife of Jas BartholomewCemetery F13597
William MBartholomew 8 Jan 195568 Cemetery F13650
Winifred LouisaBartholomew 2 Sep 198276 Cemetery H34734
CharlesBartlett 19 Nov 189764 St Leonard's E 
CharlesBartlett 9 May 194660 Cemetery C130
Charles WilliamBartlett4 May 191712 Nov 1988  Cemetery C2212
DavidBartlett19262005 Son of Chas & Ellen BartlettCemetery C130
DorothyBartlett 27 May 195562 Cemetery C6759
Ellen LouisaBartlett 16 Dec 196975Wife of Chas BartlettCemetery C130
Emily JaneBartlett 27 Feb 194276 Cemetery C6759
George AlfredBartlett 27 Mar 194955 Cemetery C4424
Gladys Bartlett 30 Apr 1941 Wife of Herbert BartlettCemetery C4492
Herbert GeorgeBartlett 6 Jun 1959  Cemetery C4492
JemimaBartlett25 Aug 192229 Jun 1990 Wife of Chas Wm BartlettCemetery C2212
John MorrisBartlett 9 Dec 194583 Cemetery C6759
MariaBartlett2 Mar 185714 Apr 1925  Cemetery B22156-57
Arthur WoodsBarton 6 Jun 1938  Cemetery B12004
Barbara MaryBarton19051996 Wife of Tom BartonCemetery B12004
Florence MaryBarton 25 Jan 1965  Cemetery B12004
James VincentBarton 17 Jun 198625 Cemetery C7804
Percy ArnoldBarton 2 Nov 1918236th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5626
Thomas WilliamBarton19051987  Cemetery B12004
GwenBass19222013  Marine Parade III 
JBass WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
JBass WWI  WWI Memorial 
KBass WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Robert PercyBass 1 Mar 196779 Cemetery G54115
RonBass19242002 aka "Lofty"Marine Parade III 
Rose BarbaraBass 28 Feb 196364 Cemetery G54115
Albert JohnBassett18901962  Cemetery G64182
Annie RoseBassett18921959  Cemetery G64182
WilliamBassett 15 Sep 197285 Cemetery E54392
Paul FBassett-Wilson WWII MCKing's Mead 
PHCBastable WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Alice MaryBatchelor18921954  Cemetery F13566
CharlesBatchelor 29 Oct 197684 Cemetery F13566
Eileen RosemaryBatchelor 12 Nov 197763aka Rhona. Wife of Norman BatchelorCemetery H14522
NormanBatchelor19151988  Cemetery H14522
EmilyBateman 4 Mar 187629see UnknownSt Peter's 
Anne TeresaBates19232010  St Thomas More 
Herbert GeorgeBates 3 Sep 194462 Cemetery E43753
Patrick WilliamBates19201998  St Thomas More 
Dorothy IsabellaBattiscombe 30 Jul 196477 Cemetery F23901
Henry GoodwinBattiscombe 20 Oct 195268 Cemetery F23900
Florence ElizabethBawn 22 Jul 195968Wife of John C BawnCemetery C4418
Grace BarlowBaxter19101982 Sister of Kathleen BaxterCemetery G2990
Kathleen IBaxter19051981 Sister of Grace BaxterCemetery G2990
Matilda FrancesBayley 27 Apr 196070Wife of WE BayleyCemetery G31172
WE Bayley 7 Jan 197081 Cemetery G31172
MichaelBaylis27 Dec 1984Cemetery C8835
ThomasBaylis 23 Sep 181625Brother-in-law of J HodgsonSt Leonard's C 
PriscillaBaynham12 Jul 192310 Jun 2007  St Thomas More 
ReginaldBaynham2 Aug 192015 Oct 2010  St Thomas More 
AlbertBeal 19 Feb 193588 Cemetery B32212
AlfredBeal 23 Aug 188060 St Leonard's I 
Alfred FreemanBeal18761961  St Leonard's H 
Alfred HenryBeal 11 Jul 192374 Cemetery B32188
CarolineBeal 7 Feb 191792Wife of Alf BealSt Leonard's I 
JaneBeal29 Oct 184426 Dec 1899 Wife of Alf Henry BealCemetery B32188
KateBeal 27 Sep 193776Wife of Willie BealSt Leonard's D 
Lily MayBeal18761977  St Leonard's H 
MaryBeal 22 Jan 194699Wife of Albert BealCemetery B32212
WilliamBeal 22 Nov 189636aka WillieSt Leonard's D 
RosinaBeales15 Nov 19107 Jul 2008  St Thomas More 
GBeals 8 Nov 1918 1st Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43003
John OHBeamish WWII  King's Mead 
ElizabethBean 19 Jul 1844 (Or 1841)St Leonard's D 
ElizabethBean 1794 Wife of Henry BeanSt Leonard's D 
HBean 19 Jun 181586 St Leonard's D 
HenryBean May 1784  St Leonard's D 
JohnBean 2 Mar 181365 St Peter's 
JohnBean Nov 178460Freeman of SeafordSt Leonard's D 
MaryBean 3 Nov 181665Widow of John BeanSt Peter's 
