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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
SusannaGadd 30 Oct 188985 St Leonard's D 
TraceyGadsdon 10 Oct 1987  Cemetery D3203a
Maurice RoyGaines27 Jul 192327 Jun 1992  Cemetery I35256
ElizabethGale WWII Baptist ChurchOther War Memorials 
JGale WWII Baptist Church, DeaconOther War Memorials 
FEGale WWII (Miss)Seaford War Memorial 
Fanny ElizabethGale 25 Oct 194253aka Betty. Dtr of Jas & Fanny GaleCemetery C4497
Fanny SusannaGale 16 Mar 193480Wife of Jas GaleCemetery C4497
JamesGale Oct 194285 Cemetery C4497
ThomasGallagher 08 Sep 201084 St Thomas More 
WJGallichan 16 Jun 191820Canadian Army Service CorpsCemetery B43032
Gertrude AnnGalloway 20 Jun 192458Wife of Walter S GallowayCemetery B32320-21
Maurice GodfreyGalloway 26 May 191518Killed in France; son of Walter & Gertrude GallowayCemetery B32320-21
Walter StephenGalloway 15 Oct 194888 Cemetery B32320-21
HelenGalt29 Nov 191625 Oct 2000  Cemetery E5W05
RBGalt WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Robert BrowlieGalt31 May 18944 Feb 1974  Cemetery E5W05
Ronald BrownlieGalt 14 Jul 19422?Pilot OfficerCemetery E5W05
Ronald VictorGalt 28 Nov 194023Pilot OfficerCemetery E5W05
Emily MaryGardner 10 Apr 18766 St Leonard's D 
Fanny ElizabethGarland 25 Nov 1965 Wife of Wm F GarlandCemetery G74318
JuliaGarland 6 Apr 191381 Cemetery A32602
William FranklynGarland  23 Nov 1973  Cemetery G74318
MJGarlow 20 Dec 1918 Canadian EngineersCemetery B42936
Charlotte IsabellaGarnham 13 Mar 193281 Cemetery D3218
Pamela GraceGarnham21 Apr 193425 Dec 2003  Cemetery H34736
Reginald CharlesGarnham10 Feb 193124 Feb 1984  Cemetery H34736
JohnGarrett19151986  Seaford Head 
PennyGarrett19142000  Seaford Head 
Clare ElinorGarrod 15 Jan 19181Grandchild of Arthur & Jeanette VaileCemetery B22160
GarryGarrodNov 1923Mar 2006  Seaford Head 
ElizaGaskin14 Jun 184710 Apr 1898  St Peter's 
GertrudeGaskin 18 May 195555Wife of PW GaskinCemetery F13668
AlbertGates 20 Mar 195069 Cemetery E53873
Arthur GeorgeGates 7 Mar 195377 Cemetery F23967
BobGates 1985  Cemetery H34731
CWGates WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
EGates WWI Foresters - RW Kent RegtOther War Memorials 
EdithGates 22 Apr 194964Wife of Ernest GatesCemetery E53847
EdithGates 7 Apr 195477Wife of Arthur GatesCemetery F23967
Ernest AlbertGates 3 Jan 191936Died in FranceCemetery E53847
LylieGates 1982  Cemetery H34731
CecilGault 16 Sep 1987 PriestCemetery I34953
Eve GwillimGavreau24 Feb 190911 Jan 1994 Wife of Michel GavreauCemetery I35251
MichelGavreau 10 May 2005  Cemetery I35251
HenryGayer-Anderson 16 Nov 192777 Cemetery D3209
MaryGayer-Anderson 17 Dec 193780Wife of Henry Gayer-AndersonCemetery D3209
Eliza HarveyGeake née Treleaven 10 Jun 189868Sister of Phoebe TreleavenCemetery C7788
CharlotteGearing 6 Feb 189748 St Leonard's E 
Cyril LesterGearing 13 May 193548 Cemetery A12042
EmilyGearing 25 Jun 194287Wife of Henry GearingSt Leonard's E 
