Seaford Town Cemetery

Cemetery Plans

Seaford Cemetery is divided into Sections and Blocks, delineated by the paths between them. Plot numbers are nominally sequential, but in the main area follow neither Section/Block numbering, nor burial date order.
To locate a grave plot by number find the Section & Block in this table, then check the Area/Section and Block Plans below. The A, B or C affixes originally issued (eg A 543, or maybe 4567B) are grave types, not locators, and should be ignored.

Locating a plot in the Main Area and Northern Extension
Plot numbersBlock  Plot numbersBlock  Plot numbersBlock
1to446MemGGarden of Rest or 2166to2329B3  4002to4083G4 
1to136C1 2458to2607A3 4167to4250G6 
103to110E5Ex-German WWII2330to2457A2 4084to4166G5 
137to274C2 2608to2751A4 4251to4349G7 
275to407C3 2752to2920A5 4350to4384F2 
408to534C4 2922to3129B4 4385to4424E5 
535to659C5 3130to3180B5CWGC Cross4425to4473E4 
660to783C6 3181to3184DNot used4474  E4E4-4461
784to823C7 3185to3235D 4475to4499-Not used
824to891C8 3236to3297E1 4500to4504A1 
892to932G1 3298to3310E2 4505to4524H1 
933to1035G2 3311to3312-Not used4525to4655H2 
1036to1097-Not used3313to3424E2 4656to4786H3 
1098to1180G3 3425to3561E3 4787to4832I14787, 4818-25, 4833,
1181to2000-Not used3562to3680F1 4833to4878I24859 Not used
2001to2036B1 3681to3803E4 4879to5272I3
2037to2056A1 3804to3895E5 5274to5281I4Not used
2057to2165B2 3896to4001F2 W1toW15E5WWII graves

Area & Section Plans
The Main AreaPlot numbers 1 to 4504 in Sections A to G (Blocks A1 to G7): Click for image
The Main Area
The Northern ExtensionPlots 4505 to 5281 in Sections H and I (Blocks H1 to I4): Click for image
The Garden of Rest & Memorial WallAlong the northern wall of the Main Area (separate sequence): Click for image
The Garden & Wall are to the North of Sections E-G
The Eastern ExtensionSections A to G, Lawn, Muslim Section and
the Eastern Gardens of Rest (separate sequences):
Click for image

Block Plans
Main Area Northern Extension Eastern Extension
Section A Blocks A1, A2, A3
Section A, Blocks 1-3

Blocks A4 and A5
Section A, Blocks A4 and A5
Section H Blocks H1, H2, H3
Section H, Blocks H1, H2 & H3
Section A (S-A) Eastern Sections
A and Lawn
Eastern Sections A & Lawn
Section B Blocks B1, B2, B3
Section B, Blocks 1-3
- Block B4
Section B, Block 4
Section I Blocks I1, I2, I3, I4
Section I: Blocks I1, I2, I3 & I4 (I4 is unused)
Lawn Section (S-L)
Section C Blocks C1, C2, C3
Section C, Blocks 1-3
- Block C8
Section C, Block 8

Blocks C4, C5, C6
Section C, Blocks 4-6
- Block C7
Section C, Block 7
    Eastern Section B (S-B) Section B
Eastern Section B
Section D Block D
Section D, Block D (two rows)
    Grave Circles (S-C) Section C
Eastern Section Grave Circles
Section E Blocks E1, E2, E3
Section E, Blocks 1-3

Blocks E4 and E5
Section E, Blocks 4-5
Garden of Rest
& Memorial Wall
GoR   - * Garden of Rest (S-D)
Garden of Rest (S-E)
Eastern Section D
Eastern Section B