ASBeard WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Keith RichardBeard19332002  Marine Parade I 
Patricia MaryBeard 7 Oct 196042Wife of Wm C S BeardCemetery G31158
William Charles SpencerBeard19121981  Cemetery G31158
Ethel MargaretBeardmore 10 Jun 1943  Cemetery E33556-57
John OwenBeardmore 24 Jun 1943 Died ThailandCemetery E33556-57
Frederick AlexanderBeattie 15 Feb 195880 St Peter's 
George HendersonBeattie19011988  Seaford Head 
JoanBeattie19102002  Seaford Head 
Maud FlorenceBeattie 6 Dec 194571 St Peter's 
May HebeBeattie 14 Jun 197478 Cemetery F23988
EmilyBeaumont 6 Sep 1928 Wife of Macdonald BeaumontCemetery B22096
Kenneth MacdonaldBeaumont10 Feb 188424 Apr 1965 Son of Macdonald & Emily BeaumontCemetery B22096
MacdonaldBeaumont 13 May 1940  Cemetery B22096
John Napleton PhilipBeaver24 Apr 190613 Feb 1973  Cemetery C7805a
Olga Mary De GleichenBeaver14 Mar 191319 Nov 2005  Cemetery C7805a
ClarenceBeck 22 Jun 195157 Cemetery F23926
Jim & MaisieBeck    Marine Parade II 
Dorothy BlancheBeddard 2 Aug 196873Wife of John C BeddardCemetery F13679
John ClaudeBeddard5 Dec 188628 Mar 1956  Cemetery F13679
MinnieBedden née Baker 2 Oct 1932  Cemetery E23412
Arthur CharlesBedding 26 Jan 196675 Cemetery G44008
Gertrude FrancesBedding 11 Aug 196270 Cemetery G44008
MargaretBedford 12 Oct 197461 St Leonard's H 
William JohnBedford18911982 Husband of Emily Maud BedfordCemetery TreeTrees
CharlesBedser 18 Jan 190584 Cemetery B32225
FGTBedwell WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
SusannahBedwell18641950  Cemetery E43696
ThomasBedwell18631943  Cemetery E43696
F EvelynBeer 14 Nov 19016 Cemetery A52786
S HamiltonBegbie Apr 1918 Bowden House - Lt, RFCOther War Memorials 
TBelanger 5 Sep 1917 Canadian PioneersCemetery C6734
G BenedictBell Jun 1918 Bowden House - Lt, RAFOther War Memorials 
KathleenBell 1987  Seaford Head 
William DBell 27 Oct 1918 Eastern Ontario RegimentCemetery C5542
William Edward MichaelBell 7 Mar 19180Son of Archibald & Mary BellCemetery B22156-57
Eleanor ScottBennett16 Jun 179311 Apr 1879  St Leonard's C 
ElizabethBennett19 Sep 18686 Mar 1952  Cemetery F23937
HarryBennett19221994  Seaford Cemetery 
JohnBennett 2 Feb 180327 St Leonard's D 
Luther GBennett 8 Jan 1916 British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5569
MaryBennett 6 Aug 190387 St Leonard's C 
MiriamBennett 25 Jan 191966Wife of R BennettCemetery C3353
Miriam CharityBennett 29 Feb 193246aka QueenieCemetery C3280
Lota MaryBently18851967 Wife of HR BentlyCemetery G74255
CliffordBerridge19041983  Cemetery E53853
John AlbertBerridge 28 Dec 194877 Cemetery E53853
Alice MaudBerry 14 Mar 195376Wife of Geo Wm BerryCemetery C2159
Charlotte AnnieBerry 19 Apr 1966  Cemetery G64202
Clement GilbertBerry 30 Jul 194884 Cemetery C4438
ElizabethBerry 5 Nov 197170 Cemetery C4438
Elizabeth MaryBerry 28 Dec 1927  Cemetery D3190-92
EllenBerry 21 Sep 196992Wife of Clement BerryCemetery C4438
Enid JoyceBerry13 Feb 190813 Feb 1986  Cemetery C3367
George WilliamBerry 27 Feb 195077ReverendCemetery C2159
Gilbert NewtonBerry 10 Feb 1967  Cemetery A52907
JackBerry 27 Jul 1918 Canadian EngineersCemetery C6714
Jane AnneBerry 7 Nov 1930  Cemetery D3190-92
John HarcourtBerry 17 Jun 192374 Cemetery D3193
Mary AnnBerry 27 Mar 192276 Cemetery A52907
Mary AnnBerry 23 Jan 192974 Cemetery C2141
Olive GraceBerry 24 Mar 193049 Cemetery E13244
PatBerry19292007  Martello Tower 
RhodaBerry 11 Feb 1939  Cemetery D3190-92
RosalindBerry née Millard19101997 Dtr of Charley & Grace MillardCemetery G54153
Samuel HenryBerry 25 May 1910 Wife of Sam H BerryCemetery C2141
Thomas HolbecheBerry 13 Jul 192774 Cemetery B22087-88
UnaBerry 1 Nov 199288Dtr of Geo & Alice BerryCemetery C2159
Ursula TheresaBerry 12 Aug 193481Wife of Thos H BerryCemetery B22087-88