Henry AGearing 25 Mar 190956 St Leonard's E 
John WilliamGearing 7 Mar 192653 Cemetery B42942
Mabel EGearing27 Jul 187930 Jul 1934  Cemetery E23309
Ellen FlorenceGeering18951974  Cemetery F24366
HesterGeering 23 Jan 191967 Cemetery B42956
JohnGeeringSep 1888Dec 1968  Cemetery F24366
Mabel AnnieGeering 22 Nov 194551Sister of Maria GeeringCemetery A32460
Maria EllenGeering 22 Oct 196580Sister of Mabel GeeringCemetery A32460
MauriceGeering8 Jun 18829 Oct 1957  Cemetery G44041
WilliamGeering 21 Jan 191083 Cemetery B42956
FrederickGentry 1944 aka FrankCemetery E43739
Harriett EllenGentry 20 Apr 198891 Cemetery H24606
Percy JamesGentry 4 May 197375 Cemetery H24606
AnnieGeoghegan 4 Oct 197155 Cemetery G1912
Janice PatriciaGeoghegan22 Feb 194523 Feb 1979  Cemetery G1913
Malcolm ReginaldGeoghegan30 Dec 194529 Jun 1990  Cemetery G1913
Noel EdwardGeoghegan2 Dec 193726 Jan 1979  Cemetery G1912
William JosephGeoghegan 16 Dec 198779 Cemetery G1912
Gladys MayGeorge 2 Nov 1982 Wife of Herbert GeorgeCemetery H34778
Herbert StewartGeorge 21 Jan 1986  Cemetery H34778
IvanGeorge 28 Mar 1917 Canadian PioneersCemetery B43014
Phillis LouisaGeorge 27 May 195682Wife of EM GeorgeCemetery F13670
Phyllis MayGeorge 7 Dec 19083Dtr of EM & Phyllis George; d Stoke NewingtonCemetery F13670
Charles FrederickGibbons 22 Apr 196360 St Leonard's H 
Doris MayGibbons 26 Oct 197976Wife of Chas GibbonsSt Leonard's H 
James EdwardGibbons19061974  St Leonard's H 
John JosephGibbons 24 Feb 196080Brother of Mary GibbonsCemetery G31170
MaryGibbons 27 Apr 197083Sister of John J GibbonsCemetery G31170
BernardGibbs 29 Jun 199168 Cemetery I34996
BobGibbs19111996  Marine Parade III 
FrancisGibbs 21 Dec 180855 St Leonard's J 
HerbertGibbs 10 May 191269 Cemetery B32247
KittyGibbs 4 Apr 201282Wife of Bernard GibbsCemetery I34996
LucyGibbs 28 Jun 191156Wife of Herbert GibbsCemetery B32247
OliveGibbs19112006  Marine Parade II 
WinifredGibbs19101992  Marine Parade III 
Elizabeth EstherGiblin 20 Sep 1952  Cemetery F23940
John Sidney JamesGiblin 22 Apr 191831Killed in actionCemetery F23940
Alfred EGibson 18 Oct 198987 Cemetery H34780
Eileen MaryGibson née Maxwell19131984 Dtr of Ian & Margaret MaxwellCemetery C3288
Elsie VGibson 5 Oct 198479 Cemetery H34780
GeorgeGibson 5 Mar 1916 The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)Cemetery C5591
ArthurGidlow18971964  Cemetery G64176
VasilikiGidlow19041996  Cemetery G64176
Florina ReginaGiggs19151975  Cemetery H34765
JosephGiggs19131979  Cemetery H34765
AnnGilbert 8 Mar 1652 Wife of Nicholas GilbertSt Peter's 
Myra Doreen LucyGilbert formerly Broadbent19151993  Cemetery I24850
NicholasGilbert 25 Feb 1677  St Peter's 
SusieGilbert    Bönningstedt Promenade 
Henry AlexanderGiles 23 Nov 193361 Cemetery E33447
JGilfillan WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
MaryGill 4 May 190766Wife of Thos GillCemetery B32253
Richard HudswellGill WWII  King's Mead 
