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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
Margaret LearmonthLaborde10 Jan 186121 Aug 1916  Cemetery B32287
Edith AliceLaing Jan 2001 Wife of John LaingCemetery C7794
John MagnusLaing   RectorSt Peter's 
John MagnusLaing Mar 1949 RectorCemetery C7794
Reginald HubertLaing 19 Jan 191620British West Indies RegtCemetery B43019
EthelLamacraft18891969  St Leonard’s KCD
HannahLamb 12 Nov 191170 Cemetery C3328
ClareLambe18931973  St Leonard's H 
ElizabethLambe31 Oct 18683 Nov 1868  St Peter's 
Harriet GayerLambe12 Dec 186525 Feb 1908 Wife of Wm LambeSt Peter's 
Mary ElizabethLambe7 Aug 18722 Aug 1914 See Gregory-SmithSt Peter's 
RobertLambe20 May 184219 Sep 1922  St Peter's 
WilliamLambe1 Apr 186727 Oct 1920  St Peter's 
Elizabeth SarahLambe née Shoosmith30 Nov 184523 July 1931  St Peter's 
Alice MaudLambert 21 May 195275 Cemetery F23959
AnnieLambert 3 Oct 193665Wife of Fred Wm LambertCemetery E13297
Annie MildredLambert19021978 Wife of Chas LambertCemetery H24630
BarbaraLambert 28 Apr 1980  Cemetery G2959
Charles RALambert19011983  Cemetery H24630
DELambert19111976  Cemetery E13297
FredLambert Jan 1962  Cemetery E13250
Frederick WilliamLambert 12 Oct 193265 Cemetery E13297
IsabellaLambert25 Apr 190019 Jan 1981  Cemetery H34672
JesseLambert5 Sep 189121 Dec 1984  Cemetery H34672
KathLambert22 Feb 19333 Apr 2012  Bönningstedt Promenade 
MollyLambert5 Oct 190220 Dec 1967  Cemetery G2996
PALambert19091999  Cemetery E13297
PercLambert19322004  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Ronald KennethLambert12 Jun 19124 Aug 1974  Cemetery E44469
JohnLammin    Marine Parade III 
JoyceLammin    Marine Parade III 
Barbara GibsonLance 6 Feb 197282Wife of Fred LanceCemetery F13676
FrederickLance 24 Jan 196172 Cemetery F13676
GraceLand1 Nov 1971Cemetery C8890
Frederick PLane 24 Dec 1918 43rd Bn. Canadian InfantryCemetery C5638
JohannaLane 21 Mar 191663Sister of Mary LaneCemetery B32301
LilyLane 24 Feb 1969 Wife of Thos Lane. Sister of Gertrude RowsellCemetery A42746-7
MaryLane 21 Feb 191866Sister of Johanna LaneCemetery B32301
Thomas ReynellLane 3 Feb 1959 aka TommieCemetery A42746-7
GeorgeLang18571937  Cemetery C183
ILang WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
KateLang18551900 Wife of Geo LangCemetery C183
LLang WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
Albert EdwardLangdon Dec-7083 Cemetery F13594
Elizabeth MargaretLangdon Jan-54 Wife of Albert LangdonCemetery F13594
GuyLangdon    Cemetery G64167
LloydLangdon 25 Jun 193269 Cemetery B43104
Henry WestbrookLangmead 28 Oct 188948 St Leonard's A 
AlbertLangridge19001934  Cemetery E23330
DorisLangridge 9 Dec 195456 Cemetery F13620
ElsieLangridge 196479 Cemetery C2158
Kevin JohnLangridge 2 Mar 1973  Cemetery A52836
LouisaLangridge 9 Jan 195475 Cemetery F13562
MargueriteLangridge19222005  Bönningstedt Promenade 
MickLangridge19242005  Marine Parade II 
Thomas WilliamLangridge 14 Oct 195880 Cemetery F13562
WTLangridge WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Audrey DorisLangrish30 Nov 19288 May 1985  Cemetery C2262
Martha JanetLara 13 Jun 197192Wife of PL LaraCemetery C4423
Percy LeslieLara 3 Dec 195083 Cemetery C4423
Caroline ElizabethLarge 12 Jul 194176Wife of Jos LargeCemetery A32582
Joseph WilliamLarge 8 May 191549 Cemetery A32582
MillieLark 9 Aug 1945  Cemetery E43798
ALarkin WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
ALarkin WWI  WWI Memorial 