AdaBerwick14 Mar 186324 Sep 1911  Cemetery B43082
FrankBerwick 21 Jan 193038 Cemetery E13253
ChristineBest13 Aug 19052 Jan 2003  Marine Parade I 
Egbert JamesBest 31 Aug 193079 Cemetery C7820
Frances SusannahBest 18 Jan 193379 Cemetery C7820
Inez AlfredaBetterton née Lubbock20 Jan 18784 May 1955 Lady Rushcliffe, wife of Henry, Baron RushcliffeCemetery B22156-57
DRLBevan WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
GHBignell WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
BerthaBikker 3 May 1941 Sister of Ellen BikkerCemetery B43124
Ellen LouisaBikker 18 May 1931 aka Nell. Sister of Bertha BikkerCemetery B43124
JuliaBikker 27 Oct 196689 Cemetery B43124
Christine EmilyBilling24 Dec 18814 May 1967 Sister of Helen BillingCemetery G44003
Helen ElizabethBilling22 Jan 18788 Feb 1958 Sister of Christine BillingCemetery G44003
DickBillings    Marine Parade II 
IdaBillings    Marine Parade II 
Mary RuthBingham 11 Aug 1941  Cemetery A42744
Agnes EBird 27 Feb 194773 Cemetery C122
BarbaraBird16 Feb 193222 Aug 2007  Bönningstedt Promenade 
George WBird 19 Jun 192650 Cemetery C122
George WesleyBird 5 Jul 1919 Eastern Ontario RegimentCemetery C5543
JohnBird19291984  St Thomas More 
MalcolmBird5 Mar 193111 Dec 1998  Bönningstedt Promenade 
ArthurBishop 5 Nov 195878 Cemetery G44061
Albert Edward VictorBishop19191999  Marine Parade III 
Mary JaneBishop 28 May 196780Wife of Arthur BishopCemetery G44061
JohnBisset Mar 193945 St Leonard's G 
HoraceBlaber19221964 Son of Ronald & Priscilla BlaberCemetery E43799
Priscilla Lewinna JeanneBlaber19281986  Seaford Cemetery 
Priscilla Lewinna JeanneBlaber19298 Jun 1905 Wife of Ronald BlaberCemetery E43799
Ronald Frederick CharlesBlaber 13 Nov 201494 Cemetery E43799
MollieBlackett 28 Feb 2002  St Thomas More 
Alice JuliaBlackmore 21 Dec 194779Wife of Geo BlackmoreCemetery E33538
David LaurenceBlackmore25 Jul 193430 Jan 1979 Son of Stanley Blackmore; husb of EleanorCemetery E33538
ElizabethBlackmore 7 Nov 18660Dtr of Stephen & Maria BlackmoreCemetery A22369
EmilyBlackmore née Simmons 28 Nov 1958 Wife of Frank W BlackmoreCemetery G44072
Frank WalterBlackmore 19 Sep 1985 Son of Geo & Alice BlackmoreCemetery G44072
GeorgeBlackmore 11 Feb 194279Son of Stephen & Maria Blackmore; husb of AliceCemetery E33538
JohnBlackmore 5 Aug 18753Son of Stephen & Maria BlackmoreCemetery A22369
Maria HerriottBlackmore 12 Nov 190574Wife of Stephen BlackmoreCemetery A22369
Mary AnnBlackmore 10 Nov 18700Dtr of Stephen & Maria BlackmoreCemetery A22369
Nora Ann DaisyBlackmore 18 Aug 196866Wife of Stanley BlackmoreSt Leonard's H 
Stanley Robert StewartBlackmore 18 Dec 196264Son of George & Alice Blackmore; husb of NoraSt Leonard's H 
StephenBlackmore 3 Dec 191987Husband of MariaCemetery A22369
Edith LouisaBlakiston12 Jul 187713 Jan 1903 Dtr of Rbt BlakistonCemetery A32587
RobertBlakiston17 Apr 184110 Apr 1902 ReverendCemetery A32587
Charles EBland Sep 1916 Bowden House - Capt, Hampshire RegtOther War Memorials 
Corinna Catherine RowenaBland26 Apr 192219242Dtr of Nevile & Portia BlandCemetery B22156-57
DBland WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
DavidBland 27 Apr 194322Buried N Africa. Son of Nevile & Portia BlandCemetery B22156-57
EdwardBland 18 Dec 193067 Cemetery B43102
George Nevile MaltbyBland8 Dec 188619 Aug 1972 Kt. ka NevileCemetery B22156-57
JaneBland 29 Feb 193673 Cemetery B43102
John JackBland 31 Dec 198873 Cemetery I14802
OliveBland18931965  Cemetery B43103
Portia Christabel IreneBland née Ottley16 Nov 189311 Oct 1968 Wife of Sir Nevile BlandCemetery B22156-57
Annie SarahBlayney 11 Jan 195683Wife of Wm BlayneyCemetery A52917
CatherineBlayney 28 Mar 193682 Cemetery A52919
Edith HelenBlayney 31 Jan 193974 Cemetery A52919
LouisaBlayney 16 Feb 194986 Cemetery A52919
