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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
Joseph ErnestR  7Son of Ernest & Catherine RSt Leonard's I 
StephenRabbit 21 May 180423 PrivateSt Peter's 
CharlesRalph 4 Dec 196954ka DonCemetery G74256
Mary ElizabethRalph 18 Oct 200686 Cemetery G74256
Marianne CeciliaRakovszky De Nagyrako Et Kelemenfalva6 Sep 18998 Mar 1985  Cemetery C2256
Desmond HaroldRandall19252015  Cemetery I24878
Elizabeth CarolineRandall 16 Jan 195781Wife of Walter RandallCemetery B43126
HaroldRandall19051985  Cemetery B43126
John ERandall19301975 Son of Harold & Kathleen. Died WokinghamCemetery B43126
KathleenRandall19051982 Wife of Harold RandallCemetery B43126
MargaretRandall née Maddocks19001980 Wife of Len RandallCemetery C1110
Marjorie GraceRandall 26 Aug 198282Wife of Wm Ed RandallCemetery C3371
Sheila EileenRandall19272006 Wife of Desmond RandallCemetery I24878
WalterRandall 28 Apr 192856 Cemetery B43126
Walter LeonardRandall   k/a LenCemetery C1110
William EdwardRandall 14 Oct 196774 Cemetery C3371
Ethel MillicentRanger5 Jun 188014 Dec 1961  Cemetery G54161
Margaret Anne WinnifredRanking15 Jun 188424 Jul 1964  St Leonard's H 
Muriel EliseRatcliffe19231974  St Leonard's H 
Walter ERauffenbart 5 Apr 191839102nd Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5598
Jean SandraRavilious 14 Mar 197934 Cemetery G2982
MaryRavilious 29 Jun 1987 Wife of Rowland RaviliousCemetery G1899
RowlandRavilious 23 Mar 196754 Cemetery G1899
EdithRawson 9 Feb 1930 Dtr of Henry RawsonCemetery B32318
William BarryRawson 16 May 192474Son of Henry RawsonCemetery B32318
FredRay 13 May 196667 St Leonard's H 
Arthur Brewster WiltonRaylor 5 Apr 197060 Cemetery F23988
CRaymond WWII VCSeaford War Memorial 
Evelyn DRaymond 13 Dec 1947  Cemetery A32474
NevilleRaymond 1 Jun 1969 Son of Evelyn RaymondCemetery A32474
FrancisRayner    Bönningstedt Promenade 
IvyRayner    Bönningstedt Promenade 
Charles ThomasRead 25 Dec 19162613 Kensington Bn Lond. RegtCemetery B43039
Henry FrancisReade 9 Sep 199992 Cemetery G2972
Norah VidaReade 14 Jul 200496Wife of Henry F ReadeCemetery G2972
WinifredReardon8 May 190526 Jul 1973  Cemetery H24633
JoanReddy19051966  South Street 
Thomas BarryRedfern18 Feb 192110 Aug 1961 Son of Alan & Marjorie RedfernCemetery G31142
MayRedgrove née Clowser19 May 189016 Jan 1971  Cemetery E44441
Annie LouisaRednall 9 Apr 1947 Wife of Wm Herbert RednallCemetery B22132
William HerbertRednall 4 Apr 195085 Cemetery B22132
Mabel WinifredRedwood 17 Dec 197581 Cemetery G2947
William HenryRedwood 21 Jul 1940  Cemetery G2947
EARee WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
RenéeRée19152005  Marine Parade III 
AdinoReed 14 Aug 197420AndrewCemetery G2938
Albert FrancisReed 24 Sep 196660 Cemetery C2138
AlfredReed 15 Mar 192175 Cemetery C3355
AnnieReed 23 Jan 194060Wife of Ed ReedCemetery E33430
Bert ReginaldReed 20 Sep 196552 Cemetery G74286
Brian WalterReed8 Aug 193816 Aug 2015  Seaford Head 
