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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
BMS    Seaford Head 
ES 1756  St Leonard's F 
JBS 187?  St Leonard's G 
JLS 1889  St Leonard's D 
SS 1890  St Leonard's H 
TS 1877  St Leonard's H 
Elsie ClaraSage18971982  Cemetery C1120
Ernest Thomas JosephSage19001998  Cemetery C1120
Alice Marianne EvaSalmon 9 Nov 193882Wife of Walter B SalmonCemetery E23420
IsabelSalmon 1 Apr 1960  Cemetery G64212
Robert SwainSalmon   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
RSSalmon WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Walter BeardSalmon 24 Sep 193585 Cemetery E23420
YvetteSalmon19182016  Seaford Head 
Arthur ClavellSalter 30 Nov 1928  Cemetery B12025-27
JCSalter WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
John ClavellSalter   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
John ClavellSalter 9 Apr 191819 Cemetery B12025-27
Mary DorotheaSalter 11 May 1917  Cemetery B12025-27
DouglasSample19132003  Seaford Head 
WalterSamuel    Marine Parade II 
DorisSandeman18991982  Cemetery H34730
-Sanders    Marine Parade II 
Margaret ElizabethSandham 13 Dec 196763 St Leonard's H 
DavidSandles 24 Apr 193478 Cemetery E23392
AlbertSands Jan 195968 Cemetery G44081
Edwin FrankSands 16 Mar 197465 Cemetery H24612
Percy RichardSanders18761937Cemetery C8852
JosephSanger19091984  Cemetery H34775
KathleenSangar Dec 1939 aka PixieCemetery C6761
MarjorieSanger19102002 Wife of Jos SangerCemetery H34775
ESansom 26 Oct 1914  Cemetery A42654
Clara CatherineSargent 4 Jun 193786Wife of JF SargentCemetery C6783
EmilySargent 29 Nov 194980 Cemetery E53871
Evyelyn FitzgeraldSargent 6 Mar 1959  Cemetery C6783
John FitzgeraldSargent 14 Feb 191966 Cemetery C6783
Mary AnneSargent Feb 187936 St Leonard's H 
Reginald W FitzgeraldSargent 5 Oct 191735Killed in FlandersCemetery C6783
Vyvian FitzgeraldSargent 2 Aug 195879Son of John & Clara SargentCemetery C6783
WilliamSargent 10 Dec 195082 Cemetery E53871
EvelynSatchell2 May 190818 Jun 1987 Wife of John SatchellCemetery C2193
Everard MSatchell 28 Jan 19232 Cemetery A42621
FrancesSatchell19282015  Cemetery C2193
Frances ASatchell 191639 Cemetery C2193
JohnSatchell5 Aug 19032 Jan 1983  Cemetery C2193
Minnie JSatchell 21 Nov 193659 Cemetery E23405
Anita CarolyneSaunders29 Nov 194128 Feb 2013  Cemetery TreeTrees
Ann GelinaSaunders 2 Oct 195076Wife of Chas SaundersCemetery D3232
Charles PatrickSaunders 31 Mar 1939  Cemetery D3232
Charlotte IsabelSaunders18831976  St Leonard's H 
ElizabethSaunders 20 Apr 190564Wife of Henry SaundersCemetery C3403
FrederickSaunders 31 May 193175 Cemetery E13296
HenrySaunders 9 Mar 191775 Cemetery C3403
Maria AnnSaunders 5 Jan 195695 Cemetery E13296
RGLSaunders WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
Wendy ElizabethSaunders17 Feb 196727 Jul 2010  Cemetery TreeTrees
Frederick WalterSavage   Founder of Seaford CollegeSt Leonard's H 
JGSavage WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
JGSavage WWI  WWI Memorial 
JohnSaxby Mar 1831  St Leonard's G 
ElizabethSayer 21 Apr 193187Wife of Thos SayerSt Leonard's E 
HBSayer WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
Matthew CharlesSayer 2 Oct 191640 Cemetery B32213
RosaSayer 9 Jul 190832Wife of Matthew Chas SayerCemetery B32213
ThomasSayer 10 Mar 18??65 St Leonard's E 
EdwardScanlan 1 Dec 201276 St Thomas More 
Margaret LucyScarisbrick 10 Jan 198380 Cemetery G31162
Thomas WalterScarisbrick 20 Nov 195471 Cemetery G31162
ElizabethScharer 8 Apr 195072Wife of Fred ScharerCemetery C4530
FrederickScharer 25 Feb 195077 Cemetery C4530
StepneySchomberg 23 Jul 190553 Cemetery B22085
ROSclater WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
AlbertScott3 Aug 193818 Jan 2001  Marine Parade II 
Alice MaryScott 13 Mar 193976 Cemetery E33561
Arthur GeorgeScott28 Jun 189122 Dec 1973  Cemetery H24611
