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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
GWH    Seaford Head 
FlorenceHackett21 May 188120 Jun 1963  Cemetery G54118
AEHacking WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Albert AHadley-Smith20 Jul 19162 Aug 2007  Cemetery I14831
MargaretHadley-Smith9 Jun 191713 Aug 1989 Wife of Albert Hadley-SmithCemetery I14831
MargaretHadley-Smith19171989  Seaford Head 
Albert PierceHadlow 7 Jun 193983 Cemetery B12015
Annie CurtisHadlow 16 Sep 192860Wife of Albert P HadlowCemetery B12015
Thomas DavidHagarty 14 Feb 1919276th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6742
Margaret AnnHaigh18 Oct 1936Sister of Eliza Holmes; wife of Clement W HaighCemetery C8881
AnnHaine 4 Nov 183548Wife of Hugh HaineSt Leonard's F 
CharlesHaine 4 Apr 18320Son of Wm & Jane HaineSt Leonard's F 
ElizabethHaine 18??  St Leonard's F 
Elizabeth AnnHaine 10 Apr 18511Dtr of John & Eliz I HaineSt Leonard's F 
Elizabeth IvyHaine 27 Sep 186146Wife of John HaineSt Leonard's F 
HughHaine 2 Nov 187489 St Leonard's F 
JaneHaine 11 Jul 188471Wife of Wm HaineSt Leonard's F 
JohnHaine 1 Aug 181060Son of John & Sarah HaineSt Leonard's F 
JohnHaine 20 Sep 186520Son of John & Eliz I HaineSt Leonard's F 
JohnHaine 6 Aug 184091 St Leonard's F 
SarahHaine 13 Mar 182374Wife of John HaineSt Leonard's F 
SarahHaine 18??  St Leonard's F 
SusannahHaine 18??  St Leonard's F 
WilliamHaine 18 May 186454 St Leonard's F 
Alfred VictorHaines 22 May 196578 Cemetery G74338
Douglas MarshallHaines 18 Mar 198071 Cemetery G2963
MargaretHaines 6 Jul 192476Wife of Philip J HainesCemetery B42969
Margaret LouiseHaines 14 Apr 199488aka Peggy. Wife of Wm HainesCemetery I24860
Margaret PatriciaHaines 26 Oct 199376 Cemetery G2963
Philip JohnHaines 15 Feb 192449 Cemetery B42969
Violet EMHaines 31 May 197379Wife of Alf Victor HainesCemetery G74338
William EngelburttHaines 9 Oct 199691 Cemetery I24860
FGHale 15 Jan 1916  Cemetery A42675
Cecil BernardHall 4 May 196667 Cemetery G74292
ChristopherHall 1 Sep 195170 Cemetery F23928
Daisy ElizabethHall 17 Dec 195769Wife of Chris HallCemetery F23928
Doris EvelynHall19102006  St Thomas More 
Edgar MontagueHall 1 Dec 1918338th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43004
EileenHall20 Apr 192008 Apr 2011  St Thomas More 
Elizabeth LilyHall née Matthews 1 Mar 195127 Cemetery E13276
Iris SylviaHall19251979  Cemetery H34688
IvorHall21 May 192129 Apr 2000  St Thomas More 
Jane ElizabethHall 28 Feb 1960 Dtr of Thos N HallCemetery G64210
John JosephHall 21 Mar 1917373rd Can Mounted RiflesCemetery B43015
Mary HHall 10 Dec 1988  St Peter's 
Mary MargaretHall19152000  Cemetery I24866
PamHall    Seaford Head 
REHall WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Robert HHall 1 Nov 1968  St Peter's 
RoderickHall WWII  King's Mead 
Sally AngelaHall née Foster19612017 Dtr of Eunice JE FosterCemetery I34997
William ArthurHall 25 Dec 190135DrownedCemetery A32606
MarionHalliday26 Sep 189014 Apr 1971  Cemetery G21001
ElizabethHames25 Feb 183011 Jan 1902  Cemetery B32327
William StuartHamilton 6 Dec 1918226th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42983
ClaudHammerton28 Feb 187110 Apr 1946  Cemetery C4413
Louise IreneHammett7 Mar 19178 Sep 1993  St Thomas More 
Stanley OliverHammett7 Feb 191615 Mar 1994  St Thomas More 
ElizabethHammond 23 Jul 191592Wife of Nathan HammondCemetery C4523
Ellen EthelHammond 7 Apr 193867 Cemetery C4478
EthelwynHammond née Wilkinson 12 Aug 195164Dtr of Wm & Ada WilkinsonCemetery B32168-69
Eustace WHammond18531929  Cemetery C4522
Evangeline HarrietHammond 25 Jun 193881 Cemetery C4478
Lydia MariaHammond19 Sep 187621 Apr 1965  Cemetery G21015
MaryHammond18551934  Cemetery C4522
NathanHammond 30 Oct 190287 Cemetery C4523
Olive IdaHammond 6 Feb 196373Wife of Walter S HammondCemetery G64180
Elsie LilianHamper 5 Jun 195145Wife of Nathan HamperCemetery F23925
GeorgeHamper19001921 Son of Mary HamperCemetery A32482
Lilian ElizaHamper1884194459 Cemetery E43781
MaryHamper18651939  Cemetery A32482
NathanHamper 23 Jan 197370 Cemetery F23925
Olive GwendolineHampton 25 Oct 200384 Cemetery H24635
