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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
SarahW 25 Sep 189679Wife of John WSt Leonard's F 
IsabelWaddell9 Feb 18517 Jul 1906  St Leonard's B 
JamesWade 12 Dec 18853Son of Jas & Esther WadeSt Leonard's B 
NellieWaight 7 Sep 194875 Cemetery E53815
William James HawesWaight 10 Apr 195878 Cemetery E53815
Gertrude EmmaWain 17 Jun 198180 Cemetery C3281
James William GeorgeWain 21 Jun 195373 Cemetery C3281
HWWait WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
JWaitty WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Thomas F HWake Apr 1918 Bowden House - 2nd Lt, N Staffs RegtOther War Memorials 
Florence CharlotteWakeford 16 Jun 1969  Cemetery C6762
Mervyn EricWale3 Aug 193327 Apr 1997  Splash Point 
CWales WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
AGWalker WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
AlbertWalker18801966  St Leonard's H 
Alice ElizaWalker 14 Mar 196084 Cemetery G44005
Aubrey Frank CumnorWalker12 Jun 188017 Mar 1950  Cemetery C4417
CWalker WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
Charles EdwardWalker 17 Jan 196185 Cemetery G64231
GladysWalker19161980  Cemetery H34749
HelenaWalker18941982  St Leonard's H 
JamesWalker 13 Jul 183167Rear AdmiralSt Leonard's A 
Lina AlbertaWalker 2 Jul 195373 Cemetery E23414
Linda Marion CumnorWalker 13 Dec 197195Sister of Muriel WalkerCemetery F24382
MaryWalker 1960 Dtr of Vera E WalkerCemetery G31171
Muriel KatherineWalker 15 Jun 197795Sister of Linda WalkerCemetery F24382
RWalker 24 Aug 1916 King’s Royal Rifle CorpsCemetery B43040
RoyWalker19111991  Cemetery H34749
Samuel ArthurWalker 1 Nov 196988 Cemetery G44005
Susannah CatherineWalker Jun 187528Niece of Eliz RobinsonSt Leonard's A 
Vera EvelynWalker 9 Dec 197181 Cemetery G31171
RGWallace WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
Christopher CharlesWallas19532009  Cemetery G74267
EdmundWallas18861966  St Leonard’s KCD
EdmundWallas 27 Feb 196680 Cemetery G74267
Geoffrey EdmundWallas19241974  Cemetery G74267
Olga MWallas18941965  St Leonard’s KCD
Olga MarieWallas 23 Dec 196571Wife of Thos WallaceCemetery G74319
Thomas Wallas 22 Oct 198092 Cemetery G74319
RuthWallas18561941  St Leonard’s KCD
Ernestine MargaretWaller 7 Dec 1963  Cemetery C7796
Bertha CWallis18701963  St Leonard’s KCD
BillWallis    Seaford Cemetery 
FEWallis WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
SallyWallis    Seaford Cemetery 
RichardWalls 13 Sep 175628 St Leonard's B 
Tom PWalsh WWII  King's Mead 
AndyWalton19481981  Cemetery H34753
Irene GladysWalton22 May 190220 May 1992  Cemetery E44439
Annie AugustaWard18761943  Cemetery E33552
ArthurWard 3 Nov 19016 Cemetery C1103
Ebenezer ThomasWard18791942  Cemetery E33552
Florence ElizabethWard28 Nov 188030 Mar 1953  Cemetery F23983
ElizabethWard 8 Mar 179947Wife of Sgt Major Wm WardSt Peter's 
Hariet MaryWard 25 Nov 190879 St Leonard's E 