David RankinScott 6 Aug 201392 Cemetery C7808
Edith SusanScott15 Jul 189214 Dec 1976  Cemetery H24611
JoanScott 19 Sep 198461 Cemetery C7808
RoseScott 11 Feb 198079 Cemetery C2274
BobbieScragg 7 Sep 2013  Cemetery G2959
RosaScragg22 Dec 1907   Marine Parade II 
SarahScrase 28 Mar 187789 St Leonard's E 
WilliamScrase 13 Jun 186475 St Leonard's E 
George IScrivens 25 Aug 199773 Cemetery F23956
Violet Florence GraceScrivens 25 Jul 200884 Cemetery F23956
William RScrivens 4 Oct 195234 Cemetery F23956
DerekSeagrave    Crouch Gardens 
GwenSeagrave    Crouch Gardens 
Edward Frederick ThomasSells19 Feb 192210 Jul 2016  Cemetery I14826
Patricia AngelaSells24 Mar 192820 Nov 1989 Wife of Ed FT SellsCemetery I14826
Charles Albert BruceSellence19232005  Cemetery G21009
MarjorieSellence19202003  Cemetery G21009
Robert CharlesSellence19522003  Cemetery G21009
Dorothy MarySenior 13 Oct 192924Dtr of Gerald & Mary SeniorCemetery B43111
Gerald EdgcumbSenior 28 Jan 195178Buried at IpswichCemetery B43111
Mabel BarbaraSenior19 Mar 194378Wife of Walter SeniorCemetery C8851
Mary LouiseSenior 11 Nov 195774Wife of Gerald SeniorCemetery B43111
Walter NassauSenior20 Oct 193383Cemetery C8851
JosephSentner 28 Aug 1917 7th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6733
GraceSeppings 20 May 197475Sister of Lilian SeppingsCemetery G74266
Lilian ElizaSeppings5 May 190127 Nov 199392Sister of Grace SeppingsCemetery G74266
Dorothy MarySeton13 Nov 18821 Jan 1972  Cemetery C6777
JamesSewell 29 Sep 191676 Cemetery C4517
LilianSewell 6 May 1905 Dtr of Jas & Susannah SewellCemetery C4517
Susannah JaneSewell 14 Oct 193293 Cemetery C4517
AliceSexton 23 Apr 193565Wife of John SextonCemetery A22335
John ThomasSexton 13 Feb 195279 Cemetery A22335
KittySexton 28 Apr 197396 Cemetery H24605
Barbara JoyceSeymour19241995  Cemetery E23301
Ellen LouisaSeymour 15 Feb 1945 Wife of Peter H SeymourCemetery E23302
FlorenceSeymour 19 Sep 195766 Cemetery E23301
Frances JennettSeymour 18 Aug 187731 St Peter's 
GeorginaSeymour19312011  Seaford Head 
Harold LeslieSeymour 17 Dec 1933  Cemetery E23301
Peter HamptonSeymour 29 Dec 1938  Cemetery E23302
Ellen SusanSharp 6 Feb 199573Wife of Stanley Wm SharpCemetery I24862
Mary Ann RachelSharp 1881  St Leonard's A 
Stanley WilliamSharp 9 Feb 200582 Cemetery I24862
Albert EdwardSharpe 27 Oct 190833 Cemetery B32186
Cicely JSharpe31 Aug 19041 Feb 1996Cemetery C8826
Elizabeth EllenSharpe 3 Aug 195984Wife of Albert Ed SharpeCemetery B32186
George ASharpe5 Oct 19086 Mar 1987Cemetery C8826
Henry CurtisSharpe10 Sep 18701 Nov 1944  Cemetery A22336
Lilian KateSharpe25 Mar 187626 Dec 1945 Wife of Henry SharpeCemetery A22336
SusanSharpe 15 Feb 194488Sister of Eliz Ann BorlandCemetery C3322
Eliza CatherineSharplin 18 Mar 194270 Cemetery C3283
William JamesSharplin 28 May 195582 Cemetery C3283
Alice PatriciaShaw19091988  Cemetery F23999
Alfred WShaw19086 Sep 1978  Cemetery H24602
CharlesShaw 24 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5628
Eileen GregoryShaw 24 Dec 197376 Cemetery F13569
Ernest WybergShaw 9 May 195167 St Leonard's H 
Henry Augustus GregoryShaw 25 Sep 195478 Cemetery F13569
Jessie MaudShaw14 Oct 188215 Aug 1955  Cemetery F13640
MarjorieShaw 4 Jun 197790Wife of Patrick ShawCemetery F24371
MaryShea3 Oct 197191Sister of Ellen MoynihanCemetery C8860
Patrick KnoxShaw 8 Oct 197077 Cemetery F24371
Arthur Albert HShed10 Mar 190126 Aug 19010 Cemetery A52881
Arthur WalterShed   Died MargateCemetery A52881
George HerbertShed 14 Jul 195349 Cemetery A52881
Harriet SophiaShed 19 Nov 193163Wife of Arthur ShedCemetery A52881
AloisShek19031993  Marine Parade II 
JohnShelton 27 Mar 187677 St Peter's 
MaryShelton 2 Dec 188177 St Peter's 
Elizabeth MaryShenton 1935  Cemetery C3337
John RobertShenton 1934  Cemetery C3337
Kathleen MaryShenton 1984  Cemetery C3337
