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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
MMace or Marsh 189? Mark Thos Mace buried 5 Mar 1895 aged 37 or
Martha Marsh buried 4 Mar 1896 aged 70
St Leonard's I 
DerekMacCaw WWII  King's Mead 
George ThomasMacDiarmid 12 May 200367 Marine Parade II 
Elizabeth PettigrewMacDonald 7 Nov 195082 Cemetery C4457
Hugh JohnMacDonald 12 Feb 19192316th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5651
IanMacDonald    Splash Point 
J AMacDonald WWII  King's Mead 
Peter Benedict MacdonaldLawson8 Nov 197162Cemetery C8875
StellaMacDonald    Splash Point 
AlfredMace15 Nov 183012 Dec 1915  Cemetery A22393
Alfred WilliamMace 20 Dec 193579 Cemetery E23360
ElizabethMace18941965 Aka Tilda. Wife of Fred MaceCemetery E33483
EmmaMace 27-Apr-3979Wife of Alfred MaceCemetery E23360
Ernest AlbertMace12 Jun 186413 Apr 1902  Cemetery A22393
FrankMace 31 Aug 19107Son of Alfred & Emma MaceCemetery A22394
FredMace18961939  Cemetery E33483
JMace WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
JMace WWI  WWI Memorial 
JesseMace 13 Jul 18601Dtr of Alf & Sarah MaceSt Peter's 
JohnMace 8 Mar 187783 St Peter's 
Rosa FrancesMace Mar 18626 weeksDtr of Alf & Sarah MaceSt Peter's 
SarahMace4 Nov 182214 Feb 1903  Cemetery A22393
Sarah AnnMace Mar 18521Dtr of Alf & Sarah MaceSt Peter's 
Charles FWMacey11 Mar 191813 Jan 1983  Cemetery H34761
Charles VictorMacey   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
CJMacey WWI (Charles Victor Macey)Seaford War Memorial 
ErnestMacey 20 Mar 192335 Cemetery A32480
IvyMacey20 Nov 192022 Jun 1983 Wife of Chas FW MaceyCemetery H34761
MaryMacey 12 Sep 197078 Cemetery A32480
Emily AndreneMacFarlane 13 Oct 1921  Cemetery B22071-72
Helen MelvilleMacFarlane 16 Feb 1937  Cemetery B22071-72
Margaret GeraldineMacGarvie 6 Feb 198341 Cemetery H34785
JMacKilligan WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
JPMackilligin WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Noel PelhamMacKilligin 2 Aug 2015  Cemetery B22162-63
WilliamMacKintosh WWII  King's Mead 
LesleyMacLaren 30 Apr 193525Dtr of Jas & Freda MaclarenCemetery E23422
FlorenceMacNamara 26 Jan 1917 Wife of Walter H MacnamaraCemetery B22068
ArbuthnotMacNish18 Mar  Wife of John MacnishSt Peter's 
JohnMacNish 1812 Sergeant; son of M MacnishSt Peter's 
SMaconachie 2 Sep 1915  Cemetery A42665
Richard GGMacPherson19261993  Cemetery H24540
TeddyMacPherson19212002  Cemetery H24540
JoanMacPherson née Hurrell18951979  Cemetery H24540
James FrankMaddocks 24 Nov 193471 Cemetery C1110
Minnie LetitiaMaddocks 4 Mar 193459Wife of Jas Frank MaddocksCemetery C1110
EllenMadgwick 28 Sep 192235 Cemetery A52777
BettyMadison29 Jul 19174 Sep 1992  Cemetery I24857
EMagridge WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
CorneliusMahoney 21 May 197873 Cemetery G2960
Mary WalburgaMahoney 26 Aug 1990 Wife of Cornelius MahoneyCemetery G2960
NinaMahony 11 Nov 196481 Cemetery G21014
Clarence Algernon LochartMais 12 Jan 191618British West Indies RegtCemetery B43020
GeorgeMajor 13 Feb 188369 St Leonard's D 
SarahMajor 5 May 189171Wife of Geo MajorSt Leonard's D 
Julia AnnMakin née Harison Aug 186237Dtr of Chas & Harriet HarisonSt Leonard's G 
EMalpass 7 Nov 1918 Canadian EngineersCemetery B42982
GordonMalthouse19201991  Marine Parade II 
Kitty PhillissManchester 22 Sep 193782 Cemetery B43122
Eric ThomasMander19152004  Seaford Head 
Kathleen OliveMander19132007  Seaford Head 
