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Memorials in Seaford & East Blatchington, Sussex

Inscriptions on Monuments and Gravestones

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Listing is by Surname.   Names listed more than once appear on more than one memorial.   Relatives with no memorial of their own are not included.
Where no detail is given   or there is a ? or -   it is absent or cannot be read.

ForenameSurnameBornDiedAgeNoteMemorial Location / Plot
Surname P(Surname Q)
EmilyPage 10 Aug 194172Wife of Thos PageCemetery C1111
MariaPage 9 Mar 193877Wife of Wm PageCemetery C188
Sidney HerbertPage 27 Mar 1947  Cemetery D3231
ThomasPage 19 Aug 1932  Cemetery C1111
WilliamPage 28 Mar 193873 Cemetery C188
WTPage WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
WTPage WWI  WWI Memorial 
IsabelPage-Wood19142011  St Thomas More 
JohnPage-Wood19142000  St Thomas More 
ClementinePain 24 Sep 190841Sister of ProvidenceCemetery C6776
AnniePaine Jan 2 1938  Cemetery B12014
KarlPalin10 Feb 196513 Jan 1996  Marine Parade I 
E RoyPallett Apr 1918 Bowden House - Lt, Royal FusiliersOther War Memorials 
StevePalmer19531983  Queens Park Gardens 
Albert CPalston 17 Nov 1918 Canadian EngineersCemetery C5627
OscarPaquette 26 Oct 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C6717
OParent 11 Oct 1918 Can. Forestry CorpsCemetery C6715
William SylvanusParfitt 3 Jan 191517King's Shropshire Light InfantryCemetery C5608
Anthony GeraldPark19241927  Cemetery A32526
Arthur Robert JohnPark 8 Aug 1954  Cemetery F13610
Dorothy MaryParker 14 Feb 1972  Cemetery G21029
Edmund EllisParker 27 Feb 194140 Cemetery E5W08
ElizabethParker11 Nov 183811 Mar 1915  Cemetery C7821-822
EvelynParker19022000 Wife of Victor ParkerSt Leonard's H 
Florence EmmaParker 14 Feb 191930 Cemetery A32513
John WilliamParker21 Jun 193428 Nov 2001  Seaford Cemetery 
John WilliamParker 3 Jun 194457 Cemetery C2261
JuneParker19222012 Dtr of Victor & Evelyn ParkerSt Leonard's H 
MabelParker 2 Sep 196565 Cemetery C2261
Mary OliveParker22 Mar 18604 Mar 1928  Cemetery C7821-822
Minnie ReedsParker 18 Sep 196090 Cemetery E43787
PatParker    Marine Parade I 
Rose EthelParker 15 Oct 1972  Cemetery C7821-822
VictorParker19021977  St Leonard's H 
WHParker 28 Oct 1918306th Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B43024
WilliamParker 20 Jul 194574 Cemetery E43787
Ellen MaryParkhouse 14 Nov 197494Wife of Sidney ParkhouseCemetery A52897
Sidney WalterParkhouse 18 Jun 1926  Cemetery A52897
Vera MaryParkhouse 6 Jul 1956 Dtr of Sidney & Ellen ParkhouseCemetery A52897
AlanParkinson19322001  St Thomas More 
James HenryParks Aug 190851 Cemetery A22363
LParks WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
Leslie RansomParks WWII 210 Coy, REOther War Memorials 
John HumffreysParry29 Nov 18622 Apr 1891  St Peter's 
AmeliaParsons 31-Jul-3453Wife of Jas ParsonsCemetery E23424
Enid CruickshankParsons18961976  Cemetery C2180
Dorothy MPartington18901974  Cemetery E44470
DonPartridge    Seaford Head 
Frederick HarryPartridge19192002  Cemetery I14806
FPatchen Boer War  Seaford War Memorial 
TPatchen WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
