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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
Cephas HectorAbbott 18 Mar 191929Canadian EngineersCemetery C5646
PCGAcworth WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Elizabeth ShawAdami 17 Jul 196596 St Peter's 
CharlesAdams15 Dec 194294Cemetery C8859
ElizabethAdams18 Sep 1941aka LilyCemetery C8840
Emily FrancesAdams-7 Jun 194894Wife of Chas AdamsCemetery C8859
Evelyn PeggyAdams née Ellson19072001 Dtr of Geo & Frances EllsonCemetery C4415
KateAdams14 Jan 194489Cemetery C8840
LouisaAdams14 Jan 1932Cemetery C8840
Louisa MaudeAdams 11 Sep 195751 Cemetery G44039
Nellie FMAdams19172005 aka MayCemetery G54152
Robert CharlesAdams 1945  Cemetery E33457
VickyAdams 1938  Cemetery E33457
William HollowayAdams 15 Apr 1918427th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42971
William JAdams19121986  Cemetery G54152
StevenAdamsky 11 Feb 191921Can Forestry CorpsCemetery B42923
MartinAdamson19612003  Seaford Head 
GAde 4 Aug 193424aka Ben. Son of Gregory CanfieldCemetery A42727
GregoryAde 18 Apr 192765 Cemetery A42727
JesseAde 4 Oct 19044Son of Thos & Mary AdeCemetery C163
JudithAde 1 Feb 192665 Cemetery A42729
Mary AnnAde 25 May 189876Wife of Thos AdeSt Peter's 
ThomasAde 6 Apr 188330 St Peter's 
ThomasAde 7 Jun 188765Father of Thos AdeSt Peter's 
Edith AliceAdley 10 Jun 1936  Cemetery E23407
Michael HAgnew WWII  King's Mead 
D DominiqueAhelo 23 Feb 1919 Canadian EngineersCemetery C6721
AndrewAinsworth20 May 6431 Mar 1901  St Thomas More 
BSAkehurst World War II  Seaford War Memorial 
Algernon FredericAkhurst 28 Mar 197272 Cemetery F24379
Gladys EleanoraAkhurst 14 Nov 2000102 Cemetery F24379
GeorgeAlce Feb 189271 St Peter's 
JamesAlce 10 Sep 187574 St Peter's 
JohnAlce 20 Aug 189078 St Peter's 
MariaAlce 12 Aug 188661Wife of George AlceSt Peter's 
JohnAldred 11 Jan 188139Farrier MajorSt Peter's 
Alfred CAlexander 13 Jun 1924  Cemetery B22080
H JohnAlexander 4 Nov 1918 Canadian EngineersCemetery C5634
KateAlexander 28 May 1931 Widow of Alfred AlexanderCemetery B22080
William Adrian GordonAlexander 5 Mar 1937  Cemetery E23374
Joyce EAllan19222009  Cemetery H34674
Leslie FGAllan19191981  Cemetery H34674
Thomas WardAllan18 May 18887 Aug 1951  Cemetery C6779-781
Zoe HelenAllan23 Feb 189224 Feb 1966  Cemetery C6779-781
FrancisAllanson 14 Jun 1912  Cemetery C6744
GeoffAllaway19232006  Bönningstedt Promenade 
GlenysAllaway19282008  Bönningstedt Promenade 
AugustusAllen 14 Oct 195972 Cemetery G64203
Bertram CowlesAllen29 Nov 187511 Feb 1957Rear Admiral, KCBCemetery C8887
BerylAllen19102003 Wife of Wm Terence AllenCemetery F23998
Caroline JuliaAllen 22 Jul 1955 Wife of Samuel AllenCemetery D3224
Charlotte LawrenceAllen 25 Mar 1938 Wife of Geo Alf AllenCemetery C18
Edith MaryAllen22 Feb 188517 Jan 1971Wife of Sir Bertram AllenCemetery C8887
Ethel MaryAllen 28 Jul 1962  Cemetery C2268
George AlfredAllen 2 Nov 195886 Cemetery C18
Henry FarnellAllen 16 Oct 1985  St Leonard's A 
JessieAllen 25 Dec 193977 Cemetery E23304
KateAllen 28 Aug 1976 Wife of Augustus AllenCemetery G64203
MinnieAllen 30 Nov 193570 Cemetery E23304
Richard JohnAllen19111975  St Leonard's H 
Samuel CarsonAllen 12 Jan 1937 Son of David AllenCemetery D3224
Walter GeorgeAllen 1 Feb 197982Brother of Maud E GoodchildCemetery G74340
WilliamAllen1 Jun 188728 May 19??  Cemetery C2268
WilliamAllen 26 Oct 190940 Cemetery A32584
William TerenceAllen19031964  Cemetery F23998
Charles JohnAllery19081954  Cemetery E33441
VioletAllery19061981  Cemetery E33441
CatherineAllfree 19 Jan 189793Died in Kent. Wife of Nicholas Robelliard & Geo AllfreeSt Leonard's E 