Gertrude LucyManders18781973  Cemetery H24609
FrederickManktelow 1 Oct 195152 Cemetery F23929
Ethel BeatriceMann 11 Jul 195576Mother of Cyril Frank MorrisonCemetery F13639
ArthurMant 19 Jul 1939  Cemetery E33437
DerekMant Feb 1989  Dane Road 
Elizabeth DayMant 7 Feb 1949 Wife of Arthur MantCemetery E33437
KenMant19211994  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Isabella RachaelMarchant 6 Apr 193876 Cemetery A52920
JaneMarchant20 Aug 19615 Sep 1979  Cemetery H24542
Reginald ErnestMarcon 25 Feb 194768 Cemetery C4435
Frances EleanorMargrett 6 Jan 194786 Cemetery B22128
Gladys FrancesMargrett 27 Nov 1963  Cemetery G54098
FrederickMarks 26 Jul 192752 Cemetery A32565
AMarley WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Anthony WalterMarley 13 Apr 194119 Cemetery E43801
Charles EdmundMarr 13 Jun 189733 St Peter's 
ArthurMarriott18561935  Cemetery B22059
Mary BrownMarriott18701928 Wife of Arthur MarriottCemetery B22059
RogerMarsden19462006  Marine Parade II 
Clara AdelineMarsh 26 Jul 197686Wife of Reginald C MarshCemetery G1925
NormanMarsh    Seaford Head 
NormanMarsh    Marine Parade II 
Reginald CharlesMarsh 7 Mar 198391 Cemetery G1925
RobertMarsh15 Mar 19489 Oct 1948  Cemetery E43683a
VickyMarsh    Marine Parade II 
VickyMarsh    Seaford Head 
DMarshall WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Eleanor MaudMarshall 18 Feb 200395Wife of Francis Leo MarshallCemetery G2968
Elspeth MaryMarshall 25 Mar 197083 Cemetery E44459
Francis LeoMarshall 15 May 197769 Cemetery G2968
Henry LeonMarshall29 Nov185814 May 1916  Cemetery C6690
James HenryMarshall 21 Dec 196670 Cemetery C7802
Lilian BeatriceMarshall 28 Apr 196262Wife of Jas Henry MarshallCemetery C7802
WMarshall 17 Apr 1916 Loyal North Lancs. RegtCemetery B43016
John Ralph TheodoreMarsham   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
BettyMartin 12 Oct 2004  Seaford Head 
BettyMartin 26 Nov 198971 Cemetery H34764
CJMartin WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
CJMartin WWI  WWI Memorial 
EFMartin WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
ElizaMartin 23 Nov 190649 Cemetery A22372
EmilyMartin 23 Dec 192678Wife of John MartinSt Leonard's D 
EvaMartin18781950  Cemetery A12038
FrankMartin19061985  Seaford Head 
GeorgeMartin 27 Nov 195784 Cemetery B43098
HMartin WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
HarrietMartin 5 Nov 194268 Cemetery E43688
JohnMartin 4 May 191161 St Leonard's D 
John PattinsonMartin18771936  Cemetery A12038
Kathleen LoisMartin 31 Oct 193226 Cemetery B43099
LenMartin 17 Mar 197968 Cemetery H34764
Lily MaryMartin 28 May 194673Wife of Geo MartinCemetery B43098
Mabel EmilyMartin18851983 See AndersonSt Peter's 
NeilMartin 15 Oct 1917 Canadian Field ArtilleryCemetery C6735
WilliamMartin 25 Dec 2002  Seaford Head 
EstherMartinson19151986 Wife of John S MartinsonCemetery C7809
John SteeleMartinson19071979  Cemetery C7809
EnidMartley18671961 Wife of Henry MartleySt Peter's 
Enid AudreyMartley19031983 Dtr of Henry & Enid MartleySt Peter's 
Henry LancelotMartley18681954 RectorSt Peter's 
Varina MaudMartley18971977 Dtr of Henry & Enid MartleySt Peter's 
Verell RobertMartley19001987 Son of Henry & Enid MartleySt Peter's 
WVMartley18711932 NannieSt Peter's 
LilianMaskel3 Feb 188322 Jun 1930  Cemetery B22156-57
RonMaskell19422006  Marine Parade II 
Arthur JohnMason 19 Apr 195472 Cemetery F13571
GeorgeMason    Seaford Cemetery 
