Seaford Cemetery

Garden of Rest & Memorial Wall

Main Area

Memorial Garden at the foot of the North Wall
Garden of Rest sign, by the gate to Seaford Funeral Services
Start of Memorial Wall as it turns up into the Northern Extension
There are two areas in Seaford Cemetery reserved for memorial tablets and ashes memorials.   The first Garden of Rest is along the northern wall of the Main Area, where ashes and tablets could be placed in the flower bed, or tablets in the pebble border. The Memorial Wall, for mounted memorial tablets, extends into the Northern Section.
These older ashes plots are now all either occupied or pre-purchased. In some cases, the pre-purchased plots have not yet been used, and some of the occupied plots have never had a memorial stone placed. LDC keep records of who is buried in a plot but there is no obligation on the plot owner to place a memorial stone. The Council does not remove stones after a specific number of years. If there is a memorial stone, then unless it states "ashes elsewhere" it means there are ashes buried below.

Garden of Rest & Memorial Wall Eastern Gardens of Rest (Sections S-D and S-E)
The North Wall of the Main Area, with the Garden of Rest at its foot
SeaMIG has not read & recorded the names
and dedications on these tablets.
Garden of Rest in the Eastern Extension (Section S-D)
The Eastern Extension has two Gardens of Rest (Sections S-D and S-E) laid out for ashes burials with memorial tablets.
All new memorials are now placed here. An Ashes Garden for the scattering of ashes is also available, adjacent to Section S-E.

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