Ivy AmyGillam 5 Mar 199373Wife of John GillamCemetery F13592
JohnGillam11 Jan 194424 Dec 2015  Seaford Head 
John DouglasGillam 6 Nov 195337 Cemetery F13592
JGillies 15 May 19194921st Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5635
MargaretGilmore5 Feb 19351 Dec 2005  St Thomas More 
IsabelGilroy 6 Dec 191158Wife of Thos GilroyCemetery A32598
Thomas MackintoshGilroy 12 Jul 192370 Cemetery A32598
Albert PhilipGilson 15 Feb 195368 Cemetery C4532
ConstanceGilson 15 Feb 197182Wife of Albert GilsonCemetery C4532
LauraGittins 15 Nov 192467Wife of TC GittinsSt Leonard's D 
Theophilus ChanningGittins 19 Dec 189352 St Leonard's D 
DulcieGladding18901980  Cemetery C7806
KateGladman formerly Hunnisett 30 Dec 195677Wife of Fred HunnisettCemetery G44033
William JohnGlasson 12 Jun 196268 Cemetery G44010
HarryGlazier 8 Nov 1918 38th Bn. Canadian InfantryCemetery C5639
Alolphus EthelbertGledhill 28 Nov 197096 Cemetery E44432
JamesGleeson19212007  St Thomas More 
MargaretGleeson19101998  St Thomas More 
MonicaGlover    Marine Parade II 
StanGlover    Marine Parade II 
GaryGoacher19391984  Other Memorials 
Doreen NancyGoatcher 14 Aug 194132 Cemetery E33520
ErnestGoatcher 13 Jan 193637 Cemetery E23380
ErnestGoatcher18761956  Cemetery F13662
Frances ElizabethGoatcher18771970 Wife of Ernest GoatcherCemetery F13662
EdwardGodden 27 Apr 185972 St Leonard's J 
Frederick CharlesGodden Sep 18210Son of Edward & Maria GoddenSt Leonard's J 
John GeorgeGodden 30 Nov 18282Son of Edward & Maria GoddenSt Leonard's J 
MariaGodden 10 Nov 189891Wife of Edward GoddenSt Leonard's J 
GeorgeGodfrey30 Jun 18598 Mar 1942  Cemetery C2250
GladysGodfrey 16 Jan 193338 Cemetery C2244
Gordon EwartGodfrey 2 Mar 193843 Cemetery C2248
HelenGodfrey 7 Jul 1945  Cemetery C2226
Lucy EmilyGodfrey23 Apr 186711 Jun 1948 Wife of Tom GodfreyCemetery C2140
Phyllis EleanorGodfrey 24 Apr 191622 Cemetery A32499
Reginald CliffordGodfrey 26 Aug 197276 St Leonard's H 
TomGodfrey7 Sep 186624 Apr 1952 Former Chairman, SUDCCemetery C2140
Lydia AnnGodfrey née Jackson 19 Apr 194788Wife of Geo GodfreyCemetery C2250
JozefGodlewski 26 Apr 199073 Cemetery I35075
MaryGodlewski 3 Jan 200778 Cemetery I35075
Mary AnnGodwin 10 Dec 192577 Cemetery B42947
ElizaGoff23 Jan 182918 Oct 1902  Cemetery C4524
Frederick EdgarGoff 14 Feb 187819 St Leonard's I 
MargaretGoldhawk 13 Aug 1917  Cemetery B32268
Barbara BarreGoldie14 Mar 19107 May 1998 Mother of David Barre GoldieCemetery I35135
David BarreGoldie4 Sep 194018 Sep 2002 Son of Barbara GoldieCemetery I35135
George HenryGolding 21 Sep 1966  Cemetery G74297
AlbertGoldsmid4 Aug 187124 Apr 1910  Cemetery B32307
BessieGoldsmith 23 Apr 19132Dtr of A & C GoldsmithCemetery B32226
Edith MaryGoldsmith 29 Jan 195274Wife of Wm GoldsmithCemetery F23935
WilliamGoldsmith 13 Jan 195973 Cemetery F23935
RosanaGomez11 Dec 195610 Jan 2003  St Thomas More 
Doris Sophia WaseGonse 3 May 2001  Cemetery C2169
René LouisGonse 19 Mar 2001  Cemetery C2169