Gilbert DeaneMason6 Jun 191220 Mar 1885  St Peter's 
Hugh FrederickMason30 Jan 187524 Aug 1967  St Peter's 
Elizabeth MaryMason19 Apr 18767 Aug 1965  St Peter's 
WMMason WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
EmilyMassey 23 Nov 1935 Wife of Richard MasseyCemetery E23376
CarolineMasterman née Notcutt21 Apr 186929 Dec 1933 Wife of AT MastermanCemetery B12020
CCMatchett 8 Aug 191823Canadian EngineersCemetery C5602
WLMathews WWI  WWI Memorial 
BerthaMatthews 1963 Wife of Sydney MatthewsCemetery G54126
Charles FrederickMatthews 1 Jul 198788 St Leonard's H 
CharlotteMatthews 13 Apr 190962Wife of John MatthewsCemetery A22387
Edith RMatthews19142000  St Thomas More 
Eliza AnnMatthews 20 Jan 193273Wife of Wm MatthewsCemetery A52843
ElizabethMatthews 1 Apr 196568 St Leonard's H 
FMatthews WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
FredMatthews    Peace Garden 
George RobertMatthews 17 Feb 193265 Cemetery E13266
JohnMatthews 12 Jun 191572 Cemetery A22387
John AlbertMatthews 13 Jan 194473 Cemetery E43784
MaisieMatthews    Peace Garden 
Mary AnnMatthews 6 Mar 195684 Cemetery E43784
RosaMatthews 11 Oct 194278Wife of Geo MatthewsCemetery E13266
SarahMatthews 1 May 178178Wife of Thos MatthewsSt Leonard's D 
ThomasMatthews 26 Jul 175248ReverendSt Leonard's D 
William CharlesMatthews 22 Dec 196343 St Leonard's H 
William TildenMatthews 15 Jun 191767 Cemetery A52843
WLMatthews WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WLMatthews WWI Foresters - RFAOther War Memorials 
MTMaw WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Emily NaomiMawer 9 May 198392Wife of Gordon MawerSt Leonard's H 
GordonMawer 22 Apr 195869 St Leonard's H 
Charles HerbertMaxwell 7 May 194761Vicar of Seaford 1936-47Cemetery C3288
Derrick HerbertMaxwell19201985  Cemetery C3288
Ian GMaxwell19171999  Cemetery C3288
Kathleen GladysMaxwell  6 May 196475Wife of Chas Herbert MaxwellCemetery C3288
Margaret RosalindMaxwell19202006 Wife of Ian MaxwellCemetery C3288
Dorothy LydiaMay19052007  Marine Parade II 
JWMay 24 Feb 1919 27th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42924
Albert RalphMayo 13 Jan 197366 Cemetery G64242
Jane EllenMayo 23 Jun 196182 Cemetery G64242
Thomas WilliamMayo 23 Apr 1917 KIA, ArrasCemetery G64242
Kai-HendrickMayer27 Mar 198029 Mar 19800 Cemetery D3214a
DorothyMayhew19332007  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Louisa ElizabethMaynard21 Sep 187925 Jun 1975 aka LuluCemetery H24563
RobertMaynard 12 Dec 184055 St Leonard's B 
RoseMayo née Lang18901966 Daughter of Geo & Kate LangCemetery C183
Alice MaudMayston 22 Sep 193869Wife of Geo MaystonCemetery B22060
GeorgeMayston 9 Nov 192771 Cemetery B22060
ADMcallister WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
ADMcallister WWI  WWI Memorial 
LinaMcallister 12 Jan 193484 Cemetery E23414
Archibald HendersonMcCall 23 Sep 196270 Cemetery G54136
Florence RMcCall 8 Dec 198587 Cemetery G54136
Charles EmersonMcCallum 22 Oct 191822Canadian EngineersCemetery C5607
Elizabeth AnnMcCann 2 Mar 194071 Cemetery C6678
Edna ElizabethMcCarthy 1986 Wife of 'Mac' McCarthyCemetery H24577
FlorenceMcCarthy 23 Oct 196168 Cemetery C6746
John PMcCarthy 2 Aug 196018Son of Arthur & Joan McCarthyCemetery G31173
Louisa AMcCarthy27 Apr 18935 Jan 1986  Cemetery C6746
MacMcCarthy Jun 1993  Cemetery H24577
NormanMcCarthy19201930  Cemetery C6746
DonaldMcColl 20 Jan 192653Son of Donald McCollCemetery A42632