Louisa MarthaWard26 Nov 182425 Jun 1906  St Leonard's E 
DWardrop WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
EttieWare19252003 Wife of Geoffrey C WareCemetery C2206
Geoffrey ColinWare19251980  Cemetery C2206
AndyWareing    High Street 
Matthew JohnWareing 20 Jul 200736 Cemetery TreeTrees
Ernest CharlesWaring 3 May 195887 Cemetery G44076
Aglae Marie AmelieWarner 18 Dec 1949  St Peter's 
AlfredWarnett 1 Dec 1954  Cemetery F13619
Ethel MaryWarnett 7 Aug 1957 Wife of Alfred WarnettCemetery F13619
Ethel MayWarrington 30 Jan 196779 Cemetery G44031
Lewis HenryWarrington 29 Jun 195771 Cemetery G44031
AlfredWasher 20 Dec 194479 Cemetery E43740
Anna Rosa GinaWasher21 Apr 202231 Mar 2004  St Thomas More 
ElizabethWasher 28 Jun 183070 St Peter's 
JohnWasher  64 St Peter's 
WilliamWasher 7 Sep 180061 St Peter's 
EdithWashington18711972  Cemetery E54419
Charles DavidWassell 2 Jul 194559 Cemetery E43744
KathleenWassell 17 Nov 197588 Cemetery E43744
Florence Amelia LilianWaters 12 Jan 19081Dtr of Geo & Sarah WatersCemetery A22436
GeorgeWaters 21 Jan 193263 Cemetery E23299
JWaters WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
MarianneWaters née Evans 23 Jul 185030Dtr of John & Caroline Evans. Wife of Chas WatersSt Leonard's G 
Kate AmbroseWates18601920  Cemetery C3384
ElizaWatkins 12 May 191170 Cemetery B32204
LauraWatkinson18901975  Cemetery H24564
Horace FWatling 4 Jun 1959  King's Mead 
Edith Lucy HelenWatson 18 Dec 1988 aka Nellie. Wife of Ed J WatsonCemetery C4422
Edward JohnWatson 23 Jan 194854 Cemetery C4422
Elizabeth MaryWatson 28 Jan 192387 Cemetery A52898
Ethel SusieWatson 27 Sep 197083 St Peter's 
FredWatson    Marine Parade III 
John FrancisWatson6 Mar 188028 Sep 1963  St Peter's 
Katherine Joan FrancisWatson1 May 190830 Jun 1967 Dtr of John & Ethel WatsonSt Peter's 
MarjorieWatson    Marine Parade III 
MaryWatson née King 12 Jan 183625Dtr of John & Mary King (died Devon)St Peter's 
Derek PWatson-Parker WWII  King's Mead 
Patrick IWatson-Parker WWII  King's Mead 
Alfred ReginaldWatts8 Jun 19227 Jul 2002  St Thomas More 
AlisonWatts 29 Dec 196764Wife of Bert WattsCemetery G74278
BertWatts 6 May 196970 Cemetery G74278
Charles TWatts 8 May 1949 6? Cemetery E53880
EthelWatts1 Jun 191910 Jun 1978  Cemetery H24531
HubertWatts 31 Dec 1966  Cemetery G74252
Irene FlorenceWatts29 Nov 190921 Oct 1980  Cemetery H34722
Jacqueline YvonneWatts18 Jul 192831 Mar 2012  St Thomas More 
Leslie HammondWatts19091983  Cemetery H34722
Raymond WalterWatts13 Sep 191931 Mar 1987  Cemetery H24531
MaryWavish 1 Mar 197084ka TrissCemetery F24352
Olga Katinka DeGleichenWay26 Apr 18832 Sep 1967  Cemetery G74259
Gordon RichardWeale 5 Aug 197163 Cemetery F24383
Charles FrederickWeatherhead30 Dec 183317 Aug 1958  Cemetery F24372
Ida FlorenceWeatherhead26 Nov 18904 Mar 1971 Wife of Chas Fred WeatherheadCemetery F24372
Alan RushbrookWebb    High and Over 
FrancesWebb 16 Nov 198469 Cemetery G54092
MabelWebb 23 Jul 191735Wife of Fred James WebbCemetery A22355