Margaret AnnieShepardJan 1885Oct 1967  Cemetery G74275
Joseph GoreShepley28 Jul 188926 Oct 1918 Canadian EngineersCemetery C5641
Ann ElizabethSheppard née Pillgrem 20 Jun 189589Sister of GJ Pillgrem, wife of Rbt SheppardSt Leonard's D 
Charles VFSheppard13 Mar 198672Cemetery C8831
Emily EstherShepperd25 Jul 200272Cemetery C8831
AbrahamSherlock 6 Jan 191982 Cemetery A32512
MercySherlock 12 Feb 192077Wife of Abraham SherlockCemetery A32512
MabelSherwin 9 Feb 191939Wife of Albert SherwinCemetery B32299
MaureenSherwin193511 Mar 201579 Cemetery D3235
RaySherwin19322010  Cemetery D3235
Daisy RosinaSherwood19071996 Wife of Ernest C SherwoodCemetery I24849
Ernest CharlesSherwood19101998  Cemetery I24849
DouglasShilcock18921966 Headmaster, King's MeadKing's Mead 
John WintonShilcock 23 Nov 1915 Died MesopotamiaKing's Mead 
Arthur CShill 16 Apr 197266 Cemetery G1916
Margaret MaryShill 4 Oct 199684Wife of Arthur ShillCemetery G1916
Elizabeth HannahShillito20 Mar 187821 Jan 197071 St Leonard's G 
Francis WilliamShillito25 Aug 190725 Jan 195749Vicar of SeafordSt Leonard's G 
Stella NurthalShillito22 Sep 19207 Apr 1976  St Leonard's G 
Arthur EdwinShilton 30 Dec 195070 Cemetery C4485
EthelShilton 22 Sep 197087 Cemetery C4485
Josephine MayShiner19182001  St Thomas More 
Grace EdithShirley 27 Mar 195864 Cemetery C1112
HerbertShirley Dec 1962  Cemetery C1112
Alleyne LeslieShirres 23 Sep 191319 Cemetery B22152
HerbertShoesmith 6 Apr 195872 Cemetery G44058
LilyShoesmith 8 Oct 196984Wife of Herbert ShoesmithCemetery G44058
EdwardShoosmith Jan 183770 St Leonard's J 
GeorgeShoosmith 18 Dec 191069 Cemetery C2170
JaneShoosmith 181717Dtr of Edward & Jane ShoosmithSt Leonard's J 
Mary AnnShoosmith Sep 18145Son of Edward & Jane ShoosmithSt Leonard's J 
RuthShorland10 Sep 18763 Aug 1940  Cemetery C4502
Kenneth A.Short19121995  Bönningstedt Promenade 
MargaretShort19162004  Bönningstedt Promenade 
AudreyShowell26 Jun 193114 May 2008  The Salts 
Harold VivianShrosbree30 Apr 189029 Mar 1958  Cemetery F13654
Nellie AnnieShrosbree21 Jun 189121 May 1955 Wife of Harold V ShrosbreeCemetery F13654
ErnestShuttler 8 Feb 194265 Cemetery E33522
Louisa EllenShuttler 15 Aug 197089Wife of Ernest ShuttlerCemetery E33522
MarionSiddall May 195676Wife of Rowland SiddallCemetery F13669
CPSilcott 22 Oct 1918 Canadian ArtilleryCemetery B43025
Leila AnnieSilk 17 Dec 1943  Cemetery E43715
EdgarSimcox19242005  Bönningstedt Promenade 
Rose Eveleen SwaineSimes18961973  Cemetery H24584
WilliamSimmon 26 Dec 186449 St Peter's 
Ernest ArthurSimmonds 15 Oct 191839 Cemetery A22356
Margaret GertrudeSimmonds18751965 Wife of Ernest Arthur SimmondsSt Leonards K 
AlbertSimmons 10 Jan 195880 St Leonard's H 
AlfredSimmons 29 May 194464 Cemetery E43716
AliceSimmons 9 Aug 194569Wife of Arthur SimmonsCemetery A22347
Alice MarySimmons 4 Sep 189719Daughter of Joseph & Harriet SimmonsCemetery C157
AnnSimmons Nov 179660Wife of Wm SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
AnneSimmons 23 Mar 182623Dtr of Jas & Eliz SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
ArthurSimmons 29 Jan 194165 Cemetery A22347
CharlesSimmons 26 May 193361 Cemetery E23329
CTSimmons WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
CTSimmons WWI  WWI Memorial 
EdwardSimmons 13 Dec 182952 St Leonard's H 
EdwardSimmons 24 Jun 185749Son of Ed & Elizabeth Simmons. Wife Jane d 1892St Leonard's H 
ElizabethSimmons 11 Jul 181642Wife of Jas SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
ElizabethSimmons 20 Apr 177743Wife of Thos SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
ElizabethSimmons 22 Feb 184471Wife of Edward SimmonsSt Leonard's H 
Elizabeth DunstoneSimmons 13 Jan 185110Dtr of Ed & Jane SimmonsSt Leonard's H 
ErnestSimmons 16 Sep 1953  St Leonard's H 
Ernest WilliamSimmons22 Jun 187210 Oct 1942  Cemetery C131
EstherSimmons 27 Aug 17989Dtr of Thos & Sarah SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