CarolineReed 24 Aug 193891 Cemetery B42955
DorothyReed18931962 1st wife of JE ReedCemetery C7787
Dorothy Winifred AliceReed 5 Jan 196952 Cemetery E54390
EdwardReed 13 Mar 195584 Cemetery E33430
ElizabethReed 24 Oct 190385Wife of Wm ReedSt Peter's 
ElizabethReed19272003 Wife of Peter ReedCemetery E33483
EvelynReed19142013 2nd wife of JE ReedCemetery C7787
Jacqueline BrendaReed 23 Mar 198541 Cemetery E54409
JamesReed 10 Jan 185238Husband of Sarah ReedSt Peter's 
John ErnestReed18941978  Cemetery C7787
Lilian SophiaReed 15 Mar 196669Wife of Wm Albert ReedCemetery G64200
Lucy AnnReed 9 Mar 193784Wife of Alf ReedCemetery C3355
MaryReed 1 Mar 199592Wife of Albert ReedCemetery C2138
PeterReed19262000  Crouch Bowls Club 
PeterReed19262000 Resting at Hope GapCemetery E33483
Peter RoyReed 16 Jan 197310 Cemetery E54409
RReed WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
RReed WWI  WWI Memorial 
SReed WWI  WWI Memorial 
SarahReed 10 Feb 188770Wife of Jas ReedSt Peter's 
WalterReed 7 Jul 19307335th Foot RegtCemetery E13267
WalterReed 10 May 19344- Cemetery E23339
WilliamReed 7 Jan 190486Husband of Eliz ReedSt Peter's 
WilliamReed 10 Sep 191169 Cemetery B42955
William AlbertReed 7 May 195969 Cemetery G64200
ClareRees 17 Jun 1948 Mother of ES Hutton-TaylorCemetery C3290
ArthurReeve18691947  Cemetery E53849
Laurence EdwardReeves 4 May 197169 Cemetery F24373
MargaretReeves 27 Dec 197973Wife of Laurence ReevesCemetery F24373
WReeves 9 May 1917 2nd Bn London Regt R. Fus.Cemetery B42984
Keith DavidRegent1 Oct 195221 Feb 1989  Cemetery I14804
Alice FlorenceReid6 Jan 189219 Aug 1987 Wife of John ReidCemetery G64168
JohnReid21 May 188117 Sep 1960  Cemetery G64168
SReid 5 Nov 1918206th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43029
William RobertReid19192006  Marine Parade II 
Bridget ERennie 13 Feb 199872Wife of Geo EL RennieCemetery I14789
George ELRennie 26 Oct 197448 Cemetery I14789
Beatrice CarolineReynolds 16 Jun 199289Wife of Wm Thos Ed ReynoldsCemetery C2234
HenryReynolds18971943 Died at SidcupCemetery H34758
Pamela AnneReynoldsAug 1931Aug 2015  Seaford Head 
PeterReynolds28 Feb 193814 Jul 2003  Marine Parade II 
Violet Mary EllenReynolds18971982 Wife of Henry ReynoldsCemetery H34758
William Thomas EdwardReynolds 21 Feb 198381 Cemetery C2234
Hilda LucieReynolds née Betts22 Feb 188925 Dec 1976  Cemetery H24647
Alfred ARichards 12 May 196262 Cemetery C7803
Audrey Margaret SloaneRichards 21 Nov 1949  Cemetery C7799
DudleyRichards18991975  Cemetery E54423
Isabella ChristinaRichards18991980 Wife of Dudley RichardsCemetery E54423
ACRichardson WWI  WWI Memorial 
Alice JaneRichardson 11 Nov 1953 Cremated BrightonCemetery C4503
ArthurRichardson 19 Mar 195581 Cemetery C4488/489
Arthur JohnRichardson7 Sep 188418 Dec 1914 ReverendSt Peter's 
ATRichardson 12 Oct 19183044th Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43051
Charles ReginaldRichardson 13 Oct 197368Brother of Harriett TrumbleCemetery F24378
