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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
TerenceEade19 Nov 19393 Jun 1997  Cemetery I35114
FrankEady 30 Jan 190952 Cemetery B32325-26
IdaEady 12 May 191654Wife of Frank EadyCemetery B32325-26
Albert HenryEarl 23 Jun 193272 Cemetery A42640
Albert NormanEarl 22 Jul 191634 Cemetery A42641
Alice CharlotteEarl 4 Sep 191838Wife of Albert N EarlCemetery A42641
ANEarl WWI  Seaford War Memorial
ANEarl WWI  WWI Memorial
ANEarl WWI Foresters - RHSOther War Memorials
DEarl WWI  Seaford War Memorial
DEarl WWI  WWI Memorial
DEarl WWI Foresters - Sussex FREOther War Memorials
David StreetEarl 12 Jan 191541 Cemetery A42644
EleanorEarl18851974  Cemetery G44054
Frederick StewardEarl 29 Sep 194957 Cemetery A32458
GEarl WWI  WWI Memorial
HenryEarl 3 Nov 180080 St Leonard's H
JohnEarl188?1958  Cemetery G44054
Louisa AnnEarl 21 Sep 191756Wife of Albert H EarlCemetery A42640
MinnieEarl18971968 Wife of Fred EarlCemetery A32458
Offington WilliamEarl 16 Jun 197371Son of David EarlCemetery A42644
PatEarl   Wife of Paul EarlSeaford Cemetery 
PatriciaEarl19372005 Wife of Paul EarlCemetery A32458
PaulEarl    Seaford Cemetery 
PaulEarl19281996  Cemetery A32458
PeterEarl    Seaford Cemetery 
RobertEarl 19670 Cemetery A32458
RSEarl WWII  Seaford War Memorial
SarahEarl ? See memorial footnotesSt Leonard's I
Albert EdwardEarp 24 Mar 193858 Cemetery D3229
Frank WilliamEaster 10 Feb 197083 Cemetery C12
May Emily SusanEaster 25 Oct 197784Wife of Frank Wm EasterCemetery C12
Peter FrederickEasterbrook 9 Nov 19200 Cemetery A32472
Richard FrederickEasterbrook 2 Oct 19190 Cemetery A32472
EmilyEastwood 7 Mar 1940  Cemetery B22118
Emily AnneEastwood 26 Jun 192388Wife of Wm EastwoodSt Leonard's J
HEastwood WWI  Seaford War Memorial
HEastwood WWI  WWI Memorial
HaroldEastwood 19 Jul 191718Son of Wm Ed & Edith Caroline EastwoodSt Leonard's K
WilliamEastwood 9 Nov 189184 St Leonard's J
Denis GeorgeEatwell21 Feb 192116 Apr 2008  Cemetery C7804a
Teresa GriffinEatwell9 Dec 19229 Feb 2015  Cemetery C7804a
Eliza AnnEbbels 25 Sep 189840 Cemetery A22440
Emily MaryEbbels 2 Mar 192878Sister of Margaret EbbelsCemetery A52909
Margaret ElizaEbbels26 Aug 185322 Mar 1920 Sister of Emily EbbelsCemetery A52909
ElizabethEccles    Marine Parade III
JosephEccles    Marine Parade III
FrankEdward19081982  Marine Parade I
SREdward WWII  Seaford War Memorial
AnneEdwards 22 Feb 188454 St Leonard's B
DoreenEdwards19362008  Seaford Head
Ernest HenryEdwards 8 Aug 1965  Cemetery C4505
Evelyn ConstanceEdwards 15 Jan 198981 Cemetery F23992
John WilliamEdwards 1 Jul 193066 Cemetery B43093
Josephina MariaEdwards 1 Jun 199188Wife of Stanley EdwardsCemetery C13
NormanEdwards 27 Jan 198991 Cemetery F23992
RuthEdwards 14 Oct 1948100 Cemetery C4505
Peggy MAEdwards13 Mar 193014 Jul 1988 Wife of Stan SW EdwardsCemetery I34963
Stan SWEdwards15 Apr 193027 Jun 1998  Cemetery I34963