DavidGood 2 Jan 190121Son of Alfred & Louisa GoodCemetery A32607
Vera ConstanceGood 20 Jun 197684Wife of Wm Ireland GoodCemetery G64180
Maud ElizabethGoodchild née Allen 3 Sep 198887Sister of Walter Geo AllenCemetery G74340
Phyllis SeatonGoodchild7 Feb 195558Cemetery C8880
William HenryGoodchild23 Apr 197988Cemetery C8880
MatildaGoode 12 Feb 193374 Cemetery E23322
MurielGoode 15 Feb 197584Wife of Raymond Goode; sister of Ethel LarkinCemetery C7795
Raymond SheffieldGoode 6 May 194464 Cemetery C7795
WGoodens 14 May 1916 Royal Army Service CorpsCemetery B43038
CWGoodey WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
CWGoodey WWI  WWI Memorial 
Ivy GoodwinGoodsell19041990  St Leonard's KK54
Patrick GrahamGoodman18 Mar 19398 Apr 2000  Cemetery I35207
Ruth MaudGoodman19021981  Cemetery A42634
HAGoodrich WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HAGoodrich WWI  WWI Memorial 
Dorothy HildaGoodwin28 Sep 189514 Oct 1969 Sister of Margaret GoodwinCemetery F13586
Edward HerbertGoodwin 17 Dec 1918 Died London. Br-in-law of EA SimmondsCemetery A22356
Harry PercyGoodwin 24 Aug 1918 Died France. Br-in-law of EA SimmondsCemetery A22356
Harvey WycliffeGoodwin11 Dec 190420 Feb 19050 Cemetery A32503
JoyGoodwin    Seaford Cemetery 
Margaret Katharine IsabellaGoodwin9 Dec 189011 Jan 1954 Sister of Dorothy GoodwinCemetery F13586
MontyGoodwin    Seaford Cemetery 
Walter RobertGoodwin19292007  Marine Parade II 
FredGoosey 12 Jul 194955 Cemetery C3343
John GeorgeGoosey 27 Dec 192865 Cemetery C3343
Margaret ElizabethGoosey 1 May 194785Wife of John G GooseyCemetery C3343
Harry StauntonGordon 13 Jul 191717 Cemetery B42991
John JamesGordon 27 Oct 1918236th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5629
Frank WilliamGoring 26 Jan 197278 St Leonard's H 
GladysGoring 21 Dec 1989 Wife of Frank GoringSt Leonard's H 
Alice AnnGorman 25 Aug 197676Wife of Jas GormanCemetery G2955
JamesGorman 4 Jun 198279 Cemetery G2955
Margaret ElsieGorpe22 Jun 19123 Apr 1915 Dtr of Fred John & Harriett Anne GorpeCemetery B32284
Henry BeanGorring 22 May 184245Son of John & Arabella GorringSt Leonard's E 
IsabellaGorring 21 Sep 18032 St Leonard's F 
IsabellaGorring6 Apr 183917 Feb 1904 Wife of Thomas James GorringCemetery B32224
JohnGorring 19 Nov 182631Son of John & Arabella GorringSt Leonard's E 
JohnGorring 5 Jun 182464 St Leonard's F 
MaryGorring 14 Jul 188486Wife of Henry Bean GorringSt Leonard's E 
Constance MayGorringe9 May 18935 Oct 1895 Dtr of Edward & Eunice GorringeSt Leonard's D 
Edward JosephGorringe 28 Apr 1918  Cemetery C5656-657
Ethel MaryGorringe 15 Sep 1958 Dtr of Ed & Eunice GorringeCemetery C5656-657
EuniceGorringe 3 Apr 1912 Wife of Ed Joseph GorringeCemetery C5656-657
Stanley BrayneGorringe 16 Dec 1958 Son of Ed & Eunice GorringeCemetery C5656-657
ThomasGorringe 11 Jan 18310Son of Thos GorringeSt Leonard's F 
ThomasGorringe 19 Oct 183936 St Leonard's F 