William CowanBlayney Mar 1945  Cemetery A52917
GraceBlazey 28 Oct 1957  Cemetery G44063
Horace JamesBlazey 26 Nov 1961  Cemetery G44063
BillBleach    Seaford Const. Club 
Roy & DorothyBleach    Marine Parade II 
Margaret FrancesBleach née Mockford 22 Sep 197657Dtr of Arthur & Frances MockfordCemetery E43782
Baker Arthur RawsonBlewitt 8 Mar 1916 Major, Gurkha RiflesCemetery D3219
Phœbe RoyleBlewitt 10 Mar 1932 Wife of BAR BlewittCemetery D3219
George KnollysBlogg10 Apr 187116 Aug 1908 Son of Geo & Blanche BloggCemetery C6710
Thomas GordonBlois-Johnson WWI51Lt Col, 2nd/67th Punjabis, commemorated KarachiSeaford War Memorial 
Thomas GordonBlois-Johnson WWI51Lt Col, 2nd/67th Punjabis, commemorated KarachiWWI Memorial 
Thomas GordonBlois Johnson27 Jan 18675 Nov 1918 Lt Col, Indian ArmySt Leonard's KK28
Aminthe ElizabethBlondel 25 Sep 193054Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6747
Marguerite AntoinetteBlyth 11 Jan 197689Wife of Reg BlythCemetery G2949
DavidBoddy19301996  St Thomas More 
Frederick GeorgeBoetius 16 Mar 194067 Cemetery E33559
Frederick RichardBoetius19011984  Cemetery E33559
LucyBoetius 26 May 197495Wife of Fred BoetiusCemetery E33559
BenjaminBollard 6 Sep 178369 St Leonard's F 
SarahBollard May 1780 Wife of Benjamin BollardSt Leonard's F 
Edward ABolton 16 Jun 197574 Cemetery H24642
JRBolton 3 Jul 191827Canadian EngineersCemetery B43010
Rosina FBolton 9 Jul 197571 Cemetery H24642
Anne PaulineBond19322004  St Thomas More 
MaryBond 15 Sep 186833 St Leonard's D 
AliceBoniface 23 Oct 1967  Cemetery C1114
ArthurBoniface 4 May 195161 Cemetery F23919
Elsie Mary AnnBoniface 30 Dec 200195Wife of Chum BonifaceCemetery H34774
FrankBoniface 23 Mar 198272aka Chum.Cemetery H34774
JackBoniface 19 Feb 19012? Son of Mabel BonifaceCemetery B32236
MBoniface WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
MBoniface WWI  WWI Memorial 
MabelBoniface 15 Oct 190620 Cemetery B32235
MarkBoniface 1 Jan 194383 Cemetery E23416
Mary IBoniface 4 Oct 196274Wife of Arthur BonifaceCemetery F23919
Mary JaneBoniface 18-Aug-3473Wife of Mark BonifaceCemetery E23416
WalterBoniface 26 Jun 1962  Cemetery C1109
NinaBonnefort 7 Apr 189820 Cemetery A22370
Henry GoodwinBonnewell 4 Jan 191352Vicar 1898-1913St Leonard's H 
GiovanniBonzi11 Nov 194717 Nov 2008  St Thomas More 
JamesBoorder Jul 179672aka JacobusSt Leonard's C 
Esther MaryBoorne 21 Jan 196990 Cemetery E54394
Charles ForbesBooth 18 Sep 192786 Cemetery C5655
EricBooth 19 Nov 197585 Cemetery H24595
Ian GBooth19762016  Cemetery H24628
Marjorie MaryBooth 10 Sep 198591 Cemetery H24595
RHBooth 15 Feb 1919 78th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42937
MargaretBooth 24 Mar 198189 Cemetery C5655
CorneliusBorissow Feb 188552From LilleSt Leonard's G 
George BernardBorissow 25 Oct 1942  Cemetery E43687
IsabelBorissow 16 Jan 183556 Cemetery E23378
Kathleen MaryBorissow 25 Oct 1942  Cemetery E43687
EmilyBorkett 21 Nov 198466 Cemetery C3404
HerbertBorkett 12 Jan 201596 Cemetery C3404
Elizabeth AnneBorland 14 Mar 195082Sister of Susan SharpeCemetery C3322
Stanley EricBorley17 Aug 191215 Mar 196350 Cemetery G64178
GBBorrison WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Miss KMBorrison WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
BBorrisow 25 Oct 1942 Geo Bernard Borrisow - WIOther War Memorials 
Alfred WilliamBoswell 1 Apr 194153 Cemetery E23417
Andrew ErnestBoswell19452000 Son of Ernest & Gladys BoswellCemetery H24546
AWBoswell WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Ernest AlfredBoswell19151983  Cemetery H24546
Gladys DorothyBoswell19231999 Wife of Ernest BoswellCemetery H24546
HelenBoswell 1 Feb 193550 Cemetery E23417
Doris BeatriceBothwell 30 Apr 197961Wife of Ronald BothwellCemetery H34740
Ronald LBothwell 2 Jan 200588 Cemetery H34740