FCSimmons WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
FGSimmons WWI  WWI Memorial 
FlorenceSimmons 25 Oct 196672Wife of Reg SimmonsCemetery G44069
Florence MaySimmons 25 Mar 196465 Cemetery E4 3716
FrancesSimmons 17 Jan 194777Wife of Wm Henry SimmonsCemetery A42714
Frank GordonSimmons 14 Jun 191732 St Leonard's H 
GSimmons WWI Foresters - RW Surrey RegtOther War Memorials 
GeorgeSimmons 25 Apr 190559 St Leonard's H 
HarrietSimmons 13 Jan 193186Wife of Joseph SimmonsCemetery C156
Harriet MarySimmons 5 Sep 1963 Wife of Sam J SimmonsSt Leonard's H 
HarrySimmons 17 Mar 192855 Cemetery A42613
HenrySimmons1 Jun 18155 Mar 1903 Bailiff of SeafordSt Leonard's B 
JSimmons WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
JamesSimmons 16 Oct 183968 St Leonard's B 
James ThomasSimmons 6 Mar 193975 Cemetery A32549-50
JaneSimmons 10 Jan 191572Wife of Thos SimmonsSt Leonard's H 
JosephSimmons 1 Nov 192581 Cemetery C156
LeslieSimmons 29 Feb 191726Son of Jas & Sarah SimmonsCemetery A32549-50
Letitia JaneSimmons 24 Jul 194495Wife of Henry SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
LouisaSimmons 19 Oct 194874 Cemetery E23329
Margaret PeggySimmons19222015 From Chester. Wife of Raymond SimmonsCemetery I14813
MariaSimmons 5 Jun 188270Wife of Henry SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
MarySimmons Nov 189670Wife of Thos J SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
Mary (?Elizabeth)Simmons 21 Jul 186628Wife of Wm SimmonsSt Leonard's H 
Mary AnnSimmons 24 Feb 190665Wife of Geo SimmonsSt Leonard's H 
Mary IsobelSimmons21 May 192023 Oct 2006  St Leonard's H 
PhoebeSimmons 20 Nov 1956  St Leonard's H 
Raymond ArthurSimmons19221989  Cemetery I14813
RebeccaSimmons Sep 182923 St Leonard's J 
ReginaldSimmons 25 Oct 195865 Cemetery G44069
RichardSimmons 23 Dec 193386 Cemetery A22348
RobertSimmons 29 Mar 185646Son of Jas & Eliz SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
SallySimmons 22 Jan 192172 Cemetery A22348
Samuel JosephSimmons 9 Nov 1960  St Leonard's H 
SarahSimmons 26 Jun 184984Wife of Thos SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
Sarah JaneSimmons 18 Mar 193377 Cemetery A32549-50
SusannahSimmons 2 May 182519Dtr of Jas & Eliz SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
ThomasSimmons 20 Apr 185088 St Leonard's B 
ThomasSimmons 4 Oct 188750 St Leonard's H 
Thomas JosephSimmons 16 Dec 189075Son of Jas & Eliz SimmonsSt Leonard's B 
Vernon OSSimmons6 Sep 191118 Sep 1972 aka PeterSt Leonard's H 
WilliamSimmons 28 Jun 184080Father of EstherSt Leonard's B 
WilliamSimmons Oct 179666 St Leonard's B 
WilliamSimmons 5 May 190065 St Leonard's H 
William HenrySimmons 21 Jul 191042 Cemetery A42714
WJSimmons WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WJSimmons WWI  WWI Memorial 
WinifredSimmons formerly Matthews 13 Sep 200985 St Leonard's H 
Eleanor EmilySimmonds 22 Sep 195977 Cemetery G64202
Kenneth JSimmonds 7 Aug 199352 Cemetery I24874
CRSimpson WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
DSimpson WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
GSimpson WWII Foresters - RAFOther War Memorials 
Maurice ReginaldSimpson 27 Apr 197933 Cemetery H34713
PatSimpson16 Feb 201714 Oct 2009  St Thomas More 
RobertSimpson 25 Aug 191519 Cemetery A42664
Adelaide Ellen EstherSims 4 Mar 1959 Wife of Albert E SimsCemetery C3284/5
Albert ESims25 Mar 186328 Jul 1946 ReverendCemetery C3284/5
Gladys DoraSims 23 May 1963 Dtr of Albert & Adelaide SimsCemetery C3284/5
GwendolineSington18911972  St Leonard's H 
Philippa LaviniaSketchley 1 Apr 1910 Dtr of Richard SketchleyCemetery B42958
Richard ForsterSketchley23 Jul 182616 Apr 1901  Cemetery B42958
AnnSkingle 23 Sep 198142 Cemetery G2970
ArthurSkinner 13 Jul 195072 Cemetery D3234
EstherSkinner 14 Dec 190975 Cemetery B32263