Wilfred StuartGorringe 10 Jun 1918 Son of Ed & Eunice GorringeCemetery C5656-657
WinifredGorringe 20 Mar 1972 Wife of Stanley B GorringeCemetery C5656-657
WSGorringe WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WSGorringe WWI  WWI Memorial 
FlorenceGosney 27 Jun 193064 Cemetery E13241
WilliamGosney 24 Mar 193973 Cemetery E13241
Elizabeth JGough 23 Jan 1919  Cemetery B32232
Eliza Adelaide SabinaGould 6 Jun 195395Wife of Geo GouldSt Leonard's D 
George ErnestGould 20 May 189335 St Leonard's D 
Horace JohnGould30 Jun 18594 Sep 1909  Cemetery B32313
Edward Willet MacGowan19151994 (See MacGowan)  
MelissaGowlland 6 Aug 191328Wife of Wm GowllandCemetery B32208
WilliamGowlland 6 Jul 195081 Cemetery B32208
BerhardGrady 29 Dec 199780 Cemetery I35163
Daisy FlorenceGrady 29 May 200279 Cemetery I35163
AlexanderGraham19071971  St Leonard's H 
James BoothGraham 11 Dec 191644175th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5612
JEGraham 28 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5546
KateGraham 22 May 195883 Cemetery G44060
Lawrence BriscoGraham 7 Jun 1927  Cemetery A52752
NigelGraham WWII  King's Mead 
PGraham WWI ChestertonOther War Memorials 
Ellen MaudGraham-Foster-Pigott 25 Feb 1928 Wife of GE Graham-Foster-PigottCemetery B22073
AlfredGranger 6 Jul 195076 Cemetery C4419
Ellen MaryGranger 19 Jan 195783 Cemetery C4419
Ada ElizabethGrant19071993 Wife of Raymond GrantCemetery I35003
Arthur LGrant WWII KtKing's Mead 
RaymondGrant19281991  Cemetery I35003
RobertGrant 28 Jul 184960CaptainSt Leonard's D 
HGray WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
HGray WWI  WWI Memorial 
Jessie FrancesGray 18 Dec 192886 Cemetery B43116
WCGray WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Alice Mary LeyGreaves18631949  Cemetery C4442/443
Muriel LeyGreaves18841975  Cemetery C4442/443
EllenGreavison 23 Oct 200286aka Nellie. Wife of Walter GreavisonCemetery H24596
John LeslieGreavison19481988  Cemetery I34890
WalterGreavison 16 Jan 197758 Cemetery H24596
Gladys MayGreed18971978  Cemetery H24601
Herbert JosephGreef 18 Feb 198381 Cemetery C1127
Minnie ElizaGreef 12 Jun 198685Wife of Herbert GreefCemetery C1127
AGreen WWI  WWI Memorial 
AFGreen WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
AFGreen WWI  WWI Memorial 
AFGreen WWI Foresters - Rifle BrigadeOther War Memorials 
AlbertGreen Jan 18611 St Leonard's E 
AlbertGreen 8 Aug 193122 Cemetery C3335
AmyGreen 10 Jan 196786 Cemetery C3336
AmyGreen May 1990 Dtr of Wm GreenCemetery A52914
AlfredGreen 9 Jan 191281 St Leonard's F 
AlfredGreen18951979  Cemetery H24653
AnnGreen19312014  Seaford Head 
Arthur HarryGreen 3 Dec 194739 Cemetery C4468
BertramGreen 22 Mar 196489 Cemetery C3336
Cecil HerbertGreen 21 Apr 1951  St Leonard's H 
CharlesGreen 16 Sep 191946 Cemetery A52829-30
Charles AlfredGreen May 18570 St Leonard's E 
Charles EdwardGreen 28 Mar 195275 Cemetery F23958
Charles StephenGreen5 Apr 189627 Feb 1899 Son of Chas & Mary GreenCemetery A52829-30