Edward ParishRichardson28 Jan 188212 Nov 1912  St Peter's 
Elizabeth Richardson 28 Mar 197889 Cemetery G64191
Elizabeth HonorRichardson11 Jun 184925 May 1914 Wife of Arthur RichardsonSt Peter's 
EmilyRichardson 15 Sep 194975 Cemetery C4488/489
FloraRichardson9 Feb 187815 Jan 1960 Cousin of Winifred RichardsonCemetery G64238
Florence HarriettRichardson 30 Jun 1952  Cemetery C4503
Frances ElizabethRichardson14 Feb 18789 Nov 1959 Dtr of Arthur & Eliz RichardsonSt Peter's 
Francis EdwardRichardson 29 Apr 195176 Cemetery E53887
Frederick WilliamRichardson 27 Mar 196279 Cemetery G54152
GMRichardson WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Gwendoline MayRichardson 3 Dec 194929aka BetCemetery E53887
HarriettRichardson 1 Feb 192780 Cemetery C4515
HenriettaRichardson 7 Sep 192984 Cemetery A42725
HLRichardson WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
James HenryRichardson 8 Dec 193782 Cemetery C3389
Joseph FrankRichardson 8 Mar 194543 Cemetery C4488/489
Llewellyn HRichardson 23 Dec 192644 Cemetery A42725
LouisaRichardson 19 Apr 194889Wife of Jas Henry RichardsonCemetery C3389
Nellie FloraRichardson 2 Feb 196681Wife of Fred Wm RichardsonCemetery G54152
Peter JohnRichardson19252005  Marine Parade II 
RoseRichardson 11 Jul 1963 Wife of Francis RichardsonCemetery E53887
WilliamRichardson 15 Aug 192580 Cemetery C4515
WilliamRichardson 18 Jun 1959  Cemetery G64191
Winifred EdithRichardson31 Dec 19006 Apr 1961 Cousin of Flora RichardsonCemetery G64238
GertrautRichold19142005 Wife of Henry RicholdCemetery H24650
HenryRichold18921977  Cemetery H24650
Edith AnnieRickman 25 Jun 192971Wife of PH RickmanCemetery B12031
Freda EmilyRiddell 28 Aug 196543 St Leonard's H 
Brian MichaelRidgway 4 Nov 1962 RAFCemetery G64181
Madeleine AudreyRidgway24 Mar 192424 Mar 2011 Wife of Brian M RidgwayCemetery G64181
ElsieRingrose18911968  St Leonard's H 
HerbertRingrose18891978  St Leonard's H 
BerthaRoach24 Apr 190311 Oct 2000  Cemetery I14810
Mabel ElizabethRoach7 Apr 197113 Aug 1964 Sister of Edith Kate BullochCemetery F23994
Mary PatriciaRobb19292008  Marine Parade II 
RobertaRobb 30-Jun-3542Wife of Percy Davidson RobbCemetery E23421
WilliamRobb 19 Mar 1952  Cemetery F23946
EmilyRobbins3 Nov.18805 Dec 1935 Dtr of T & L RobbinsCemetery E23367
ThomasRobbins 17 Oct 193972aka HenryCemetery C110
NicholasRobelliard 2 Aug 1959841st Husb of Catherine AllfreeSt Leonard's K 
Albert VictorRoberts 13 Jun 1940 Seaman Cook. HM Drifter Ocean SunlightCemetery E5W03
AliciaRoberts 11 Sep 185332 St Leonard's C 
David JohnRoberts25 Jan 194630 Mar 2003  Seaford Head 
Herbert CharlesRoberts 23 Dec 194660 Cemetery C4433
Lilian ElsieRoberts 21 Apr 200791Dtr of Percy & Lilian RobertsSt Leonard's H 
Lilian EmmaRoberts 7 Jun 1990101Wife of Percy RobertsSt Leonard's H 
Margaret EmilyRoberts 1 Nov 1963  Cemetery C7821-822
MaryRoberts 19 Apr 190065 Cemetery A22399
Mary ElizaRoberts19252003 Wife of Ronald RobertsCemetery I24871
