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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
Surname I
Charles HenryIles6 Oct 194980Cemetery C5648
EllenIles1 Jan 195684Cemetery C5648
Daphne MaudeIlesMay 1916Nov 2004 Wife of Gordon John IlesCemetery F13667
Gordon JohnIlesMay 1920Sep 1993  Cemetery F13667
APGInceWWIISt Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Arthur BryanIodence7 Oct 191821108th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5622
FlorenceIreland 17 May 201794Wife of Rbt IrelandCemetery I24863
Mary AnnIreland2 Feb 193475Cemetery E23310
RobertIreland 3 Mar 199575 Cemetery I24863
BertieIrrsonMarine Parade II 
EveIrrsonMarine Parade II 
HannahIsaacson20 Sep 182412 Mar 1911Wife of Chas A StevensCemetery B43091
Martha AnnieIvory18841976Cemetery H24566
TIzzard8 Dec 191823Can Machine Gun CorpsCemetery B42922
Surname J
Arthur JosephJack27 May 186211 Nov 1942Cemetery B32182-83
Barbara LucyJack16 Jun 186911 Aug 1955Cemetery B32182-83
George MintoJack 22 Jan 196273 Cemetery G54146
TBJackWWISeaford War Memorial 
TBJackWWIWWI Memorial 
William GordonJack29 Jan 19004 Jun 1959Cemetery B32182-83
AdeleJackson5 Nov 187312 Oct 1955 Wife of Alfred JacksonCemetery F13680
Charles GeorgeJackson1 Aug 196877Cemetery C2254
CyrilJacksonAug 1918Bowden House. Lt, RAFOther War Memorials 
DorothyJackson18871974Cemetery H14509
GertrudeJackson9 Jul 197395Wife of Henry A JacksonCemetery C11
GFRJacksonWWIChestertonOther War Memorials 
Grace ElizabethJackson4 Nov 198181Wife of Chas Geo JacksonCemetery C2254
HarryJackson23 Nov 19126 Dec 2001St Thomas More 
Henry ArnoldJackson10 Oct 196891Cemetery C11
Isabella MaryJackson1 Jan 190078Wife of Rbt Jackson; buried Seaford CemeterySt Leonard's B 
Isabella MaryJackson1 Jan 190078Wife of Rbt JacksonCemetery C154
JohnJackson9 Jul 199962MBECemetery C1136
KathleenJackson 27 Nov 197065Wife of Arthur JacksonCemetery C2230
Pauline GertudeJackson15 Jun 1996Cemetery C19
Richard JamesJackson2 Apr 19827Son of John JacksonCemetery C1136
Robert WilliamJackson27 Aug 189576St Leonard's B 
A Leslie HJacobSep 1915Bowden House - Lt, London Irish RiflesOther War Memorials 
LesJacobsMarine Parade II 
MayJacobsMarine Parade II 
AJagoBoer WarSeaford War Memorial 
Doreen MarjorieJakens16 Nov 193421Cemetery E23423
JJames20 Oct 1915Gloucestershire RegimentCemetery A42680
JeanJames 2 Jul 196387 Cemetery G54120
Patricia MargaretJames19401994St Thomas More 
PercyJames21 Sep 19180Cemetery A32527
JuliaJarominSt Thomas More 
NicolaJarominSt Thomas More 
Margaret FrancineJarrett 11 Jan 1979  Cemetery G2983
CharlesJarvis7 Dec 191531British West Indies RegtCemetery B43023
Irene IJarvis18791956Cemetery E33535
LeonardJarvis27 Feb 1924Cemetery B42968
William JJarvis19631941Cemetery E33535
AnnJasper5 Jul 189071Wife of WmSt Leonard's B 
RobertJasperNov 1889St Leonard's B 
SarahJasper12 Dec 190892Wife of Rbt JasperSt Leonard's B 
Michael ThomasJeffcote22 Dec 19499 Aug 1975  Cemetery G2944
Ambrose PJeffery 5 Dec 191464 Cemetery C4498
Sarah MayJeffreys 7 Jun 197378 Cemetery G1920
William ReesJeffreys18721954High and Over 
Dulcie KathleenJenkins20 Nov 194754Cemetery E53813
Howard NewtonJenkins23 Feb 191929Canadian EngineersCemetery C5553
Peter H.Jenkins19392005Marine Parade I 
Daisy MayJenner 3 May 196471 Cemetery G54109
Lilian EdithJenner 24 Feb 1994 Sister of Maud CareyCemetery G54122
RonaldJennerJun 1989Cemetery C2184
SandraJenner19491995Cemetery E44445
Alice ElizabethJessop27 May 199491Wife of Thos JessopCemetery H34711
Thomas HenryJessop27 Jul 197879Cemetery H34711
Agnes AugustaJewell20 Nov 194580Wife of Richard JewellCemetery C8855
Emily VintonJewell6 Jun 1948Cemetery E53838