William ThomasHampton 18 Dec 197359 Cemetery H24635
Charlotte StaceyHance 23 May 193570 Cemetery C120
Percy YHance 27 Jan 195375 Cemetery C120
Cecil SturgesHand 2 Feb 1928  Cemetery B22102
Thomas Edwin GilbertHand    Seaford Head 
AleseHankinson19201923 Dtr of Jos & Edith HankinsonCemetery A32591
EdithHankinson18791975 Wife of Jos HankinsonCemetery A32591
Joseph WateHankinson18771954  Cemetery A32591
Sophie BeatriceHanning formerly Lucas 30 Mar 1996  Cemetery I35079
Frederick AngusHansford 9 Feb 191927Canadian EngineersCemetery B42962
ArthurHanson18981968  Cemetery G74344
JaneHanson18951979 Wife of Arthur HansonCemetery G74344
MaryHanson16 Jun 19184 Apr 1997  Cemetery G74345
WalterHanson22 Sep 191927 Feb 2013  Cemetery G74345
Grace MaryHaralambides19111995  Cemetery E54386
Harry CostaHaralambides19061971  Cemetery E54386
BenjaminHarbord 11 Oct 187184 St Leonard's D 
EleanorHarbord 11 Feb 186879Wife of Benjamin HarbordSt Leonard's D 
HJHarden WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HJHarden WWI  WWI Memorial 
HJHarden WWI Foresters - RFAOther War Memorials 
Eva MaryHarding 6 Nov 192235Dtr of Fred & Isabel HardingCemetery A42622-23
Frederick William MatthewHarding 27 Aug 195492 Cemetery A42622-23
HelenHarding 11 Aug 193866Wife of John P HardingCemetery C3391
John PHarding 26 Jul 194874 Cemetery C3391
Isabel AnnieHarding 15 Feb 194483Wife of Fred HardingCemetery A42622-23
RayHarding19211982  Marine Parade II 
Rosa LaviniaHarding 8 Apr 195588Second wife of JP HardingCemetery C3391
ShirleyHarding19212005  Marine Parade II 
Ernest Edward LeighHardinge 17 Dec 1918437th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43005
George RichardHardinge 1814 Lt ColonelSt Peter's 
LeononaHardness19091986  Cemetery H34682
SHHardy WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Violet LauraHarfield 31 Jul 197386 Cemetery H24634
DundasHarford18581953  St Leonard’s KCD
Sylvio MarcelHarford 11 Oct 191834Canadian EngineersCemetery C6695
PhyllisHargrave née Jefferies 28 Nov 1958 Wife of Alfred HargraveCemetery G44004
CharlotteHarison 26 Dec 185738Died Brighton. Dtr of Chas HarisonSt Leonard's G 
ElizabethHarison 31 Jan 1863 Wife of Harry HarisonSt Leonard's G 
HarryHarison 31 Mar 1847 Son of Launcelot HarisonSt Leonard's G 
Jane OrbyHarison 21 Mar 189680Wife of Orby HarisonSt Leonard's G 
Jeanie EHarison Mar 1897 Dtr of Nathaniel Evanson & Maria HarisonSt Leonard's C 
LancelotHarison11 Nov 185430 Jan 1932  St Leonard's G 
MariaHarison née Michell 12 Jun 189079Wife of Col NE HarrisonSt Leonard's C 
Nathaniel EvansonHarison 12 Aug 185542Col, Royal Artillery. Died CrimeaSt Leonard's C 
OrbyHarison 1 Jul 189450Died CaliforniaSt Leonard's G 
William ThomasHarisonc Aug 17997 Feb 186161Son of Chas & Harriet HarisonSt Leonard's G 
ByronHarker 24 Apr 196187 St Peter's 
ElizabethHarker 23 Aug 196888Wife of Byron HarkerSt Peter's 
JoanHarker 18 Mar 199779 St Peter's 
JoanHarker    Bönningstedt Promenade 
JohnHarker 13 Feb 199985 St Peter's 
JohnHarker    Bönningstedt Promenade 
NaomiHarker 8 Jul 199787 St Peter's 
ElizaHarmer 5 May 183263 St Leonard's C 
Anne GraceHarnett 8 Jan 194270Wife of Wm A HarnettCemetery E33448
William AugustusHarnett 20 Dec 193865 Cemetery E33448
DoloresHarper19081994 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6774
SydneyHarrington19191977  Cemetery H24526
TomHarrington 5 Aug 199077 Cemetery I35076
AnnieHarriott18971968  Cemetery D3235
Dennis ThomasHarriott WWII 210 Coy, REOther War Memorials 
DTFHarriott WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
EllaHarriott19221997  Cemetery D3235
Ethel MaryHarriott 27 Sep 195542 Cemetery F13657
LCHarriott WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
WalterHarriott18961978  Cemetery D3235
Walter ClementHarriott 7 Jan 195137 Cemetery C4462
WCHarriott WWI  WWI Memorial 
WCHarriott WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
AnneHarris18931973 Wife of Hadden Percy Bowen HarrisCemetery H14505
Avernie GouldHarris 9 Jan 195771Sister of Marie Rose HarrisCemetery C3396
DorothyHarris 8 May 199192 Cemetery I35001
Enid JosephineHarris19142003  High and Over 