Harry LorainePaterson 27 Jul 190540 Cemetery B22165
Cora Elizabeth MaryPaterson29 Jun 190716 Dec 1989  Cemetery G44042
MabelPaterson 29 Oct 195083Wife of Harry L PatersonCemetery B22165
ASPatterson 31 Dec 1918 1st Res Bn Canadian InfCemetery B42935
JamesPatterson 29 Mar 192758 Cemetery B42938
Robert GeorgePatterson 15 Jan 1917 95th Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5613
CatherinePaul née Wynniatt19047 Aug 1992Wife of Daniel PaulCemetery C8828
Daniel LesliePaul13 Mar 198085Cemetery C8828
Marjorie AdelinePaull 2 Nov 194556Wife of Sydney PaullCemetery E43789
Sydney AlfredPaull 17 Sep 195985 Cemetery E43789
Richard JPawley 28 Nov 1918 Royal Garrison ArtilleryCemetery C2197
Ada ElizabethPawson 30 Oct 193867Sister of Ethel PawsonCemetery A22457a
Ethel AnniePawson 5 Feb 195981Sister of Ada PawsonCemetery A22457a
Frances ElizabethPawson 20 Nov 191939Wife of Ed John Hubert PawsonCemetery B32250
MaryPawson 27 Oct 190362Wife of Wm PawsonCemetery A22438
William HenryPawson 26 Jan 192884 Cemetery A22438
AnniePayne 23 Nov 193973Wife of Jas PayneCemetery A32551
Edith MaudPayne 1 Jan 1969  St Leonard's H 
FlorencePayne 15 Feb 1895 Aged 2 monthsSt Leonard's A 
FlorencePayne 16 Apr 195854 Cemetery G44070
James EdwardPayne 27 Jul 191748 Cemetery A32551
Philip ThomasPayne17 Aug 20286 Dec 2006  Cemetery I24852
Margaret SnowdonPeacock20 Jun 18767 Mar 1959  Cemetery F13671
ArthurPearce    Cemetery TreeTrees
GeorgePearce 15 Jan 193659 Cemetery E23396
SusanPearce    Cemetery TreeTrees
Frederick JamesPearl 18 Apr 196171 Cemetery G64219
Violet MayPearl 11 Sep 196067 Cemetery G64219
Charles HenryPearsall 10 May 197562 Cemetery H14512
Ella VioletPearsall 17 Jul 197973Wife of Chas H PearsallCemetery H14512
Denis CPearson WWII  King's Mead 
Edith ElizabethPearson 26 Jul 195980Wife of Geo PearsonCemetery F13672
Francis AlgernonPearson9 Apr 190715 Apr 1990  Cemetery I14803
George FTPearson 23 Jun 1952 Founder of St. Wilfred’s SchoolCemetery C3394
George HaroldPearson 14 Nov 195779 Cemetery F13672
George HarryPearson 15 Dec 1931  Cemetery E23317
MargaretPearson18791969  St Leonard’s KCD
Ruby Elizabeth MaryPearson27 Jan 190621 Jan 1989 Wife of FA PearsonCemetery I14803
ESPeat 18.4.1980  Seaford Head 
Edward JosephPeck 5 Jun 194076 Cemetery B22133
Eliza CatherinePeck 18 May 195188 Cemetery B12009
Elizabeth MariaPeck 25 Nov 195287Wife of Ed Jos PeckCemetery B22133
Arthur GeorgePeckham 26 Aug 193265 Cemetery C3360
Arthur HarrisonPeckham 30 Apr 191624Killed Pas de Calais; son of Arthur & Edith PeckhamCemetery C3360
ELPeckham WWI  Seaford War Memorial 
ELPeckham WWI  WWI Memorial 
Doris SarahPeckover 14 Nov 197676Wife of Wm Geo PeckoverCemetery G64233
William GeorgePeckover 26 Apr 196169 Cemetery G64233
Ernest EthelstonPeel Jun 1944  Cemetery C7801
John EthelstonPeel May 1951  Cemetery C7801
LeonardPeever 16 May 1918 6th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5578
Alice KatePegler 24 Feb 195790 Cemetery E53821
CharlesPegler 18 Nov 194777 Cemetery E53821
Gwen EPegler 21 Jun 197364 Cemetery H24632
JohnPegler18961980  Cemetery H34771
GPelham Boer War  Seaford War Memorial 
George ThomasPelham 9 Apr 191968 Cemetery C2220