ArthurBotting5 Mar 187412 Mar 1937 Lieut. RNCemetery E23375
Ian PatrickBouck-Standen10 Feb 19462 Dec 1999  Marine Parade II 
Kathleen AnneBouck-Standen19181992  Marine Parade II 
John PeterBougon    The Salts 
Archie MBourne 27 Sep 195057 Cemetery E53878
Maud FlorenceBourne 28 Jul 198381Wife of Archie BourneCemetery E53878
EvelineBoustead7 Feb 190515 Jun 1993  Cemetery H24550
HarrietBowden 10 May 185962Of Totnes & DalstonSt Leonard's A 
Doris IreneBower19041991 Wife of Sam BowerCemetery H24576
Samuel WalterBower19041978  Cemetery H24576
AnnieBowley 9 Mar 193158Wife of Dev BowleyCemetery C3311
DevBowley 25 Dec 196184 Cemetery C3311
ERBowley WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
ERBowley WWI  WWI Memorial 
John RichardBowley 29 Jun 191769 Cemetery A22357
MaryBowley 11 Jun 192776Wife of John BowleyCemetery A22357
RoseBowley 26 Dec 194975Wife of Wm R BowleyCemetery C4439
StephenBowley 31 Aug 194357 Cemetery C4491
William RichardBowley 12 Sep 1965  Cemetery C4439
ElizaBowman 26 May 190281Dtr of Gen BowmanSt Peter's 
Emily RoseBowman 3 Feb 190171 St Peter's 
Ada EmmelineBowrah née Hoath 15 Oct 194474Wife of Ed Bowrah, Sister of Harriett HoathCemetery D3212
RebeccaBowsfair 8 Mar 192582 Cemetery A42734
John RBowsher19271997  Marine Parade II 
Herbert RBowtell16 Jan 186620 Feb 1938  Cemetery C5554
Marion DeliaBowtell 19 Jan 196193Sister of Herbert BowtellCemetery C5554
Emily RBox 20 Apr 1973  Cemetery G44025
GeoffBox18 Feb 19387 Mar 2008 Son of Ivy BoxCemetery G2965
George WBox 23 Feb 1957  Cemetery G44025
Ivy CatherineBox 3 Dec 198080 Cemetery G2965
Cecily RBoxall 26 Dec 197980 Cemetery H34664
Elizabeth Wilhemina LouiseBoyagian 21 Sep 197286Wife of Henry SR BoyagianCemetery C4529
Frank Thomas RogersBoyagian19 Aug 192017 Jul 1986 Son of Henry & Elizabeth BoyagianCemetery C4529a
Henry Samuel RogersBoyagian20 Dec 187516 Aug 1947 Son of Thos BoyagianCemetery C4529
PeterBoyne-Cross 30 Nov 2001  St Thomas More 
RSNBraddick WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Emma ChalonerBradford 27 Jun 190057Wife of Wm Jas BradfordCemetery A22457
Clara JaneBradshaw 10 Jul 194077Wife of Geo BradshawCemetery A32510
George WilliamBradshaw 13 Aug 191760 Cemetery A32510
JamesBradshaw 4 Feb 197680 Cemetery H14519
Stanley Eric JohnBraiden1908199788 Cemetery E43781
Edith LilianBraiden née Hamper1911200189 Cemetery E43781
Emma FannyBrake 27 Jan 195393 Cemetery A52906
Henry LentonBrake 1 Sep 191347 Cemetery A52906
Annie GertrudeBrameld18771961  Cemetery G64246
EllaBramfitt 11 Aug 196282 Cemetery C2157
EBrand WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
Alfred BarrettBrandreth18451907  Cemetery A22399
Henry BarrettBrandreth 3 Sep 192150 Cemetery A22352
ThereseBrandreth née Briaucourt 20 Aug 1949 Wife of Henry BrandrethCemetery A22352
Edith RebeccaBrandreth née Powning 13 Jun 187833Died London. Wife of Alf BrandrethCemetery A22399
George HerbertBranscombe 11 Feb 191459 Cemetery B22154
Alfred HerbertBrasher 9 May 194570 Cemetery E43779
JohnBrasier 9 Oct 173863 St Leonard's D 
Ada BeatriceBravery 15 Jan 192739Wife of GH BraveryCemetery A52895
AlbertBravery 18980Son of Rosina BraveryCemetery A52885
Ann EsterBravery 4 Jan 193059Wife of G BraveryCemetery E13252
AnnieBravery 18 Oct 189334Wife of Chas BraverySt Leonard's A 
Beatrice MaryBravery 10 Nov 191222Wife of GH Bravery JnrCemetery A52908
Charles JosephBravery 24 Feb 194886 St Leonard's A 
GeorgeBravery 20 Jan 190162 Cemetery A52884
GHBravery 11 Nov 195689 Cemetery E13252
RosinaBravery 16 Jan 193775 Cemetery A52885
EmilyBray 22 Mar 196983Wife of Henry JW BrayCemetery E23369
Henry James WilliamBray 6 Mar 193672 Cemetery E23369
EdwardBrazier 21 Apr 18051 St Peter's 
FloraBreach 23 Jan 198392Wife of Herbert BreachCemetery H24571