GeorgeAllfree 19 Jan 188280 St Leonard's E 
GeorgeAlfree 19 Jan 188280 St Leonard’s KK10
CharlotteAllfrey 1 Aug 184674 St Leonard’s KK43
FannyAllfrey 30 Mar 183366 St Leonard’s KK43
SarahAllfrey 12 Dec 183754 St Leonard’s KK43
LionelAllibone19091986  Marine Parade II 
RoseAllibone19102001  Marine Parade II 
EveAllix    Marine Parade III 
PaulAllix    Marine Parade III 
DorothyAllott 31 Jul 197272Wife of Reginald AllottCemetery C3407
Reginald WAllott 4 Sep 197078 Cemetery C3407
AnnAllwork    St Leonard's F 
ElizabethAllwork   Wife of Henry AllworkSt Leonard's F 
ErnestAllwork 3 Sep 189748 St Leonard's F 
HarrietAllwork 2 Mar 182123Wife of Jas AllworkSt Leonard's C 
HenryAllwork Feb 184750 St Leonard's F 
JamesAllwork 12 May 181126 St Leonard's F 
JaneAllwork née Simmons 9 Aug 186967Wife of Thos AllworkSt Leonard's C 
JohnAllwork 31 May 183036Son of Thos AllworkSt Leonard's C 
MaryAllwork 25 Jul 181250Wife of Thos AllworkSt Leonard's C 
MaryAllwork 23 Dec 186769Wife of Thos AllworkSt Leonard's D 
MaryAllwork Feb 1881  St Leonard's D 
ThomasAllwork 9 May 184657 St Leonard's D 
AlfredAmes19 Aug 185313 Feb 1941  Cemetery E23372
Millicent OraAmes9 Apr 186119 Dec 1936  Cemetery E23372
DorothyAnderson25 Jun 18975 Sep 1953  Cemetery F13589
Dorothy BessieAnderson19201997 Wife of John AndersonCemetery H34741
ElizabethAnderson 6 Dec 197379 Cemetery H24610
GraceAnderson18651954 Sister of Marion & Jennet AndersonCemetery C4453
JennetAnderson18711946 Sister of Marion & Grace AndersonCemetery C4453
JessieAnderson 8 Nov 197981Sister of Eliz AndersonCemetery H24610
JohnAnderson19211979  Cemetery H34741
Kenneth CuznirAnderson 1 Jun 1941 HMS Calcutta. Son of Wm AndersonCemetery F13656
LilianAnderson 13 Jan 1950  Cemetery E53859
MarionAnderson18641950 Sister of Jennet & Grace AndersonCemetery C4453
MartinAnderson 6 Jul 1919 Can Army Service CorpsCemetery B43006
MaudeAnderson18871965  St Peter's 
SpencerAnderson14 Apr 1327 Feb 1979  Cemetery H24575
William JAnderson 30 Aug 1955  Cemetery F13656
EileenAndrew28 Dec 2114 Jan 1911  St Peter's 
Frank GAndrew16 Jan 189411 Dec 1957  Cemetery F13678
Frank RGAndrew1 Jul 18855 Dec 1920  Cemetery A22341
MabelAndrew11 Mar 189914 Jul 1991 Wife of Frank AndrewCemetery F13678
Amy Diana FrancesAndrews 15 Feb 196887Wife of Henry A AndrewsCemetery C4416
BarrieAndrews11 Nov 193610 Apr 2011  Cemetery TreeTrees
Cecil FrancesAndrews 30 Jan 195243 Cemetery C4416
Hannah MargaretAndrews 11 Oct 194982 Cemetery C4416
Henry ArthurAndrews 2 Sep 195280 Cemetery C4416
JAndrews World War II JessieSeaford War Memorial 
JAndrews 25 Oct 1942 Jessie Gamon AndrewsOther War Memorials 
JessieAndrews 25 Oct 1942  Cemetery E43687
JohnAndrews 6 Mar 186159 St Leonard's J 
Mary AnnAndrews Apr 188178Wife of John AndrewsSt Leonard's J 
Maud EvelynAndrews 5 Nov 196184 Cemetery G44007
Albert George EdwardAnn19211998  Cemetery I24851
David GeorgeAnn19562013 Son of Albert & Gladys AnnCemetery I24851
Gladys CharlotteAnn19181995 Wife of Albert AnnCemetery I24851
FAnstey   see GuthrieSt Peter's 
Herbert JamesAnthony 29 May 191935Canadian EngineersCemetery B42973
Philippa SusanAntrobus18 Jan 19656 Jul 1991  Cemetery I24876
Robert DArbuthnot 1939 1945 KtKing's Mead 
CharlesArchard 23 Mar 1948  Cemetery A52911
Hugh DouglasArchard 1915 Son of Chas ArchardCemetery A52911
AGArcher World War II  Seaford War Memorial 
Alfred GermanArcher6 Dec 187115 Jul 1935 Cricketer c 1898-1903Cemetery B22112
ArthurArdis 27 Jul 191835Canadian EngineersCemetery B43009
Amy JessieArmitage 16 Jan 1949 Wife of Chas ArmitageCemetery E33450
Charles LlewellynArmitage 4 Aug 1938  Cemetery E33450