CharlotteGreen 192189 Cemetery C2193
ColinGreen19211985  Cemetery F24367
Daniel CharlesGreen 1 Jul 1935  Cemetery A22391a
EdwinGreen 5 Feb 188665Congregational Church PastorSt Leonard's D 
EleanorGreen Mar 1882 Wife of John GreenSt Leonard's A 
ElizabethGreen 29 Oct 195588 St Leonard's F 
ElizabethGreen 15 Feb 190187Wife of Geo GreenCemetery B32220
EllenGreen 27 Oct 188557Wife of John GreenSt Leonard's B 
Ernest StanleyGreen 25 Nov 1930  Cemetery E23409
FrankGreen Feb 18670 St Leonard's E 
Frank HaroldGreen 25 May 196267 St Leonard's H 
FredGreen 14 Dec 194679 Cemetery C2191
GGreen Boer War  Seaford War Memorial 
GeorgeGreen 31 Oct 193064 Cemetery B43107
GeorgeGreen 19 Feb 190290 Cemetery B32220
GladysGreen19212009  Cemetery F24367
HarriettGreen 3 Jan 194968 Cemetery C4455
HarryGreen 9 Nov 193240 St Leonard's E 
JAGreen WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
JamesGreen 18 Jan 190662 Cemetery A52797
Jean HelenGreen 14 Apr 201275Wife of Geo Wm PhippsCemetery I34879
JohannaGreen 18 Dec 193166Wife of Geo GreenCemetery B43107
JohnGreen 1 Jul 187985 St Leonard's A 
JohnGreen    St Leonard's B 
JohnGreen 188961 Cemetery C2191
John WilberforceGreen 31 Mar 1950  St Leonard's H 
Joseph AGreen 6 Mar 1918 26th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6694
Kate EvelynGreen 15 May 193354 Cemetery E23326
Katherine JaneGreen 2 Aug 1963  St Leonard's H 
LizzieGreen 10 Jun 189633Wife of Harry GreenSt Leonard's E 
LouisaGreen 12 Nov 1912 Wife of Stephen GreenSt Leonard's I 
LouisaGreen 9 Jun 192485Wife of Jas GreenCemetery A52797
MarthaGreen May 184125Dtr of Thos & Sarah BanksSt Leonard's E 
Mary AnnGreen 26 Jun 190976Wife of Ed Dennis GreenCemetery B32281
Mary AnnGreen 16 Nov 196196Wife of Fred GreenCemetery C2191
Mary JaneGreen 19 Jan 190857Dtr of Edwin & Susanna GreenCemetery C4521
MilenaGreen 4 Feb 195781 Cemetery F23958
Norah MargaretGreen 15 Jul 1938 Dtr of Ernest S GreenCemetery E23409
Robert GeorgeGreen 17 Sep 196377 Cemetery C4455
Ruth ElizabethGreen 22 Oct 1952  St Leonard's H 
SarahGreen 21 Sep 184467Wife of Thos GreenSt Leonard's E 
StephenGreen 23 Jul 1894  St Leonard's I 
Susana GodfreyGreen 12 Jun 189475Wife of Edwin GreenSt Leonard's D 
SusannahGreen Feb 190978 St Leonard's F 
WilliamGreen Mar 1930  Cemetery A52914
WilliamGreen 2 Jul 193353 Cemetery E23334
William GeorgeGreen 13 Jan 196475 St Leonard's H 
Winifred ASGreen 29 Oct 196982Wife of Wm G GreenSt Leonard's H 
Winifred EnaGreen Dec 1907  Cemetery A22389
AmyGreenhalgh18751948  St Peter's 
MarianGreenhalgh18781971  St Peter's 
MercyGreenhalgh24 Feb 184515 Aug 1951  St Peter's 
ElaineGreening19111987 Wife of Roy GreeningHigh and Over 
RoyGreening19181989  High and Over 
RGreenough WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
TGreenough WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
TGreenough WWI  WWI Memorial 
Albert GeorgeGreenway 1 Feb 192862 Cemetery B22091