StanleyEdwards 8 Oct 197266 Cemetery C13
William HaroldEdwards 13 Dec 196968 Cemetery F24359
Gladys MaryEgan19102001  St Leonard's G
Patrick EdwardEgan19103 Jul 196656 St Leonard's G
Henry EdwardEggleton 8 Aug 191958 Cemetery A42741
Ronald HenryEggleton 18983Son of Henry EggletonCemetery A42741
AlbertEldridge 2 Sep 192953 Cemetery E23313
JAEldridge WWII  Seaford War Memorial
JAEldridge WWII Baptist ChurchOther War Memorials
MayEldridge14 Sep 185311 May 1925  Cemetery A32589
NellieEldridgeMay 188-22 Feb 1925  Cemetery A32589
Peter EEldridge WWII  King's Mead
DorotheaElliot 16 May 197677 Cemetery G2953
AdaElliott 2 Mar 197187 St Leonard's H
Adelaide LouisaElliott Sep 1952 Wife of John ElliottCemetery A52904
Adelaide MaryElliott 4 Feb 197583Wife of Wm ElliottCemetery H24613
BertieElliott18971974 Brother of Wm ElliottCemetery A52761
ChummeyElliott 17 Oct 1987  Cemetery H24644
Edward JohnElliott 1 Apr 195857 Cemetery G44077
EdwinElliott 18 Jun 1938  Cemetery E33451
Emma MariaElliott 28 May 193877 Cemetery C2199
Frederick JamesElliott 12 Apr 193976 Cemetery C2199
GeorgeElliott 12 Dec 1932  Cemetery E13294
Gilbert Dela FosseElliott 26 Dec 199287 Cemetery I24872
Grevil CElliott WWII  King's Mead
HettyElliott19402006 Wife of Chummey ElliottCemetery H24644
Irvine JohnElliott 3 Mar 195617aka BillCemetery E53874
James ArthurElliott 19 Dec 1918226th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6698
JohnElliott Apr 1925  Cemetery A52904
LottieElliott 3 Aug 1944 Wife of Edwin ElliottCemetery E33466
MichaelElliott5 Nov 194422 Dec 1995  Cemetery I35071
WilliamElliott18991928 Brother of Bertie ElliottCemetery A52761
William ThomasElliott 14 Apr 197489 Cemetery H24613
Alf AEllis14 Oct 189830 Oct 1977  Cemetery E33504
AlfredEllis 28 Jun 193271 Cemetery C5645
BirdieEllis18801973  Cemetery H24582
Doris VEllis22 Feb 18987 Jun 1940 Wife of Alf EllisCemetery E33504
EdwardEllis 10 Jun 18291Son of Edward & Sarah EllisSt Leonard's C
FrancesEllis 4 Oct 1931  Cemetery B32206
Gwendoline VioletEllis12 Jul 192813 Oct 1978  Cemetery H34658
JohnEllis 10 Apr 18290Son of Edward & Sarah EllisSt Leonard's C
John HEllis 27 Oct 1926  Cemetery C5647
Louisa CarolineEllis 16 Sep 192555Wife of Alfred EllisCemetery C5645
RichardEllis 6 Mar 175983 St Leonard's E
Robert JohnEllis16 Jul 1902 25 Sep 1965  Cemetery G74312
SarahEllis 21 Nov 182824Wife of Edward EllisSt Leonard's C
Vera LGEllis2 Jun 190811 Sep 1991  Cemetery G74312
Frances MabelEllson 4 Nov 1967  Cemetery C4415
GeorgeEllson 29 Sep 194974 Cemetery C4415
AlfredElphick 15 Mar 188332PolicemanSt Leonard's D
GeorgeElphick 4 Oct 193555 Cemetery B43127
MaryElphick 28 Jun 193182Wife of Alf ElphickSt Leonard's D
Mary AnnElphick 7 Oct 196288 Cemetery B43127
StephenElphick 30 Sep 168972Husband of Mary, formerly MeereSt Leonard's KK54
Joan Alice MargaretElsof 26 Jun 197955Wife of Johannes ElsofCemetery H34766