Frederick LeslieHarris18931964  Cemetery F23997
HAHarris WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HAHarris WWI  WWI Memorial 
HenryHarris 6 Jul 196296 Cemetery C2223
Irene ConstanceHarris19151994  St Thomas More 
IsabellaHarris 2 Oct 193979 Cemetery C2223
JohnHarris 16 Nov 197277aka JackCemetery E44447
MariaHarris née Pawley 9 Mar 191274Wife of Alfred HarrisCemetery A22443
Marie RoseHarris 27 Jul 195976Sister of Avernie Gould HarriesCemetery C3396
MayHarris25 Sep 18967 Aug 1981 Wife of Rbt HarrisCemetery H34693
Philip LeonardHarris19451993  Cemetery I35040
Phillis LottieHarris 11 Oct 199888Dtr of Rose Jane HarrisCemetery C3341
Robert HareHarris31 Jul 188621 Apr 1880  Cemetery H34693
Rosa JaneHarris 14 Jan 193863 Cemetery C3341
Sarah ElizabethHarris 24 Jun 197076Wife of Jack HarrisCemetery E44447
Archie JohnHarrison 19 Apr 1957  Cemetery E43769
Alice HestherHarrison18801958  Cemetery F23999
Beatrix FrancesHarrison 29 Dec 196084Wife of Chas F HarrisonCemetery C4533
BillHarrison    Seaford Head 
Charles FrederickHarrison 9 Jun 194570 Cemetery C4533
Ellen AdaHarrison 8 Jan 1945 Wife of Archie HarrisonCemetery E43769
EnidHarrison    Seaford Head 
Iris AnnieHarrison27 Apr 191023 Nov 1979 Sister of PhyllisCemetery E44448
Phyllis NorahHarrisonOct 1914Oct 1970 Sister of IrisCemetery E44448
George William RamsayHarrison19151986  Cemetery F23999
AlfredHarrod18 Mar 188718 Jan 1966 Major, MCSt Peter's 
DonHart6 May 193430 Dec 2014  Cemetery I14810
DonaldHart19232011  Marine Parade II 
RonaldHart19111992  Crouch Bowls Club 
Winsome Rose (Pat)Hart19202007  Marine Parade II 
FannyHart Buck 25 Oct 1942 WIOther War Memorials 
MaryHart Buck 25 Oct 1942 WIOther War Memorials 
IvyHarvatt26 Aug 19288 Apr 2015  Cemetery I35222
John RobertHarvatt19162000  Cemetery I35222
RobertHarvatt16 Apr 191613 Aug 2000  Cemetery I35222
Bertie BHarvey 4 Oct 196877Brother of Katie HarveyCemetery G54086
Brian VictorHarvey19322016  Cemetery G64197
Christopher GeorgeHarvey9 Mar 188412 Dec 1965  Cemetery G21024
Emily GertrudeHarvey16 Mar 18998 Dec 1981 Wife of Christopher HarveyCemetery G21024
George WilliamHarvey 28 Jul 193865 Cemetery C3364
KennethHarvey 3 Oct 198779 Cemetery I14795
Katie GHarvey 25 Jul 196476Sister of Bertie HarveyCemetery G54086
Philip John WithersHarvey7 Sep 19284 Dec 2013  Cemetery I35221
Rosa MayHarvey19322004  Cemetery G64197
Sheila YvonneHarvey née Smith2 Jul 192523 Jul 2012  Cemetery I35221
WHarvey WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WHarvey WWI  WWI Memorial 
Winifred ElsieHarvey 18 Oct 200391Wife of Kenneth HarveyCemetery I14795
John HaroldHarwar7 Mar 188223 Nov 1917 London Scottish RegtCemetery B43059/3081
Eos EileenHarwood25 Dec 191420 Mar 1983 Wife of Noel G HarwoodCemetery C7789a
Noel GeorgeHarwood28 Jun 18983 Apr 1995  Cemetery C7789a
FredaHaslam 15 May 201394 St Thomas More 
HHastings 7 Jun 191723Canadian Corps Cav. RegtCemetery B43013
Clarence SpencerHatch 11 Oct 191819Canadian EngineersCemetery B43052
CharlesHatcher18571929  Cemetery A42634
Charles FrederickHatcher 24 Apr 196678 Cemetery G44079
JWHatcher    Seaford War Memorial 
Lilian JaneHatcher 10 Dec 195873 Cemetery G44079
MaryHatcher18621927  Cemetery A42634
ClaudeHatter 18 Oct 191831Canadian EngineersCemetery B43007
LilianHaverley née Baker 26 Nov 197687Dtr of Albert & Eliza BakerCemetery C4440
David Arthur FrancisHawkins 23 Oct 2000  Cemetery F13663
Edith SarahHawkins Feb-6483Wife of Henry John HawkinsCemetery G54107
Eva DoraHawkins 22 Apr 200087Wife of Wm (Bill)Cemetery F13663
John William BoydHawkins 16 Jul 199051Son of Dora & BillCemetery F13663
William ArthurHawkins 5 Oct 195548 Cemetery F13663
John Charles HenryHattley 22 Sep 1992  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Cyril JohnHaviland 8 Nov 1959 aka WeegieCemetery E53866
Dorothy KHaviland 18 Jun 1979 aka Bobbie. Wife of Cyril HavilandCemetery E53866
FrankHaward 7 Jul 193059 Cemetery E13258
Gladys MinnieHawke18 Apr 198084Sister of Muriel & Hilda HawkeCemetery C8854
Henry EdmondsHawke 25 Nov 191585 St Leonard's I 
Henry EdmondsHawke21 Jan 186325 Feb 1940Cemetery C8853