Margaret MaryWebb   Wife of Alan WebbHigh and Over 
PhylWebb    Marine Parade III 
Reginald GeorgeWebb 15 Jun 196181Seaford Parish Priest 1927-61Cemetery G1892
RonnieWebb    Marine Parade III 
WWebber   ka BillSeaford Cemetery 
Garforth GordonWebster 19 Nov 1917 Can. Corps Cyclist Battn.Cemetery C5615
KarenWebster19652017 Dtr of Sid WebsterCemetery TreeTrees
SidWebster19392016  Cemetery TreeTrees
CatherineWedden 11 Feb 180152Wife of John WeddenSt Leonard's I 
JohnWedden 1 Feb 179045 St Leonard's I 
BettyWeeks19181997  Splash Point 
Evelyn SanctaWelch 8 Jun 195685Wife of Francis WelchCemetery B22100
Francis C BaconWelch 31 Mar 193472aka TimCemetery B22100
GladWellden    Marine Parade II 
RonWellden    Marine Parade II 
Angela VWeller10 Aug 193014 Apr 2008  St Thomas More 
DWeller WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Derek RWeller5 Mar 19462 Jul 1998  St Thomas More 
William DonaldWeller WWII 210 Coy, REOther War Memorials 
AbrahamWells24 Jun 19163 Nov 2004 aka SamCemetery I14811
Albert EWells 23 Aug 1961  Cemetery G64245
Elsie FlorenceWells19031979  Cemetery H34666
FJWells WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Frederick JohnWells 10 Feb 191946Royal EngineersCemetery B42978
Herbert GeorgeWells18 May 190520 May 1975  Cemetery H24641
JacquelineWells29 Jan 19195 May 1996  Cemetery I14811
Lily AWells  9 Nov 1967  Cemetery G64245
Mabel CatherineWells28 Apr 19053 Jun 1999 Wife of Herbert WellsCemetery H24641
Ethel FitzherbertWentworth 24 Sep 196876Sister of Florence WentworthCemetery G74347
Florence OliveWentworth 16 Nov 197380Sister of Ethel WentworthCemetery G74347
KateWentworth 26 Jan 1985 Wife of Laurence WentworthCemetery G64177
Laurence NormanWentworth 22 Aug 196361 Cemetery G64177
Anthony JohnWest 25 May 194514Son of Emily WestCemetery E43718
Emily DaleWest 5 Aug 197584 Cemetery E43718
JesseWest 17 Aug 199174Son of Jesse WestCemetery E43719
Jesse SolomonWest 10 Feb 196475 Cemetery E43719
Betsy AnnieWestgate 29 Sep 194785 Cemetery C4409
Clement LewisWestgate 8 Dec 194782 Cemetery C4409
LeonardWestray Nov 1956 Son of Mary Ann WestrayCemetery G44023
Mary AnnWestray Nov 1956 Mother of Leonard WestrayCemetery G44023
PeterWhaley WWII  King's Mead 
CBWheatley WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Dorothy FAWheatleyOct 1895May 1955  Cemetery F23908
Percy OwenWheatley 22 Nov 1928  Cemetery A52756
Gareth ChristopherWheddon 12 Nov 19781942 Commando Royal MarinesCemetery C16
Beatrice MargaretWheeler 13 May 196578 Cemetery B12005
CharlesWheeler 11 Sep 196488 Cemetery B12005
Louisa MargaretWheeler 28 Dec 193280Wife of Montague WheelerCemetery B12002-3
MontagueWheeler 12 Feb 193379 Cemetery B12002-3
MontagueWheeler 11 Jul 196480 Cemetery B12002-3
NorahWheeler 6 Jan 195764Dtr of Montague & Louisa WheelerCemetery B12002-3
William AlbertWheeler 4 Oct 193269 Cemetery B43092
John NWheeler19271999  Marine Parade I 
Edwin JamesWhelan 2 May 191856 Cemetery A42639