EthelLarkin 4 Jun 196989Sister of Muriel GoodeCemetery C7795
JaneLarkin18951938  Cemetery E33469
ALarkins WWI Foresters - RNVROther War Memorials 
CLarsen 16 Feb 1919 Can Forestry CorpsCemetery B42932
UELarsen WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Richard MarkLascelles 15 Sep 191721Died in France. Nephew of Lucy SpoonerCemetery B32270
Thomas SpoonerLascelles18911960 Interred FinchleyCemetery B32270
ErnestLatey 3 Nov 189418Son of John & Constance LateySt Leonard's A 
Anna LinnetteLatham 1 Jan 190146Dtr of John & Louisa LathamCemetery C4526
Bessie SaundersLatham 20 Apr 1963 Wife of Chas LathamCemetery A42633
Charles Frederick GraftonLatham 31 Dec 1925  Cemetery A42633
LouisaLatham 27 May 191490Wife of John LathamCemetery C4525
Louis David WilfredLavallee 10 Feb 191826Canadian EngineersCemetery C6740
FrankLaverty20 Mar 202826 Jul 2007  St Thomas More 
PatLaverty7 Dec 202922 Sep 1997  St Thomas More 
WilliamLawlor 31 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6699
Catharine ElizabethLawrance 20 Jun 193580Wife of Rev CWA LawranceCemetery D3226
EricLawrence19172009  Claremont Road 
Garth DFLawrence19432013  Seaford Head 
IrisLawrence19211984  Claremont Road 
MTLawrence WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WLLawrence WWI  WWI Memorial 
Kate AliceLawrie 8 Apr 195286 Cemetery F23947
Lucy AliceLawson21 Dec 200994Wife of Peter LawsonCemetery C8875
Horace HLayen 16 Dec 193644 Cemetery B32285
JoanLayen19172006  Cemetery B32285
KenLayen19181999  Cemetery B32285
Mabel GertrudeLayen 27 Nov 191825Wife of Horace H LayenCemetery B32285
John HamiltonLayton 16 Jan 1956  St Peter's 
BeatriceLea 18 May 195872Wife of Leslie LeaSt Leonard's A 
BessieLea 5 Dec 193285Wife of Edmund LeaSt Leonard's A 
Edmund GillamLea 16 Jul 189755 St Leonard's A 
HTLea WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HTLea WWI  WWI Memorial 
Leslie HarodLea 26 Oct 195668Son of Edmund & Bessie LeaSt Leonard's A 
Elise AliceLeach Jun 1975  Cemetery G2941
James BLeacy 2 Jun 191832Canadian EngineersCemetery C5579
ElizabethLeamon 7 Jul 186878Wife of Thos LeamonSt Leonard's F 
SusannahLeamon 3 Nov 185741Dtr of Thos & Eliz LeamonSt Leonard's F 
ThomasLeamon 6 Aug 186271 St Leonard's F 
Thomas PowellLeamon 1 Dec 186536Son of Thos & Eliz Leamon. Died at sea, buried MadrasSt Leonard's F 
Sybil LeahLebeter4 Jun 19043 Feb 1974  Cemetery E54413
Leslie StuartLee 11 Jun 192333Died SW AfricaCemetery B22066
ALeeke WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
WilliamLeeman 7 Feb 1918 236th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5596
John BerchmansLefebvre 20 Nov 1926 PriestCemetery C6768
Constance VioletLefrere 10 Nov 1973  Cemetery C114
Walter John HenryLegon 18 Nov 1915  Cemetery A42678
Elizabeth McAulayLeitch 19 Aug 194787aka LallieCemetery E53864
JeanneLemoine18811962 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6776
John GordonLeonard 13 Feb 1919236th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42963
WalterLeonard 4 Nov 191824Son of Geo & Rosa MatthewsCemetery E13265
JohnLepper18921969  St Leonard’s KCD
Ernest LLe Roi 28 Jan 1933  Cemetery C6725
Dora ElinorL'Estrange18741950  Cemetery C4465
John RLLester25 Sep 192122 Mar 1992  Cemetery I24843
KathleenLester12 Jun 192328 Jan 2002 Wife of JRL LesterCemetery I24843
AlbertLever 3 Feb 195459Interred at BoltonCemetery B12012
EdwardLever19011982  Cemetery C17
LetitiaLever   Wife of Ed LeverCemetery C17