HannahSkinner Dec 17850Dtr of Rbt & Eliz SkinnerSt Leonard's I 
HenrySkinner 16 Dec 192586 Cemetery B32263
John AnthonySkinner19421993  St Thomas More 
Amy ESkipp 22 Feb 197085 Cemetery A14504
Roydon ThomasSkues 25 Jun 198354 Cemetery C2236
David RSladen WWII  King's Mead 
GeorgeSlarks 20 Dec 194468 Cemetery E43717
LydiaSlarks 6 May 196184 Cemetery E43717
Eric BrindleySlater 13 Mar 196366 Cemetery C2269
HéléneSlater18931980  Cemetery G21027
YvonneSlater 1 Nov 196672 Cemetery G21027
ALSloan WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Maurice WGSmall 1 Apr 198063 Cemetery H34692
Vera DorothySmall 30 Mar 200587Wife of Maurice SmallCemetery H34692
AudreySmart19331991  Cemetery G1932
EleanorSmart 17 Nov 196396 Cemetery G54127
RebeccaSmart 4 Nov 195677 Cemetery G44022
RichardSmart19291995 ka DickCemetery G1932
Adrian PaulSmith11 Nov 198612Cemetery C8827
AlbertSmith 7 Jul 191751 Cemetery B43047
Arthur DenmanSmith21 Oct 18421 Mar 1879 Eldest son of Wm Tyler-SmithSt Peter's 
ATSmith WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
CSmith 25 Oct 1942 Clara Eliz Smith - WIOther War Memorials 
CESmith WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
CatherineSmith 14 Aug 194172Wife of Albert SmithCemetery B43047
Charles Henry VernonSmith 1 Nov 191832Can. Army Medical CorpsCemetery C5652
ClaraSmith 16 Apr 193079Wife of Wm Jos SmithCemetery B22127
Clara ElizabethSmith 25 Oct 194256 Cemetery E43684
Colin DoegSmith 1 Nov 1962 Father of Peter & Chas SmithSt Peter's 
Constance MarySmith 16 May 198794Wife of Thos Augustus SmithCemetery G2993
Effie GSmith 12. Jan 197081 Cemetery C3278/79
Elsie JLSmith 10 Jan 195576 Cemetery C3278/79
Elizabeth MarionSmith9 Sep 186827 Feb 1945  Cemetery E43771
Eric JohnSmith20 Dec 192829 Nov 2002  Marine Parade II 
Ernest Louis TylerSmith27 Aug 184231 Mar 1901 Son of Wm Tyler-SmithCemetery A52886
Ernest WSmith 25 Aug 196388 Cemetery C3278/79
EvelynSmith 29 Oct 1971 Wife of Vincent G SmithCemetery C6778
Florence AdaSmith29 Mar 190030 Jul 1982 aka TootsCemetery H34706
Florence ALSmith 24 Aug 194972 Cemetery C3278/79
FredSmith    Seaford Cemetery 
GSmith WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
GSmith WWI  WWI Memorial 
Giulio Cowley TylerSmith 23 Jul 190960Son of Wm Tyler SmithCemetery B22164
Gladys RoseSmith25 Sep 19058 Nov 1993 Wife of John A SmithCemetery G1898
Grace LilianSmith 14 Dec 1980 Wife of John EL SmithSt Leonard's H 
Harod StanleySmith19262001  Seaford Cemetery 
Henry ArthurSmith 30 Mar 198076 Cemetery G2936
IrisSmith    The Salts 
IsaacSmith 27 Feb 1941 Fireman, SS StanwoldCemetery E5W11
JackSmith12 Nov 189611 Nov 1975Cemetery C8834
JeanSmith 2 Aug 201687Wife of Spencer F SmithCemetery G74348
JohnSmith 31 Oct 19182616th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5562
John ArthurSmith 9 Jan 1967 aka TonyCemetery G1898
John Edwin LeslieSmith 18 Oct 197684 St Leonard's H 
John WilliamSmith24 Nov 186322 Feb 1946  Cemetery E43771
Joyce MarySmith8 Nov 190626 Aug 1985 Wife of Rbt Paterson SmithCemetery F24374
Juanita TudorSmith 1 Nov 1963 Mother of Peter & Chas SmithSt Peter's 
KenSmith    The Salts 
Leslie SidneySmith 6 Nov 196562 Cemetery G74316
MadgeSmith15 Nov 190116 Jul 1985Wife of Jack SmithCemetery C8834
Millicent EmilySmith 16 Oct 196364 Cemetery G54125
Nora DoreenSmith 12 Apr 199675 Cemetery E43685a
Robert PatersonSmith29 Jan 190328 May 1971  Cemetery F24374
RoseSmith née Gardiner 7 Oct 190658Wife of Ernest SmithCemetery A52886
Spencer FranklynSmith 17 Jun 196853 Cemetery G74348
SydneySmith 23 Dec 193539 Cemetery C3317
Theresa AliceSmith 10 Dec 197269 Cemetery G2936
Thomas AugustusSmith 12 Jun 196776 Cemetery G2993
Tryphena TylerSmith 3 Sep 188666Wife of Wm Tyler SmithSt Peter's 
Vincent GerardSmith 12 Jul 1949  Cemetery C6778
William TylerSmith10 Apr 18152 Jun 1873  St Peter's 
DSmyth WWI Chesterton - DFCOther War Memorials 
