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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
JanetFackler21 Jun 192014 Mar 2002  St Thomas More 
PeterFackler22 Jan 192231 Mar 2008  St Thomas More 
Audrey ValentineFagg née Kent 28 Aug 200886Dtr of Bill & Primrose KentCemetery H24552
AliceFairley 30 Dec 196784Wife of RJ FairleyCemetery C4429
Richard JohnFairley 3 Dec 194661 Cemetery C4429
Charles JohnFalkiner 7 Jun 193413 Cemetery C6726
John Alfred GardnerFalkner18891956  St Leonard's H 
Marian AlisonFalkner18961972 Wife of JAG FalknerSt Leonard's H 
Emily WJFallshaw 199588 Cemetery H24649
Henry ALFallshaw 197778 Cemetery H24649
Edwin DouglasFarnes 24 Jan 1958  Cemetery G44052
GFarnes WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
GeorgeFarnes 25 Oct 194268 Cemetery E43683
Helena MayFarr10 Jun 1899Jul 1976  St Leonard's H 
William BryantFarr 6 Feb 1967  St Leonard's H 
Joseph S Farrah 6 Jul 195869 Cemetery G31168
Albert JamesFarrell 9 Jul 197166 Cemetery G1911
Margaret MaryFarrell 22 Apr 199287Wife of Albert FarrellCemetery G1911
TheFarrells    Seaford Head 
Arthur LyndenFarrer 11 Jul 197377 St Leonard's H 
Thomas HawkesFarrer 16 Nov 182031 St Leonard's C 
Charlotte MaryFarrow18591934  Cemetery C6766
Matthew ThomasFarrow18561936  Cemetery C6766
AnnFears6 Feb 18203 Dec 1887 Wife of Henry FearsSt Leonard's D 
CarolineFears 28 Apr 1948 Wife of Eli FearsCemetery E13245
EdithFears 12 Jul 1970  Cemetery E13245
Eli GeorgeFears 3 Jun 1929  Cemetery E13245
HenryFears29 Oct 181716 Jan 1911  St Leonard's D 
HenryFears 20 Dec 192571 Cemetery A52891
Hilda MaryFears 11 Jun 197277Wife of Richard FearsCemetery E54406
RichardFears 12 Mar 196979 Cemetery E54406
RoseFears 30 May 1994 Ashes elsewhereCemetery E13245
StephenFears 28 Oct 1982  Cemetery E13245
Victoria MolyneuxFears 19 Feb 193980 Cemetery A52891
DFeasey 7 Oct 191443 Cemetery A42655
Horace JosephFeatherstone 25 Sep 193642Aka 'Jock'Cemetery E23358
MariaFehrsen 10 Nov 187760Dtr of Jas Alexander FehrsenSt Peter's 
Albert HenryFenner 10 Jul 198884 Cemetery H34737
FlorenceFenner 17 Apr 197874 Cemetery H34737
Arthur AFennings22 Mar 1940Cemetery C8867
Ida AAFenningsDec-58Cemetery C8867
EFensom 15 Feb 1917 16th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43036
GFerguson 11 May 1917357th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43057
Anna ThereseFernandes22 Nov 189030 Aug 1988  Cemetery G1929
EdwardFerraby 2 Sep 186932From Islington; drowned at SeafordSt Leonard's I 
DennisFevrier 23 Jan 1916 British West Indies RegtCemetery B43018
NelsonFevrier 20 Jan 191622British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5589
ElizabethField 1 May 1891 Wife of Thos FieldSt Leonard's I 
HField WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HField WWI  WWI Memorial 
FrankField 7 Apr 1970  Cemetery F24370
GladysField 10 Nov 1988 Wife of Frank FieldCemetery F24370
JuliaField 23 Aug 1891 Dtr of Thos & Eliz Field, buried YorkSt Leonard's I 
ThomasField 24 Nov 1857  St Leonard's I 
Eleanor CoombsFilby4 Jul 187621 Aug 1959  Cemetery F13671
LOFilliter WWII St Peter's SchoolOther War Memorials 
Thomas JabezFinch 15 Jan 195681 Cemetery F13641