NellieRoberts née Lang18921972 Daughter of Geo & Kate LangCemetery C183
Percy PhilipRoberts 27 Apr 197385 St Leonard's H 
RebeccaRoberts née St John 16 May 192492 Cemetery B22094
Ronald BRoberts19221993  Cemetery I24871
Ruth PamelaRoberts19532010  Seaford Head 
John RRobertson Smith 5 Dec 193234 Cemetery E13281
Irene EliseRobertson-Shaw 4 Nov 195874 St Leonard's H 
Christopher EWRobins WWII  King's Mead 
CharlotteRobinson Dec 1906  Cemetery A22423
ElizabethRobinson180811 Apr 1885  St Leonard's A 
FannyRobinson 12 May 195884Wife of Geo RobinsonCemetery E53862
Florence LouiseRobinson9 May 187120 Mar 1958 Wife of Henry RobinsonCemetery G44068
GeorgeRobinson 15 Mar 195071 Cemetery E53862
George HenryRobinson 25 Sep 193766 Cemetery B22129
GRRobinson19041993  Marine Parade III 
HowardRobinson19402000  Seaford Head 
HSRobinson19041993  Marine Parade III 
MargaretRobinson 27 Dec 196186 Cemetery G54160
WSRobinson 10 Oct 191822Canadian EngineersCemetery C5582
GeorgeRodber 19 May 194966 Cemetery E43755
EleanorRoden 21 Jul 190348Wife of Thos Spode RodenCemetery B32271
Marie AgnesRoe 15 Nov 1869 Wife of Richard Roe (Lt, RNR)St Peter's 
Alice AnnRoffey 4 May 193169 Cemetery E23410
BernadetteRogers19051978 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6776
Dora AliceRogers 4 Mar 195965 Cemetery G64186
John HenryRogers 6 Mar 191824Can. Corps Cyclist Battn.Cemetery C5577
MabelRolland  7 Apr 1953  Cemetery F23903
ElizabethRolls 29 Jan 184375 St Leonard's F 
MabelRomer18791963  St Leonard’s KCD
InkermanRomney 20 Nov 1915  Cemetery A42674
BenjaminRooke 11 Jul 194989 Cemetery C3332
Margaret Ann MarthaRooke 23 Dec 192871Wife of Benjamin RookeCemetery C3332
Annie ElizabethRoom 5 Mar 191952Wife of Arthur RoomCemetery A32514
GollyRoots Aug 2010  Marine Parade I 
WillieRoots Jun 1997  Marine Parade I 
Alfred FrancisRoper15 Jul 1935Founder of Ladycross SchoolCemetery C8872-874
Betty AnnieRoper19182007 Wife of Lewis RoperSt Leonard's I 
Cecil Alfred VistarinoRoper30 Jul 1947Cemetery C8872-874
Esme Antony FilomenoRoper5 Jun 189530 Dec 1978Cemetery C8872-874
Dorothy Marie GladysRoper née Ames10 Jul 1974Cemetery C8872-874
Isobel MayRoper née Hoffman23 Mar 1936Wife of Alf RoperCemetery C8872-874
Lewis HawkeRoper19181978 ReverendSt Leonard's I 
MaryRoper 27 Jan 189491Widow of Rbt RoperSt Leonard's J 
Albert FRose 30 Jul 198774 Cemetery C3406
Charles Frederick JohnRose 29 Mar 201881 Cemetery G54103
HarryRose 6 Aug 198483 Cemetery G1928
JoanRose Feb-64  Cemetery G54103
Michael HarryRose5 Apr 195125 Feb 1977  Cemetery G1927
Patricia MRose 20 Aug 198166 Cemetery C3406
PeterRose 24 Feb 198632 Cemetery C3406
Philip RobertRose21 Jul 19545 Mar 1977 Son of Harry & Juliette RoseCemetery G1928
Bertha RoseRoss18 Jan 188026 Mar 1968  Cemetery G74264
Elizabeth GordonRoss née Macdonald18961977 Dtr of Eliz MacDonaldCemetery C4457
HRRoss WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
WilliamRoss 15 Oct 1918 Canadian EngineersCemetery C5623