JeanieMccoll 25 Mar 195489 Cemetery F13564
JohnMccoll 13 Aug 195666Son of Jeanie McCollCemetery F13564
MatthewMcConaghey 31 May 192561Son of M A McConaghey. Died in BournemouthSt Leonard's D 
Matthew AllenMcConaghey 17 Aug 189051 St Leonard's D 
Robert HendersonMcCrae 11 Nov 19182516th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5548
AndrewMcCrystal19262007  St Thomas More 
HazelMcCrystal19222000  St Thomas More 
GwendolineMcCue 17 Nov 1981  Cemetery H34728
RonaldMcCullen 19 May 196846 Cemetery G74341
Charles JosephMcCullough 10 May 1919316th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6701
David JohnMcDermott19522006  St Thomas More 
Esther LilyMcDonald 28 Feb 197186 Cemetery G31161
Martin ThomasMcDonald 3 Dec 195365 Cemetery G31161
PeterMcDonald19471998  St Thomas More 
William JMcDonald 4 Nov 1918 Can. Forestry CorpsCemetery C5537
ArchieMcDougall 16 Dec 191832Can. Machine Gun CorpsCemetery C5633
JLWMcDowell 22 Nov 191739Canadian EngineersCemetery C5575
SheilaMcGarrity 12 Sep 198041 Cemetery H34748
AnneMcGhee 22 12 1987  St Thomas More 
Dr Kenneth JamesMcGhee 8 Dec 200963 St Thomas More 
MalcolmMcGhee 16 9 1994  St Thomas More 
ClareMcgrath19301995 Wife of Jim McGrathCemetery I24864
JamesMcgrath19161998 k/a JimCemetery I24864
Aileen MaryMcIntyre29 Aug 200788Cemetery C8860
Annie FrancesMcKenna 8 Jul 196578 Cemetery G21019
Bella JosephineMcKenna 22 Feb 196774 Cemetery G21019
Gordon McKenzieMcKie13 Jun 18726 Apr 1949  Cemetery C4421
Marty BrosMcKie30 Nov 187719 Dec 1958 Wife of Gordon M McKieCemetery C4421
FrancisMcKeown Jan 1971  Cemetery G2977
Mary TeresaMcKeown 2 Jan 201688 Cemetery G2977
WinifredMcLaren   (Part of stone missing; c 1952)Cemetery F23904
Mervin HenryMcLatchie 27 Oct 1918216th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5538
Duncan JMcLeod 5 Feb 19192358th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5560
John GeorgeMcLeod 17 Nov 191621108th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5611
BettyMcMaster19311945 Dtr of John & Norah McMasterCemetery C3369
DavidMcNeil 21 Sep 195789 Cemetery B43108
Maud AliceMcneil 24 Oct 19306- Cemetery B43108
Jacqueline AnneMcNeill19622006  Seaford Head 
MaureenMcNeilly    Bönningstedt Promenade 
RobertMcNeilly    Bönningstedt Promenade 
John CMcNight 31 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5535
Henry JamesMcPherson 21 Oct 1918276th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5584
Francis JMcQueenie 4 Jul 198982Known as MacCemetery I14815
DanielMcRobert19252009  Crouch Gardens 
Florence MMcVitty 17 Jul 1987  Cemetery C2185
JMcWilliam 9 Jul 1918 Eastern Ontario RegimentCemetery C5600
LMead WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
Harry FrederickMeades18871981  Cemetery H34752
Dorothy NaomiMeades née Winter20 Feb 189328 Aug 1976 Dtr of Alfred & Mary WinterCemetery A32536
Gwendolyn NinaMearns30 May 1960Cemetery C8889
EllenMears 2 Feb 190748Wife of Henry MearsCemetery A32605
HenryMears 12 Jan 193990 Cemetery A32605
SarahMears 2 Mar 193684 Cemetery A32605
IsraelMedhurst 4 Oct 180060 St Leonard's C 
IsraelMedhurst 27 Feb 177158Freeman of SeafordSt Leonard's G 
MaryMedhurst 8 Jul 179056Wife of Israel MedhurstSt Leonard's C 
MaryMedhurst Mar 180488Wife of Israel MedhurstSt Leonard's G 
WilliamMedhurst 178513Son of Israel & Mary MedhurstSt Leonard's C 
CarolineMedlen 13 Feb 193565Wife of Edward MedlenCemetery C3326
EdwardMedlen 25 Sep 195286 Cemetery C3326