Bettine BNWhelon 13 Jul 19240Mother née SalterCemetery B12025-27
Charles EdmundWhelon 25 Feb 191867 Cemetery D3200
Norah EvelynWhelon 28 Nov 1958 Wife of Chas WhelonCemetery D3200
CharlesWhetnall18681953  St Leonard’s KCD
Eunice MJWhetnall 23 Apr 1977  Cemetery C7800
JaneWhetnall18601944  St Leonard’s KCD
Elizabeth RosinaWhetstone 22 Nov 196187Sister of Mabel WhetstoneCemetery G31174
Mabel MagdaleneWhetstone 1 Jul 195072Sister of Eliz WhetstoneCemetery G31174
Alice VictoriaWhite 4 Dec 198487Wife of Cecil H WhiteCemetery G74253
AnnWhite10 Jul 179919 Apr 1895 Widow of Joseph WhiteSt Peter's 
AnneWhite 14 Mar 189262Wife of John WhiteSt Leonard's B 
Cecil HenryWhite 11 Jan 196771 Cemetery G74253
Charles LCWhite19011980Cemetery C8845
Douglas JackWhite19141993  Cemetery B22114
DRWhite WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Ethel GertrudeWhite 4 Sep 1945  Cemetery E43773
Eunice BeatriceWhite 5 Oct 1987 Wife of Louis WhiteCemetery H34660
Eva BalfourWhite 3 May 193444Wife of Fred E WhiteCemetery B22136
FredWhite18931980  Cemetery H14513
Frederick ErnestWhite 3 Feb 193755 Cemetery B22136
Helen TWhite19041995Cemetery C8845
Louis CourtneyWhite 30 Mar 199278 Cemetery H34660
Richard MartinWhite 15 Jun 197923Son of Louis & Eunice WhiteCemetery H34660
TWhite 12 May 1916 Gloucestershire RegimentCemetery B43042
VioletWhite18981975 Wife of Fred WhiteCemetery H14513
Joan AudreyWhite née Holland19121987 Wife of Doug J White. Dtr of Alf & Bertha HollandCemetery B22114
Gordon DouglasWhite-Parsons19 May 190115 Jan 1974 Born in New ZealandCemetery C7811
NitaWhite-Parsons 17 Feb 1983 Wife of Gordon White-ParsonsCemetery C7812
Peter HenryWhite 17 May 198967 Cemetery I14808
Elizabeth Mary AnnWhitehouse23 Dec 188329 Jan 1981  Cemetery H24544
Horace GeorgeWhitehouse22 Jan 191028 Jul 1991  Cemetery H24544
William HenryWhiting 8 Mar 2011101 St Thomas More 
John JamesWhitters WWII 210 Coy, REOther War Memorials 
John JamesWhitters 21 Jul 194545Sapper, RECemetery E43473
Frank John FelixWhittington10 May 190715 Jun 1986  Cemetery C7814
ElizabethWhittle 15 Aug 197082 Cemetery G54133
William GeorgeWhittle 17 Aug 196273 Cemetery G54133
GeorgeWhyte 26 Oct 1918236th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5606
FlorenceWickenden 20 Apr 1927  Cemetery B22084
Parker GeorgeWickenden11 Nov 18623 Feb 1913  Cemetery B22084
Charles LeslieWicks 16 Feb 1987 Son of Harry & Edith WicksCemetery C4458
ConstanceWicks 11 Feb 1997  Cemetery C4458
Edith MayWicks10 May 187911 Sep 1956 Wife of HE WicksCemetery C4458
EllenWicks 5 May 193175Wife of Ephraim WicksCemetery B43106
EphraimWicks 6 Apr 194695 Cemetery B43106
Harry EdwinWicks1 Oct 187429 Apr 1953  Cemetery C4458
Jessie SophiaWicks18491925 Wife of Wm WicksCemetery D3194
Louie Florence MaryWicks18851949 Dtr of Wm & Jessie WicksCemetery D3194
William DavidWicks18471922  Cemetery D3194
Leonard FrankWiggins2 Apr 192716 Oct 2010  Cemetery G21010
