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Listings are by Surname and Forename.
Names given more than once appear on more than one memorial.
Relatives with no memorial of their own are not listed.
Alternative names are indicated in the Notes as 'aka' or 'known as'.

Some names are abbreviated in the Notes:

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Browsing the Names Indexes may be more successful than trying several searches, as people with more than one memorial are listed as many times as they appear in the formats given. The Search includes all pages.
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  • Ca*ling   finds words starting with Ca- and ending with -ling, such as Catling, Carling, but not Cowling.
  • Sm?th   finds word starting with Sm- then a character, then -th such as Smith, Smyth, Smithers.
  • "Sm?th"   finds Smith and Smyth, but not Smythe, Smithers etc.
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