JohannesElsof 29 Aug 199978 Cemetery H34766
Ernest LElson 5 Apr 1918241st Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5619
FElwin WWI Foresters - RAMCOther War Memorials
Reginald EdgarEmblem 27 Oct 19182072nd Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43030
Marie FrancesEmbleton16 Jun 193710 Sep 2010 Wife of Timothy EmbletonCemetery I35119
Timothy FitzgeraldEmbleton 9 Oct 199561 Cemetery I35119
Frederick WilliamEmere 3 Aug 197576 Cemetery H14517
HelenaEmere 9 Jan 198183 Cemetery H14517
Ian HBEngland WWII  King's Mead
Edward GEtherton19142003  Cemetery C1113
Ethelbert GeorgeEtherton18761965 JP & CouncillorCemetery C1113
MargaretEtherton19121979 Wife of Ed G EthertonCemetery C1113
Fred GeorgeEthington 19 Oct 191829Canadian EngineersCemetery B43031
AliceEvans 21 Nov 191670 Cemetery B22146
BrinkyEvans19311998  Marine Parade II
Caroline DennettEvans Sep 190286 St Leonard's G
Caroline DennettEvans 10 Sep 190286Dtr of John & Caroline EvansSt Leonard's G
Cyril Vincent MorrisEvans18921957  St Leonard's H
DilysEvans 5 Apr 198785Wife of Percival EvansCemetery H34760
Dorothy GEvans18971994  St Leonard's H
Edith Annie LydiaEvans 29 Jul 200198Wife of Reginald H EvansCemetery G74301
Edith ChadwellEvans 23 Mar 18709 St Leonard's H
EdwinEvans 5 Jun 189687 St Leonard's H
ElizabethEvans 19 Jun 192978 Cemetery B22147
Gerald (Dini)EvansOct 1971Mar 2007  Marine Parade II
Harry EdwinEvans 19 Apr 198594 Cemetery G2954
Harry HarisonEvans 12 May 192677 Cemetery B22146
HelenEvans 26 Jun 197673Wife of Harry Edwin EvansCemetery G2954
Herbert NormanEvans 12 Jan 192993 Cemetery A22359
John HarryEvans181826 Oct 1881  St Leonard's G
John WilfredEvans 23 Oct 196582 St Leonard's H
KateEvans 17 Aug 195587 Cemetery E33427
MargaretEvans19342002  Marine Parade II
Mary AnnEvans Dec 187648 St Leonard's H
Mary ElizabethEvans 27 Jul 191775Wife of Herbert EvansCemetery A22359
OEvans    St Leonard's H
Percival CadoganEvans 23 Sep 198281 Cemetery H34760
Reginald HerbertEvans 26 Dec 196665 Cemetery G74301
ThomasEvans 21 Apr 18639Son of LMS EvansSt Leonard's G
ThomasEvans 30 Mar 193869 Cemetery E33427
Violet MaryEvans18991979Sister of Gladys HerseyCemetery C8839
Frank AEve 1969  St Leonard's H
G OliveEve 1968  St Leonard's H
BarbaraEverest    Pelham Road
JackEverest    Pelham Road
Juliana MariaEverest 7 Mar 1932  Cemetery D3220
Frank WrEverett13 Apr 19334 Nov 2012  Cemetery E54387
JamesEverett19151999  St Thomas More
EllenEvershed 16 Jul 184425Dtr of John & Sarah EvershedSt Leonard's E
George DouglasEvershed 15 Nov 198087 Cemetery H24525
GuyEvershed19171996 aka TimCemetery H24525
Jessie MillicentEvershed 2 Feb 197774 Cemetery H24525
Stephen ArthurEvershed30 Sep 19515 Feb 2003  Cemetery H24525
PatriciaEwen19312005  Bönningstedt Promenade
ElizabethEwins19051993  Cemetery I35046
GEyles 17 Aug 1941  Cemetery E33521

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