Edith ASArmson18721965  St Leonard's G 
Florence EArmson19112005  St Leonard's G 
George Frederick HerbertArmson19101971  St Leonard's G 
George HarryArmson1876Apr 195678 St Leonard's G 
John LArno18 Oct 193025 Jul 2003  Marine Parade I 
AnnArnold 28 Mar 195382 Cemetery C4425
Elsie MaryArnold20 Jan 188227 Jun 1956 aka BabsCemetery F13658
HughArnold 3 Oct 194881 Cemetery C4425
Lucy CarruthersArrowsmith 5 Jan 195271Wife of Richard ArrowsmithCemetery C3325
RichardArrowsmith 12 Oct 193657 Cemetery C3325
Kathleen Dorothy LilianArter 17 Apr 2008,85 Cemetery E54388
Reginald Francis WilliamArter 29 Aug 197264 Cemetery E54388
Amelia ChaundyAshby née Green 10 Dec 1940 Wife of Bernard G Ashby. Dtr of Edwin & Susanna GreenCemetery C4521
SamuelAshby 13 Feb 1916507/10 Battalion The Border RegtCemetery B43044
Edith EllenAshenden 8 May 195787Wife of Henry AshendenCemetery C2143
EileenAshenden19292010  The Salts 
HenryAshenden 5 Oct 193667 Cemetery C2143
EthelAshton 31 May 1970  Cemetery E44450
HesterAspinall 20 Feb 192566aka Hessie. Wife of HHH AspinallCemetery D3197
John VernueAspinall 30 Jun 197886 Cemetery H34762
MaudAspinall 19 Sep 197878Wife of John AspinallCemetery H34762
EstherAtkin 15 Apr 180731Wife of George AtkinSt Leonard's KK45
James SimmonsAtkinson 9 Nov 185252Son of Jas & Eliz SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
James SimmonsAtkinson 9 Nov 185252Brother of Rbt & Henry SimmonsSt Leonard's KK53
Louie AnnieAtkinson Dec 1972  Cemetery E54405
Molly EvelynAtkinson Jun 1910  Cemetery E54405
Sheelah MaryAtkinson 25 Mar 1958  Cemetery G31151
FrederickAtley 16 Nov 1918 19th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43049
Thomas AlbertAttwood16 May 2520 May 1984  Cemetery H24548
AnnieAucock 29 Mar 195476 Cemetery B32171
Charles HenryAucock 31 Mar 195584 Cemetery B32170
Charles HenryAucock 29 Oct 192787 Cemetery B32171
ElizabethAucock 24 Apr 193562Wife of Chas Henry AucockCemetery B32170
SarahAucock 29 Oct 193894Wife of Chas Henry AucockCemetery B32171
William RussellAustin 17 Jul 197554 Cemetery H24590
BarbaraAuwkit 7 Jul 1988  Cemetery I14800
Edward CTAvann19031993  Cemetery I24853
Paddy JMAvann19212011 Wife of Ed CT PayneCemetery I24853
Elizabeth CarolineAvery 24 Mar 194472 Cemetery E43797
Daisy KateAvery Fowler18941950 Wife of Jas Avery FowlerCemetery E53832-3
James AylwinAvery Fowler18851948  Cemetery E53832-3
MargaretAwkit19152002 Aka RayCemetery E33517
William AlfredAwkit19128 Nov 198775 Cemetery E33517
LarryAxelton25 Jul 193419 Jul 2009  Bönningstedt Promenade 
SarahAxelton2 Apr 192615 Sep 2003  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Edith EmilyAxford 19 Jun 196749Wife of Geo Ed AxfordCemetery G74257
GeorgeAxford 5 Mar 195059 Cemetery E53861
Marie VictoriaAxford 5 Aug 195454 Cemetery F13609
AnnieAyley 19 Feb 197591Wife of Wm Thos AyleyCemetery C3339
William ThomasAyley 4 Nov 193551 Cemetery C3339
HRAyling 13 Nov 1918216th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43028
Edith HelenaAylott 24 Oct 195374Wife of James H AylottCemetery C4437
James HalthareAylott 28 Mar 194576 Cemetery C4437
Phyllis MarjorieAylott19021970 Wife of Wm Roy AylottCemetery C3372
Victor GordonAylott 17 Jan 194128Son of Jas & Edith AylottCemetery C4437
William RoyAylott19061997 Reverend; father of Roger & Adrian AylottCemetery C3372
Reginald JohnAyers 25 Jun 196666KBECemetery G74295
Rosalie ElizabethAyres 11 Oct 198286Wife of Reginald AyersCemetery G74295
Arthur JohnAyres 22 Jan 195887 Cemetery E23419
JaneAyres 7 Jan 193665Wife of Arthur John AyresCemetery E23419

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