Margaret ELever 28 Oct 194549Wife of Albert LeverCemetery B12012
ElisabethLeverenz    Marine Parade II 
WernerLeverenz    Marine Parade II 
LilianLevinson 7 May 195569 Cemetery C19
CLevitt WWI  WWI Memorial 
GCLevitt WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
GeorgeLevitt   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
JeremiahLewes May 186382 St Leonard's H 
RebeccaLewes Feb 186467Wife of Jeremiah LewesSt Leonard's H 
PatriciaLewindon8 Jul 19304 Mar 2001  St Thomas More 
ElizabethLewis 2 Oct 185377 St Peter's 
GeorgeLewis 5 Feb 191683 St Leonard's D 
George AddisonLewis 2 Sep 194026Royal EngineersCemetery E5W07
JohnLewis 8 Dec 184376RectorSt Peter's 
Mary AnnLewis 22 Jul 189556Wife of Geo LewisSt Leonard's D 
Percy John TonsonLewis 28 Oct 1910 Son of Richard Hull LewisCemetery B32306
RolandLewis18881970  Cemetery F24368
RolandLewis18881970  Seaford Cemetery 
Ruby WinifredLewis19081975  Cemetery F24368
Ruby WinifredLewis19081973  Seaford Cemetery 
JeanLewry19322007  Pelham Road 
RebeccaLewry 6 Dec 1987  Cemetery D3202a
Eugene JeanLibeaud20 Sep 187414 Apr 1932  Cemetery B43120
 Lightning Strike 30 Dec 1899 Church Deliverance plaqueSt Peter's 
Amelia ElizabethLincoln 7 May 197273Wife of Chas LincolnSt Leonard's H 
Bryan VernonLincoln 12 Nov 197345 St Leonard's H 
Charles BryanLincoln 18 Jan 196876 St Leonard's H 
Melanie MargaretLind 31 May 197088 Cemetery G2935
John WilliamLindsay 10 Nov 193478 Cemetery B22130
Lizzie PriscillaLindsay 21 Feb 194383Wife of John Wm LindsayCemetery B22130
CharlotteLister18591942 Wife of Septimus ListerCemetery E33556-57
Septimus RaynerLister18681954  Cemetery E33556-57
Thomas JosephLister14 Mar 191725 Aug 1985  Cemetery C5656-657
Winifred MavisLister née Gorringe18 Mar 190111 Apr 2010 Wife of Thos ListerCemetery C5656-657
ElizaLloyd 15 Feb 191970Wife of Geo LloydCemetery A32483
Frances BeatriceLock2 May 189517 Mar 1972  Cemetery A32554-6
KathleenLock7 Mar 188910 May 1955  Cemetery F13648
AnnLocke 27 Dec 193781 Cemetery C3359
WilliamLocke 14 Jan 193180 Cemetery C3359
AnnieLockington 15 Feb 1934 Wife of Arthur LockingtonCemetery B22107
ArthurLockington 4 Feb 194985 Cemetery B22107
Frederick RobertLockwood 8 Jan 198382 Cemetery H34772
Ivy AliceLockwood 12 Apr 198176Wife of Fred LockwoodCemetery H34772
Dorothy MaryLogan 15 May 199784Wife of Michael P LoganCemetery G2945
Eileen MaudLogan 22 Feb 2014101 Cemetery G2987
Florence AliceLogan 18 Aug 195983Known as TossCemetery C3298
Michael PatrickLogan 17 Nov 197582 Cemetery G2945
ThomasLogan Aug 1978  Cemetery G2987
GALomas WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
GALomas WWI  WWI Memorial 
KennethLondon19171982  High and Over 
MarjorieLondon19132003 Wife of Kenneth LondonHigh and Over 
DorothyLong 25 Sep 193959Wife of Henry LongCemetery E23308
HenryLong 26 Jun 193466 Cemetery E23308
DonaldLongman19221984  St Thomas More 
JMLooker WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Gladys MaryLopez 3 Feb 195965 Cemetery G31153
AnnLory (or Lowry) 11 Jun 18343Dtr of Wm & Ann LowrySt Leonard's E 
Henry CoulsonLory (or Lowry) 30 May 18342Son of Wm & Ann LowrySt Leonard's E 
Carlo VittorioLosasso10 Jul 18931 Sep 1949  Cemetery E53885
Carsten WandangeLoughi 27 Oct 1918 52nd Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43002
CharlesLovekin18771946  Cemetery C4490
Ivy MurielLovekin19041983  Cemetery C4490
Rosa AnneLovekin18701944  Cemetery C4490
RonaldLovelace 8 Aug 197768 Cemetery H24572