MaudWiggins    Cemetery E54400
WalterWiggins    Cemetery E54400
Florence MaryWilcock 1 Jan 194368 Cemetery C3367
Gary MichaelWilcox1 Apr 19581 Jul 2000  St Thomas More 
Ada AnnieWild 20 Jun 195368Wife of Albert WildCemetery F23917
AlbertWild 12 Apr 195177 Cemetery F23917
JPWild 13 Aug 191741Canadian Inf. (See Baguley)Cemetery B43056
Arthur AshleyWiles 13 Feb 195157 Cemetery C4463
FrankWiles 19 Mar 191934Canadian EngineersCemetery C5649
Henry JamesWiles 12 Feb 197869 St Leonard's H 
Margaret MaryWiles 19 Aug 195170 Cemetery C4463
SusanWiles 20 Apr 201497Wife of Henry WilesSt Leonard's H 
Harold OscarWilkins19001976  St Leonard's H 
MarjorieWilkins19031993 Wife of Harold WilkinsSt Leonard's H 
Ada MariaWilkinson 5 Nov 193975Wife of Wm WilkinsonCemetery B32168-69
DennisWilkinson 3 Mar 195211 Cemetery F23944
Maud MaryWilkinson18951975  St Leonard's G 
ThomasWilkinson18981979  Cemetery H34659
WilliamWilkinson 30 May 192569 Cemetery B32168-69
WilliamWilkinson Jan 196232 Cemetery B32168-69
FlorenceWillard 27 Nov 1972  St Peter's 
StephenWillard 11 Apr 1956  St Peter's 
TimWillett25 May 19257 Oct 2005  Bönningstedt Promenade 
William BergmanWilliam 4 Jan 191631British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5566
AgnesWilliams 8 Feb 196271 Cemetery G21033
AlvanWilliams 19 Nov 196765 Cemetery A52912
BernardWilliams 8 Aug 193624 Cemetery D3203
Bernard GeorgeWilliams 14 Jan 192347aka BertCemetery D3203
Edith MWilliams18811947  St Leonard’s KCD
Edith MirandaWilliams 4 Aug 194766Wife of Harold P Williams; sister of EE BroadbentCemetery C3289
Dorothy MaudWilliams 28 Mar 198091 Cemetery C4508
HJWilliams 20 Apr 19175124th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42993
H PercyWilliams18781950  St Leonard’s KCD
Harold PercyWilliams 15 Aug 195072 Cemetery C3289
John ErnestWilliams 5 Nov 19182727th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42985
John MontagueWilliams 29 Dec 193255 Cemetery B22106
John StanleyWilliams 10 Jan 194664 Cemetery C4508
Margaret ClaraWilliams 29 May 194542 Cemetery A52912
MaryWilliams 1 Aug 1939  Cemetery C3276
RexWilliams19061994 CanonSt Peter's 
Rosa JaneWilliams 19 Feb 195679 Cemetery F13630
Sarah AliceWilliams 7 Apr 193568Wife of John M WilliamsCemetery B22106
Thomas AlvaWilliams27 Nov 192231 Oct 2010  Cemetery I24865
Trevor LlewellynWilliams Jan 1968  St Leonard's H 
JildaWilliams née Reardon24 Oct 192413 Mar 2013 Dtr of Winifred ReardonCemetery H24633
Alfred Rollason JohnWilliamson 29 Dec 197273 St Leonard's H 
Eliza SophiaWilliamson 13 Nov 199910 St Leonard's H 
FrederickWilliamson 9 May 195167 Cemetery F23921
MillyWilliamson 16 Sep 197287Wife of Fred WilliamsonCemetery F23921
TonyWilliamson19472008  Marine Parade I 
Blanche Bessie BlantonWilliams-White 5 Feb 197490 St Leonard's H 
CharlesWillie 28 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5541
Florence HarriettWillis 7 May 194972Wife of Rbt WillisCemetery E43722
GeorgieWillis 6 Feb 19122Dtr of Robert & Florrie WillisCemetery B32202