Ellen Daphne TheodoraSmyth 4 Mar 196863 Cemetery G74305
Percy BuxtonSmyth 17 Jun 196586 Cemetery G74305
Frederick JacobSnelgrove 20 Jan 19182226th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43012
Leslie CSnelling28 Dec 18951 Aug 1981  St Leonard's H 
NoreenSnelling22 Jan 18971 Oct 1974 Wife of Leslie SnellingSt Leonard's H 
Alida Marie JeanneSnow24 Apr 19112 Aug 1969Wife of Allan SnowCemetery C8876
Eda PenelopeSnow 26 Oct 1946  Cemetery A32467
Ernest AllanSnow14 Jun 191119 Sep 1973Cemetery C8876
Frances HelenaSnow 13 Feb 1945  Cemetery A42749
Kathleen AmiciaSnow 22 Jan 1949  Cemetery A42749
Mary BeatriceSnow 21 Nov 1940 Sister of SA SnowCemetery D3198
Sydenham ArthurSnow 27 Jun 191759 Cemetery D3198
Elizabeth CSnushall 20 Oct 195077Wife of Richard SnushallCemetery C4461
RichardSnushall 29 Apr 195277 Cemetery C4461
Alfred LeslieSoan 15 Aug 194341Lt, HMS AttackCemetery E5W13
John ASomerset WWII  King's Mead 
Agnes SarahSoughton 5 Dec 196175Wife of Edward SoughtonCemetery B12010
Edward HaroldSoughton 20 Mar 194968 Cemetery B12010
TedSouth    Chyngton Road 
HenrySouthgate 5 Dec 189667 St Leonard's F 
EthelSowden 3 Aug 196259 Cemetery G54131
James HenrySowden 29 Dec 195276 Cemetery F23991
Sarah EvelindSowden 11 Mar 197697Wife of Jas Henry SowdenCemetery F23991
Robert MichaelSowerby19081989  Cemetery C2229
FaithSowerby née Trevellick19082003  Cemetery C2229
Margaret HonoraSpann 2 Mar 197187Wife of Geo F SpannCemetery G1909
Fanny MariaSpark 12 Mar 188839Wife of Thos Maugham SparkSt Leonard's A 
LSparks 17 Dec 1918216th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42961
Olive IsabelSparks19301969  St Leonard's H 
MarjorieSpear19212003  Marine Parade II 
Elsie LouiseSpeller 8 Nov 197485Dtr of Thos & Elsie SpellerCemetery E13237-38
Louisa MariaSpeller 5 Apr 193064 Cemetery E13237-38
Thomas WilliamSpeller 29 Mar 194583 Cemetery E13237-38
Helena MSpencer 29 Mar 1975  Cemetery E44437
SidneySpencer 14 Aug 1944 Interred BatterseaCemetery G44006
Sophia ElizabethSpencer 5 Jul 1961 Wife of Sidney SpencerCemetery G44006
William HrSpencer 20 Feb 197176 Cemetery E44437
Kenneth SeymourSpicer 15 Nov 19263 Cemetery A32475
CSSpink WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Sydney GordonSpink 5 Jun 193952 Cemetery E33480
Daisy TresederSpiridion 30 Mar 1966  Cemetery G74291
Mary ReginaSpiridion 22 Feb 197587 Cemetery G74291
RichardSpittle 15 Aug 191623King's Royal Rifle CorpsCemetery B43041
AnnieSpooner 12 Jan 194479Sister of Lucy & Jack SpoonerCemetery B32270
FrankSpooner8 Dec 190429 Apr 1994  Cemetery I14792
JSpooner WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
James De SwintonSpooner28 Feb 18846 May 1912  Cemetery B22140
Julia IdaSpooner 5 Dec 193785Dtr of Jane S SpoonerCemetery E33444
LucySpooner 26 Apr 192165 Cemetery B32270
QueenieSpooner31 Mar 190926 Nov 1986  Cemetery I14792
RASpooner WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
RASpooner WWI  WWI Memorial 
Thomas JohnSpooner 17 Jun 193776aka JackCemetery B32270
William DouglasSpooner9 Oct 18897 Aug 1914  Cemetery B22140
William ESpooner WWII  King's Mead 
Dorothy PSpringall7 Jun 192615 Feb 1986 Wife of Peter SpringallCemetery C7815
PeterSpringall19242004  Cemetery C7815
Bernard HenrySpringett 8 Apr 194079 Cemetery E33503
William CharlesSpurge 27 Jun 195258 Cemetery F23975
AdaSpurling 26 Jan 1951  Cemetery F23909
Lydia LouisaSpyer née Barber 28 May 192356Wife of Wallis Spyer; dtr of Joseph & Harriett BarberCemetery C5658-659
John WilliamSquire21 Nov 189230 Oct 1944  Cemetery B12008
GeorgeSt John Smith 18 Mar 193073 Cemetery B22113
KateSt John Smith 2 Oct 194892Wife of Geo St John SmithCemetery B22113
CatherineStace 21 Jun 187619 St Peter's 
CharlotteStace 15 Mar 193562Wife of Jesse StaceCemetery E13292
ElizabethStace 24 Nov 195079Wife of Silas StaceCemetery C4420