EllenGreenway 22 Oct 195283Wife of Albert Geo GreenwayCemetery B22091
DudleyGreenwood WWII  King's Mead 
Emma LouisaGreenwood 11 Jun 194876 Cemetery E53866
Edith MaryGreet 18 Jun 198776Wife of Joseph P GreetCemetery C2214
Joseph PhilipGreet 21 Jul 199078 Cemetery C2214
Edith WinnieGregory 10 Oct 197888 Cemetery H24654
Gordon CGregory26 Aug 193321 Jul 1983  Cemetery C2272
Mary ElizabethGregory-Smith née Lambe7 Aug 18722 Aug 1914 Wife of David Gregory-SmithSt Peter's 
EWGreig 7 May 19171724th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42992
Frederick JamesGreig18631931  Cemetery B22062
IsabellaGreig 7 Mar 1939 Wife of Fred Jas GreigCemetery B22062
James MortonGreig 22 Feb 192828Son of FJ & Isabella GreigCemetery B22062
RobertGreppo15 Feb 187015 Oct 1906  Cemetery A32588
BVMGreylady18781939 Nannie; see MartleySt Peter's 
Sarah JaneGriffen 28 Sep 195170 Cemetery C4475
MariaGriffin 16 Jul 192578Wife of Sam GriffinCemetery B43079
MarjorieGriffin19041991  The Salts 
OwenGriffin19052004  The Salts 
SamuelGriffin 2 Feb 1900 Died at BexhillCemetery B43079
MayGriffith13 Dec 18625 Mar 1924  Cemetery D3199
AlbertGriffiths 6 Jul 193474 Cemetery E23345
GladysGrigg18911959  St Leonard's H 
HaroldGrigg18921984  St Leonard's H 
ConstanceGriggs19021969  St Leonard’s KCD
Edith ConstanceGrove 10 May 195782 Cemetery G44028
DorothyGroves 12 May 199286Wife of Jas GrovesCemetery F24381
JamesGroves 17 Jun 197267 Cemetery F24381
Rebecca Growse18581939  Cemetery C3398
Robert GoldsworthyGrowse18601943  Cemetery C3398
Harold ConstantineGrubb 13 Dec 191518British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C5609
Edith GertrudeGubbins 15 Jun 196473Wife of Ernest GubbinsCemetery G54111
Ernest JamesGubbins 14 Mar 198093 Cemetery G54111
Dorothy MaryGuest née Hunt 26 Sep 198384Sister of Blanche & Winifred. Dtr of Thos & Jane HuntCemetery H34750
WilliamGuinane 1 Aug 1982 Parish Priest 1961-1980St Thomas More 
WilliamGuinane17 Sep 19151 Aug 1982RC Parish Priest, Seaford, 1961 – 1980Cemetery C8888
MariaGunstone 3 Jan 1997 Dtr of Linda & PhilipCemetery I35117
WGuppy WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WGuppy WWI  WWI Memorial 
EllenGurr26 Jun 190224 Dec 197371Sister of Leslie Gurr; dtr of Thos & Mercy GurrCemetery C3318
HarryGurr Jun 192382 Cemetery C127
Leslie MAGurr 15 Sep 196872Brother of Ellen Gurr; son of Thos & Mercy GurrCemetery C3318
MercyGurr 11 Jun 193462Wife of Thos Alfred GurrCemetery C3319
Thomas AlfredGurr 24 Feb 194975 Cemetery C3319
Alfred WGusterson 20 Sep 192757 Cemetery A42627
AnnieGusterson 12 Sep 1935 Wife of Alfred GustersonCemetery A42627
JoanGuthridge25 Apr 192226 Dec 2017  Cemetery I35070
JohnGuthridge4 Aug 191219 Nov 1995  Cemetery I35070
Thomas AnsteyGuthrie8 Aug 185610 Mar 1953 See also Geo MillarSt Peter's 
AdaGuttridge 16 Dec 196783 Cemetery G74277
Derek SelbyGwynne 6 May 200378 Cemetery I35168
PhyllisGwynne 10 Jan 201895 Cemetery I35168

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