RichardJewell13 Aug 194079Cemetery C8855
Edith MaudJohns19121983St Peter's 
Martin MatthewsJohns19041966St Peter's 
AxelJohnsen28 Dec 184716 Feb 1907Cemetery A32590
AlfredJohnson 30 Aug 1939Cemetery D3227
Ann ElizabethJohnson8 Nov 1932Cemetery D3227
AnneJohnson19532001Cemetery E44445
Bernard GregoryJohnson 6 Nov 198461 Cemetery I14790
Ernest FrederickJohnson 6 May 193763 Cemetery C6689
Francis Nelson BloisJohnson24 Jan 1983St Leonard's H 
Frank William BloisJohnson16 Aug 1943Son of Wm & Mary JohnsonSt Leonard's H 
George StillingfleetJohnson27 Jun 185106-Aug-37Cemetery E23389
JoanJohnson 19 Mar 201591Wife of Bernard G JohnsonCemetery I14790
Lucy Georgiana BloisJohnson5 Aug 1947Dtr of Wm & Mary JohnsonSt Leonard's H 
Mary AmeliaJohnson9 Jun 183628 Jan 1920Wife of Wm JohnsonSt Leonard's H 
SarahJohnson25 Apr 181785Wife of Thos JohnsonSt Leonard's C 
ThomasJohnson7 Jan 1916British West Indies RegtCemetery B43021
William ThomasJohnson14 Mar 182731 May 1893Son of CT JohnsonSt Leonard's H 
 Johnson - see also Blois-Johnson
BeatrixJohnston11 Apr 1935Wife of Claude EL JohnstonCemetery A12037
Margaret MackieJohnstone1 Nov 1918Cemetery A22349
Sarah TheodosiaJohnstone10 Nov 195679Niece of Julia SpoonerCemetery E33444
Kate ElizabethJohnstone-Wilson15 Jul 188814 Dec 1966Wife of Winn Johnstone-WilsonCemetery B22119
WJohnstone-Wilson6 May 193873Cemetery B22119
WinnJohnstone-Wilson20 Apr 194148Son of W Johnstone-WilsonCemetery B22119
GHJollyeWWIISt Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Allen ParryJones17 Apr 18626 May 1924Cemetery B22077-8
AnnJones4 Jan 193576Wife of Philip JonesCemetery C2221
BobJones19141963  Cemetery G54124
Carolyn KerfootJones6 Jun 19412Cemetery A42617c
ChrisJones19432000Splash Point 
Clifford JohnJones5 Nov 19652Cemetery C2189
Edmund TudorJones12 Nov 19182231st Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5539
FlorenceJones 21 Sep 195292 Cemetery F23951
GeeJones19152010Seaford Head 
GwenJones19142001 Wife of Bob JonesCemetery G54124
HJones1982St Peter's School; VC, OBEOther War Memorials 
HarryJones 18 May 194383 Cemetery C3277
MargaretJones18531934  Cemetery C3363
Mary AnnJones8 Jan 188968St Peter's 
PhilipJones13 Jan 193988Cemetery C2221
RendelJones19142005Seaford Head 
RobJones13 Apr 194118 Jan 2002Seaford Head 
SophieJones 17 Feb 1939 Sister of HF JonesCemetery C3276
AlfredJordan11 Feb 191573Cemetery B32256
Bernard HJordan31 Oct 191745Canadian EngineersCemetery C5595
DAJordanWWIISeaford War Memorial 
FrancesJordan8 Jul 1945Wife of Rbt JordanCemetery E43757
Mary AnnJordan10 Jan 109564Wife of Alfred JordanCemetery B32256
Robert ThomasJordan4 Feb 195959Cemetery E43757
Simon ChristopherJordan10 Oct 19848 Feb 19850Cemetery D3207a
Hayley LouiseJordan née Jackson18 May 19941 Mar 2011Dtr of John JacksonCemetery C1136
ElizaJoseph 12 Dec 195981 Cemetery G64199
AugustaJoslin12 Apr 194172Wife of Geo Joslin of PlumsteadCemetery E33531
Alice EmilyJournet14 Sep 197596Cemetery C2153
RoisinJoyce19352004Marine Parade II 
DinahJudd19081994Wife of Frederick JuddSt Leonard's H 
Frederick DanielJudd19061968St Leonard's H 
Myra EthelJudges2 Sep 1937Cemetery C2146
Beatrice MaryJullion26 Apr 194985Dtr of John Louis JullionCemetery A22338
AlfredJupp29 Mar 194472Cemetery E43766
Charles WilliamJupp15 Jun 192754Cemetery B43076
HJuppWWISeaford War Memorial 
HJuppWWIWWI Memorial 
HJuppWWIForesters - RNVROther War Memorials 
KateJupp2 Feb 195983Wife of AlfredCemetery E43766
Sarah JaneJupp26 May 195679Wife of Chas Wm JuppCemetery B43076
Marian Frances AllenJuson21 Jul 192918 Jul 2007(?Dtr of Mary Fost & Henry Allen)St Leonard's A 

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