Dorothy MargaretPelling27 Sep 191722 Jan 2005 Wife of Wm E Pelling. k/a MargaretCemetery I24847
Edith CarolinePelling 5 Oct 1939  Cemetery E33436
William EPelling 26 Jun 199392 Cemetery I24847
William PeterPelling 4 Jun 1944  Cemetery E33436
LouisaPendlebury 15 Oct 193594 Cemetery E23366
SarahPendrill née Haine May 182750Wife of John M Pendrill; d of John & Sarah HaineSt Leonard's F 
Ann JanePennington née Andrews 25 Sep 186121Dtr of John & Mary AndrewsSt Leonard's J 
John SymonsPenwill 21 May 1917 S.S. "Jupiter"Cemetery B42980
Freddie FPepper WWII  King's Mead 
Catherine JessiePercy 18 Jan 194371 Cemetery C2139
VioletPercy 29 Oct 196158Wife of Wm PercyCemetery E53865
William JohnPercy 8 Feb 194845 Cemetery E53865
Dudley SPerfect18961964  St Leonard’s KCD
Dudley StewartPerfect26 Jul 18965 Dec 1954  Cemetery F23996
Lilian RosePerfect7 Sep 189931 Mar 1978 Wife of Dudley PerfectCemetery F23996
Arabella SarahPerkins 26 Feb 198181 Cemetery H34725
CecilPerkins Sep 1968  Cemetery G74349
FMPerkins WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
George SamuelPerkins 25 Mar 198590 Cemetery H34725
IanPerkins    The Salts 
MaryPerkins 13 Jan 1956 Wife of Aeneas Perkins; sister of Margaret HepworthCemetery F13635
Clara EmilyPerren 28 Dec 197997Wife of Harold PerrenCemetery G44055
DavidPerren 7 Apr 197761 Cemetery H24597
GladysPerren 18 Dec 200989Wife of David PerrenCemetery H24597
Harold FrancisPerren 17 Feb 195877 Cemetery G44055
MurielPerren25 Mar 192216 Feb 2017 Dtr of Harold & Clara PerrenCemetery G44055
Clara AmeyPerry 19 Jun 1947  Cemetery D3233
DorisPerry    The Salts 
DougPerry    Seaford Head 
FlorencePerry 6 Mar 1946  St Peter's 
RonPerry    The Salts 
Alice MarionPetch16 Jul 186226 May 1916  Cemetery B32305
JamesPeterson 24 Oct 1918236th Res. Bn. Canadian Inf.Cemetery C5625
Elizabeth CharlottePettet 25 Jul 192672 Cemetery A32477
HenryPettet 8 Feb 193781 Cemetery A32477
AlbertPettitt 28 Oct 1950  Cemetery C4483
CharlesPettitt 2 Feb 195474 Cemetery A42720-22
Charles ClementPettitt 4 Mar 192019 Cemetery A42720-22
Ernest LPettitt 31 Oct 1966  Cemetery G74298
Gwendoline JPettitt 19 Mar 1980  Cemetery G74298
JanePetitt 7 Nov 191143 Cemetery A22384
LouisaPettitt 24 Oct 196286 Cemetery A42720-22
Herbert JohnPhilcox 18 Oct 1965  Cemetery B12035
JosephinePhilcox 6 Dec 1941  Cemetery B12035
Adeline LaxtonPhillips 9 Jan 1944  Cemetery C4509
Anne MildredPhillips née Herd 3 May 1909 Wife of RM Phillips; Dtr of W & A Herd. D BombayCemetery B22061
ElizabethPhillips 3 Jan 185662Wife of Fred PhillipsSt Leonard's C 
FrederickPhillips 1 Jul 185665Lt, RN. Commander, Cuckmere StationSt Leonard's C 
Janet MildredPhillips19091999  Cemetery B22061
JosephPhillips2 Aug 19022 Nov 1977  St Leonard's H 
Lilian AnnPhillips 1959 Sister of Ada CraigCemetery A12052
MabelPhillips15 Dec 190729 Aug 1973  St Leonard's H 
Mildred LaxtonPhillips 19 Nov 1950  Cemetery C4509
NathanielPhillips 9 Nov 1915 British West Indies Regt.Cemetery C6693
Winifred LaxtonPhillips 8 Jul 1966  Cemetery C4509
Aline MacLeanPhipps 23 Apr 197079 St Leonard's H 
Gerald HastingsPhipps 21 Nov 197391 St Leonard's H 
Winifred MaryPickard19041995  Cemetery I24866