Hilda EdithHawke28 Apr 198078Sister of Gladys & Muriel HawkeCemetery C8854
Mary AnnHawke 16 May 190785Wife of Henry E HawkeSt Leonard's I 
Minnie ElizaHawke4 Dec 18728 Aug 1956Wife of Henry Edmonds HawkeCemetery C8853
Muriel DorothyHawke20 Mar 1976Sister of Gladys & Hilda HawkeCemetery C8854
SarahHawkes 19 Jun 190958 Cemetery B32205
ArthurHawkley19211992  Marine Parade II 
ArthurHawkley18981984  Marine Parade II 
Arthur EdwardHawkley19211992  Cemetery A32549-50
David JohnHawkley19581984  Cemetery H24604
DouglasHawkley18991965  Marine Parade II 
JoyHawkley19222006  Marine Parade II 
JoyHawkley19222006 Wife of Arthur HawkleyCemetery A32549-50
MargaretHawkley18991981  Marine Parade II 
JaneHayden 21 Mar 197186Sister of SusanCemetery E44452
SusanHayden 31 Jan 198293Sister of JaneCemetery E44452
StellaHayduck19142003  Seaford Head 
Andrew ArchibaldHayes 31 Oct 1918246th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5540
Garrett JHayes 19 Aug 19778? Cemetery G2976
Mary Margaret Hayes 23 Jun 198487aka May.Cemetery G2976
Rhoda MaryHayes Oct 1989  St Leonard's Church 
TiffanyHayes19702016 Great-g’dtr of Mabel RedwoodCemetery G2947
Florence AmyHayter24 Aug 18902 Jun 1996  Cemetery I35090
MaryHayter 8 Feb 194567 Cemetery E43756
HoraceHayward 25 Jun 196772 Cemetery G74270
JaneHayward  77Wife of Henry HaywardCemetery B32180-81
Mary ElizabethHayward 21 Nov 1921 Dtr of Henry & Jane HaywardCemetery B32180-81
Olive Hayward 17 Jun 197272Wife of Horace HaywardCemetery G74270
Alan JamesHazelden 26 Dec 201666 Cemetery I34985
Barclay BrookHead 9 Jun 190128 Cemetery B32182-83
CGWHead WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Charlotte Eliza FrancesHead3 Dec 18453 Nov 1929  Cemetery B32182-83
Clement Gordon WakefieldHead3 Feb 1885Dec 1914  Cemetery B32182-83
John JoshuaHead 5 Nov 192587 Cemetery B32182-83
LGWHead WWI  WWI Memorial 
William EdwardHeard 7 Mar 193373 Cemetery C2245
Arthur CharlesHeath 1 Apr 197272 Cemetery E54408
Winifred IvyHeath 11 Sep 197676Wife of Arthur HeathCemetery E54408
MaryHeaver Sep 183580 St Peter's 
Kathleen MollyHedge 18 Jun 2000  Cemetery I35200
Philip JohnHedge 15 Sep 2001  Cemetery I35200
Robert DavidHegartyCemetery C8838
Annie LouisaHeilinger Mar 1965  Cemetery G2941
MargueriteHellaby19121996  Cemetery I35056
VictorHellaby19101995  Cemetery I35056
John SHellgren 28 Oct 19182611th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6697
Gladys IdaHelliwell 2 Sep 197985 Cemetery H24537
AliceHeming18571945  Cemetery B43103
Sheila MargaretHemingway 5 Mar 201387 St Thomas More 
GladysHenderson 10 Jun 1962 Wife of Percy HendersonCemetery C4480
George WilliamHenderson19091996  Cemetery I35145
Jane O'BrienHenderson19212005  Cemetery I35145
KathleenHenderson19212000  Cemetery I35146
Percy CharlesHenderson18881951  Cemetery C4480
HaroldHendon19051993  Bönningstedt Promenade 
RudyHendon19052005  Bönningstedt Promenade 
LillieHenley 14 Sep 195797 Cemetery G44011
Charles BernardHenning 16 Oct 1961  Cemetery G54163
MaureenHenning 12 Jul 198684Wife of Bernard HenningCemetery G54114
SallyHenning 30 Dec 19436Dtr of Maureen & Bernard HenningCemetery C6706
AlfredHenry 22 Oct 1962  Cemetery G44009
Lilian MabelHenry 8 Mar 1975 Wife of Alf HenryCemetery G44009
CharlesHenty 19142Son of Geo & Minnie HentyCemetery A42649-50
GeorgeHenty Jan 191842 Cemetery A42649-50
LeslieHenty 19147Son of Geo & Minnie HentyCemetery A42649-50
MinnieHenty 195780Wife of Geo HentyCemetery A42649-50
JosephHepworth 1 Mar 196389Died Aix-les-BainsCemetery G64179
MargaretHepworth 5 Jan 1955 Sister of Mary PerkinsCemetery F13635
WinifredHepworth 27 Jan 196789aka Betty. Wife of Sidney M HepworthCemetery G74254
Anne SophiaHerd 3 Dec 1926 Wife of WGR HerdCemetery B22060
Charles CliveHerd18791976  Cemetery B22061
Constance EllenHerd18941982 Wife of Chas C HerdCemetery B22061
Horace FalklandHerd 27 Dec 1914 Son of W & A HerdCemetery B22061
Mary Sophia BrendaHerd 30 Dec 1943  Cemetery B22061
Susan EdithHerd 21 Mar 1947  Cemetery B22061
William LangworthyHerd 29 Feb 1944  Cemetery B22061
Leslie ThomasHeritage 12 Nov 193842 Cemetery E33449
Mary ClaireHeron25 Mar 187226 Jul 1972100 Cemetery G21006