MEWillis WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Mary ElizabethWillis 25 Oct 1942  Cemetery E43685
RWillis WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
RichardWillis28 Jun 186620 Feb 1908  Cemetery B22159
Robert GeorgeWillis 10 Dec 194272 Cemetery E43722
EmilyWillmott 16 May 1952  Cemetery F23923
AmyWilson18681955  Cemetery F13651
CharlesWilson 7 Nov 191285 Cemetery A22397
Charles EdwardWilson18711956  Cemetery F13651
ElizabethWilson 5 Mar 190680Wife of Chas WilsonCemetery A22397
Ellen MargaretWilson 3 Oct 195890 Cemetery G44078
GWWilson 13 Mar 1915  Cemetery A42661
JohnWilson 31 Aug 181079 St Peter's 
JohnWilson 10 Jan 18?? Son of John & Sarah WilsonSt Peter's 
John Lionel EgbertWilson 2 Dec 195765 Cemetery G44044
MaryWilson 6 Mar 1930 Dtr of Jas & Mary WilsonCemetery A42716
Mary AnneWilson20 Jan 184720 Feb 1920 Wife of Jas WilsonCemetery A42716
Phoebe VioletWilson  87 Cemetery I14796
RobertWilson 18 Jul 1915 Royal Army Service CorpsCemetery A42660
SarahWilson 30 Oct 1836 Widow of John WilsonSt Peter's 
HelenaWilson née Howarth19081999  St Thomas More 
Albert GeorgeWilss 28 Apr 197490 Cemetery F23972A
Albert George Wilss 28 Apr 197490 Cemetery F24354
Anna JohannaWilss 3 Jun 196071Wife of Albert Geo WilssCemetery F23972A
Anna JohannaWilss 3 Jun 196071Wife of Albert Geo WilssCemetery F24354
FredWilton 9 Aug 197983 Cemetery H34662
LetitiaWindebank 23 Jan 194688Wife of Jas WindebankCemetery E43721
Annie MariaWinder 8 Feb 195467Wife of John Alex WinderCemetery C2263
John AlexanderWinder 15 Feb 196473 Cemetery C2263
May EWindsor née Wood19151983 Dtr of Richard & Millicent WoodCemetery E43729
R de WKWinlaw WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
BarryWinser19241987 Died Las Palmas, SpainSt Leonard's H 
GladysWinser18971975  St Leonard's H 
MaryWinser19251990  St Leonard's H 
Arthur WilliamWinsley 14 Mar 195184 Cemetery A32462
CRWinslow Boer War  Seaford War Memorial 
AlfredWinter 20 Jun 192162 Cemetery A32536
Alice Sophia MarshallWinter 26 Aug 197688Wife of Harry R WinterCemetery A32537
AnnWinter 28 Dec 190651Wife of Geo WinterCemetery B32166
CharlesWinter 3 Dec 194066 Cemetery A32476
ElizaWinter 18 Jan 190170Wife of Wm WinterSt Leonard's E 
Emily SarahWinter 29 May 192751 Cemetery A32476
GeorgeWinter 8 Oct 18810Son of Alf & Eliz WinterSt Leonard's E 
GeorgeWinter 10 Sep 193682 Cemetery B32166
GJWinter WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
HaroldWinter    Cemetery TreeTrees
HarryWinter 18 Jan 192253 Cemetery A32495
Harry RichardWinter 11 Oct 191830 Cemetery A32537
Ivy HelenaWinter 3 May 19227Dtr of Harry & Alice WinterCemetery A32537
KathleenWinter    Cemetery TreeTrees
Lawrence CharlesWinter 20 Mar 19318 Cemetery A22392a
Mary ElizabethWinter 17 Dec 192965Wife of Alfred WinterCemetery A32536
Mary Elizabeth EllenWinter 9 Dec 18917Dtr of Alf & Eliz WinterSt Leonard's E 
Mary FlorenceWinter 30 Sep 195386Wife of Harry WinterCemetery A32495
