Contacting the Seaford MI Group

If you have any comments - especially should you spot inaccuracies - we would be delighted to hear from you.   To contact us please fill in the form below and send it.   You need not complete all fields, but it helps if you provide a name and the most appropriate method of getting back to you.

We will endeavour to respond to requests for information, but cannot reply on behalf of a Parish, local Council or other official body.

We are not responsible for the maintenance, administration or upkeep of any graveyard, cemetery or memorial site in Seaford.
Please see our list of Suggested Contacts.

Photographs: Although we have photographed a number of monuments, we do not maintain a catalogue, nor do we have the specialist equipment needed to take good pictures of a number of graves and wall-mounted memorials. Many of the older gravestones are at best only legible with a strong sun shining from just the right direction, or torches casting shadows from the faint remaining traces of incised lettering.

If there is a photograph of the memorial you are interested in here, it is probable we can supply a larger copy. If not we may be able to take one. All photos will be sent via email in the standard JPEG format.

Research: Our resources are limited, but we are happy to help where possible. If unable to help, we shall try to suggest alternative sources.
To avoid spam and nuisance calls we do not publish members' contact details.
All correspondence will be treated with respect for your privacy.

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