Herbert HenryBreach 25 May 197787 Cemetery H24571
WilliamBreakspear 22 May 197782 Cemetery E53849
Alice MayBreakspear née Reeve 20 Dec 198388Wife of Wm BreakspeareCemetery E53849
FredBredenberg 21 Feb 1942  Cemetery D3230
HenriettaBredenberg 2 Jul 1935 aka Etta. Wife of Fred BredenbergCemetery D3230
Emma JaneBreeds 21 Feb 19800 Cemetery D3217a
StuartBrenchley    Marine Parade II 
SylviaBrenchley    Marine Parade II 
Herbert OBrentnall 9 Jul 196993 Cemetery B22107
James BlairBrett 1 Feb 194943 Cemetery C4444
Charles HenryBretten 6 Feb 191921Can. Forestry CorpsCemetery C5552
Arthur RBrewer    King's Mead 
Arthur RobertBrewer 13 Dec 195181 Cemetery A12056
ConnieBrewer 8 Feb 198985 Cemetery A12056
ConstanceBrewer    King's Mead 
HBrewer 14 Feb 1919 29th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42972
JamesBrewer 12 Feb 196046 Cemetery G64209
Lilian Frances MayBrewer 22 Apr 198876 Cemetery G64209
Patricia BarbaraBrewer 13 Jan 199156Dtr of Jas & Lilian BrewerCemetery G64209
Cyril JamesBrewster 12 Feb 191930Canadian EngineersCemetery B42970
BenjaminBriggs 19 Jan 193162 Cemetery B32277
Benjamin WilliamBriggs8 Sep 189221 May 1911 ? Son of Benjamin & Sarah BriggsCemetery B32277
GNBriggs WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
GNBriggs WWI  WWI Memorial 
GNBriggs WWI Foresters; Durham Light InfantryOther War Memorials 
Sarah HenriettaBriggs 10 Apr 194277Wife of Benjamin BriggsCemetery B32277
Eric GowerBrighty18991954  St Leonard's H 
George WilliamBrimble19081977  St Leonard's H 
Ivy LouiseBrimble19091990  St Leonard's H 
Evelyn ElizabethBrineham 13 Feb 197077 Cemetery F24384
Joyce MBrion née Walker21-Dec-1818 Jun 1990 Wife of John BrionCemetery G44005
Annie DorothyBriscombe24 Feb 189118 Jun 1974  Cemetery H24560
Ethel MayBristow 11 Apr 196573 Cemetery C2160
FlorenceBristow 30 Nov 194886Died GuildfordCemetery D3218
George HenryBristow 23 Aug 198090 Cemetery C2160
Valentine Mary RachelBritten14 Feb 19031 Mar 1986Cemetery C8832
AgnesBroad 1 Jun 194363Wife of Percy BroadCemetery C3388
EllenBroad18631934 Wife of Thos F BroadCemetery B43110
Percy VinsonBroad 15 Apr 193762 Cemetery C3388
Thomas FrancisBroad18611929  Cemetery B43110
WHBroad WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WHBroad WWI  WWI Memorial 
William HenryBroad   St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
William HenryBroad 20 Feb 191925Royal Sussex RegimentCemetery A32535
Charles EdwardBroadbent4 Jul 19068 Sep 1968  Cemetery G74346
E ElsieBroadbent 11 Dec 198593Sister of Edith Miranda WilliamsCemetery C3289
MSTBroadwood WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Rosetta Cecilia ElizabethBrockless9 Mar 192012 Jan 2015  Cemetery H24628
WallaceBrockless26 May 190730 Apr 1973  Cemetery H24628
CBromley WWI VCSeaford War Memorial 
CBromley WWI  WWI Memorial 
CuthbertBromley 14 Aug 191537Son of John & Marie BromleySt Leonard's K 
CuthbertBromley19 Sep 187813 Aug 1915 VCSeaford War Memorial 
CuthbertBromley 14 Aug 191537The Aegean. VC. Son of John & Maria BromleyCemetery D3196
HughBromley 29 Sep 190629Son of John & Marie BromleySt Leonard's K 
JBromley WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
JohnBromley 14 Jan 191565 St Leonard's K 
JohnBromley 14 Jan 191565KtCemetery D3196
John LeeBromley 6 Jun 1944 Normandy, France Son of Lance BromleyCemetery D3196
LanceBromley 1 Dec 1949  Cemetery D3196
Marie LouiseBromley 23 Nov 1938 Wife of John BromleyCemetery D3196
RaymundBromley 3 Sep 189916Son of John & Marie BromleySt Leonard's K 
-Brook   Stillborn Son of Thos & Ann BrookSt Peter's 
AnnBrook 27 Jun 181826Wife of Thos BrookSt Peter's 
AnnBrook   Dtr of Thos & Ann BrookSt Peter's 
James RichardBrook19672014  Seaford Head 
Mary MaudeBrook 15 Oct 196993 St Peter's 
Thomas PurtonBrook 6 Apr 182238 St Peter's 