ElizabethHerring 30 Jan 197084Wife of Wm HerringCemetery F24365
George StanhopeHerring7 Nov 191616 Feb 1918  Cemetery A42617a
WilliamHerring 14 May 196073Died SouthendCemetery F24365
Joseph WilliamHerrington 22 Feb 196865 Cemetery G74261
Lucille Yvonne MarieHerrington 9 Mar 199771Wife of Joseph Wm HerringtonCemetery G74261
GladysHersey18961974Sister of Violet EvansCemetery C8839
Mary ElizabethHeuberger19342005 Wife of Max HeubergerCemetery I24875
Max EmilHeuberger19421992  Cemetery I24875
Walter JohnHewett 23 May 194437RAOC. Son of Owen & Lilian Hewett;
husband of Florence Marjorie Hewett
Cemetery E43800
Alfred GeorgeHewitt 12 Nov 1927  Cemetery B42946
Mary AnnHewitt 23 Sep 194478Wife of Alfred HewittCemetery B42946
WJHewitt WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Andrew JohnHiatt 22 Feb 197773 Cemetery D3201
Florence LilyHiatt 31 Dec 196763Wife of Andrew HiattCemetery D3201
JHiggins WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
JacobHiggins 12 Oct 191439Border RegimentCemetery C6691
Katherine AgnesHiggins 24 May 1973  Cemetery G21009
MHiggins WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
Edith WellsHigham 23 Jul 1951 aka Bobbie. Wife of Thos HighamSt Leonard's H 
EdnaHighton 26 Nov 198471 Cemetery C2217
SheilaHigson-Smith19211975  Cemetery H24643
Aylmer HattonHildebrand 8 Apr 191756 Cemetery D3208
EdgarHilder30 Jan 180915 Feb 1880  St Leonard's H 
Lucy AnnHilder27 Oct 18096 May 1894 Wife of Edgar HilderSt Leonard's H 
MaryHilder 28 Mar 1924  Cemetery B22144
Sarah MatildaHilder 3 Jan 1923  Cemetery B22144
AlexanderHill19051970  St Peter's 
Cordelia RachelHill19071996  St Peter's 
EllenHill 3 Mar 192160aka NellCemetery A22427-8
Frank LewisHill 8 Jan 198282 Cemetery H24573
GertrudeHill 28 Oct 197889Wife of Henry HillCemetery E53852
Henry CharlesHill 27 Jul 194883 Cemetery E53852
Ivy DorothyHill 6 Sep 197774Wife of Frank HillCemetery H24573
Martha EFHill 26 Jan 196773Sister of Dorothy ChallisCemetery G74302
MaryHill 6 Nov 1935  Cemetery D3231
StanleyHill 13 Oct 190911Son of Arthur & Ellen HillCemetery A22427-8
Dora FrancesHilliard 27 Sep 1959  Cemetery B22162-63
Elizabeth KathleenHilliard 10 Oct 1973  Cemetery G64172
EnidHilliard8 Feb 188926 Mar 1968  Cemetery D3206
Fanny CarolineHilliard24 Sep 184329 Oct 1913  Cemetery D3206
George HerbertHilliard 1963  Cemetery G64172
Hubert DuthyHilliard15 Nov 188324 Oct 1947  Cemetery A32461
KatherineHilliard 8 Jun 1954  Cemetery B22162-63
TedHillier19041985  Cemetery I34897
BerylHillman 15 Apr 1996 Wife of Rex HillmanCemetery A14501
Rex Anthony EdwardHillman13 May 190211 Mar 1973  Cemetery A14501
John WHills 14 Apr 198292 Cemetery G74294
Ken LHills 30 Jan 198648 Cemetery I34917
Winifred AGHills 22 May 196674Wife of John W HillsCemetery G74294
Kathleen Mary JosephineHill-Whitson 25 Mar 1966  St Thomas More 
Kathleen Mary JosephineHill-Whitson 25 Mar 1966  Cemetery G1896
Albert WalterHilton 4 Sep 193573 Cemetery B22108
Florence AdaHilton 13 Nov 196185Wife of Albert W HiltonCemetery B22108
EstherHilton née Banks 20 Dec 188323Died Southampton. Dtr of Alf & Marian BanksSt Leonard's E 
EmmaHindle 13 Apr 190151 Cemetery A22433
Mary JaneHinds 5 Nov 1944  Cemetery C4504
Edith ElsieHine19141990  Cemetery I34988
JHine WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Charles JamesHinton 22 May 189620Son of Richard Hinton. Died in Cape TownSt Leonard's C 
RichardHinton 19 Sep 190971 St Leonard's C 
Susan MarinerHinton 13 Nov 189759Wife of Richard HintonSt Leonard's C 
LeahHirschman-Wilson 15 May 197266 Cemetery G1917
Colin WinterHirst 6 Sep 1932 Son of George HirstCemetery D3222
Mary CicelyHirst née Windel 12 May 193575Wife of Norman Hirst; dtr of Ed & Fanny WindelCemetery D3223
AlfredHoadley 1 May 192850 Cemetery C5654
Emily GraceHoadley 30 Jul 1960 Wife of Alfred HoadleyCemetery C5654
Arthur ThomasHoare 4 Feb 194984 Cemetery C4432
Leonard ThomasHoare 13 Jul 197476Son of Arthur & Mary HoareCemetery C4432
Mary AnnHoare 20 Nov 195184Wife of Arthur HoareCemetery C4432
Harriett AnneHoath 26 Jun 193078Sister of Ada BowrahCemetery D3212
AHobbs 26 Oct 1918 18th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5547