Marjorie IreneLowe19121999  Cemetery I14806
Ellen MLowen née Gough 16 May 1911 Sister of EJ GoughCemetery B32232
Ellen MLowen 16 May 1911  St Leonard’s KCD
AnneLower18821969  Cemetery F24367
Barbara BeatriceLower née Bernthal19262002 Wife of Richard LowerCemetery G64197
CharlesLower18951969  Cemetery F24367
CharlotteLower18361917  Cemetery B32273
EJLower WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
EJLower WWI  WWI Memorial 
Ethel AliceLower 5 May 1964 Wife of Harold LowerCemetery G54085
GeorgeLower Jul 188?  St Leonard's E 
GeorgeLower Jul 188262 St Leonard's F 
GeorgeLower18871959  Cemetery A52759
HaroldLower 2 Apr 1966  Cemetery G54085
HarriottLower 19 Oct 189776Dtr of Jas & Mary LowerSt Leonard's E 
JamesLower 19 May 183470 St Leonard's E 
JamesLower18671930  Cemetery B32273
JaneLower 16 Sep 190880Wife of John Wm LowerCemetery C185
John CharlesLower WWII 210 Coy, REOther War Memorials 
John WilliamLower 16 Jul 190474 Cemetery C185
KateLower18861929 Wife of Geo LowerCemetery A52759
LGLower WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
LucyLower 6 Jun 187252Wife of Geo LowerSt Leonard's E 
LucyLower 6 Jun 187252Wife of Geo LowerSt Leonard's F 
MaryLower 26 Jan 186768Wife of Jas LowerSt Leonard's E 
NessLower18681941  Cemetery B32273
RichardLower 13 Jun 1978  Cemetery G64197
Richard CharlesLower23 Nov 194225 Nov 1963  Cemetery G54128
RWLower WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
RWLower WWI  WWI Memorial 
Roy WilliamLower 2 Aug 191725Killed in France. Son of John Wm & Jane LowerCemetery C184
WilliamLower 26 Feb 190229Son of John Wm & Jane LowerCemetery C184
AnnieLowes    The Salts 
BillLowes    The Salts 
Roland JohnLowles 28 Jun 193916 Cemetery E33479
FrederickLownds18961969  St Leonard’s KCD
FrederickLownds 12 Nov 196872ClergymanCemetery G44012
Margaret ChristineLownds 7 May 196475Wife of Fred LowndsCemetery G44012
JosephLowthian 1 Nov 193570 Cemetery B22153
Mary BlaylockLowthian 9 May 193576Wife of Jos LowthianCemetery B22153
Alfred BasilLubbock 3 Sep 1944  Cemetery C3286
Dorothy MayLubbock 15 Nov 1944 Wife of Alf Basil LubbockCemetery C3286
AnnieLucas 24 Jun 1956 Wife of Fred LucasCemetery F13661
ArthurLucas1883 14 Dec 1966  Cemetery G74300
ArthurLucas 1 Jul 199569 Cemetery H24538
Edith MaryLucas189320 Dec 1968 Wife of Arthur LucasCemetery G74300
ElizabethLucas 12 Dec 196990 Cemetery G44078
EmmaLucas 29 Jun 196887Wife of Wm Henry LucasCemetery B22120
FrederickLucas 30 Nov 1960  Cemetery F13661
Henry John AnsellLucas 1 May 195069 Cemetery C4459
JMLucas WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Louis FrederickLucas 10 Apr 195451 Cemetery G31146
MaryLucas 20 Nov 199490Wife of Louis F LucasCemetery G31146
PeterLucas 6 Apr 1942  Cemetery A32463
Richard IanLucas 12 Oct 19790 Cemetery H24538
RosieLucas 14 Nov 1960  Cemetery C4459
William HenryLucas 7 Mar 193770 Cemetery B22120
LELuke 16 May 1918 1st Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42989
TomLumley19332003  Marine Parade II 
Frederick Baden-PowellLumsden 31 Jul 1971  St Leonard's H 
GilbertLyall18651949  Cemetery E53890
TLymer 25 Oct 1914  Cemetery A42657
John HenryLynas12 Dec 185824 Mar 1938  Cemetery C3324
Winifred MargueriteLynas2 Oct 188511 Oct 1942  Cemetery C3324
AlbertLynn 15 Jul 192980 Cemetery E13248
Elizabeth RachelLynn 3 Apr 193079Wife of Albert LynnCemetery E13248
Elizabeth MaryLyster19182003  St Thomas More 

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