CatherineMeeson 25 Oct 1942 Wife of Chas MeesonCemetery E33435
Charles MortimoreMeeson 6 May 1940 OBECemetery E33435
Mrs CARMeeson WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Hilda VioletMelville19336 Dec 1977  Cemetery H14524
AmbroseMeneces 28 May 197975 Cemetery G2950
Gertrude ElsieMeneces 21 Feb 197678Wife of Ambrose MenecesCemetery G2950
MargaritaMetaxa 20 Oct 1931  Cemetery E13275
Annie ConstanceMetson 9 Apr 197388 Cemetery F13567
Helen EmilyMetson 12 Aug 195474 Cemetery F13567
Winifred LilianMetson 18 Mar 196777 Cemetery F13567
Grant MMichaelis Sep 1915 Bowden House - Lt, Royal EngineersOther War Memorials 
Minnie BlancheMichel née Craddock 3 Dec 195484Dtr of Emma CraddockCemetery B42928
Roland LouisMichel 24 Apr 195684 Cemetery F13574
CherryMiddleton21 Feb 193830 Jan 1972  Cemetery E54418
Frances EthelMiddleton 8 Dec 1926 Wife of Sholto MiddletonCemetery A52762
Sholto FrederickMiddleton 27 Oct 1927  Cemetery A52762
CatherineMidgley 6 Mar 179171 St Leonard's E 
ThomasMidwinter 28 Oct 191435 Cemetery A42667
Kornel AMikolay19231987  Cemetery C3304
Agnes TeresaMiles19261999  St Thomas More 
AliceMiles 2 Jun 195382 Cemetery F23970
BrianMiles    High and Over 
Eric ThomasMiles 17 Jul 195748 St Leonard's H 
Harold LeslieMiles18991980  Cemetery C2267
Mary SophiaMiles 3 Apr 196584 Cemetery G74331
Muriel AdelineMiles 1 Dec 199585 St Leonard's H 
Stephanie EvaMiles19051994 Wife of Harold L MilesCemetery C2267
Elaine Primrose AnnMiles-Goodman19432008  Cemetery C2266
Alfred HMilk19061982  Cemetery H34759
Lilian FlorenceMilk19091991  Cemetery H34759
George TJMillar 5 Aug 188934 St Peter's 
GertrudeMillar18871973  Cemetery H24608
CharlesMillard19071996 Son of Charley & Grace MillardCemetery G54153
CharleyMillard 2 Apr 196288 Cemetery G54153
GraceMillard 30 Jun 197491Wife of Charley MillardCemetery G54153
TrisMillard19071993 Wife of Chas MillardCemetery G54153
AMiller WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
AMiller WWI  WWI Memorial 
Ada EllenMiller 29 Nov 192659Wife of Boyd A MillerCemetery B22081
Boyd ArchibaldMiller 10 Jul 194281 Cemetery B22081
EleanorMiller18711962  St Peter's 
EllenMiller 2 Apr 1937  Cemetery C4501
EmilyMiller 16 Jan 1985 Wife of Tom MillerCemetery B42927
ErnestMiller 12 May 196067 Cemetery E13291
Esther MaudMiller 20 Apr 197083Wife of Wm G MillerSt Leonard's H 
FW McdonaldMiller Oct 1914 Bowden House - Lt, Grenadier GuardsOther War Memorials 
HughMiller 16 Feb 19193916th Bn. Canadian InfantryCemetery C5644
Mary CarolineMiller 17 Jan 193236 Cemetery E13291
Mary JaneMiller 16 Feb 190971Wife of Rbt M MillerCemetery B32309
Robert MontgomerieMiller7 Jun 18252 Nov 1900  Cemetery B32309
TomMiller 24 Jul 1980  Cemetery B42927
William GlaholmMiller 24 Sep 199678 St Leonard's H 
MaryMillican 200490Wife of Rbt MillicanSt Peter's 
RobertMillican 196242 St Peter's 
Henry WilliamMills 23 Sep 1977 aka BillyCemetery C7810
IvyMills 1 Feb 1975  Cemetery H14511
EdnaMillwood Jul 1995 Wife of Jim MillwoodSeaford Head 
JimMillwood Sep 1993  Seaford Head 
DavidMilne7 Feb 19379 Sep 1993  Marine Parade II 
Lawrence St BasilMilne12 Apr189828-Sep-65 PriestCemetery G64174
Mary FrancesMilne27 Feb 190313 Nov 1963  Cemetery G64174
Michael Hubert DeanMilne5 Jun 192916 Sep 2004  Cemetery G64174
Clarita CeciliaMilroy 26 Feb 1957  Cemetery G31166
Eleanor MildredMinnis13 Apr 189410 Sep 1965 Wife of Reginald E MinnisCemetery B22064
Reginald ErnestMinnis29 Apr 189625 Mar 1969  Cemetery B22064