AlfredHobbs 7 Jun 1930  Cemetery C2142
MaryHobbs 23 Mar 1932 Wife of Alf HobbsCemetery C2142
CliffordHobden    St Peter's 
NellyHobden    St Peter's 
James ArthurHobson18 Apr 191320 May 1985  Cemetery E54387
DilysHodgkiss Mar-90 Wife of Gordon Wm HodgkissCemetery I34973
Gordon WilliamHodgkiss Sep-99  Cemetery I34973
AustinHodgson6 Nov 186713 Dec 1916  Cemetery A22333
HenryHodgson 3 Oct 18170Son of J & Sarah Hodgson. Nephew of Thos BaylisSt Leonard's C 
SheilaHogsden née Pearce14 Aug 194726 Aug 2003  Cemetery TreeTrees
AliceHolcombe 5 Apr 196899 Cemetery G74265
KateHolcombe 25 Oct 1942  Cemetery E43686
Miss KHolcombe WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
MayHole18971984  Cemetery C2273
Alfred HerbertHolland15 Jul 187813 Mar 1968 KtCemetery B22114
Basil Leonard Alfred FrancisHolland 15 Mar 194225RAFVR. Son of Alf & Bertha HollandCemetery B22114
Bertha EleanorHolland 17 Apr 1938 Wife of Alf Herbert HollandCemetery B22114
DorothyHolland19261997  Marine Parade II 
EmilyHolland 29 Jun 192570 Cemetery B22148
Sarah JaneHollands 17 Nov 189840Wife of Thos HollandsCemetery C158
ThomasHollands 2 May 193974 Cemetery C158
Eunice MaryHollingdale 10 Apr 193973 Cemetery A12054
Frederick JesseHollingdale 1 May 196165 Cemetery A32544
STHollingdale WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
STHollingdale WWI  WWI Memorial 
Sydney ThomasHollingdale 15 Sep 192127 Cemetery A32544
ThomasHollingdale 26 Aug 195181 Cemetery A12054
EmilyHollis 17 Mar 1941  Cemetery D3233
Doreen MarjorieHollyer17 May 191529 Jul 1996  Cemetery I34968
DorisHolman19031980 Wife of Tom HolmanCemetery H24532
TomHolman19001978  Cemetery H24532
Charles JimHolmes 11 Dec 199392 Cemetery H34670
Edna NoreenHolmes 12 Sep 198380 Cemetery H34670
ElizaHolmes22 Feb 196691Sister of Margaret HaighCemetery C8881
ElizabethHolmes 3 Oct 199989Wife of Henry HolmesCemetery H24570
HenryHolmes 14 Mar 197770 Cemetery H24570
Margaret FraserHolmes May 191039(?) Cemetery C189
Sheila MaryHolmes12 Feb 192423 Oct 1999  Cemetery I35183
Daisy BHolt18871986  Cemetery I34933
William CecilHolter 12 Aug 193624Son of Wm & Alice HolterCemetery B32258-59
Alice MaryHolter née Moore 21 May 191231Wife of Wm Holter; dtr of H & M MooreCemetery B32258-59
DorothyHoltman 5 Feb 198868 Cemetery I34951
HarriettHolton 18 Apr 191593 Cemetery B32215
KenHolway    Marine Parade III 
MaryHomewood 30 Dec 182274Wife of Wm HomewoodSt Leonard's I 
WilliamHomewood 1 Apr 1818  St Leonard's I 
ElizabethHoney 11 Jan 191970Wife of Fred HoneyCemetery B32211
Frederick HenryHoney 23 Jul 1911  Cemetery B32211
Lily SarahHoney5 Sep 189619 Dec 1969 Wife of George Vernon HoneyCemetery F24355
Doreen MaryHoneychurch19011987  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Frank CyrilHoneywood2 Dec 189812 Mar 1990  Cemetery H34783
George EdwardHoneywood 4 Apr 1927  Cemetery A42728
LilianHoneywood 17 Jun 1938  Cemetery A42728
Marguerite MarieHoneywood1 Oct 190323 Jul 1987 Wife of Frank HoneywoodCemetery H34783
Alfred WilliamHood 19 Dec 196969 Cemetery F24351
AnnHood 6 Sep 1789 Wife of John HoodSt Leonard's B 
BarbaraHood 15 Jan 180675Wife of Ed HoodSt Leonard's B 
Edith MaudHood25 Jul 19073 Jan 1989 Wife of Alf Wm HoodCemetery F24351
JohnHood 8 May 180561FreemanSt Leonard's B 
John RenwickHood 4 Oct 18001Son of Ed & Barbara HoodSt Leonard's B 
MaryHood 26 Feb 180657Wife of John HoodSt Leonard's B 
Sarah AnnHood Oct 18000Dtr of Ed & Barbara HoodSt Leonard's B 
Thomas RenwickHood Oct 18000Son of Ed & Barbara HoodSt Leonard's B 
Norah LindsayHooey 18 Sep 1969  Cemetery E44438
Vincent JKHook Sep 1972  Cemetery G21007
Edward MCHooker 18 Apr 1903  Cemetery B32329
Elizabeth LouisaHooker 10 Oct 1947 Wife of Thos HookerCemetery C4447
ThomasHooker 4 Nov 195783 Cemetery C4447
Bernard FrankHooper 26 Aug 191828Son of Jas & Clara HooperCemetery C4519
Clara JaneHooper 28 Mar 191047Wife of James HooperCemetery C4519
Daisy EleanorHooper 30 Jun 194030Wife of Bernard Jack HooperCemetery C4472
EllenHooper 23 Jun 194377 Cemetery C4494
JamesHooper 27 Sep 193876 Cemetery C4494
JohnHooper19312004  Marine Parade III 
KateHooper 12 Aug 195888 Cemetery C4494