TWinter WWI Foresters - Suffolk RegtOther War Memorials 
Thomas WilliamWinter 1 Oct 191820Son of Harry & Mary WinterCemetery A32495
TWWinter WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WilliamWinter 16 Dec 190273 St Leonard's E 
Ernest Ralph FrancisWintle 22 Mar 1935  Cemetery B22090
MaryWinton 31 Jan 194375Wife of Thos WintonCemetery E23415
AlfredWisdom 13 Nov 1923  Cemetery A42620
Anne GertrudeWisdom 1 Apr 1944 Wife of Alfred WisdomCemetery A42620
GeorgeWise18831979  Cemetery G21013
Harold ThomasWise 5 Sep 194425Son of Geo & Mary WiseCemetery G21013
MaryWise 3 Sep 196481 Cemetery G21013
Molly MWisely27 Sep 191618 Jul 1984  Cemetery C2228
WendyWitchlow    Peace Garden 
DorisWithers 21 Feb 1979  Cemetery H24628
Ronald MWithers 20 Jan 1991  Cemetery H24628
JWitters WWII (See John Jas Whitters)Seaford War Memorial 
AdaWood18951987  Cemetery I14794
AdelinaWood 31 Mar 196983 Cemetery F13675
AlfredWood 5 Mar 195658Brother of Alice May WoodCemetery F13644
AliceWood 16 Aug 196781Wife of Harry WoodCemetery F23986
Alice MayWood 12 Mar 198585Sister of Alfred WoodCemetery F13644
Daisy MaryWood 21 Jan 1969 Dtr of Wm & Louisa WoodCemetery B22098
Edith JaneWood 9 Sep 197296 Cemetery D3216
Elizabeth JaneWood 4 Sep 189476Wife of Wm WoodSt Leonard's D 
Elizabeth SusanWood3 Mar 194727 Jun 2015  Seaford Head 
Emily AnneWood 6 Jun 196783Wife of Wm Jas WoodCemetery B22099
EricWood19191999  Cemetery I14794
GeorgeWood 10 Feb 196370 Cemetery G54142
HarryWood 1 Jul 195374 Cemetery F23986
John HarcourtWood 16 Jan 199077Twin of Richard WoodCemetery D3216
JosephWood 6 Oct 196285 Cemetery F13675
KRWood    Seaford Cemetery 
LouisaWood 20 Sep 192869Wife of Wm B WoodCemetery B22098
Louisa Mary AnnWood 8 Oct 196774 Cemetery G54142
Margaret AmyWood 2 Jun 198271 Cemetery D3216
MaryWood19161994  Cemetery I14794
MillicentWood 23 Oct 196578Wife of Richard WoodCemetery E43729
Norman VMWood19091973  St Leonard's H 
OWood 18 Jan 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5616
PatWood    Seaford Cemetery 
RichardWood 13 Aug 194583 Cemetery E43729
Richard DallasWood 24 Sep 199481Twin of John WoodCemetery D3216
SimeonWood 13 Jan 192866 Cemetery B42939
SophiaWood 17 Sep 192766Wife of Simeon WoodCemetery B42939
Violet AWood19011991 Wife of Norman WoodSt Leonard's H 
WalterWood 26 Jan 196194 Cemetery D3216
William BottingWood 17 Jan 193282 Cemetery B22098
William JamesWood 3 Aug 195166 Cemetery B22099
William WasherWood 22 Sep 189275 St Leonard's D 
Margaret RoseWoodcock 04-Oct-3561 Cemetery E23303
Brian Ulrich StephenWoodgate8 Aug 194518 Apr 2017  Cemetery I24855
Horace JohnWoodgate 17 Aug 194553 Cemetery E43799
HoraceWoodgate19221964 Son of Horace WoodgateCemetery E43799
Jeanne AdeleWoodgate30 Jan 189610 Apr 1984 Wife of Horace WoodgateCemetery E43799
Stuart DamianWoodgate7 May 197424 Sep 1994  Cemetery I24856
LouisaWoodgate21 Nov 18912 Jan 1961  Cemetery E33521
Percy LeighWoodgate 8 Sep 196372 Cemetery E33521