Kate EdithaRosser 17 Jun 196467Wife of Morley RosserSt Leonard's H 
LucyRosser 9 Nov 187821 St Peter's 
Morley GeorgeRosser 23 Nov 196978 St Leonard's H 
R CuthbertRowden Apr 1918 Bowden House - Maj, RAFOther War Memorials 
Frances RitaRowe 9 Jul 1950  Cemetery E53877
RonRowe    Bönningstedt Promenade 
William VincentRowe 2 Sep 1956  Cemetery E53877
WinRowe    Bönningstedt Promenade 
DorothyRowell19122008  Cemetery H34763
JamesRowell19011978  Cemetery H34763
PatriciaRowland    Seaford Head 
PatrickRowland23 Nov 19424 Aug 1999  St Thomas More 
RobinRowland    Seaford Head 
EmilyRowles 22 Dec 192390 Cemetery C3328
MariaRowles 8 Jul 190662 Cemetery A22407
Irene FlorenceRowley 23 Jan 196466Wife of Llewellyn RowleyCemetery G54101
Llewellyn GeorgeRowley 15 Mar 198386 Cemetery G54101
Alfred EdwardRowntree 13 Feb 197269 Cemetery F24377
GladysRowntree 1 May 200197Wife of Alfred Ed RowntreeCemetery F24377
JaneRowntree19401991 Dtr of Alfred & Gladys RowntreeCemetery F24377]
Gertrude AliceRowsell Apr 196795Sister of Lily LaneCemetery A42746-7
JRoy 24 Oct 1918276th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6738
JPRoyle WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Elizabeth AnneRudd 28 Oct 201566 Cemetery C7808
Julia MaryRugg Oct 1971  Cemetery E53864
Elsie VeraRule 25 Jan 197383 Cemetery E54415
Katherine MaryRumsey 18 Dec 195877 Cemetery G44080
PercyRundle21 Oct 186621 Apr 1923 Husband of Adeline RundleCemetery B22161
Kathleen MaryRusby19091970  Cemetery G2934
HenryRushbridge Aug 18233Son of Richard & Martha RushbridgeSt Leonard's J 
MarthaRushbridge Sep 182330Wife of Richard RushbridgeSt Leonard's J 
MaryRushbridge   Wife of Richard RushbridgeSt Leonard's J 
Ada FrancesRussell 19 Jun 200394 Cemetery H24535
ATRussell WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
ATRussell WWI  WWI Memorial 
Cecil HerbertRussell 9 Oct 1952 Son of Chas & Hannah RussellCemetery B32308
CharlotteRussell 25 Apr 191988Wife of Reuben RussellCemetery B32196
Ethel MaryRussell 27 Mar 194974Dtr of Chas & Hannah RussellCemetery B32308
HannahRussell 19 Oct 190868Wife of Charles RussellCemetery B32308
HarriettRussell 28 Mar 1966  Cemetery G74290
Mary JaneRussell 12 Mar 192879Wife of Wm RussellCemetery A32581
NickRussell 5 Dec 1918 Canadian PioneersCemetery C6718
ReubenRussell 16 Feb 189971 Cemetery B32196
Roger BennettRussell 23 Jul 197935 Cemetery H24534
Rosa ConstanceRussell 31 Aug 1961 Dtr of Chas & Hannah RussellCemetery B32308
Sydney EdwardRussell 4 Mar 198172 Cemetery H24535
WilliamRussell 11 Nov 191371 Cemetery A32581
William HenryRussell18981988  Cemetery G74290
BrigidRyan19041974 Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6776
Michael ERyan WWII  King's Mead 
Roma RosaRyan née Richardson 28 Dec 2002  Cemetery E53887
EdwardRyce 11 Aug 190166Died St Leonard's-on-seaCemetery A22378
ElizaRyce 2 Aug 192879Wife of Ed RyceCemetery A22378
IreneRyves11 May 189425 Dec 1983  Cemetery H34678

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