Edward GeorgeMisani 21 Jan 1966  Cemetery C7792
Grace OliveMisani12 Jul 188324 Oct 1950  Cemetery C7792
AubreyMitchell 17 Apr 1917 2nd Can. Construction Coy.Cemetery C5592
EmilyMitchell Jul 1958  Cemetery G44074
Richard Edward JohnMitchell 1 Aug 198462 Cemetery C2207
Sylvia PatriciaMitchell29 Sep 193711 May 2005  Seaford Head 
ThomasMitchell 4 Feb 191937Canadian EngineersCemetery C5642
GeorgieMockett 1 Jun 19012Son of Arthur & Maud MockettCemetery A22456
Horace HenryMockett 1 Nov 1948  Cemetery A22337
Sarah JaneMockett 10 Jan 1945  Cemetery A22337
Sidney HoraceMockett 3 Sep 194757 Cemetery A22330
ArthurMockford 4 May 195982 Cemetery E43782
Frances EleanorMockford 28 Aug 194463Wife of Arthur MockfordCemetery E43782
IsraelMockford15 Sep 18725 Jul 1885  St Peter's 
IsraelMockford 30 Apr 190068 St Peter's 
JaneMockford 5 Feb 191181Wife of Richard MockfordCemetery C186
Mary AnnMockford 15 Feb 189465Wife of Israel MockfordSt Peter's 
RichardMockford 27 Feb 191382 Cemetery C186
WillieMockford 30 Jan 190811Son of Alfred MockfordCemetery A22388
LaurenceMogford19141998  Cemetery C3302
PhyllisMogford19161987 Wife of Laurence MogfordCemetery C3302
LucyMogridge 3 Mar 1946  Cemetery C1109
Kenneth JamesMole  9 Mar 1965  Cemetery G74330
Rose MaryMole 18 Aug 1982 Wife of Kenneth MoleCemetery G74330
Daisy WilhelminaMolloy8 Nov 198982Wife of Vernon MolloyCemetery C8830
Vernon O'BrienMolloy15 Apr 197979Cemetery C8830
John ChartresMolony 5 Sep 194871 Cemetery C3292
Glory Violet PooleMoloney 17 Feb 197776 St Leonard's H 
Sarah FrancesMolony née Adams 11 Aug 1954 Wife of JC Molony; dtr of Wm AdamsCemetery C3292
Alfred JamesMoneypenny 8 May 191871 Cemetery B32295
Sarah EllenMoneypenny 7 Apr 191874Wife of Alf Jas MoneypennyCemetery B32295
PeterMonico19141985Cemetery C8829
Charles WallaceMontagu 6 Jun 193277 Cemetery D3217
Kathleen EthelMontagu née Dawes 28 Mar 1966 Dtr of Wm & Ethel Dawes. Wife of the Duke of ManchesterCemetery A42748
Robert ClintonMontgomery 23 Jul 191819Canadian EngineersCemetery C5601
JamesMoody Jun 187457Son of Herbert Jas MoodySt Leonard's G 
AnnetteMoon18791967  St Leonard’s KCD
Albert EMoore 21 Sep 1951  Cemetery G31179
AnnieMoore 8 May 195878Wife of RH MooreCemetery C4448
Audrey MargaretMoore19212003Dtr of Gladys HerseyCemetery C8839
BertMoore23 Dec 19304 Nov 2007  Marine Parade II 
BertMoore 13 Dec 1954  Cemetery F13634
Charles FrederickMoore 22 Jul 1953  Cemetery F23971
ClaraMoore 3 May 1956 Wife of Fred MooreCemetery E53863
ClaraMoore 1982100Wife of Albert MooreCemetery G31179
ECMoore WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
ElizabethMoore 26 Apr 192182Wife of Thos Henry MooreCemetery B32294
Emma LouisaMoore 22 Feb 196675Wife of Fred Geo MooreCemetery G64220
Florence MaryMoore 24 Jun 193558 Cemetery B43128
FrederickMoore 15 Apr 1950  Cemetery E53863
Frederick GeorgeMoore 5 Oct 196073 Cemetery G64220
HarriettMoore 25 May 192071Wife of Jonathan MooreCemetery B22079
HenryMoore 2 Feb 191166 Cemetery B32258-59
JonathanMoore 11 Mar 192470 Cemetery B22079
Joseph BristowMoore18741958  Cemetery B43128
LouisaMoore Dec 1943  Cemetery A42748
MargaretMoore 9 Sep 1942  Cemetery G31107
Margaret MaryMoore19071978 Sister of Bridget DeereCemetery G2986
Mary JaneMoore 7 Apr 190860Wife of Henry MooreCemetery B32258-59
MillieMoore 11 Apr 196078Wife of Bert MooreCemetery F13634
Richard HenryMoore 2 Aug 194777 Cemetery C4448
RosaMoore 19 Aug 194175 Cemetery E33546