Percy CWoodham19131983  Cemetery H34675
CharlesWoods 2 Oct 1942  Cemetery E33553
GordonWoods19222004  Marine Parade III 
ErnestWoodward Oct 194565 Cemetery E43720
GeorgeWoodward    Marine Parade II 
Susan JaneWoodward22 Aug 184811 Mar 1937  Cemetery B12018
WinWoodward    Marine Parade II 
GTWooler WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
JoanWoolford19152006  Marine Parade II 
Amelia FlorenceWoolgar 15 May 196881aka Mim. Wife of Geo WoolgarCemetery A32485
CharlesWoolgar 18 Apr 189969Son of Wm & Lucy Woolgar. Died Auckland, NZSt Leonard's H 
CharlesWoolgar4 Aug 1943 76 Cemetery E43764
Elizabeth MaryWoolgar 3 Mar 196683 Cemetery E43764
Emily LouisaWoolgar 13 Jan 193373Wife of Thos WoolgarCemetery B32176
Emily SabinaWoolgar 31 Mar 192060Wife of Wm WoolgarCemetery B32177
GeorgeWoolgar 2 Aug 194169 Cemetery A32485
JamesWoolgar Jan 186076 St Leonard's I 
LucyWoolgar 16 Feb 188183Wife of Wm WoolgarSt Leonard's H 
RoyWoolgar 17 Jan 19160Son of Geo & Amelia WoolgarCemetery A32485
SarahWoolgar 29 Sep 191486Wife of Wm WoolgarSt Leonard's H 
ThomasWoolgar 10 Mar 192162 Cemetery B32176
Violet SabinaWoolgar 18 Oct 1953 Dtr of Wm & Sabina WoolgarCemetery B32177
WilliamWoolgar 27 Nov 190181 St Leonard's H 
WilliamWoolgar 16 Mar 187090 St Leonard's H 
WilliamWoolgar 11 Oct 193883 Cemetery B32177
Theresa MaryWoolley19132001  St Thomas More 
Joseph EWorth 4 Feb 1919 Canadian Forestry CorpsCemetery C6719
RWorthington 27 Nov 1915  Cemetery A42676
WilliamWren 7 Jul 1950  Cemetery C4506
AlfredWright 21 Apr 194167ReverendCemetery C6754-756
Bessie LilianWright 10 Nov 1950 Wife of Wm Stanley WrightCemetery F23896
DianaWright 5 Mar 194868 Cemetery E53823
PeterWright 18 Oct 184338Son of Peter Wright of Marks TaySt Leonard's G 
RuthWright 25 Aug 194090 Cemetery C6754-756
ElizaWyatt12 May 185218 Jun 1925  Cemetery A22334
PWykes WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
AlbertWynne 12 Oct 1977  St Leonard's H 
ElizabethWynne 15 Nov 1963  St Leonard's H 
Hilda CuthbertWynne 23 Apr 1962  St Leonard's H 
Margaret OsmondWynneNov 19287 Dec 1957  Cemetery G44043
Annie LaurieWynniatt née Ade 20 Oct 194885Dtr of Thos AdeCemetery C4445
Emma JaneWynniatt19731991 Granddaughter of Gordon & Eliz WynniattCemetery C5653
GordonWynniatt 28 Jun 198083 Cemetery C5653
JackWynniatt 28 Apr 198081 Cemetery C2205
ElizabethWynniatt née Kelly18971975 Wife of Gordon WynniattCemetery C5653
Annie HepbzibahWynter 7 Feb 18501 St Leonard's E 
Arthur GeorgeWynter 12 Sep 18510 St Leonard's E 
Cedric WalterWynter 26 Sep 19253- Cemetery B32312
ECWynter WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Edward CharlesWynter 5 Feb 191619? Son of Walter & Muriel WynterCemetery B32178
ElizaWynter 30 Jul 187012 St Leonard's E 
Elsie MaryWynter 4 Apr 198289 Cemetery C1132
Muriel GraceWynter18701946 Wife of Walter WynterCemetery B32178
Walter RobertWynter18681938  Cemetery B32178

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