ThomasBrookbank18991982  Cemetery H34757
Winifred RoseBrookbank19011985 Wife of Thos BrookbankCemetery H34757
HannahBrooke6 Dec 187411 Oct 1930  Cemetery B22097
John ChristianBrooke29 Jan 18718 Sep 1953  Cemetery B22097
Reginald FBrooke 14 Nov 196075 Cemetery G64225
SarahBrooke Feb 1986  Cemetery G64225
CharlesBrooker 3 Jan 1917 108th Bn Can Inf. Son of Chas & Matilda BrookerCemetery B43037
JamesBrooker 19 Oct 186939Died at TicehurstSt Leonard's C 
Reginald Herbert AlbertBrooker7 Jun 190216 Dec 1997  Cemetery G54139
Thomas GeorgeBrooker7 Jun 18957 Jan 1963  Cemetery G54139
WilliamBrooker 183233Son of Wm & Eliz BrookerSt Leonard's C 
Winifred GraceBrooker née Quinnell7 Jan 189412 Jul 1978  Cemetery G54139
Joseph WilliamBrookes 29 Sep 192773 Cemetery A42626
KateBrookes 10 Nov 194082Wife of Jos BrookesCemetery A42626
BettyBrookman19222009  The Salts 
ChristineBrooks    Marine Parade I 
IsabelBrooks19211992  Marine Parade II 
JosephBrooks19122001  Marine Parade II 
Sarah AnnBrooks 16 Dec 195488Wife of Walter BrooksCemetery A52763
Walter BurnellBrooks 19 Mar 192763 Cemetery A52763
A MauriceBrown Nov 1975  Cemetery H24565
Alice MaryBrown 28 Sep 196490 St Peter's 
Edith MBrown18851961  St Leonard’s KCD
EdnaBrown Dec 1997 Wife of Maurice BrownCemetery H24565
Florence LBrown19031989  St Leonard's H 
Francis Robert FountainBrown29 Sep 184524 Jun 1927  Cemetery B43072
James LBrown 21 Nov 1915  Cemetery A42677
Lilian MaryBrown née Brady 26 Mar 196675 Cemetery G74289
Margaret WatsonBrown 8 Dec 193580Wife of FR BrownCemetery B43072
Percy GBrown19011967  St Leonard's H 
Violet RoseBrown 11 Aug 198957Dtr of Frances WebbCemetery G54092
Maria FrancesBrowne 1 Apr 190470 Cemetery A32586
NanetteBrowne 6 Nov 196861 Cemetery G1905
Ursula Maud PersseBrowne5 Apr 18752 Jan 1937 Dtr of David & Eliz BrowneCemetery B43123
HT deBBrown-Greaves WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
Percy TriquetBrowning8 Oct 18823 Dec 1947 RectorSt Peter's 
IsabellaBruce 6 Jul 190447Wife of Rbt BruceCemetery A32585
Robert WJBruce 2 Jan 191377 Cemetery A32585
Catherine LucyBrunton Sep 199487Wife of David BruntonCemetery G2975
DavidBrunton Aug 197775 Cemetery G2975
Henry VancouverBruty 29 Apr 193848 Cemetery H34697
MayBruty 3 Dec 198087Wife of Henry BrutyCemetery H34697
Ada LouisaBryant 9 Feb 190840Wife of Ernest ER BryantCemetery C145
FredaBryant 27 Dec 1993  St Leonard's H 
JackBryant 15 May 1975  St Leonard's H 
Elizabeth FilgateBuck24 Nov 18121 Sep 1905 Wife of WHM BuckSt Leonard's H 
FannyBuck 25 Oct 194277 Cemetery B12013
MaryBuck7 Nov 18384 Dec 1900 Dtr of WHM & Eliz BuckSt Leonard's H 
MaryBuck 25 Oct 194271 Cemetery B12013
Miss FHBuck WWII (see also Hart Buck)Seaford War Memorial 
Miss MHBuck WWII (see also Hart Buck)Seaford War Memorial 
William Henry MeadeBuck6 Jan 181314 Mar 1898 VicarSt Leonard's H 
Edward WilliamBuckland 30 Jan 1940 Royal Sussex RegimentCemetery E5W01
BrianBudd    Seaford Cemetery 
Oswald AlfredBufton 19 Mar 193133 Cemetery A42751
AliceBull 19 Jul 190453Wife of John Henry BullSt Leonard's I 
ElizaBull 16 Oct 190682 St Leonard's D 
John HenryBull 13 Jan 18863Son of John & Alice BullSt Leonard's I 
John HenryBull 17 Jun 190764 St Leonard's I 
John Henry(?)Bull 26 Nov 193257 Cemetery E23307
MaryBull 15 May 188170Wife of John Henry BullSt Leonard's I 
WilliamBull 27 Apr 191386 St Leonard's D 
Jane MarthaBull 11 Nov 1937 Wife of John H BullCemetery E23307
Edith KateBulloch22 Feb 18807 Aug 1957 Wife of John M Bulloch, sister of Mabel R RoachCemetery F23994
John MalcolmBulloch26 May 18676 Mar 1938 Died AberdeenCemetery F23994
Mary EvelynBullock18751966  Cemetery G2991
Albert EdwardBumstead 26 May 193962 Cemetery E33428
EllenBumstead 10 Aug 197894Wife of Albert BumsteadCemetery E33428
SarahBundy 5 Apr 5 194097 Cemetery C3282