RubenMoore Oct-64  Cemetery G54089
RWMoore WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Thomas HenryMoore 29 Jan 191569 Cemetery B32294
Marie RoseMoorhouse19131939 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6776
Nellie MargaretMoorhouse 26 Aug 2004 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6776
Christopher CollanMorcom13 Jul 191113 Feb 1930  King's Mead 
Adam WilliamMorgan 23 Jul 19850 Cemetery D3206a
Albert EdwardMorgan19021985  Cemetery E33463
AlfredMorgan 25 Mar 194889 Cemetery E33463
Annie HayMorgan 19 Aug 200585 Cemetery E44445
CaroleMorganMar 194417 Sep 19440Sister of Terry MorganCemetery E13258a
Caroline BerthaMorgan19101998  Cemetery E33463
Dennis HMorgan11 Jul 192510 Nov 2006  Bönningstedt Promenade 
ElizabethMorgan 4 Mar 194791 Cemetery C4430/431
ElizabethMorgan 9 May 198094Dtr of Eliz MorganCemetery C4430/431
ErnestMorgan18981971  Cemetery E44445
Harriet AnnMorgan 25 Oct 193876Wife of Alf MorganCemetery E33463
Hilda ElizabethMorgan19071987  Cemetery E33463
JAMorgan WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
JAMorgan WWII Foresters - STCOther War Memorials 
James PMorgan   Captain, Merchant NavySplash Point 
JosephMorgan 8 Oct 197066 Cemetery C3374
NancyMorgan 13 Feb 198385Wife of Joseph MorganCemetery C3374
Terry VCMorgan193428 Jun 1905  Cemetery E13258a
Victor PercyMorgan19011987  Cemetery E33463
W PringleMorgan18631934  St Leonard’s KCD
WilliamMorgan 29 Oct 197191Son of Eliz MorganCemetery C4430/431
EugeneMorisette 6 Feb 1919 Canadian EngineersCemetery C6700
JMorley WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
CarolineMorling9 Dec 184217 Sep 1931 Wife of Chas MorlingCemetery B32291-92
CharlesMorling1 Jun 183914 Jun 1905  Cemetery B32291-92
CharlieMorling 18 Mar 189531Son of Chas & Caroline MorlingSt Leonard's A 
DorcasMorling Oct 1910  Cemetery C3308/9
EdikateMorling 25 Nov 194237 Cemetery B43113
Ernest CharlesMorling 26 Jan 192949 Cemetery B43115
FrederickMorling 1 Apr 18793Son of Chas & Caroline MorlingSt Leonard's A 
Frederick ErnestMorling29 Jul 190329 Apr 1966  Cemetery C4464
GeorgeMorling 20 Nov 194839 Cemetery C3310
HarriettMorling Feb 1919  Cemetery C3308/9
Irene JaneMorling 25 Jun 199888Wife of Geo MorlingCemetery C3310
James ColemanMorling16 Nov 18704 Aug 1924  Cemetery B32291-92
James ColemanMorling14 Feb 19016 Jan 1960  Cemetery C3320
John ReevesMorling 21 Jun 194168 Cemetery B43113
Julia FrancesMorling 22 Dec 1958  Cemetery B43113
KateMorling Oct 1940  Cemetery C3308/9
Kathleen MabelMorling née Duly20 Feb 19147 Jan 1972 Wife of FE MorlingCemetery C4464
MaryMorling Feb 1952  Cemetery C3308/9
MercyMorling18 Apr 19007 Jun 1975 Wife of Jas C MorlingCemetery C3320
MinnieMorling12 Sep 185427 Nov 1924  Cemetery C6769
RalphMorling Aug 1930  Cemetery C3308/9
Rose AliceMorling2 Jun 187019 May 1941 Wife of Jas Coleman MorlingCemetery B32291-92
WilliamMorling Apr 1940  Cemetery C3308/9
Ada FrancesMorris 22 Apr 1953  St Leonard's H 
Audrey AlmaMorris22 May 19229 Oct 1977  Cemetery H14521
Arthur PenningtonMorris 23 Feb 195578 Cemetery F13631
BettyMorris 8 Jan 196892Wife of Arthur P MorrisCemetery F13631
Claude OMorris 29 Jul 197884 Cemetery G54158
Emma KateMorris 18 Jul 196083Wife of Ernest MorrisCemetery F23992
Ernest StanleyMorris 12 Mar 195373 Cemetery F23992
EugeneMorris10 May 19263 Dec 2009  St Thomas More 
F StVMorris Apr 1917 Bowden House; 2nd Lt, Sherwood For att RAFOther War Memorials 