KathyFinnegan-White    Seaford Head 
Alice RosaFinnie 3 Jul 198584 Cemetery G31160
Francis JosephFinnie 5 Oct 195252 Cemetery G31160
WinifredFish 21 Jun 197056 Cemetery G21000
Agnes AmeliaFisher19021985  Cemetery C2271
Elizabeth GertrudeFisher 16 Dec 1947  Cemetery C4446
GaryFisher19652005  Seaford Cemetery 
Gary RobertFisher7 Mar 19653 Dec 2006 Son of Herbert & Norma FisherCemetery E53854
HerbertFisher 6 Sep 198271 Cemetery C2271
Herbert HenryFisher6 Jul 19249 Sep 2011  Cemetery E53854
Norma MaryFisher14 Apr 19284 Jan 2013 Wife of Herbert FisherCemetery E53854
Robert GeorgeFisher7 Jan 186117 Nov 1916 Son of Rbt FisherCemetery A32592
ThomasFisher 31 Jan 1936  Cemetery D3207
Anne InnesFisher née Hutchinson 10 Jan 190764Dtr of Geo HutchinsonCemetery A32524
Thomas AndrewFisk 28 Jul 18810Son of John & Jane FiskSt Leonard's I 
FrankField 7 Apr 1970  Cemetery F24370
GladysField 10 Nov 1988 Wife of Frank FieldCemetery F24370
Kenneth GregoryFison  24 Aug 195688 Cemetery F23898
Kenneth Wilfred YoungFison 8 Jan 194338Navigator, RAFCemetery E5W10
KWYFison WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
WinifredFison  3 Feb 195282Wife of Kenneth G FisonCemetery F23898
AnnieFitzgerald 2 Mar 191984Wife of Maurice FitzgeraldSt Leonard's G 
Maurice Noel Ryder PurcellFitzgerald 17 Dec 187742 St Leonard's G 
AFitzwilliams Hyde WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
AliceFletcher 21 Sep 196977 Cemetery G44015
HoraceFletcher18 Jul 19135 Aug 1981Cemetery C8842
Leonora LizzieFletcher18 Nov 19148 Mar 1988Cemetery C8842
William IrvinFletcher 19 Sep 195870 Cemetery G44015
VioletFlint 20 Apr 1920  Cemetery D3184-87
VioletFlint 20 Apr 1920  Cemetery D3184-87
Frederick EdmundFlorance 17 Aug 1936  Cemetery E23383
Winifred MayFlynn 18 Mar 197867 Cemetery G2980
Cephas JohnFoad18931982  Cemetery E54411-12
Mabel LilianFoad 1 Jan 1971 Wife of Cephas FoadCemetery E54411-12
Alfred HenryFoard 27 Jan 193151 Cemetery E13285
Rose EvelineFoard 27 Nov 193546Wife of Alfred FoardCemetery E13285
George ThomasFoden14 Apr 191117 Mar 1988  Cemetery I14798
FrancesFoden formerly Kempster 22 Feb 2006105Wife of Geo Thos FodenCemetery I14798
Claire EugenieFolliot18931980  Cemetery G2985
AliceFoord 24 Oct 193856Wife of Benjamin FoordCemetery C3342
Emily JessieFoord 14 Dec 194766 Cemetery C4411
ErnestFoord 31 Dec 194773 Cemetery C4411
Ernest RaymondFoord 27 Jan 192217Son of Ernest & Jessie FoordCemetery A52890
George AlceFoord 11 Feb 1949  Cemetery E53879
Mary AnnFoord 27 Apr 195678Wife of Geo FoordCemetery E53879
Mary EllenFoord 9 Jul 194156 Cemetery C3386
RichardFoord 28 Feb 193049 Cemetery C3386
Edward DForbes 16 Mar 195934 Cemetery G64187
Ida MForbes19121974  Cemetery E33535
JoanForbes 20 Mar 200784Wife of Edward D ForbesCemetery G64187
Muriel ElizabethForbes 17 Apr 2016101 Cemetery I24877
Robert AlexanderForbes 24 Mar 199383 Cemetery I24877
Edith MaryFord 25 Dec 195282Wife of Wm FordCemetery F23954
Eliza SarahFord23 Aug 183624 Jun 1898  Cemetery B32193-94
HarryFord 22 Jan 196483 Cemetery G54100
HSFord WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HSFord WWI  WWI Memorial 
Margaret EvaFord 12 Feb 196583Wife of Harry FordCemetery G54100