Eastern Section E
Eastern Section E
Section F Blocks F1 and F2
Section F, Blocks F1 and F2
    Section F and
Muslim Section (S-M)
Eastern Section F
and Muslim Area
Eastern Section F & Muslim Area
Section G Blocks G1 to G7
Section G, Blocks 1-7
     *   Memorial Garden, Section I and Eastern Extension not yet fully surveyed [ Sections F (S-F) and G (S-G) not yet in use ]
Block Plan = Popup Block Plan Key to fills on Block Plans:   No mem
"War Graves" = Official CWGC war graves.   "No visible memorial" = Nothing with a recordable inscription present.
Cemetery Plans and Plot Numbers
Lewes District Council (LDC) inherited from Seaford Urban District Council (SUDC) a set of burial registration records together with some partly hand-drawn plans of the cemetery. LDC are still using them, but do admit to frustration when having to use them! They kindly copied the burial plot register for us (excluding all personal details, next-of-kin, payments etc), so that SeaMIG could start by using the same layout plan.   Upon arriving and orienting ourselves it soon became clear that:
  • Originally the Main Area was divided into Plots 1-1000 in Unconsecrated Ground (corresponding to Sections C and G), and Plots 1001-4000 (the remaining Sections).
  • A previous plan had given plot locations in sectors no longer on the latest plan, but which had not been updated in the SUDC register.
  • At one time sectors each had their own, probably somewhat informal, numbering series, which led to duplication. Register entries also contain Burial numbers, which can be ignored.
  • One might think that, having measured how many plots would fit into one of the laid-out blocks, it would make sense to start in the top right-hand corner and then number in sequence from right to left, or downwards. This didn't happen, and most blocks have a mix of directions within their own sequences. Hence the arrows on the Block Plans published here.
  • The numbering in E4 is evidence of a delay in opening the Northern Extension until the Main Area was full to bursting. The original policy for Seaford Cemetery was for all blocks to have open lawn between the access paths and the graves. Evidently a change of tactic resulted in a number of blocks having their free edges commandeered for use for burials. This partly explains the sometimes baffling numbering. It seems probable this was partly due to the imminent abolition of SUDC and its merger with the District Council in 1974.
  • SUDC evidently decided upon a plot numbering sequence starting at 1, increasing as time went by, and continuing from block to block. One might have expected adjacent blocks to continue the series, but they don't. The directions followed by the numbering in the Main Area ended up looking like this!
    Numbering sequence in Seaford Cemetery Main Area for Plots 1 to 4504.
    Some 930-odd are 'missing', having never been allocated to a block.
    About another 100 were allocated but never used.
    The Sections start quite sensibly with 'A' nearest the entrance gate. But "plot 1", in Section C, is nowhere near it, so Block A1 begins with plot 2037.
  • The original registry entries were made using pen and ink. They were scanned and transcribed into digital form, but inevitably a number of spellings became corrupted into best guesses. A standard database search is therefore unreliable, and some clues are always helpful.
  • Date of death is no indication as to where a burial took place, at least in the Main Area. From the beginning, in 1897, families were able to select a site, quite possibly in the first decades by simply choosing on the spot, while there was still plenty of space from which to make a choice. Relative shortage of space meant that once the Northern Extension opened in the 1970s, options became more limited. Family relatives are still being buried in much older graves, so enquirers will often be answered more quickly if they know when the first family member died and his/her name.
  • The Register contains numerous entries for family members who do not appear in the memorial inscriptions, and are therefore omitted here. No doubt some had no surviving relatives to arrange for the extra lettering. In some cases newer monuments have been erected which bear no mention of those first buried in the plot, though they have the same family name. And the Council register occasionally omits the names of those who, according to the inscriptions, were later buried in a grave.
  • Initially plot numbers were often accompanied by a letter: A, B or C. These referred to the type of plot, not the location and should be ignored.
  • The SUDC register includes (in adition to duplications) a number of entries whose location was not marked on their plans. We hope to find "the missing" in due course. The numbering sequence also has gaps amounting to some 920 plots which may never have been allocated or were simply never used.
  • The SUDC overall site plans have been found to be inaccurate in places; minor adjustments have had to be made to Block Plans.
  • There are a number of recorded burials in plots which have memorials to quite different people. We can only record what the existing monuments have inscribed upon them, and must leave others to discover where such "missing" burials took place. To possibly help with this, we have included lists of those registered as having been interred, but whose plots have no memorial to read and record. Please see the Names Index.
  • The Section letter sequence (ie J, K, L ...) was not continued when the Eastern Extension was opened by LDC, which designates Eastern Sections with an S- prefix (S-A, S-B, S-L etc).
  • Lewes District Council does not use Section & Block divisions on plans displayed in the Cemetery, or indicate plot numbers. We hope our plans will prove more helpful.
We have had to adapt and clarify the original plans, opting to use full Section, Block and Plot numbers (eg: E4-3683 = Section E, Block 4, Plot 3683) to help identify grave locations, both for our own practical purposes and for anyone wishing to find specific plots. Section names (A to I in the Main Area and Northern Extension) are those last used by SUDC and continue in use by Lewes District Council. Most Sections contain natural divisions, which we have used as Block Numbers (1, 2, 3 etc), numbered in ascending order corresponding, as far as possible, to the overall numeric plot sequence (1 to 5281 in the Main Area and Northern Extension).

For further information about Seaford Cemetery contact Lewes District Council.
Plans and plot-maps have been re-created from originals kindly supplied by the Council.

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