TDPickard-Cambridge WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
TDPickard-Cambridge WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
Trenchard DurourePickard-Cambridge 2 Sep 1940 MC. Royal Sussex RegimentCemetery E5W04
RegPickerill19232001  Marine Parade II 
Beatrice EllenPickles 8 Sep 1976  Cemetery H24621
Lily LouisaPickles 2 Jan 196781Wife of Thos PicklesCemetery C2162
Thomas HowardPickles 9 Mar 196982 Cemetery C2187
AlfredPierce 8 Jan 194971 Cemetery E53843
Cyril AlfredPierce31 Dec 190917 Aug 1987  Cemetery E53843
MaryPierce 28 Apr 195778Wife of Alfred PierceCemetery E53843
Catherine Mary MargaretPiercy-Fox30 Jun 198380Wife of Dr EV Piercy-FoxCemetery C8844
Annie SarahPike18 Jul 18773 Apr 1944  Cemetery C4502
George JamesPillgrem 10 Dec 188272MinisterSt Leonard's D 
AlbertPink 20 Aug 1906 TrumpeterCemetery A32566
Jean MathildaPink17 Jan 19252 Feb 2006  St Thomas More 
Ronald ArthurPink29 Oct 19151 Apr 1995  St Thomas More 
Edgar APiper 9 Dec 196055 Cemetery G64226
EmilyPiper Jul 2018  Cemetery E44430
Marjorie APiper 26 Sep 199793 Cemetery G64226
MolliePiper 28 Aug 197762 Cemetery E43744
GeorgePitcher 29 Jun 186125Son of John & Sarah PitcherSt Leonard's F 
RPitcher 1831 Son of Wm PitcherSt Leonard's F 
SarahPitcher 27 Sep 1884 Wife of John PitcherSt Leonard's F 
WilliamPitcher 1851  St Leonard's F 
William HiattPitcher May 180011Son of Wm & Ruth PitcherSt Leonard's F 
Pamela FrancesPittet29 Mar 193115 Mar 2009  Seaford Head 
Francis JulianPlaister6 Oct 1894April 18950Son of John & Marion PlaisterSt Peter's 
Frank LPloss 2 Jul 196573 Cemetery G74308
AHPlumer 24 Aug 1939  Cemetery C6763
Christabel DinahPocock 23 Oct 197179 Cemetery G1914
RMPollock WWII St Peter’s SchoolOther War Memorials 
ThomasPollock 18 Jul 191536 Cemetery A42662
FlowerPond 8 Oct 188449Died in the Isle of ManSt Leonard's B 
Gladys GoodwinPond 10 May 196176Dtr of Harry & Gladys PondCemetery E23413
HannahPond 24 Feb 194589Wife of Harry PondCemetery E23413
HarryPond 23 Feb 193377 Cemetery E23413
William GeorgePond 9 Dec 190166 St Leonard's B 
William BrianPontet 15 Jan 198862 Cemetery H34729
Nigel AnthonyPoole30 Sep 19331 Jan 1935  Cemetery A52814
JamesPope 7 Dec 191882 Cemetery A32555
Amy Rosina MayPope 5 Mar 196669 Cemetery F13585
Kim JuliettaPorté22 Dec 196819 Jan 198616Dtr of François & Patricia PortéCemetery C7791
Caroline MargaretPorter 20 Oct 192155Dtr of Caleb & Eliz PorterCemetery A32545
EllenPortsmouth18441918 Wife of James PortsmouthCemetery A22353-4
JamesPortsmouth18731919 Son of James & Ellen PortsmouthCemetery A22353-4
JamesPortsmouth18391924  Cemetery A22353-4
Ethel Kate AlicePott 11 Jan 197190 Cemetery F23902
Gertrude Mary AtherstonePott23 May 18794 Jul 1985106 Cemetery E33560
Kate AnnaPott24 Jan 184917 Mar 1941  Cemetery E33560
Philip AHPott18 Jan 187715 Jan 1940 Son of Kate PottCemetery E33560
CharlesPotter 12 Dec 1868  St Leonard's D 
EvaPotter 13 Apr 196480Wife of Herbert PotterCemetery G54084
Herbert FrancisPotter 13 Jul 197391 Cemetery G54084
PhiladelphiaPotter4 Jan 185631 Mar 1937  Cemetery E23391
SophiaPotter 18 Feb 188561Wife of Chas PotterSt Leonard's D 
CharlesPowell 31 May 1878 Lt, RNASt Leonard's C 