WilliamFord 26 Nov 195285 Cemetery F23954
Frederick CharlesForeman27 Nov 188716 Oct 1963  Cemetery C3299
Laura AnnieForeman 11 Mar 198293Wife of Fred Chas ForemanCemetery C3299
Monica ConstanceForrest19131995 Wife of Richard ForrestCemetery G2969
Richard HaddowForrest19081977  Cemetery G2969
Alexander RForshaw 22 Jul 194866 Cemetery E53827
Eveline HelenForster 3 Mar 195578Sister of FPC ForsterCemetery F13615
James FrederickForster 13 Apr 1932  Cemetery E23318
RoseForster 12 Nov 1938  Cemetery E23318
NeilForsyth27 Jan 186629 Apr 1915  Cemetery D3202
Gilda DaphneFort 5 Nov 194226 Cemetery E33554
Miss CDFort WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
PeterFortescue WWII Viscount EbringtonKing's Mead 
CliffordFortune19001978  Cemetery H24547
DorisFortune19011983  Cemetery H24547
John HFosdick Jul 1915 Bowden House; Lt, Rifle BrigadeOther War Memorials 
HenriettaFost 1918  Cemetery C3330
Mary FrancesFost 4 Jan 1954  St Leonard's A 
WilliamFost 1944  Cemetery C3330
William HenryFost 1966  Cemetery C3330
BlancheFoster    Marine Parade II 
RosieFoster 27 Jun 192920 Cemetery E13247
Catherine LeeFothergill Jan 18?7 Wife of Wm FothergillSt Leonard's G 
Elizabeth CatherineFothergill 13 Oct 187845Dtr of Wm & Catherine FothergillSt Leonard's G 
WilliamFothergill Dec 184850 St Leonard's G 
JimFotheringham25 Oct 195511 Jan 2004  Marine Parade II 
AlbertFowler19021979  Cemetery H34690
Albert EdwardFowler 16 Sep 196688 Cemetery A52896
Alice LouisaFowler15 Jul 18886 Jan 1941  Cemetery E33434
Alice MaudFowler 7 Dec 194173Wife of Frank FowlerCemetery B42949
BerylFowler19192003 Wife of Geo FowlerCemetery C7817
Charles EdwardFowler 2 Sep 1985  Cemetery G54095
Elizabeth HopeFowler 17 Sep 192544Wife of Albert FowlerCemetery A52896
FlorenceFowler19141997 aka Molly. Wife of Albert FowlerCemetery H34690
Frances MaryFowler 2 Apr 1964 Wife of Chas Ed FowlerCemetery G54095
FrankFowler 17 Oct 192558 Cemetery B42949
Frederick GeorgeFowler3 Aug 187523 Dec 1953  Cemetery E33434
GeorgeFowler19142006  Cemetery C7817
HarrietFowler 16 Aug 1962  Cemetery G54132
Mancel Elizabeth May AkehurstFowler19222002  Cemetery E33434
Nathaniel JohnFowler9 Jul 191512 Jun 1991  Cemetery H34743
Peter Ernest AkehurstFowler19252004  Cemetery E33434
Sheila LaviniaFowler13 Feb 192129 Nov 1929  Cemetery H34743
BessieFowlie24 Nov 183919 Jul 1891 Wife of John FowlieSt Peter's 
John CouttsFowlie19 Apr 183222 Feb 1898  St Peter's 
Walter StephenFox 28 Mar 1954  Cemetery F13601
Mildred GertrudeFoxhall-Ashworth 1 Jun 1992 Wife of Victor Foxhall-AshworthCemetery H34671
Victor ArthurFoxhall-Ashworth 1 Dec 1980  Cemetery H34671
GMFoxton18741963  St Leonard’s KCD
JFoxton18801966  St Leonard’s KCD
Florence MaryFoy 26 Oct 195178 Cemetery F23897
Gwendoline MaudFoyle19161994  St Leonard's H 
William FrankFoyle19141973  St Leonard's H 
FredFrancis19091983  Cemetery I14788
MurielFrancis19122007 Wife of Fred FrancisCemetery I14788
HenryFrancou 11 Nov 195386 Cemetery F13593
Brenda JoyFraser27 Jul 19288 Apr 2008  Crouch Gardens 
ElinorFraser 8 Oct 1925 Wife of Saml FraserCemetery B22082
Samuel GordonFraser 6 Apr 1925  Cemetery B22082
Thomas WintonFreeland 7 Mar 193468 Cemetery E23415