Aileen FCHopkins 2 Sep 197772 St Leonard's H 
BessieHopkins 11 May 193769Wife of Fred HopkinsCemetery A42733
Douglas WilliamHopkins 27 Mar 196565 Cemetery A32549-50
ElizabethHopkins 7 Feb 196576 Cemetery A42611-12
Ethel VeraHopkins 9 Dec 19153Dtr of Jas & Eliz HopkinsCemetery A42611-12
FrederickHopkins 19 Jul 192657 Cemetery A42733
George JamesHopkins 26 Jul 192819Son of Jas & Eliz HopkinsCemetery A42611-12
GraceHopkins18991965  Marine Parade II 
HildaHopkins18951958  Marine Parade II 
HildaHopkins 15 Dec 195863Wife of Douglas HopkinsCemetery A32549-50
JamesHopkins 9 Oct 195680 Cemetery A42611-12
RegHopkins19001968  Marine Parade II 
Terence FGHopkins 20 Feb 197471 St Leonard's H 
Dennis RobertHopper 17 Jun 197970 Cemetery H34714
Nellie MertonHopper 25 Aug 199385 Cemetery H34714
Cyril CalveleyHordern12 Jun 190613 Feb 1988 PriestCemetery C3303
Joan Adela CalveleyHordern7 Dec 189928 Dec 1989 Sister of Cyril C HordernCemetery C3303
JaneHorn Apr 189496Wife of Emmanuel HornSt Leonard's C 
Edward SibunHornblower13 Nov 187322 Mar 191743187th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43059/3081
Phyllis DecimaHornsby12 Feb 189310 Sep 1894  St Peter's 
Florence IreneHorsfield19131996  Cemetery H24529
GwendolineHorsfield19351985 Dtr of Florence HorsfieldCemetery H24529
CHorsley Boer War  Seaford War Memorial 
Henry JosephHorsnell19182003  Cemetery I35109
JAHoughton WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
JeanHoughton27 Jun 192718 Mar 2011 Wife of Raymond HoughtonCemetery I35110
Raymond VMHoughton1 Nov 19109 Jan 1997  Cemetery I35110
EdithHow 9 Jan 198171Wife of Richard HowCemetery H24539
Richard SHow 29 May 200394 Cemetery H24539
DaisyHoward 28 Sep 198587 St Leonard's H 
LilianHoward18751965  Cemetery G74339
Reginald AbramHoward 30 Jun 196786 St Leonard's H 
StanleyHoward 21 Aug 196764 Cemetery G74273
Sydney de CMHoward12 May 188627 Jan 1887  St Leonard's A 
Violet ElizabethHoward 26 Nov 197774Wife of Stanley HowardCemetery G74273
Walter ThompsonHoward 4 Jun 191824Can. Army Service CorpsCemetery C5620
PeterHoward-Harwood19202006  Seaford Head 
RichardHoward-Johnston WWII  King's Mead 
Donald James GrantHowarth19151996 Son of Ronald & Margaret HowarthCemetery A14503
Herbert SutcliffeHowarth21 May 189417 Oct 1976  Cemetery G2956
MayHowarth19232002 Wife of Donald HowarthCemetery A14503
Ronald JamesHowarth18861974  Cemetery A14503
Margaret BethuneHowarth née Grant18871980 Wife of Ronald HowarthCemetery A14503
Elsie MabelHowe 20 Apr 197280 Cemetery E44463
KathleenHowe 1 Oct 1965 Sister of Mary BurrowsCemetery G21022
RebeccaHowe25 Apr 185717 Apr 1935 Wife of Geo Fred HoweCemetery B43117-19
AmyHowell 18 Jan 193274 Cemetery E13243
Annie JuliaHowell 5 Mar 197295Dtr of Wm & Fanny HowellCemetery E44462
ElizabethHowell 30 Oct 187568Wife of Richard HowellSt Leonard's H 
FannyHowell 20 Dec 1943 Wife of Wm HowellCemetery E43780
Florence EmilyHowell 17 Jan 194952 Cemetery C4428
JohnHowell13 Apr 193219 Mar 2013  St Thomas More 
John SamuelHowell 5 May 194188 Cemetery E13243
Nellie ClementineHowell 8 Mar 197178 St Leonard's H 
RichardHowell 18 Mar 187165 St Leonard's H 
SarahHowell 27 Aug 192877Wife of Wm HowellCemetery C2198
WilliamHowell 10 Feb 1952  Cemetery E43780
WilliamHowell 23 Jun 190639Husband of Emily HowellCemetery B32234
WilliamHowell 22 Aug 193470 Cemetery C2198
CharlesHowes 17 Dec 200787 Cemetery I35124
MaryHowes 25 Dec 199786 Cemetery I35124
Kathleen MonicaHowick8 Aug 193510 Apr 1999  Cemetery I35158
Reginald VictorHowick6 Aug 193425 Mar 2003  Cemetery I35158
Philip MilmanHowse 30 Apr 193873 Cemetery C4513
Arthur FHoy19191995  St Peter's 
Alfred JamesHoyt2 Jan 191530 May 200489 Cemetery E53844
Gladys MayHoyt12 Sep 191723 Jun 199274 Cemetery E53844
AnnHubard 4 Sep 182322Dtr of John & Mary HubardSt Leonard's D 
ElizabethHubard 15 Jan 187396Wife of Joseph HubardSt Leonard's A 
JaneHubard 22 Jan 182017Dtr of John & Mary HubardSt Leonard's D 
JohnHubard 19 Apr 186588 St Leonard's D 
JosephHubard 21 Dec 188098 St Leonard's A 
JosephHubard 12 Apr 185037Son of John & Mary HubardSt Leonard's D 
MaryHubard 25 Jan 181945Wife of John HubardSt Leonard's D 