MargaretPowell24 Dec 18984 Jan 1985  Cemetery C2208
Mary FrancesPowell 9 Jan 1921 Wife of Chas Powell. Died in RichmondSt Leonard's C 
MichaelPowell    Seaford Head 
WinifredPowell    Seaford Head 
Michael SandifordPower19451983Cemetery C8857
Rosaline BPower 1 Aug 1995 Dtr of BC CarterCemetery G64243
Edith MaryPownall 3 May 196875 Cemetery G74340
CharlesPowney 12 Apr 194364 Cemetery C6661
Coleman PatrickPowney 3 Dec 196455 Cemetery G1897
Colin AnthonyPowney 29 Jun 199560Son of Coleman & Margaret PowneyCemetery G1897
ElizabethPowney 19 Feb 195878Wife of Chas PowneyCemetery C6661
EmmaPowney19131983 Wife of John Chas PowneyCemetery G31167
John CharlesPowney 16 Mar 195751 Cemetery G31167
Margaret MaryPowney 12 Aug 197972Wife of Coleman PowneyCemetery G1897
Mary ElizabethPowney 26 Mar 196759 Cemetery G1902
AlbertPratt5 Apr 18708 Jan 1950  Cemetery C4451
AnniePratt 30 Mar 195175 Cemetery C4474
Edith AlicePratt19041990  Cemetery C4451
Edith CarolinePratt 16 Jan 194064 Cemetery E33496
ElizabethPratt 16 Jun 188169Wife of John PrattSt Leonard's E 
Emily MaudPratt 31 Jan 1948  Cemetery E33496
JanePratt 5 Jan 193083Wife of William PrattCemetery B32198
JohnPratt 17 Jan 188167 St Leonard's E 
JohnPratt 30 Nov 1918 British Columbia RegimentCemetery C5630
KatePratt 22 Mar 195585 Cemetery C4451
PercyPratt 7 Jul 195277 Cemetery C4474
Percy BanksPratt19001970  Cemetery C4451
WilliamPratt 5 Jul 193287 Cemetery B32198
Roger Arthur JohnPreddy27 Aug 195825 Jul 1989  Cemetery I14827
RonPreddy19502007  St Thomas More 
Harry SPrescott 1 Mar 192065 Cemetery A42646
Mary EPrescott 23 Aug 191473Wife of Harry PrescottCemetery A42646
Herbert JPrest18861955  St Leonard’s KCD
Frank Robert FaberPreston 30 Apr 18513Son of W PrestonSt Leonard's G 
JohnPrice 23 Apr 192262Wesleyan MinisterCemetery C3400
Mary LouisaPrice 28 May 1938 Wife of John PriceCemetery C3400
Walter FCPride 27 Mar 189621Son of CE Pride (died Hampshire)St Peter's 
DorothyPriest née Allott21 Dec 191917 Nov 2013 Wife of Chas Priest (1900-1983Cemetery C3366
Thomas DavidPrimo 20 Oct 191535 Cemetery A42673
CharlesProdger 1 Dec 191187 Cemetery A32561
MaryProdger 30 Nov 191285Wife of Chas ProdgerCemetery A32561
Kate FlorenceProsser 12 Oct 194767 Cemetery C2153
WMProtheroe WWII  Seaford War Memorial 
William MProtheroe19141942  St Leonard’s KCD
Mary CecilPryer 25 Jun 196781 St Peter's 
Iris EmilyPuddester19211986  Cemetery H34708
Peter AlwynPuddick13 Feb 192727 Nov 2004  Seaford Head 
CharliePulford    Southdown Road 
FrederickPullen 29 Jul 196467 Cemetery G54112
Lily DorisPullen 31 Oct 197677Wife of Fred PullenCemetery G54112
Harry SewallisPulling 23 Jan 195653 Cemetery F13642
Frederick PeetePurser  4 Jul 196591 Cemetery G74309
ElizabethPutland 20 Aug 1914  Cemetery B32293
WilliPutz31 Mar 189629 Jul 1982  Cemetery H24527
MariaPutz née Scheidtmann16 Apr 190010 Mar 1978  Cemetery H24527
Jane ElizabethPymm6 Jun 187026 Feb 1948  Cemetery C6779-781
Surname Q
Rosaleen FrancesQuick 21 Aug 196448Wife of Sidney QuickCemetery G21011
Sidney GeorgeQuick 27 Sep 196859 Cemetery G21011
Josephine MaryQuinn Dec 1968  Cemetery G1900
WilliamQuinn19162008  St Thomas More 

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