Elizabeth MaryStace 18 Feb 194481Wife of Geo StaceCemetery C2176
GeorgeStace 18 Jul 1929  Cemetery C2176
JesseStace 11 Oct 194470 Cemetery E13292
MaryStace 21 Jan 181066Wife of Sam StaceSt Peter's 
SamuelStace 26 Nov 181980 St Peter's 
SilasStace 16 Jul 194984 Cemetery C4420
Eliza HannahStagg 4 Jul 196686 St Peter's 
Albert JohnStait 2 Nov 195478 Cemetery F13584
MarjorieStait 21 Dec 196877Wife of Albert StaitCemetery F13584
Arthur EStanden18921969  St Leonard’s KCD
JCStandford WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
FrankStandley 3 Oct 199272 Cemetery I24873
PatriciaStandley 22 Nov 200884Wife of Frank StandleyCemetery I24873
Ray HarryStanley 24 Dec 1918 Can. Machine Gun CorpsCemetery C5640
BernardStanton19071989  St Leonard's F 
Frances MaryStanton 19 Jan 1950  Cemetery G31139
Marjorie GorringeStanton19031982  St Leonard's F 
Carherine Margaret MaryStaples 16 Oct 198189Wife of FH StaplesCemetery G1908
Francis HammondStaples 13 Jan 197088 Cemetery G1908
Elizabeth AmyStedman 30 Aug 1945  Cemetery E43788
JamesStedman19171992  Marine Parade II 
BillSteeds    Seaford Cemetery 
Minnie ElizabethSteele née Baker 25 May 189023Wife of Thos SteeleSt Leonard's B 
GLSteer WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
PSteevens WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
GeorgeStehn24 Apr 185822 Aug 1930  Cemetery B22122
JohannaStein19142008  St Leonard's H 
Percy JamesStentiford 13 Nov 1942  Cemetery E43689
LucenneStephen 24 Dec 1915 British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5588
CharlesStephens 25 Jul 197116 Cemetery E54407
DillwynStephens19111989  Cemetery H34785
EmilyStephens 30 Jan 1936 Wife of Jim StephensCemetery B32167
HoraceStephens 22 Mar 193167 Cemetery E13270
JimStephens 18 Feb 192570 Cemetery B32167
MargaretStephens19121993  Cemetery H34785
R MStephenson WWII  King's Mead 
Albert JohnStevens 9 Nov 197386 Cemetery G64224
Alice EvaStevens 14 Dec 194039 Cemetery E33510
AnnStevens Dec 183764Wife of Geo StevensSt Leonard's B 
ArthurStevens 4 Oct 191840Canadian EngineersCemetery C5621
BillStevens 27 Apr 199690 Cemetery G64194
Charles AbbotStevens3 Feb 18174 Jan 1908 PriestCemetery B43091
David PhilipStevens 14 Dec 19400Son of Alice StevensCemetery E33510
Ellen CatherineStevens 27 Oct 196078Wife of Albert John StevensCemetery G64224
Frances JaneStevens 15 Jul 192880 Cemetery A52754
Frances MargaretStevens 12 Feb 195972Wife of HJ StevensCemetery C3312
GeorgeStevens Oct 184571 St Leonard's B 
HaroldStevens 13 Sep 193121Son of HJ & FM StevensCemetery C3312
Harry JamesStevens 19 May 196177 Cemetery C3312
Louisa AnnieStevens 27 Apr 198288Wife of Walter StevensCemetery E54387
MStevens WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
MontagueStevens   St Peter'sOther War Memorials 
ThomasStevens 1 Aug 193083 Cemetery A52754
Walter JamesStevens 1 Jun 197269 Cemetery E54387
Winifred AliceStevens 15 Jul 1959 Wife of Bill StevensCemetery G64194
AlbertStevenson11 Jun 187011 May 1929  Cemetery B43112
AnnieStevenson4 Apr 187411 Jul 1954 Wife of Albert StevensonCemetery B43112
EnaStevenson17 Jul 190628 Jul 1994 Wife of Geo T StevensonCemetery F13652
George ThomasStevenson1 Sep 190113 Jun 1955  Cemetery F13652
Michael NoelStevenson12 Aug 192019 Oct 2009 Church DeaconSt Thomas More 
Bruce RobertStewart4 Sep 192529 Sep 2005  St Thomas More 
Ellen MargaretStewart2 May 19261 Feb 2011 Wife of Bruce Stewart; known as HelenSt Thomas More 
FarquharStewart 31 Jul 1917 1st Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5593
Charles AlbertStock12 Sep 196172Cemetery C8891
RagnildStoesen4 Sep 188214 Jun 197795 Cemetery H24625
NancyStonard    Seaford Head 
RichardStonard    Seaford Head 
EdwardStone5 Jan 19181 Mar 19191Son of Ed & Dora StoneCemetery A32469
MarthaStone 12 Apr 189034Wife of Sam Duerdin StoneSt Leonard's I 
NelsonStonestreet 6 Jul 1961  Cemetery G64248