BessieHubbard 7 Jul 193182Wife of Daniel HubbardCemetery C3381
Cyril OHubbard 28 Jul 195773 Cemetery G44013
DanielHubbard 22 Dec 191267 Cemetery C3381
EdithHubbard 2 Jan 195376 Cemetery C3381
George HenryHubbard 17 Oct 194479 Cemetery E43754
RHubbard WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Ross JacobHubley 10 Feb 191929Can. Forestry CorpsCemetery C5564
JHuckstep WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
GPHuddart WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
ErnieHudson 31 Dec 1991  Marine Parade I 
Grace EHudson 7 Mar 195164 Cemetery C4500
ViHudson 24 Jan 1997  Marine Parade I 
WilliamHudson 8 Jun 193785 Cemetery C4500
Alice CharlotteHugh Smith 31 Jul 197695 Cemetery B43100
Thomas FrederickHugh Smith 20 Nov 1930  Cemetery B43100
Frederick WilliamHughes 27 Jan 199788 Cemetery I35250
Herbert MastermanHughes 24 Jan 198292 Cemetery H34668
Mary MariaHughes 7 May 185873Wife of Thos HughesSt Leonard's D 
PamHughes19422008  Peace Garden 
ThomasHughes 5 Oct 184135 St Leonard's D 
WinifredHughes 18 Jan 199486 Cemetery I35250
Charles HermanHulse23 Mar 187817 Nov 1964  Cemetery G54094
Christopher NHulse19411975  St Leonard’s KCD
Florence LucyHulse16 Mar 187931 Dec 1971  Cemetery G54094
MargaretHumbert 31 Jul 199658 Cemetery I35215
GHHumphrey WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WilliamHumphreys19001965  Cemetery G74314
FrederickHunnisett 9 Feb 194569Interred at Tarring NevilleCemetery G44033
Mason FrederickHunnisett 17 Mar 195854Son of Fred & Kate HunnisettCemetery G44033
Blanche OliveHunt 16 Dec 198075Sister of Dorothy & Winifred. Dtr of Thos & Jane HuntCemetery H34750
Freda MargaretHunt 30 Oct 197361Wife of Leslie Frank HuntCemetery G1921
JaneHunt28 Oct 187428 Jul 1956 Wife of Thos Wm HuntCemetery G44017
Leslie FrankHunt 11 May 200288 Cemetery G1921
MayHunt28 Sep 190126 Apr 1990 Wife of Wm HuntCemetery G74311
Thomas WilliamHunt29 Nov 186928 Jul 1956  Cemetery G44017
WilliamHunt29 Sep 190016 Sep 1965  Cemetery G74311
Winifred DaisyHunt 7 Jul 198482Sister of Dorothy & Blanche. Dtr of Thos & Jane HuntCemetery H34750
Dorothy AHunter 4 Apr 1998  St Leonard's H 
Ernest WHunter 26 Sep 1968  St Leonard's H 
John SproulHunter18931968  Cemetery C2165
SEHuntington WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
John THuntly 26 Mar 193559 Cemetery E23363
SarahHuntly 6 Jul 195277Wife of John HuntlyCemetery E23363
Elsie EHurrell19051974  Cemetery E43712
Harold LHurrell19171992  Cemetery E43712
Herbert GHurrell18701951  Cemetery E43712
Herbert JHurrell19131999  Cemetery E43712
LouisaHurrell18751943  Cemetery E43712
Pamela MHurrell19202008  Cemetery E43712
DenisHurley 16 Sep 196573 Cemetery G21021
EllenHurley 17 Jul 199386 Cemetery G21021
Irene MargaretHurlstone Hardy 15 Mar 196584Dtr of George & Mathilda Hurlstone HardyCemetery G21018
DorothyHurst19021979 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6775
Ethel GertrudeHurst 15 Jan 194653 Cemetery E43776
LornaHurst19162003  Bönningstedt Promenade 
RowlandHurst19141982  Bönningstedt Promenade 
William HenryHurst 29 Aug 1954  Cemetery E43776
WWHusband WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WWHusband WWI  WWI Memorial 
James CarmanHusser 18 Oct 191820Canadian EngineersCemetery C5583
Gladys MaryHussey née Sargent 26 Mar 1955 Wife of Ed HusseyCemetery C7784
Edith MaudHusted 5 Aug 196775Sister of Grace CatchpoleCemetery G74337
Edwin EarleHutcherson 18 Jan 19182729th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43055
SRHutchings 9 Nov 19182710th Canadian General Hospital.Cemetery B43027
Aubrey NHutchinson Jul 1916 Bowden House - 2nd Lt, London RegtOther War Memorials 
Frederick CharlesHutchinson 20 Oct 197666 Cemetery G2957
Eric SydneyHutton-Taylor 1 Mar 1943 Died in Japanese POW campCemetery C3290
GeorgeHutton-Taylor 20 Sep 1944  Cemetery C3290
Beatrice IsabelHylands 20 Jan 198781 Cemetery G64173
John HenryHylands 15 Mar 196364 Cemetery G64173
KeithHylands30 Jul 194521 Feb 2019 Husband of ValDane Road 
Orville NHyslop 2 Mar 191823MM. 38th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5597

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