St Peter's Church

East Blatchington, Seaford

St Peter's, which dates from at least the 11th century and was built on the site of an earlier place of worship, is the Parish Church of the settlement of East Blatchington, to the west of Seaford itself. It stands at the top of a hill beside a crossroads which used to be on the main route from Blatchington and Seaford to the port at Meeching (now Newhaven) and inland towards the county town of Lewes. Leafy and almost secluded from the traffic by the surrounding walls and trees, it is a tranquil churchyard much like the more traditional village churchyards of yesteryear.
The ancient tower of St Peter's Church
Part of St Peter's churchyard

St Peter's, East Blatchington, Seaford, East Sussex
Part of St Peter's churchyard
New burials were prohibited at St Peter's by an 1898 Order In Council, the churchyard being deemed full. Thereafter burials of parishioners took place at Seaford Cemetery.

Although the colonising lichens may be similar, there is little in common between the sheltered graveyard of St Peter's, East Blatchington and the larger, exposed one at St Leonard's, Seaford. Historically East Blatchington was closer to Bishopstone (St Andrew's), and it was only the population growths of the late 19th and 20th centuries which saw East Blatchington almost submerged by Seaford. The memorial designs are generally different. There are numerous head- and footstones at St Leonard's which share a "crinkle-cut" edging, but these are much less common at St Peter's. One clear example at St Peter's is the footstone at right. It is of a type of sandstone with a warmer, greener colouring. They are often sharper, cleaner and longer-lasting than their headstones.

An introduction to the church as well as descriptions of graves is in the SeaMIG publication "As I Am Now" *.   Details from the St Peter's War Memorial are on our War Memorials page.   Further information about the history of St Peter's is on the Parish website.
* Available from ESCC Libraries

The previously unmapped churchyard into was divided into Sections, and visible memorials plotted. Plot numbers are given below inscription entries, eg: [ A01 ]. Memorial locations can be found via the Plans on Section pages, or the downloadable St Peter's Memorials Names List (PDF) which includes plans. Unnumbered memorials are 'mobile' within the church.
"Crinkle-cut" footstone in St Peter's churchyard
Memorial Inscriptions and Locations
Sections A and B Section C Sections D, E & F Sections G and H
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The overall layout:   Block Plan
St Peter's churchyard sections

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