JanetMorris17 Mar 18389 Jun 1923 Wife of Ed Sumner MorrisCemetery A42739
JMMorris née De La Croix19 March 182813 Jan 1906 Wife of Wm G MorrisCemetery C6732
MayMorris 30 May 196265Wife of CO MorrisCemetery G54158
Norman RogersMorris 13 Mar 1918241st Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5618
SheilaMorris2 May 192331 Jan 2009  St Thomas More 
Stewart Ramsay BroughMorris 3 Aug 1918301st Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43053
William GillettMorris 8 Jun 191380 Cemetery C6732
Charles PercivalMorrison 6 Jul 196861 Cemetery G31153
Gwendoline AliceMorrison2 Nov 191629 Nov 1995  Cemetery G31153
SusannahMorton 24 Jan 187665 St Leonard's A 
TJMorton WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Louis DawsonMosley18831966 Louis & Violet buried 17 March 1966Cemetery B32283
VioletMosley18821966 Louis & Violet buried 17 March 1966Cemetery B32283
Roy HenryMoss23 Jul 19245 Mar 1986 Husband of Kath; father of Carol & PhilipCemetery C2264
Bernard Charles MallettMote19212002  Cemetery F13573
Ernest MallettMote 8 Feb 195567 Cemetery F13573
Phyllis LouiseMote 14 Feb 197279Wife of Ernest MoteCemetery F13573
RobiniaMott 30 Dec 193989Wife of Edmund MottCemetery A52918
EllenMoynihan26 Oct 196884Sister of Mary SheaCemetery C8860
Albert RichardMuddle 2 Mar 192839Husband of Gladys Mabel MuddleCemetery B32230
DavidMuddle 11 Jan 194985 Cemetery B32230
EnidMuddle 2 Oct 200490 Cemetery B32230
FrederickMuddle 25 May 199074 Cemetery B32230
GladysMuddle18991970  St Leonard's H 
LizzieMuddle 12 Feb 195790Wife of David MuddleCemetery B32230
ReginaldMuddle 16 Jul 191318 Cemetery B32231
Ernest FrankMuggeridge   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
CharlesMuggridge 19 Aug 191572 Cemetery A42643
FannyMuggridge 21 Apr 1939  Cemetery A32573
FrankMuggridge 20 Jun 1915  Cemetery A32573
HannahMuggridge 10 Jan 192272Wife of Chas MuggridgeCemetery A42643
FXMulligan WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Frederick HenryMummery9 Jan 19206 Sep 2012  Cemetery I24877a
StephenMummery15 Oct 195526 Nov 2000 Son of Fred MummeryCemetery I24877a
Effie ElizabethMunday 24 May 199688 Cemetery G64204
Frederick HoraceMunday 8 Nov 195961 Cemetery G64204
Beatrice MaudMurdock Oct 194458 Cemetery E43768
Amy JaneMurphy 17 Mar 198090Wife of Jas Joseph MurphyCemetery G1906
Emmeline MaryMurphy 25 Sep 195384 Cemetery C6664
James JosephMurphy 12 May 196971 Cemetery G1906
Agnes CarlyonMurray 27 Jan 196890 Cemetery G74285
Frances MaryMurray 3 Dec 1969 Sister of Honora MurrayCemetery C3295
Honora DorothyMurray 25 Apr 1976 Sister of Frances MurrayCemetery C3295
Constance MayMusgrave18981928 Dtr of Wm C MusgraveCemetery B43077
William GummowMusgrave18571926  Cemetery B43077
FWMusgrove WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Albert GMuskett 21 Dec 195759 Cemetery G44014
CHMuskett WWI Charles Herbert (CWGC)Seaford War Memorial 
GeorgeMuskett 12 Apr 193972 Cemetery E33481
GHMuskett WWI See Charles HerbertWWI Memorial 
Martha LauraMuskett 23 Jul 194473Wife of George MuskettCemetery E33481
AMusselle WWI Foresters - Leicestershire RegtOther War Memorials 
Ada MaryMusselle 5 May 193167Wife of AG MusselleCemetery E13242
AGMusselle WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
AGMusselle WWI  WWI Memorial 
Alfred GeorgeMusselle 2 Aug 193475 Cemetery E13242
GeorgeMusselle 11 Sep 190337 Cemetery B43084
PatriciaMyers19351992  Chyngton Road 

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