Albert JamesBurgess 12 May 194270 Cemetery E33501
AlfredBurgess 29 Mar 191574 Cemetery A52888
AnnieBurgess 1 Oct 190261Wife of Alfred BurgessCemetery A52888
Annie MavisBurgess2 May 191622 Feb 1940 Dtr of Albert & Florence BurgessCemetery E33501
BertramBurgess19101988  Cemetery C6777
CharlesBurgess 13 Aug 185339 St Leonard's G 
CJBurgess WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
CJBurgess WWI  WWI Memorial 
CJBurgess WWI Foresters - Norfolk FusiliersOther War Memorials 
Elizabeth MaryBurgess19082000 Wife of Bertram BurgessCemetery C6777
Elsie IreneBurgess 18 Oct 197280Wife of Fred BurgessCemetery F23942
EmmaBurgess 19 Apr 190976Wife of Reuben BurgessSt Leonard's A 
FrederickBurgess 10 Feb 195267 Cemetery F23942
Harold AlfredBurgess Aug 197978 Cemetery H34689
JDBurgess WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
JDBurgess WWI  WWI Memorial 
MargeryBurgess Mar 196060Wife of Harold BurgessCemetery H34689
ReubenBurgess 9 Nov 187454 St Leonard's A 
WillieBurgess 21 May 189730 St Leonard's A 
RobertBurkin22 Mar 190024 Feb 1977  Cemetery H24648
VioletBurkin18941992 Wife of Rbt BurkinCemetery H24648
DorothyBurland19031997  Splash Point 
Adele MathildeBurman 12 Nov 191045Wife of Arthur Wm BurmanCemetery B32305
HSBurnard29 Sep 191013 Feb 1989 aka SamCemetery H24527
Inge AdeleBurnard5 Mar 192525 Feb 1910 Wife of Sam BurnardCemetery H24527
BoydBurnet 20 May 189162 St Peter's 
RichardBurnet 30 Apr 18700Son of Julia & Boyd BurnetSt Peter's 
JuliaBurnet née Clemow 26 Jan 188254Wife of Boyd BurnetSt Peter's 
Cecil CBurnham 28 Dec 196069 Cemetery G44002
MayBurnham 14 Dec 195673 Cemetery G44002
JGBurns WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Samuel LloydBurns 13 Jun 1918 1st Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43011
Graham CharlesBurrell 16 Jun 19460 Cemetery A42617d
Amy LizzieBurroughes 10 Feb 195289Died MidhurstCemetery B32314-15
James SamuelBurroughes 29 Jan 191272 Cemetery B32314-15
Herbert WBurrows Sep 1916 Bowden House - Private, KRRCOther War Memorials 
HildaBurrows 1 Apr 197175aka AnneSt Leonard's H 
MaryBurrows 23 Sep 1963  Cemetery F13579
Mary ElizabethBurrows 30 Dec 197484Sister of Kathleen HoweCemetery G21022
NorahBurstow31 Dec 19091 Oct 1976  Cemetery H24646
Frederick ErnestBurt 4 May 196370 Cemetery G54117
Emma MaryBurtenshaw 14 Jun 192160Wife of Wm BurtenshawCemetery A42740
WilliamBurtenshaw 20 Apr 195086 Cemetery A42740
CarolineBurton 22 Feb 192396Wife of Wm BurtonSt Leonard's E 
CarolineBurton 17 Jan 1938  Cemetery C6764
Charles StephenBurton18931935  Cemetery E23350
EmilyBurton  77 Cemetery B32274
EmilyBurton 24 Jun 1955  Cemetery C6764
Gladys LilianBurton19011982  Cemetery C1131
HBurton WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HBurton WWI  WWI Memorial 
HerbertBurton   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
HerbertBurton 18 Sep 191870 Cemetery B32275
Ida LouiseBurton28 Jun 18937 Aug 1965  Cemetery G21020
JohnBurton    Cemetery B32267
Katherine MonicaBurton13 Mar 18903 Jul 1976  Cemetery H24567
Leonard MRBurton 8 Nov 197170 St Leonard's H 
MaryBurton 12 Mar 1932 Wife of Herbert BurtonCemetery B32275
NellBurton   Wife of John BurtonCemetery B32267
Stephen JBurton  49 Cemetery B32274
WilliamBurton 14 Oct 189470 St Leonard's E 
William HenryBurton 4 Mar 193584 Cemetery E23351
MaryButland 17 Sep 1979  Cemetery G2958
Beatrice MaudButler Jan 194955 Cemetery E53844
Patrick HSDButler WWII  King's Mead 
ElsieButlin19232006  Marine Parade II 
Alice MayBuxton 13 Mar 195183Of Lee Green, LondonCemetery F23915
DoreenByford née Davison19071958 aka Sophie. Dtr of Florence Davison, Sister of Jack & EugeneCemetery G44073
Henry FrancisByrne 5 Nov 198271 Cemetery G31180
JessieByrne 2 Sep 196780 Cemetery G31180

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