PeggyStonham19121988  Seaford Head 
Eleanor FrancesStopford 12 Jun 191035 Cemetery B32328
Eliza MaryStorer 1 Mar 193069 Cemetery E13283
Fanny SophiaStorer 17 Sep 195592 Cemetery E13283
John Nowell StanhopeStott10 Jun 18773 Feb 1912 5th Dragoon Guards Cemetery C7798
BobStout 16 Jun 197880 Cemetery H34684
JimStowell    Marine Parade II 
MaryStowell    Marine Parade II 
JackStredwick    The Salts 
VioletStredwick    The Salts 
May RossiterStreet 4 Nov 197078 Cemetery E44436
CharlieStreeter 16 Jan 195984 Cemetery E33537
Emma ElizabethStreeter 5 Jan 194262Wife of Chas StreeterCemetery E33537
George CalebStreeter Jan 18731Son of Amos & Ann StreeterSt Leonard's C 
GeorgeStreetly 4 Mar 193371 Cemetery B43094
Jasper HenryStreeter 9 Jun 193853 Cemetery C6688
Mary CatherineStreeter 3 Aug 197185Wife of Jasper StreeterCemetery C6688
Mary AnnStreetly 9 Jul 195089 Cemetery B43094
Beatrice MaudStrickland 22 Dec 196586Wife of Edwin StricklandCemetery A12055
EdwinStrickland 15 Jul 1962  Cemetery A12055
BrendaStringer19342000  Seaford Head 
BerylStroud13 Aug 193528 Jan 2015  Marine Parade II 
Ada FASturges 14 Apr 190922Dtr of W & A SturgesCemetery A22365
Frances ElizaSturges 14 Oct 191475Wife of John SturgesCemetery A22447
John JamesSturges 18 Jan 190363 Cemetery A22447
JoyceSuch12 May 19222 Dec 2009  Cemetery G1926
Leonard SydneySuch 3 Nov 197656Aka PaulCemetery G1926
Edith HopeSudell 4 Mar 196886 St Peter's 
Jacob ThomasSulan 14 Jan 188874 St Leonard's E 
Ellen AliceSummerland 8 Jun 194557 Cemetery C2147
FlorenceSummerland 3 Sep 1954 Wife of Thos AS SummerlandCemetery C2145
HectorSummerland 15 Feb 193938Son of Thos & Florence SummerlandCemetery C2145
Thomas Arthur SeppingsSummerland 4 Aug 192558 Cemetery C2145
John BesantSumner 16 Apr 1938  Cemetery E33455
William FrancisSurgey 26 May 191256Son of Wm & Mary SurgeyCemetery A22379
Catherine Emma BrightSutcliffe 14 Feb 193558Wife of Tertius A SutcliffeCemetery C2247
ReginaldSutcliffe 3 Apr 195248Son of Tertius A & Catherine EB SutcliffeCemetery C2247
OliveSutcliffe 10 Nov 195552Wife of Reginald SutcliffeCemetery C2247
Tertius AlfredSutcliffe 23 Aug 195577 Cemetery C2247
George WilliamSutherland 8 Oct 19172787th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5574
GeorgeSutliff19161981  Cemetery H34673
TheresaSutliff19191999 Wife of Geo SutliffCemetery H34673
ArthurSwain 19 Nov 195983 Cemetery G64205
ESwain Aug 175786Wife of W SwainSt Leonard's F 
JessieSwain 6 Sep 196583 Cemetery G64205
JohnSwain 19 Mar 176567 St Leonard's F 
WSwain 1720  St Leonard's F 
AnneSwaine 31 Jul 170245Wife of Wm SwaineSt Leonard's D 
GeraldSwete 24 Feb 195077 Cemetery C3294
MabelSwete 3 Jan 195782 Cemetery C3294
Vera JoanSwift née Rodber 16 Jan 194526Dtr of Geo RodberCemetery E43755
Harry DukeSwinstead 14 Feb 191835Canadian Army Medical CorpsCemetery B43033
CharlesSwire3 Apr 19011 Apr 1974  Cemetery G1922
PhyllisSwire23 Apr 190114 Jun 1990 Wife of Chas SwireCemetery G1922
BerthaSykes18891974  St Leonard's H 
Peter Matthew CarringtonSykes27 Mar 191612 Mar 2006  Cemetery C2181
Ella JoanSykes née Gurr25 Mar 192012 Mar 1987  Cemetery C2181
Beatrice EllenSynge 25 May 194682Wife of Mark SyngeCemetery B43071
Beatrice LSynge18631946  St Leonard’s KCD
Dinah Mary BeatriceSynge 12 Nov 197473Chairman, SUDC 1961-1963Cemetery B43071
Margaret MillingtonSynge 30 Oct 193327 Cemetery B43071
MarkSynge18711921  St Leonard’s KCD
MarkSynge WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
MarkSynge WWI  WWI Memorial 
MarkSynge 11 Jul 192150Died East PersiaCemetery B43071
Thomas MSynge19081931  St Leonard’s KCD
Thomas MillingtonSynge WWI Chesterton - OBEOther War Memorials 
Thomas MillingtonSynge 2 Nov 193123Son of Mark Synge. Died WaziristanCemetery B43071
Sheila RosinaSzymuda 24 Feb 201787 Cemetery G1930
WasylSzymuda Jun 2008  Cemetery G1930

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