DanneyFreelove    Seaford Cemetery 
FredaFreelove19131979  Cemetery A52899
Gertrude AnnFreeman18681955  St Peter's 
DouglasFreeston19181991  Marine Parade II 
AlbertFrench 10 Nov 19226? Cemetery C4514
DavidFrench 30 Nov 194710Son of Dolly FrenchCemetery C4514
DollyFrench1 Mar 191411 Jul 1972  Cemetery C4514
Edward JohnFrench 5 Jul 198090 Cemetery E54422
Ethel MaudFrench 25 Nov 197285Wife of Ed FrenchCemetery E54422
JohnFrench    Marine Parade II 
Mary MatildaFrench 20 Jan 193675Wife of Albert FrenchCemetery C4514
RosieFrench    Marine Parade II 
AliceFrench née Lang18951992 Daughter of Geo & Kate LangCemetery C183
EmanuelFrey 13 Jan 196678 Cemetery G1895
Norah FrancesFrey 10 Sep 196370 Cemetery G1895
DonFricker    Marine Parade III 
MaisieFricker    Marine Parade III 
HennyFriend19182007  Seaford Head 
Cecil GordonFrisby 18 Dec 196975 Cemetery E53809
PhyllisFrisby 17 May 1947 Wife of Cecil FrisbyCemetery E53809
Charles EdmondFrith19101972  St Leonard's H 
Frank AFrood19131955  Cemetery F13637
AnnFrost 3 Nov 196084 Cemetery G64222
JaneFrost 2 Sep 189386 St Leonard's D 
Laura ElizabethFrost5 Jan 190510 Apr 1959  Cemetery G64185
Noel ClarenceFrost 9 Jun 197058 Cemetery G64185
AndrewFuge28 Jun 197428 Jun 19740 Cemetery A52837
Andrew MarkFuge13 May 197515 May 19750 Cemetery A52837
GloriaFuller    Marine Parade II 
JohnFuller 1 Mar 1962  Cemetery C4486
LenFuller    Marine Parade II 
Grey D'e HFullerton19 Oct 186718 Dec 1933 Son of the Rev CG FullertonCemetery B43129
AmeliaFunnell18751968 Wife of Reuben FunnellCemetery A32554-6
AndyFunnell25 Nov 198215 Jun 2004  Marine Parade II 
AnnieFunnell 5 Aug 195372Wife of Wm FunnellCemetery F13587
Betty JoyFunnell 25 Feb 19281 Cemetery C2218
CFunnell WWI  WWI Memorial 
CFFunnell WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
CharlesFunnell 14 Apr 191727Son of Thos & Sarah FunnellCemetery A32554-6
Charles EdwardFunnell 10 Oct 1987  Cemetery H24528
DorcasFunnell 12 Jun 197394Wife of Jas Henry FunnellCemetery C2202
Dorothy MaryFunnell 12 Mar 19012 Cemetery A52823
Ellen GeorginaFunnell4 Apr 195784Wife of Thos FunnellCemetery C8847
Elizabeth SarahFunnell 4 Jan 1978 Wife of Chas E FunnellCemetery H24528
FrederickFunnell 14 Mar 194577 Cemetery E43778
Harriett Martha AnnettaFunnell 22 Sep 190851Wife of Wm FunnellCemetery B32290
HelenFunnell19282000 Wife of Tom FunnellCemetery F13587
JamesFunnell 2 Mar 19252 Cemetery A42635
James HenryFunnell 14 Feb 196686 Cemetery C2202
JosephFunnell 17 Mar 187741 St Leonard's D 
Kim LouiseFunnell  1 Cemetery F13587
Mary AnnFunnell 7 Sep 194369Wife of Fred FunnellCemetery E43778
Nora EllenFunnell Dec-89  Cemetery G54145
ReubenFunnell18731959  Cemetery A32554-6
SarahFunnell 23 Feb 192576 Cemetery A32554-6
ThomasFunnell19242001  Cemetery F13587
ThomasFunnell4 Mar 195586Cemetery C8847
WilliamFunnell 25 Jan 195874 Cemetery F13587
William FrederickFunnell 24 Sep 196261 Cemetery G54145
William GeorgeFunnell18981974 Grandson of Sarah FunnellCemetery A32554-6
Winifred AFunnell19021977  Cemetery E43712
AlfredFurner 3 Oct 199692 Cemetery H24599
Elizabeth MaryFurner 19 Aug 197774Wife of Alfred FurnerCemetery H24599

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